“Oh hey Peter, glad I caught you!” You smiled as you grabbed said brunette’s arm, he was obviously in a rush to leave the school grounds. He turned around and smiled that warm grin you loved, making you drop his arm and a blush to rise to your cheeks. It had been at least a year since you have had realised you had a crush on your childhood best friend and downstairs neighbor Peter Parker. Although from the way he acted, you assumed he had a crush on someone else (Probably Liz Allen, you had spent countless hours listening to him ramble on about her). Although up until this point you had tried to stop the onslaught of teenage hormones, in a sudden change of your own heart you decided to at least try and get him in a date like situation with you.

“Oh hey (Y/N), sorry I was going to walk back to building with you but something came up. Make it quick alright,” He tried to continue smiling but you saw the anxious look on his face, how could you miss it. Fearing the worst, like he had a date, you fought off the butterflies in your stomach as you tried to form a coherent sentence.

“Oh yeah sorry to keep you waiting, I was wondering if you wanted to come over to my apartment on Friday night. My parents don’t mind and I was gonna order some pizza,” You trailed off, watching as a smile engulfed his face. A feeling of hope bubbled in you, maybe he didn’t have a date, maybe you did have a chance!

“Sounds great, maybe we could invite Ned over. He told me the other day he hasn’t seen any of the Lord of the Rings movies yet, so maybe we can marathon those,” He beamed with his usual optimism, making your own smile drop. You got the signal that he obviously wasn’t interested in you and quickly returned a fake smile to your face.

“Great Idea, I’ll text him tonight and ask. C’mon let’s go, I have a lot of homework to do,” You hurried Peter, walking onto the street surrounding the school. Peter watched after you carefully before cautiously following. He had no idea why you were upset but he definitely wasn’t happy about it.


Peter had quickly suited up once he had gotten into his room and told Aunt May he was slogged with homework. That would hopefully keep her distracted for long enough. His phone had alerted him to a bank robbery in the area, and he was quick to swing into action. Still his interaction with you today was on his mind. His (H/C) haired best friend that was with him through thick and thin. You had never directly asked him more than 2 hours prior to a casual movie and pizza night, so maybe something was special about this Friday night. He was jumping from building to building when it finally hit him.

“OH GOD SHE WAS ASKING ME ON A DATE!” He yelled into the air. A couple of members of the public looked at the masked hero, he sure seemed underqualified for the job of saving the city now.

So this happened 

Keith is the most oblivious of the oblivious
  • Lance: *winking* Hey, are you from Tennessee? Because you're the only ten that I see!
  • Keith: What? Lance, you know I'm Texan. I don't-
  • Allura: Oh, is that one of your Earthen, what did you call it, states?
  • Lance: Yeah, a state of beauty! *winks again, shoots finger guns*
  • Keith: There's no state of beauty, Lance, Tennessee is the Volunteer State.
  • Pidge: *cackling in the distance*

Group: BTS


1k celebration: “Take your medicene.” // “Don’t argue. Just do it.” // “I feel like I can’t breathe.”

Summary: You fell in love with your closest friend and try to create a safe distance, but Jimin refuses to let you go which could prove fatal.

Genre: angst with a happy ending, fluff, hanahaki au

Length: 1.8k

A/N: i did a bad thing, but i do live for angst sooo. if you are soft and need comfort i’m sure i can try,,

(( Hanahaki disease - an illness born from one-sided love, where the patient throws up and coughs of flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love. The infection can be removed through surgery, but the feelings disappear along with the petals.))

The small blue petals had been plaguing you with every breath, being forced to watch them flutter from your mouth was almost as torturous as being away from Jimin. But sitting on your balcony, as you scrolled through his messages begging to know what was wrong, you knew this was for the best.

The thin stalks had intertwined around your ribs, flowers thriving in your lungs as with every petal you were left thinking of him; his full lips stretched into an infectious smile and the way he scrunched his nose when he was concentrating. You had been in this situation for almost a week but had accepted your feelings and condition very quickly because you had been expecting it for a while now.

It was obvious that you were in love with Jimin, entranced by his raspy voice and quiet confidence; but the flowers that cluttered your lungs weren’t his fault. These forget-me-nots that erupted from your mouth in an almost constant flow, and coated your floor after coughing fits might have been because he didn’t love you back, but you never expected that from someone like him.

That was why you had distanced yourself from not only Jimin but the rest of your friends, you were scared to hear him crush the slim hope that somewhere in that huge heart he loved you as well.

The doorbell rang; startled you clamped your hand to your mouth as the coughing began, but you still stumbled to the door, tripping right before your hand could reach it as you fell to the floor with a groan. The combination of a lack of sleep and constant coughing had made you weak, so there was little you could do when you heard your door unlock, “You wanted distance and I gave it to you but I’m worrie-” Jimin halted, his set of spare keys dangling from his hands as he stared at the mess surrounding you.

