obligated to make fun of everyone

things life has taught me:

—  the essence of humanity is to learn from mistakes, not examples 
—  don’t share your concerns with everyone. some don’t care while others are happy when you aren’t doing great 
—   every morning we have the opportunity to start from scratch and fix yesterday’s mistakes
—  life is actually short, adversity just makes it longer 
—  when work is fun, life is a pleasure. when work is an obligation, you are a vassal of life 
—  wealth is like sea water. the more you drink, the thirstier you get 
—  you can close your eyes from reality but not from the memories
—  life is like an onion. you peel it layer by layer and sometimes you cry
—  success is when you get what you want, happiness is when you want what you have  
—  if you can’t be a good role model, you can be a warning example 
—  you can run for the bus and love or wait for the next one 
—  sometimes silence is the best answer 
—  exhaustion makes you more vulnerable and honest 
—  without the cold we wouldn’t experience warmth 
—  water makes one feel lighter 
—  tears cleanse, laughter heals

Suga Daddy: Part 7

Suga Daddy: Part 7

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Words: 9.6k

Genre: Smut, angst, dirty talk, dom!Yoongi

There is another gif in the story that describes the moment I was portraying. Ignore Namjoon’s name on it, lol. Anyway, enjoy :) 

Parts:  one | two | three | four | five | six 

You had never been more excited to get out of dance practice. Yugyeom had been making fun of you the entire time because you were so out of it. You were trying to hide that from Jane because you were slightly messing up. “Shut up,” you pushed Yugyeom with a laugh, “Some of us are trying to focus.”

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Read this if you read fanfics

I just read a fic which I personally really like and when I went to the comments section, it was so disheartening. Nearly everyone was so rude and hateful and completely disrespectful of the author’s efforts, all simply because the fic did not cater to what most of these people like. So in honor of this author and every other fanfic author, let this be a reminder to all you fanfic readers

  • fanfic authors are NOT obliged to please your personal preference
  • they can write whatever they want to write
  • they don’t owe you anything
  • they are writing fics for free, for fun, and they put a lot of effort into it. So at the very least, be respectful.

  • No personal preference is better than the other.
  • a more popular preference (ships, AU, etc) does NOT make it any better than a less popular one. All it means is that more people happen to share the same opinion for one and not the other. That’s it.
  • Remember that “personal preference” is basically an opinion. There is no right and wrong. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

  • Being entitled to your own opinion does NOT justify you being a rude asshole

  • if you don’t like it, shut up and just leave. there’s no need for you to ruin someone else’s confidence by insulting their efforts just because it didn’t suit your personal preference

  • if you DO enjoy their work, please leave kudos and comments.
    You know damn well yourself that even just one rude comment can ruin the author’s confidence, or ruin their day, or make them doubt themselves. So please help to compensate that by leaving loving comments. If you like what they wrote, voice it out. It’s very encouraging and the authors will appreciate it A LOT.

Like I’m all about soft, mom-friend Yuuri (is in fact my favorite thing) but every now and then I just need bara Yuuri

-          He has lifted everyone in the rink. It started with Viktor obviously, but then Mila was goofing around, “Lift me, Yuuuurrri,” making fun of Viktor, ran into his arms and Yuuri, being a gentleman dammit, obliged. And then of course Georgi had to try and Yurio only got picked up because he was trying to tackle Viktor, but that still counts. This resulted in more than one teeny tiny crush. Viktor is prepared to stage an intervention.

-          In Hasetsu, Yuuri is helping his dad salt the walkways, casually dead lifts two of the bags of salt that just a minute ago took two guys to lift just one. Viktor is swooning.

-          Viktor lost a pen under the couch – the couch he and Yurio are both sitting on – Yuuri politely picks up one end so Viktor can reach. “How?” Yurio sputters. “… lift with your knees?” Yuuri replies, confused. Viktor doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

-          “If I bribe you with pork cutlet piroshki, will you just toss me? I have this idea for my exhibition but I need more air to – “ “Yura, don’t you dare finish that sentence!”

Not every fic is meant for you. Not every story your friend or a fellow fan recs is something you’d like. Not every popular fic will become your favourite. Not every popular writer shall be your preferred one. Not every trope is suitable to your taste. Fanfics are created for diversity, for a variety and an interjection, extension or deviation of canon content. You don’t have to like every fic out there. Make your choices. Make your picks of faves. Find your preferred writers. Popular isn’t always your personal choice. Don’t feel obligated to like what everyone likes and don’t feel dejected when not everyone seems to like what you do. Your place in fandom is yours and has your print. Your reading of fics is your comfort and has your choice. Read your likes. Have fun. That is how this celebration of fanfiction thrives.

