Keith is the most oblivious of the oblivious
  • Lance: *winking* Hey, are you from Tennessee? Because you're the only ten that I see!
  • Keith: What? Lance, you know I'm Texan. I don't-
  • Allura: Oh, is that one of your Earthen, what did you call it, states?
  • Lance: Yeah, a state of beauty! *winks again, shoots finger guns*
  • Keith: There's no state of beauty, Lance, Tennessee is the Volunteer State.
  • Pidge: *cackling in the distance*

Anon; Can you do one where it’s best friends who are in love with each other but are oblivious to the other’s feelings? Borderline smut? (No actual sex But making out, ya feel?) I love your blog 😍😍


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He rummaged through his locker, throwing books in and out of it as his thoughts wandered towards you. He smiled to himself as he remembered that day you made him go shopping with you and he sat there watching you dance around in dozens of dresses. It wasn’t even for a special occasion, you just wanted to do it and H/N would do anything to make you happy.

He snapped out of his trance when he heard the voice of his best friend. He turned around to see her beautifully curled hair flowing around the sides of her face and a very devious smirk across the lips he’s always dreamed of kissing.

“What?” He chuckled, seeming a little worried because of the smirk across your face. You remembered the deal H/N had made you if you passed your Science exam: he’d watch all 8 Harry Potter movies with you in a row even though he hated them. And lucky for you, you had passed.

You grabbed the paper and unfolded it, “Harry. Potter. Tonight.” You smiled in delight as he saw the passing grade on the paper and sighed.

“Is it bad that I was kinda hoping you wouldn’t pass?” He laughed, pulling you into a congratulating hug. Your stomach fluttered at the feeling of his body pressed against yours. You quickly separated from him before you had any more thoughts about your feelings for him. Besides it’s not like he felt the same right?

“See you tonight.” You smiled before walking away.

Time Skip

The night had consisted of the two of you watching 2 and a half Harry Potter movies because someone (H/N) fell asleep, and eating ice cream and cookies while cuddled up on your bed.

The thunder roared outside your bedroom window as the heavy rain pelted against it like rocks. You flipped sides in frustration as the rain kept you from falling asleep and looked over at H/N. Of course he was deep asleep, the thunder not even making a sound out of him. As you closed your eyes a loud boom sounded throughout the entire room. You awoke scared out of your mind as you took a deep breath, looking around the room and realizing it was the thunder. 

“Hey. It’s just the thunder Y/N, come here.” H/N had woken up not from the thunder but because he heard you wake up. He scooted back and opened his arms to hold you so you could calm down. He wrapped you in a warm swaddle of his chest and arms and you allowed your body to melt into his.

“There’s nothing to be scared of. I’m here.” His voice was raspy as he nuzzled into your neck and whispered. You smiled in appreciation and let out a small hum.

“I know. The only thing your not there for though, is to watch all 8 Harry Potter movies with me!” You turned around to face him, a playful pout on your face.

That is not important right now. What’s important is that we go to sleep because I’m tired.” He smirked knowing you’d confront him about not finishing the movies sooner or later.

“It is too important because you not experiencing the magic of Harry Potter with me will seriously ruin our friendship.” You looked at him, the bit of moonlight shining through allowing you to see a new fierce look in his eyes. You bit your lip to stop yourself from thinking about him in any way but as your best friend.

“There’s other ways to ruin our friendship.” His voice was dark as you looked at him in anticipation of what he’d do.

“Like?…” Your voiced trailed off as his hand squeezed your hip and he leaned in agonizingly slow as if you’d run off. You closed your eyes as you waited for what was to happen and your stomach twisted in knots from the many thoughts crossing your mind. His breath swept your skin and then suddenly your lips before you felt them on yours. You didn’t hesitate to kiss back and melt into it as his body moved on top of you.

You run your fingers through his hair and tug lightly when his hand slips under your t-shirt and starts tracing patterns across your stomach. He lets out a quiet moan from your action causing him to bite your lip and you smile into the kiss.

“Someone’s getting cocky,” He whispers, breaking away, and moves down your neck sucking along it until he hears you gasp when he finds your sweet spot. 

“Guess that makes us even.” You breathe out. Your legs are intertwined in each others and your bodies are pressed so close you can feel the bulge in his boxers. His mouth peppers wet hot kisses back along your jaw to your mouth leaving you unable to make any sound but a groan. When he gets to your lips he begins to kiss you more delicately than before and then slowly breaks away.

“I love you. No. I’m in love with you Y/N.” The sound of the words you’ve always wanted to hear from him makes your stomach drop. You’d been in love with him since the day you met him in first grade and now you knew he felt the same about you. 

You grinned as you felt your cheeks turn pink. “I’ve been in love with you since the day we met.” When he heard your words a huge smile spread across his face and he placed a soft kiss on your lips before laying next to you. 

The thunderstorm had been forgotten about with all that had happened so when the roaring claps of thunder were heard, you snuggled into H/N’s chest and he nuzzled his face into your neck.

I’m a little shit for taking so long I’m sorry


It’s funny how completely uninterested I allow myself to be. Sometimes being oblivious is a minor curse that gets me in trouble with people. However, sometimes people want me to comment on events going on around me. And sometimes I can’t comment on them, because I’m sort of unconsciously on purpose ignoring them because they’re so ridiculous. If that makes sense.

So, if someone ever tries to gossip with me, it doesn’t go over very well. See, there are perks to being oblivious. 

Ok so post reveal Adrien and marinette are dating and tikki somehow turns into ladybug because marinette is somewhere else and when the akuma finishes Chat is trying to be flirty and kiut as always but giving away obvious hints that
This is not marinette
“ I love what you did to your hair my lady”
“Those antennas are new! They look so real”
“ wow, you should tell me where you got those contact lenses from because they are so realistic”
Tikki’s thoughts:
Know i know why they took so long to figure it out

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