But your mind had transported you back to the day you had first met, two young teenagers, standing at the same station to make the journey from Busan to Seoul. You had been enraptured by his smile from that day, your nerves had led to you both chattering nervously about the adventure you were just starting.

That was why you were dealing with this pain because the only other option was to lose everything about him from your mind. You would forget meeting his family and you constantly teasing him about his family album; you would be sacrificing the memory of eating ice cream on a hot day by the river, the sound of the leaves rustling around you as you had leant your head on his shoulder to finally feel at home again.

“Y/N, take this medicine,” In Jimin’s outstretched hand were two small white pills, you held your hands out for him to place them in not bothering to wipe the petals and blood from them, quickly swallowing the pills, you didn’t bother asking why Jimin had them.

Jimin looked tired, his radiance seemed to have dulled due to the bags under his eyes and dishevelled head and you watched silently as he knelt in front of you, both silently taking in each other’s appearances. Jimin was the first to move, as he slumped forward, leaning his head on your shoulder but your lungs didn’t tickle with petals at the close contact and with a smile your arms wrapped around his frame.

“Who did this to you,” his words were muffled in your hair and for a second you wished you had never heard him, wishing that your heart did not yearn for him, but it did and it might kill you. Jimin’s arms around you seemed to be the only thing grounding you, and when you both ended up on your sofa, thighs pressed together as you drifted to sleep, you wondered how you were going to get rid of him in the morning.

“Don’t argue, just do it!” Jimin had finally broken having woken up to you retching on the floor, the forget-me-nots had been replaced by the pungent smell of roses. Jimin used to love the smell of flowers, but these days it was different.

You weren’t the only one suffering from this disease, and although everyone had warned against it and Jimin knew the flowers wilted when he was away from you; yet when you were together the quickening of his heart as he would accidentally brush against you was too intoxicating.

Jimin had first coughed up a petal when you had stopped messaging him and had planted these seeds in the muscle of his heart and hard bone of his ribs. But his problems had only escalated when he had opened the door to see flowers, you were already in love with someone else. But Jimin was too far gone to leave you to suffer alone, he stayed with you supporting and helping where he could.

This morning had been the last straw, and Jimin knew if you didn’t get this surgery, he would lose you forever. However he had been presented with an ultimatum, if you had the operation he would lose any chance for his feelings to be reciprocated and would have to have his flowers removed as well or you would both die.

Your breath had become more shallow, the space in your lungs reducing when you saw how worried Jimin was for you and when you collapsed on the floor, and he scooped you up; you knew if you didn’t risk it all and tell him you loved him, all your feelings of Jimin would be removed.

But your vision was beginning to darken, snatching away your last chance as you felt warm blood leak from your mouth as the flowers continued to grow because Jimin had made roots wrap around your ribcage and now the petals were going to kill you. But maybe if you died in his arms, with his ear pressed desperately to your chest as he tried to make a heartbeat out over the sound of rustling petals, just maybe you could die happy knowing it was him you had fallen in love with.

Jimin had always hated the smell of hospitals, you should have been heavy in his arms but he knew you had been unable to eat these past few days. He knew when you were better he would hunt down whoever hurt you like this and make them pay, the nurses were shocked at the stage you had hit in the disease. Apparently, they were sure it would be fatal if he waited for the rest of the boys to come and help him decide if this was the best idea.

So he was forced to unwillingly let the doctors take your body away from him, watching them to make sure you weren’t hurt as they lifted your limp body onto a white bed as they wheeled you in for an emergency operation. 

The boys had rushed in just as the doors had shut to the theatre, and as they looked around for you, they all felt a sudden sinking feeling about what had happened in the time between Jimin texting Yoongi the news, to them getting there. Slowly the shared worried looks before Yoongi stepped forward, deciding it would be easier if he was the one to ask the question on everyone’s tongues, as he placed a hand on Jimin’s shoulder, “Did you tell her how you felt?”

Jimin slowly shook his head, if he were to have one regret it would be that, but the boys seemed more shocked than him.

And it was Taehyung who having cleared his throat, was the one to point out the obvious, trying to keep his voice controlled and level to prevent him screaming at his oblivious friend, “she loves you, but you didn’t tell her?” Jimin frowned in confusion at his friend’s statement but stayed quiet as Taehyung continued, “So you’re telling us, Y/N is having the flowers removed right now?”

When Jimin understood what that would mean for him, the words hit him like a freight train, but he still looked up in confusion deciding he must have understood what he was implying wrong, but he still nodded slightly to confirm that you were having the flowers removed.

