Flirting with Stiles
  • You:Hey you look pretty cute in your lacrosse uniform. How 'bout you give me your number?
  • Stiles:It's 24
So Oblivious

*INTP finishes talking to some overly friendly guys before walking back to friend*

Friend: *giggles* Wow, that was interesting to watch.

INTP: What was?

Friend: You talking to them. I’ve never seen someone being so blatantly hit on like that! It was pretty entertaining to watch. And you were handling it so well! I was very surprised.

INTP: *blinks slowly* Wait, what??? They were hitting on me???

Friend: *stares blankly at INTP* You can’t be serious.

INTP: Why wouldn’t I be serious?

Friend: *face palms* Oh my god, how dense are you??? I’ve never known someone so oblivious, how do you even survive in the world???

INTP: *still trying to wrap their head around the fact that they were being hit on* I’m not entirely sure.

Friend: I mean, why did you think they approached you in the first place?

INTP: *shrugs* I don’t know, I just thought they were some overly friendly people. And honestly, why would someone choose to hit on me in the first place???

Friend: Because you’re attractive? What else do you need?

INTP: *frowns* That’s hardly enough reason to hit on someone.

Friend: *sighs*

INTP: What????

Friend: I really feel bad for whoever wants to go on a date with you because you’d probably think they’re being “overly friendly”.

INTP: *laughs* Probably.

“It sounds like I am being really pessimistic and awful to be like "I’m never going to get the carrot. I’m always going to be a failure in a certain way,” but it is a failure that means nothing to me. By accepting that I am not going to be at the top of the charts, it frees me up from all that crap like “Oh, I gotta be at the top of the charts.” Because if I felt like that, my god, I’d never get anything done. I’d hate everything I’d do.“

Elliott Smith


The eminently wonderful jj91s noted that it always seems to be Enjolras and Grantaire hiding their relationship and everyone finding out/figuring it out anyway, and she thought it’d be great if E/R weren’t hiding their relationship at all, and their friends just happen to be, well…oblivious.

So I did my best :)

Modern AU, established E/R, ridiculous fluff. That’s all.

Grantaire sighed heavily and drained his glass of wine before setting it down on the table with a satisfying thud. “Well, that’s the night for me, I suppose,” he said, to no one in particular, since Bossuet at his side was deep in a muttered conversation with himself as he scolded his own shoelaces for not staying tied (Bossuet often had conversations with inanimate objects, normally in exasperation for the various things they did to him, often, seemingly, of their own accord).

From across the room, Enjolras looked up and blinked at Grantaire, his brow furrowed slightly. “Leaving so soon?” he called, and the room – previously abuzz with conversation – seemed to hold its collective breath as it waited for Enjolras to scold Grantaire for leaving early without truly helping them, or something of that ilk.

Instead, Grantaire gave Enjolras a genuine and mostly non-sarcastic grin and shrugged. “I promised Joly I’d walk Bossuet home, since he lost a contact. And since he has to get home early for some bizarre reason, I, too, must excuse myself.”

Enjolras smiled back and shrugged. “Ok.” The room let out the breath it had been holding and conversation returned to normal, if slightly relieved that there wasn’t going to be another of Enjolras and Grantaire’s legendary fights. In fact, the conversation returned so rapidly that no one heard Enjolras tell Grantaire, “Let me walk with you part of the way.”

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