[ Yes! My name is Shadow! Hello, hello!

Who are you? You look like Sonic. ]

I look like Sonic? I AM Sonic!

He then remembers that he hasn’t seen Shadow since being permanently transformed.

Yeah, I guess I do look a little different, huh? I’m stuck like …this now.

He puts special emphasis on the word “this”, sticking out his huge clawed hands to show.

I’ve kinda gotten so used to it by this point, so I don’t think as much of it anymore. Long story short, Eggman woke up another crazy monster, and somehow used its power to make me like this.

But uh, man, what happened to you? You seem a lot friendlier than usual. You feelin’ okay?

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(( Shadow clone oops ))

(Alright; this is gonna get angsty… Whoopsies!

Rain was falling to crimson eyes. Whimpers were mixed with pants, and cries were hushed for now as he had to track the first friend he made down. 

Where was Sonic?

Creaking wooden doors revealed the hedgehog just lighting a fire in his home. He exclaims at the sudden guest, but eases up when he sees who it is. 

“Oh, it’s you Shadow… wait. Why’re you crying like a little puppy?”

“B-Because–! I finally..u-understand!”

“..Understand what?”

“D-Dr. Madden! H-He…”

Sonic leans in closer, already having a good idea of what the innocent Shadow discovered. “..He’s…?”

“H-…he’s DEAD, friend..! DEAD!”

Sonic would lie if he wasn’t phased by the shout. It widens his eyes, though he was already made aware of Dr. Madden’s condition due to what the clone didn’t understand before. This just reminded him of it. The clone continues to sniffle and sob for a bit; the hedgehog lowering his head and falling silent. The clone just…continues to sob, giving Sonic’s house some noise besides the fireplace. Sonic doesn’t bicker for silence. Sonic doesn’t complain. He gets his bearings after the silence in the doctor’s honor, and pats the clone on the shoulder. Puppy eyes meet green. Ears lowered and the clone lets out a questioning whimper.

“C'mon. Let’s go show you the world." 

"H-Huh…?” The clone can manage to say as he’s dragged out of the house. 

“You know! Go see the sights! See what life has to offer!

You can only live it to the fullest in the time you have before you go and join him, you know?" 

Join him…that eases his heart alone. Join…him… he’d see the doctor again! 

The clone manages a tearful smile and laugh before Sonic gets the tour started. Apotos was first on the list. Nothing to make the clone smile than a bug ol’ sundae! It worked like a charm. 

Gah, that probably sucks, but I hope you like it, Ready!)

obliviouslifeform replied to your post: Are we singing Jingle Bells again? OOOHH JINGLE…

[ Singing…? ]

Yeah! You know, using your voice to make music?

Like this; 

*He clears his throat, and continues singing*

What would it feel like to be speeding light, and move the night and day~

Watch as it passes by, you’re mad to try, but they just can’t keep up~! 

Into the free~, into the me! Into the ever knowing! 

Felt so restrained, felt so constrained, but now I’m breaking out and–!

….Sorry. Got carried away. But you get the point, right?