“She loved me?” Jimin cursed the stutter in his voice and just how weak he sounded, but he felt his heart break even more as the boys slowly nodded, and it finally dawned on him that he had completely lost any chance at curing you now, as well as himself. Jimin almost felt like he had betrayed you by not noticing that your stares held more than a love shared between families.

Just as this dawned on him that you wouldn’t even recognise him when you emerged from this operation, his knees buckled beneath him as he began to retch up a bloodied mess of flowers, to tattered to identify and right before he blacked out he locked eyes with your body in the theatre, “I feel like I can’t breathe.”

The surgeries were always successful, you tucked a lock of hair behind your ear as you sat in the garden, happy to be out of the hospital issued wheelchair. The recovery ward for the hanahaki sufferers was always busy, patients comparing scars as they boasted of a love that must have been so fatal that it had left a five-inch scar.

But you disliked those conversations, seeking solace in the garden as you would often find yourself wondering how you ended up here and who you had fallen for so hard. Only the other day you had met your old friends, Jeongguk had sprinted into a hug and they were happy to see that none of your memories of them had been damaged, and yet you felt like something big was missing.

The nurses warned you all against dwelling on the damaged memories, as they called them. But as you admired the forget-me-nots in the flower beds, you heard the crunch of a wheelchair managing to manoeuvre over the gravel. You turned in interest, aware that most recent patients would stick to their rooms and mope about what they had lost, but as you took in the boy who smiled at you, revealing two slightly crooked teeth you felt your heart flutter in a way you couldn’t remember it ever doing.

“I can’t stand it inside, I’m Jimin by the way,” his voice sounded comforting to you and instantly you both began to complain about the food and other patients, and those damaged memories seemed so far away as you looked down at the boy with an eye smile that captured your heart in a dangerous way. But you could tell by the blush that dusted his cheeks, that you were not alone in this feeling.

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Anon; Can you do one where it’s best friends who are in love with each other but are oblivious to the other’s feelings? Borderline smut? (No actual sex But making out, ya feel?) I love your blog 😍😍


He rummaged through his locker, throwing books in and out of it as his thoughts wandered towards you. He smiled to himself as he remembered that day you made him go shopping with you and he sat there watching you dance around in dozens of dresses. It wasn’t even for a special occasion, you just wanted to do it and H/N would do anything to make you happy.

He snapped out of his trance when he heard the voice of his best friend. He turned around to see her beautifully curled hair flowing around the sides of her face and a very devious smirk across the lips he’s always dreamed of kissing.

“What?” He chuckled, seeming a little worried because of the smirk across your face. You remembered the deal H/N had made you if you passed your Science exam: he’d watch all 8 Harry Potter movies with you in a row even though he hated them. And lucky for you, you had passed.

You grabbed the paper and unfolded it, “Harry. Potter. Tonight.” You smiled in delight as he saw the passing grade on the paper and sighed.

“Is it bad that I was kinda hoping you wouldn’t pass?” He laughed, pulling you into a congratulating hug. Your stomach fluttered at the feeling of his body pressed against yours. You quickly separated from him before you had any more thoughts about your feelings for him. Besides it’s not like he felt the same right?

“See you tonight.” You smiled before walking away.

Time Skip

The night had consisted of the two of you watching 2 and a half Harry Potter movies because someone (H/N) fell asleep, and eating ice cream and cookies while cuddled up on your bed.

The thunder roared outside your bedroom window as the heavy rain pelted against it like rocks. You flipped sides in frustration as the rain kept you from falling asleep and looked over at H/N. Of course he was deep asleep, the thunder not even making a sound out of him. As you closed your eyes a loud boom sounded throughout the entire room. You awoke scared out of your mind as you took a deep breath, looking around the room and realizing it was the thunder. 

“Hey. It’s just the thunder Y/N, come here.” H/N had woken up not from the thunder but because he heard you wake up. He scooted back and opened his arms to hold you so you could calm down. He wrapped you in a warm swaddle of his chest and arms and you allowed your body to melt into his.

“There’s nothing to be scared of. I’m here.” His voice was raspy as he nuzzled into your neck and whispered. You smiled in appreciation and let out a small hum.

“I know. The only thing your not there for though, is to watch all 8 Harry Potter movies with me!” You turned around to face him, a playful pout on your face.

That is not important right now. What’s important is that we go to sleep because I’m tired.” He smirked knowing you’d confront him about not finishing the movies sooner or later.

“It is too important because you not experiencing the magic of Harry Potter with me will seriously ruin our friendship.” You looked at him, the bit of moonlight shining through allowing you to see a new fierce look in his eyes. You bit your lip to stop yourself from thinking about him in any way but as your best friend.

“There’s other ways to ruin our friendship.” His voice was dark as you looked at him in anticipation of what he’d do.

