oblivious to flirting women

Sherlock gets a haircut

A/N: ReaderxSherlock one-shot. The reader is shy and easily jealous :).

Warning/s: Smutty ending. Mind the language.

Word Count: 1,100+

“Hey, handsome.” A woman winked at Sherlock as she passed by, remembering to sway her hips exaggeratedly.

“Uhm, good afternoon…?” Sherlock oblivious to flirting, replied.

Almost all women (and some men), have been ogling your boyfriend. The haircut was a joking suggestion of yours but of course, being utterly smitten with you, Sherlock took it seriously.

Swish. You pretended to browse the clothes on the department store rack as you jealously watch Sherlock through the corner of your eye.

Sherlock stood by the post nearest to the rack you were perusing on, while he politely carried things you bought. He kept an adequate distance from you because he knows that you don’t like getting too much attention and because of his new haircut, suddenly he’s Mr. Sex. Being the gentleman that he is though, he courteously acknowledged every one-liner from every flirtatious minx that passed by.

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