                                     It’s time for an event!

For this one, it doesn’t have to just be Amelia! Actually, I thought it would be fun if other askblogs joined in with their own royal!au version of their character! Whether you’re royalty from your country or even just a person in the court, even a peasant in a village– join in! I thought it would be a fun way for askblogs to dress up their characters and meet others!

As for the time frame, that’s up to you! This blog will mostly be answering asks and answering things for the au. I really wanted to do it! So for this, Amelia will be a princess! Ready to meet and see her friends from neighboring kingdoms (if you’re interested!).

I’ll simply be using the #royalevent for this au, but yeah feel free to join in!! Or block the tag if not interested. It could be really, really fun!! I’ll post more about it when it isn’t 2am.

Here Comes Your Man

Prompt: muggle au where hilarity ensues when James Potter is called to pick up Lily Evans from the Hospital because he accidentally labeled himself as her emergency contact.

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“Alright Miss Evans.”

Doctor Frank Longbottom was the poor sap assigned to Lily Evans when she entered Levinstown Hospital cradling her swollen wrist in rumpled clothes that smelled like the chlorine pool she’d fallen into. Frank looked over his chart and Lily sent him the best smile she could. He seemed nice, if not amused by her since she refused to tell him exactly what happened. She was a university student and he could probably guesstimate she’d been intoxicated but none-the-less Lily was not ready to share with the fair-haired doctor about how senseless she’d been.

“You are not well enough to drive,” he was being persistent, “I’d feel best if a friend or family member came to get you.”

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A new schedule for my sanity

Hi guys n_n

So, i’ve recently come to the conclusion that i need to make more time for myself u_u 

For a few weeks, i’ve been keeping track of how many hours i put into Underlie and this passed week i spent 35 hours just on one Underlie update and the week before that I spent 43 hours on it. It’s like a full time job – only, i don’t get paid for it…

All I get to work on is Underlie and for a while now, i’ve come to look at Underlie as an obligation more than something fun that i want to work on all the time. I work so hard on it for everyone that follows me, but not so much for myself anymore. 

I don’t want to drop the story, but i want to work on other things that make me happy as well and with the current schedule that i keep, it’s difficult to do that.

So, long story short, I’ll be making Underlie a bi-weekly comic. I’ll be posting my own original content/other things that interest me during the off weeks. 

This upcoming week will be a ‘me’ week, so there wont be another Underlie update until Friday, July 21st. I will also be tweaking my Patreon to reflect these changes n_n

Thank you all so much for your continued support! I hope this news isn’t too disappointing or anything .///.  

Dear Friends & Strangers - Back the Fsck off!

This past weekend I was at NEEHU 8 with my partners, teaching and socializing. Also feeling terrible from expending too much energy and getting a sore throat & migraine, but that isn’t important here.

What is important is that the three times I ended up playing/doing hypnosis with my partners/friends in public at the Society, each time someone or more than one someones interrupted my scenes.


1) I’m playing with my boyfriend (guy) and a friend (girl). The girl is in a chair next to the sofa I was sitting on, the guy is sitting on the floor. Someone came and sat on the arm of a sofa facing the girl, and in the face of my boyfriend, so he said to the guy, “Hey, do you mind moving?” The new guy, not getting the polite hint said, no, he was comfortable there. He continued to loom over what we were doing and in the my boyfriend’s space. Finally my boyfriend had to say, “Hey, you’re in the way, move!” The guy finally got it and moved away.

2) I’m hypnotizing someone on a sofa in that same room as above. No less than FIVE people, some friends, some long time hypnotist folks, came up to me and tried to engage me in other ways. One additional person sat just beyond the person I was playing with, in my line of sight and stared at me the rest of the time, and when we were done immediately asked me for a favor - to hypnotise them to undo an effect they got from a class DJ & I taught the day before. I’m happy to do that, but not to be stared at and have that person in my line of sight for 45 minutes while I’m trying to play. An additional person also descended on me right after the scene.

3) I’m saying goodbye and having a very short moment with my partner before they had to leave. It’s practically the only moment alone we had together at the event. He’s in trance. On his knees in front of me. A woman comes up and closely circles us a few times trying to get either his or my attention.

