Dippica Week, Day 3: Tension/Oblivious

Why do I have to choose the complicated ideas? Manga effects are a nightmare to do by hand. A parody of the Sket Dance chapter, “Himekoi.” This has to be one of my favorite jokes in the whole series. I chose to go with oblivious, so I could do another parody of Sket Dance, which has the king and queen of oblivious couples (might go more into depth about this later).  

anonymous asked:

hey, do you know of a fic where the pack thinks derek and stiles are completely oblivious and try to get them together? and in the end derek and stiles announce they’re getting married and realise the pack had no idea they were together the whole time? thanks :)

Hey there Anon! 

I couldn’t find anything to exactly match your ask, so I made a massive list of matchmaking and meddling and scheming and obliviousness for you. I sincerely hope you enjoy.

Subterfuge by auroreanrave

818  I  Idiots in Love, Romantic Gestures

Teen and Up

Wherein friends prove to be meddlesome and correct in equal measure.

We’ve Got All the Stuff (To Mess All of You Up) by orphan_account

2,433  I  Fluff

Teen and Up

Because of Peter, Stiles and Derek keep ending up alone. (Or the one where Peter takes matters into his own hands.)

Oblivious Is Our Collective Middle Name by normalcatbehaviour

2,579  I  Misunderstandings, Pining

Teen and Up

Ever since Erica had pointed out that Derek and Stiles had seemed different after Stiles had turned 18, it had become very obvious to the pack that their friendship had become something else. Something more. What none of them can understand was why neither Derek nor Stiles do anything about it.

“They can’t possibly both be this oblivious.”

Scott wants to agree with Isaac, he really does, but all signs point to them both absolutely being that oblivious.

Admire Me by Veera_Kara

2,708  I  Misunderstandings, Assumed Relationship

General Audiences

In which the pack thinks Stiles and Derek are dating, and are pretty confused as to why they both keep saying they’re not doing anything for Valentine’s Day. Which makes no sense, unless… they’re fighting. So the pack decides to take matters into their own hands.

(By playing matchmaker.)

Don’t Quit Your Day Job by writesstuff

2,738  I  Waiter Stiles, Fail Pack

Teen and Up

After a string of horribly thought out blind dates, Stiles and Derek kind of fall in love.

Or the one where all their friends are horrible at matchmaking. Even Erica, with her subliminal messaging on the bread sticks.

The Predictability of I Told You So’s by crossroadswrite

3,133  I  Fluff, AU-Human, Shy Derek

General Audiences

“Erica,” he calls, patiently waiting until she deigns to turn his way. “It’s the fifth time in two weeks. I didn’t order this. You know it. I know it. Hot Angry Hale knows it, and I’d really like to get to work without any significant maiming so could you please, give me my order.”

Erica pouts, “You’re no fun, Stilinski.”

“You know what I am though? Hungry-“

“For dick?” Erica grins lewdly, cocking her head.

Something crashes loudly behind them and they both turn to see Derek staring mournfully at the glass of orange juice he just broke, the tips of his ears red. He looks like he’s regretting all of his life decisions.

Erica starts cackling.

Chemistry by SnackerJack

3,152  I  POV Peter Hale, 5 + 1 Things

Not Rated

Peter doesn’t understand why his nephew and that mouthy teenager haven’t gotten their act together yet. He decides to speed things along. {Derek and Stiles are not amused.}

Candids by bansheehale

3,386  I  Werewolves Are Known, Laura/Lydia Meddling

Teen and Up

Happily married and back from their honeymoon, Laura and Lydia look through the pictures from their wedding, taken by Laura’s brother. After noticing an abundance of shots of a certain wedding guest, they put a plan into action.

How to be a Decent Boyfriend, a Guide by Scott McCall by keskasi

5,811  I  Alpha Scott, Derek’s Isses, Stiles’ Issues

General Audiences

Scott is too busy for this, really. But they’re so pathetic.

Stealth relationship advice maybe isn’t supposed to be part of the duties of an alpha, but well. Scott’s always been an over-achiever.

We’re Burning One Hell of a Something by calrissian18

6,031  I  AU-Human, Pack Bonding


Derek’s roommate has already moved in by the time he shows up. And he’s taken up both sides of the room.

Matchmaking wars by Redzik

6,408  I  9/9  I  Humor, Oblivious Pack

Teen and Up

The pack tries to get Stiles and Derek together. Only… they are already together.

Sometimes love is an obligation to your grandmother by relenafanel

6,982  I  AU-Human, Humor


Dearest Derek,

Welcome to your 21st year! As per the wonderful tradition of the house of Hale, you will be attending some of the best places to be single that Beacon Hills has to offer today. First, it’s to the Coffee Shop on Main where you will get two lemon zest chocolate chip muffins. Listen to me very carefully, I’m going to ease you into the way this works. Buy two muffins, but you’re only going to eat one. Find someone cute to give the second one to…

The letter went on, but Derek was staring at it in horror, unable to process how terrible that sounded in just the first paragraph. Today was going to suck.


Or: Derek’s grandmother relishes setting her single grandchildren up on Valentine’s Day. Only, less ‘setting up’ and more ‘forcing them to run a singles-only scavenger hunt where the prize is love or at least sex’.

Derek never wins. Derek never WANTS TO win.

Head Cases and Questionable Characters by howl-to-the-wind (greenleaf)

18,330  I  Pining, Break Up, AU-Lawyers

Teen and Up

Working for Argent & Hale, one of the most prestigious legal firms in the country, was always eventful to say the least. It was a big headache a lot of the times, sure, and a pain in the ass in most, but for Stiles Stilinski, it was a dream come true. He adored his colleagues, was paid a boatload of money, and everybody knew that he was damn good at his job.

…Or one where Teen Wolf and Boston Legal collides, everybody is a lawyer (except for Scott), Stiles and Lydia are BAMFs, Laura wants Derek to get laid, and Peter is (as always) creepy as hell. And Chris just wants to do his job but all his attorneys insist on being inappropriate and ridiculous.

A Question of Pack by impalagirl, and wilddragonflying

24,488  I  First Time, Pack Mom Stiles

Teen and Up

Stiles knows he isn’t pack.

But why do the Betas keep coming to him for advice and comfort?

Liar Liar by Scruffy_Wolf

26,172  I  4/4  I  Fake/Pretend Relationship, No Hale Fire


Derek didn’t even like Stiles Stilinski, but with Laura paying him a surprise visit he needed a pretend partner and he needed one fast. Stiles just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Completely coincidentally of course; it didn’t have anything to do with the crush Derek had on Stiles for months. That was purely physical anyway.

I hope I have pleased you!

Love and internet hugs,

Fluffy Wolf