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And It Goes
Bad Sports
And It Goes

bad sports - and it goes

although, i have casually been listening to this album for quite a while, it wasn’t until the other morning that it finally clicked for me.  i was walking home, drinking coffee and soaking up the sunshine, when this track came on my headphones, and i had a moment of clarity…bad sports rule!  they crank out poppy bratty love songs.  and duh!  hello!  hand to the chest, that’s exactly what i love.  and you will too if you give em a listen!

bad sports are from denton, tx.  of course!  what a fucking punk town!  the marked men, mind spiders, the wax museums, teenage cool kids, uptown bums, are all from this apparently sick city.  this song comes off their self titled 2009 lp out on douchemaster. they have a hand full of newer releases.  their guitar player, orville bateman neeley III, leads the onb lll’s as well.