For the love of all that’s kind and shows you’re paying some kind of social attention people - STOP DOING THIS KIND OF BEHAVIOUR. It’s not ok to hover, lurk or actively speak with people when they’re in scenes unless you’re invited in. It’s disruptive and disrespectful.

If you think I didn’t notice, I did. If I didn’t say anything to you at the event, it doesn’t matter. I’m saying it now.  I shouldn’t have to say it now, but seriously, get a life, recognize that even if some people are willing to play with or interact with you, if they’re busy, they’re busy. Stop hovering. Stop interfering. Stop thinking you have the right to barge in, whether that’s the just in peripheral vision or the active question asking.

You want someone to play with you?  Become a part of their social group and engage with everyone in their downtime. Learn to appreciate what you see from a respectful distance.

I’ve never minded people asking me to play, and do my best to make it happen, but I’m almost always going to chose the fun, responsive, you-feed-me-too kinds of people over the interruptive lurkers. There are only so many hours at an event where I’m going to be able to play and still meet all my other obligations like having energy and a voice for classes and sleep.

The people I was playing with? They were all lovely and responsive and so nice. If I played with them and didn’t play with you or didn’t play eagerly and willingly with you, then start to bring something new to the table. I have no obligation to play with people who drain me or who interrupt me. If you don’t care enough about me as a person to pay attention to what I’m doing at the time, I won’t hypnotize you, so stop asking. I don’t care how hard it may have been for you to ask.

I don’t care if you’re a guy or woman with no manners and no social skills - perving on a women being hypnotized and ignoring the people around her she’s playing with is rude and disrespectful. Getting too close is rude and disrespectful. Joining in without being invited is rude and disrespectful. Touching me, or my stuff or the people I’m playing with is rude and disrespectful.

Sure, it’s possible that there are some people who are playing to entertain and to invite people in. I entertain in classes, I might invite someone in in a more social party setting in the hotel.

And sure, I do still like my friends after they’ve interrupted me.

But if I’m having a scene with someone, I want to remember that scene, and the person I was playing with, not all the people who tried to get my attention while we were in the middle of it.

Thanks for backing the fuck off while people are playing.

Don’t be a fool, Severus

Pairing: Snape x Reader

Warnings: None

A/N: Gifs not mine. This idea came from a request I saw I hope this is ok

Built up frustration in the black-clad professor was coming close to being released in an explosive manner. The man who prided himself on his ability to be reserved in all manners of events was now gnawing his bottom lip to the point of slight bleeding. 

“This won’t do.” With a flick of his wand, the scrawling disappeared making the parchment white once more. Severus was faced with an inner conflict; he had thought, in regards to his concerns of facing the problem directly, writing would be his best option. Forgoing a stuttering mess he would surely become if he conversed face to face, making him a fool. Instead, he would simply address her in a formal letter of sorts. 

Wringing his right hand and stretching it with every cramp that came, he placed his quill down on the dark wooden table for the umpteenth time. 

He contemplated a new tactic. He rose from his seat pacing his office. Looking back towards his desk, the inkwell and quill sitting tauntingly by the blank parchment. 

In an act of false hope he sat himself back at the table, inspiration did not come. 

Slumping himself forward he scowled over the parchment. He then thought it best to forget such emotions. With this, he stood once more and retired to his quarters. 

Like every other matter pertaining his personal affairs; naturally, Minerva McGonagall and Albus Dumbledore already knew. It was bad enough that the Potions Professor internally chastised himself, now he had Minerva and Albus ghosting him wherever he went. 

You noticed something was amiss, Severus stopped addressing you curtly when you passed in the halls. Not that the Potions Professor wanted to stop really. But, knowing that the matured witch and headmaster were not too far away, he stopped allowing himself simple pleasures. 

He passed them once again ‘hiding’ as he always did in recent events, “Could you be any more obvious?” He drawled. “Skulking is definitely not one of your acclaimed talents.” With a billowing cloak behind him, Severus disappeared down the length of the hall, towards his favoured part of the castle as of late; the dungeons. 

Of course, both headmaster and professor would not let up on such opportunities to meddle in Snape’s affairs. They began the devious plan of match-making. 

Their first attempt started and ended with claiming all available seats at the staff table, except one, right next to you. However, the brooding Professor retaliated by no longer partaking in shared meals. Choosing to eat instead in his personal quarters. 