“Like?…” Your voiced trailed off as his hand squeezed your hip and he leaned in agonizingly slow as if you’d run off. You closed your eyes as you waited for what was to happen and your stomach twisted in knots from the many thoughts crossing your mind. His breath swept your skin and then suddenly your lips before you felt them on yours. You didn’t hesitate to kiss back and melt into it as his body moved on top of you.

You run your fingers through his hair and tug lightly when his hand slips under your t-shirt and starts tracing patterns across your stomach. He lets out a quiet moan from your action causing him to bite your lip and you smile into the kiss.

“Someone’s getting cocky,” He whispers, breaking away, and moves down your neck sucking along it until he hears you gasp when he finds your sweet spot. 

“Guess that makes us even.” You breathe out. Your legs are intertwined in each others and your bodies are pressed so close you can feel the bulge in his boxers. His mouth peppers wet hot kisses back along your jaw to your mouth leaving you unable to make any sound but a groan. When he gets to your lips he begins to kiss you more delicately than before and then slowly breaks away.

“I love you. No. I’m in love with you Y/N.” The sound of the words you’ve always wanted to hear from him makes your stomach drop. You’d been in love with him since the day you met him in first grade and now you knew he felt the same about you. 

You grinned as you felt your cheeks turn pink. “I’ve been in love with you since the day we met.” When he heard your words a huge smile spread across his face and he placed a soft kiss on your lips before laying next to you. 

The thunderstorm had been forgotten about with all that had happened so when the roaring claps of thunder were heard, you snuggled into H/N’s chest and he nuzzled his face into your neck.

I’m a little shit for taking so long I’m sorry

anonymous asked:

Hi could you write an imagine where the reader is friends with Draco & he lowkey likes her and when he sees her talking to another guy he gets jealous. Thanks sorry if it's kinda confusing

Thanks so much for the request, and I tried my best, but the story ran away with itself and I think he likes her a little more than lowkey lol

Sorry for an spelling or grammar mistakes, since I wrote and edited this in one sitting. :)

Overall, you would describe be described as a very carefree person. You weren’t really used to caring about what other people thought or said about you. It was both a blessing and and curse in the fact that while any negative comments rolled right off your back, you were equally oblivious to everything else.

It was really a contradiction of character, since people who hadn’t talked to you would assume the usual: A spoiled Slytherin princess from a long line of other spoiled Slytherin princesses, who gave the first impression of being shy or haughty. But anyone who held a conversation with you for more than five minutes could conclude that you were more the equivalent of a small animal that often runs into walls because they’re not paying attention to their surroundings.

Because of this trait Draco had taken to acting as your faithful guard dog, for some reason you didn’t quite know. Of course, it was easy for him to slip into this role at Hogwarts, he had been doing the same ever since he was a child and you had tiny polka-dotted bows tied up in your hair. By now it was his natural place, and one he did not intend to give up.

It may have been around your third year that the blond boy realized he liked you more than any of his other friends. He seemed to be hyper aware of your every move. By that time, the rest of the school had already decided that your relationship was inevitable, but any time Draco tried to make a move he was met with a great wall and a brilliant, shining smile.

“I like you too Draco, you’re my best friend.”

It had been years, and still pretty much everyone but you knew the state of Draco’s feelings. So it definitely irked him when after his last class of the day he rounded the corner only to see you talking with an upperclassman, actually laughing at whatever stupid thing he was saying. And of course, completely oblivious to the meaning of him standing so close to you, smiling like that.

His blood boiled.

He stomped over in what must have been a very undignified manner since you turned to him with an air of surprise. “(Y/n) let’s go.” And with that he grabbed a hold of your wrist and dragged you away.

You forced him to a stop and tore your hand from his. “Draco why are you acting like this? Did something happen in class? I was just waiting for you and—“

His chest tightened. “I just don’t like seeing you flirt with other guys like that!” He watched your expression change with calculating eyes, embarrassed that he had said something so transparent in front of other people.

“Flirt? I wasn’t flirting with him.” Your tilted your head to the side and he wanted to pinch himself at how cute he found the small action.

“Well if not that he was flirting with you.” He couldn’t keep himself from continuing. “You shouldn’t let anyone but me stand that close to you but me!”

Your eyes widened and Draco’s heart dropped into the pit of his stomach. “Why would you say that? Do you…”

His face turned bright red and it seemed that was all the answer you needed “Why-why haven’t you told me before?” You couldn’t have faked the pure look of shock on your face.

“I have told you! But you’re so bloody dense you never get what I mean.”

At that your cheeks flushed bright red. “I-I didn’t realize you meant…“

He sighed deeply and placed a hand on your head. Maybe it would have been better if he had just left your relationship as it was. Both you were comfortable there to an extent. “It’s fine. I’m sorry I yelled at you. It’s just… forget it.”

You cut him off, throwing your arms around his neck. “I’m sorry. I—Me too.”

Maybe his heart has stopped beating.