oblivion movie review

OBLIVION [movie] Review

:: I feel…much like “Jack” seated on the edge of the cliff. In front of me lies a vast expanse of what I believe to be understandable events. However, in the back of my mind I can’t quite place the feelings stirring inside of me. I’ve seen so much, know what I should know…or at least what I think I should know. And yet, I’m unsatisfied. To be able to close my eyes and recall something unbelievable leaves me wanting more..

This movie is, my favorite movie of 2013. I’m staking my claim right now. I know that we’re expecting “Man Of Steel” and “Iron Man 3” to be amazing, but neither are truly groundbreaking. In front of us lies a vast expanse of remakes, rehashes, reboots, and refranchising. And yes, Oblivion is a movie made after an existing book series (one I haven’t read I should add). But the plot twists come when you’re not expecting them. It doesn’t end how you think it should. It’s as if we were finally delivered a new movie…that is actually new.

The overall feel is that of Mass Effect and The Matrix, with a hint of Independence Day, mixed in with…well it’s more of a feeling than any already-existing entity. I was left feeling as though I had experienced something that I couldn’t sum up with words, because the words didn’t exist to explain it!
Last year it was Looper, in years past it’s been movies such as The Fifth Element or Bladerunner. Now, if you understand what that means, it is my hope that you’ll understand why you should experience this film.

In short; it’s brilliant.
It has just the right amount of romance, sci fi, action, adventure, story, character, twist, mystery, and fear. For the first time in a long time I found myself reacting with real/genuine emotions (which were no doubt displayed in my expressions haha).
And for those wondering - Tom Cruise ADDS to the performance. Not once did I think that having him in the lead took away or added anything unnecessary.