Not before the spillage of Severus’ goblet that covered the young female witch of his affections. It was the fault of Hagrid, under Dumbledore’s orders, of course. With a wave of his wand to right the situation, he had left after mumbling an apology to you. 

This arose a meeting from the white-bearded man himself on a cold, crisp night, “Cheer up. You are an introspection if I ever knew one, my friend.” Snape only stared at the older man, “One would do much more harm to hold your own self a prisoner of the mind.” He would never say it out loud, but Severus thought the old man might be on to something. Maybe he did, in fact, stay in his head for far too long.

Out of fear for what was proposed to him and what it would entail to, Snape rebuked Dumbledore’s attempts, “I don’t see how this has anything to do with me, I am a Potions Professor, and nothing more.“ 

Albus did not budge, instead, walking over to sit on Severus’ desk. Almost as if he were about to have a laid-back chat, the kind you would see in a pub over a pint. 

"Right you are Severus, but your feelings for Miss (l/n) is something you can’t just ignore.” The Headmaster’s expression turned stern before fleeting into a friendly smile, “Now I’ve already organised, with the Yule Ball fast approaching, for Miss (l/n) to accommodate your teachings of the art of dancing to the Slytherins." 

Snape began to object immediately, "Headmaster, with all respect, I don’t believe-" 

Holding up his hand to silence him, Dumbledore continued, "Now Severus, it has already been arranged. If you refuse to not be in attendance to school events and let your emotions fester, then my hands are tied." 

Dumbledore smiled softly at the stern face of Severus, "Now, I have matters that must urgently be attended to, Minerva will be available for any assistance should you need it." 

Snape knew that what the Headmaster really meant was, not that if he needed help Minerva would be there, but rather she would impose upon him until he confronted his affections for (y/n). That was, only if he did so in a manner that was not anything less than what both McGonagall and Dumbledore approved.

Sitting alone in his office, Severus sat scrutinising the very idea of what was to come. He was aware that he was no longer alone. "Minerva now’s hardly the time." 

The cat twitched its tail before becoming an elegant, fierce looking witch in emerald, "Oh don’t be a fool Severus, and just ask the woman to dance with you." 

A scowl crossed his face, "I was sure that you were made aware that I have no choice in the matter. Even if I do not attend the Yule Ball, there is still the implication that Professor (l/n) will be my partner for the demonstration for the Slytherins.” At this news, the witch before him lit up. 

Absolutely thrilled with the very thought, “Oh, I hope that that experience alone will finally give you the confidence to ask her to dance.” A thought crossed her mind and she spoke suddenly, “You can dance, yes?”

 A sharp look was directed at the witch, “Yes.” He drawled. “Obviously, being Head of Slytherin means that I have had to teach them how to dance for such occasions as the Yule Ball in the past." 

A sigh escaped her lips, "I would give anything to see that." 

Severus disagreed, "Dunderheads, the lot of them, hardly entertaining watching them stumble. The Seventh Year I partnered with for the demonstration, I had the displeasure of her constant stepping on my feet. Didn’t have an ounce of rhythm in her body.” He spat as if the mere memory actually left a bad taste in his mouth. 

“Come now, they’re just children.” She scolded her colleague before redirecting the conversation, “I can assure you (y/n) will be more experienced.” At her words a knot in his stomach began to form. 

Miss (l/n) was a stunning woman; (h/c) hair, (e/c) eyes and wore a lovely set of (f/c) robes, most of all; her warm smile that matched her personality. No one knew that secretly you were quite terrified yourself of what was to come. To dance with the reserved Potions Professor whom you had unrequited feelings for, or so you thought. 

Trying to hide your nerves, mainly for the sake of the girls who mostly had not danced formally until now. You talked excitedly to the Slytherin girls about their dance lesson, gushing and laughing along with them. 

The Slytherin boys, however, looked like they would rather do anything else than to dance. “Don’t worry, I bet you anything that most of it is show.” You assured the younger females, “They’re more worried about pleasing each other by showing disinterest than they are about whether or not you can dance.” The girls seemed to calm down at your words, “Once everyone is dancing that will all be mostly forgotten. I know they will have fun, so don’t worry about their attitudes making you feel nervous. Just have fun with it." 

Snape made his way to the middle of the room in his famous intimidating manner. With precise movements, he folded his arms before addressing his students. Not that there was much to say, everyone knew why they were here, however, he took the time to warn against unacceptable behaviour. 

