oblivion records



breeze still carries the sound

something i need - “we’re sickening. yeah.”

runaways - all time low // something i need - onerepublic // hopeless wanderer - mumford and sons // oblivion - bastille // favourite record - fall out boy // far too young to die - panic! at the disco // immortals - fall out boy // new romantics - taylor swift // tokyo (vampires and wolves) - the wombats //




These images are macro photographs of carefully lighted mixes of commercial printing inks. These are not photographs of paintings – no paintings exist. These images are of something as fleeting as any street scene or sunset – illuminated pigments, diluents, extenders, resins, oils, fillers, waxes, drying agents, etc. which, depending upon the mix, have varying miscibilities, viscosities, tacks, surface textures, reflectance, drying times etc., etc. Each original image has been reworked & reshot repeatedly – preserving any given iteration would be to doom all subsequent possibilities yet each new iteration also consigns all previous iterations to oblivion – the photographic record is all that remains.

I have always been a visual person.  I think in images, I dream in images, I remember things as images.  I have traveled a lot, worked as a printer for nearly 35 years and am now making art that attempts to encapsulate a fascinating journey from Texas to Greece; Iceland to India, all the time picking up textures, colors, forms, ideas, thoughts, all the time processing, making, doing. This is an expression of  a life as color.

Artist:  Mark Lovejoy - mark@marklovejoy.net

I was poking around youtube to see if there was any footage of the Second Doctor in Lego Dimensions.

There is, and it is hilarious.  His main weapon is his recorder–literally just hitting enemies with that wee musical instrument. For his special attack, he dual-wields his recorder and his sonic screwdriver, using the sonic to stun enemies, and then wallops them into oblivion with his recorder

He can also play the recorder to distract enemies and force them to dance (and then wallop them with the recorder), as well; he’s basically the Gallifreyan Pied Piper–