obliviate forever


two birds with one stone ill answer both

lets see… in all honesty not much changes between them, yan-kun would still be a creepy lonely kid and senpai would still be a well intentioned sweetheart. I’ll make a few that apply to both versions

  • Yan-kun would probably be in a ton of sports clubs but never be too good in any of them, is always the last one to be chosen when captains are picking teams
  • since Yk is kinda lanky, parents made him partake in basketball, was ok at it but never wanted to continue on
  • Used to catch worms in elementary and lay them on hot side walks
  • Dad has some fishing roots, tries to teach yk how to fish and gut
  • Owns a lot of jeans and second hand leather jackets
  • Insomiac, usually tries to go to bed early but if not then just likes heading outside for a bit, maybe bike around the neighbourhood.

Now some more for Senpai~

  • really oblivious, takes forever for them to get a clue
  • Not super good with technology, needs help figuring out how to work computers,phones etc..
  • Loves watching light hearted cartoons
  • Would make a wordpress blog and update it with small things like “just had lunch at this cafe!” “Going to the store to buy some soil”
  • Makes a lot of lists all the time, also when more adjusted to technology, would make a lot of playlists 
  • Laughs a ton at old memes, like those ones you see your mom sharing or animal themed ones
  • Only game ever played is minecraft

So there you go! 

They said it was normal,
this dilema in the mind,
No one can ever make the difference between the outstretched mind of a poet and the spirit that’s being eaten away by the birds of madness.
So we wait,
for the epiphany, for the breakdown.

I want to sanctify my lungs see?
Feast on the abundance of my own wishes-
there is something rich that happens when the bright sparkle of the want touches the grainy dark of what hides behind the light,
Something divine.

Once again, my dreams and all of my shadows have come to crumble on the back of one another, they have come to collide,
like meteors scratching atmospheric skin,
It only ever bleeds golden awe.
And me, I am forever oblivious to when I shall be struck.

—  “glorious scratches” Alistair Hampton.