"As this may very well be your first time dancing, I am obligated to demonstrate and guide you so that you do not make a fool of yourselves on the dance floor,” His deep voice did not alleviate the knot building in your stomach, “Miss (l/n) will you join me please to demonstrate exactly what is expected during the Yule Ball." 

In all the professionalism you could muster to mask your erratic heartbeat you walked over and met him on the floor. Taking his offered hand, you placed your hand on his shoulder. You swore that your heart skipped a beat when his hand rested gently on your hip. 

He counted the steps you took aloud for the students to follow. A wolf-whistle made its way to both of your ears, surely from a male student who must have a death wish you thought. However, Severus did not react, he continued to direct you. 

Surprisingly Snape even finished the demonstration by twirling you outwards, with still linked hands it offered you both an opportunity to bow to the audience. Your breathing was fast from the activity, as was his. He didn’t show exhaustion though as he said, "Pair up, and stay in rhythm." 

With a formal nod to Mr Filtch who then placed the record on the record player and the music began to play. 

"I heard the demonstration went well,” you looked up from the book she was reading, “There’s talk of a new Hogwarts’ couple.” Professor McGonagall smiled down at her. Your cheeks suddenly felt hot. 

YouShe smiled shyly before averting your eyes from Minerva back to your book in embarrassment. “I think my biggest problem is actually deciding what to wear.” Minerva raised an eyebrow, “I can help you with that if you like." 

"I heard it was quite the performance.” The wise man decided to poke a little fun at his usually grumpy colleague. Snape just looked up at him without speaking. 

“I presume that you will ask her to dance with you once more at tonight’s festivities.” Severus just grunted in Albus’ direction. 

“It seems you have already, what do you say, broken the ice with Miss (l/n). It would be a shame to let this opportunity slip by.” Yes, it would seem to be a shame should he let this opportunity pass him by, Severus thought. 

If there was anything Albus couldn’t do better, it was reading people even without the use of legilimency. Catching on to Snape’s change in mind he said the final words that cemented the Professor’s choice, “If we focus too much on the future we strive for, we forget the present." 

At long last, the night of the Yule Ball was upon Hogwarts. The champions took their places with their dates and started the night with the traditional first dance.

 Seeing both respected headmaster and Transfiguration Professor take to the floor, Severus chided himself into walking over to where the (h/c) woman sat. How his legs moved was beyond the Potions Master’s knowledge. 

"May I have this dance.” as her (e/c) eyes locked onto his dark pools, he felt his heart begin to beat erratically against his rib cage. A smile found its way to her soft lips as she took his outstretched hand. In a rare occurrence, (y/n) noticed a small smile replace Severus’ usual scowl.

By the end of the dance, Severus tried to speak but the words got lost somewhere between his brain and mouth. Sure enough, Severus was sure he had become his worst fear; a bumbling fool. 

Retrieving Severus from his berating thoughts, (y/n) rested her hand on his cheek. Completely despite himself, Snape had found himself leaning into her palm, it was a warmth he had rarely known. It felt familiar, something he hadn’t felt since his childhood; security. 

“I’ve always cared for you, Severus.” He looked deeply into her eyes, almost as if to find the truth, but it was only to be a reiteration of what she spoke, “I’ve been too frightened to admit my feelings.” In the comfort of the intimate moment (y/n) had boldly and un-regrettably spoken from her heart. 

A smile tugged at the corner of Severus’ lips, without the words that he knew he couldn’t speak, he showed his love through the small gesture of placing a gentle kiss upon your lips.

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The Day

Summary: Everyone’s at the Alibi having fun and then Mickey realizes it’s been eight years to the date since his mother died.

Word Count: 1091

Notes: I loved this request. Writing about the Gallaghers caring sm about Mickey makes me so happy :)

The whole clan was at the Alibi— Mickey, Kev, Veronica, Fiona, Lip, Ian, Debbie, Carl, and even Liam. There hasn’t been a time where they were all together for a while so when Kevin found out everyone was home, he gave to Fiona for everyone to come, and they happily obliged.

No one was really drunk. It was nice though, just drinking and having a good time. Kev was talking to everyone. Fiona and V were gossiping about something Fiona heard at one of the school board meetings that Debbie forced her to go to. Lip was drinking, but watching over the younger kids; he was snatching the vodka from Carl’s hand every time he took it and making sure he strictly stuck to beer for now. Ian and Mickey were in their own little world like usual, and it was just nice.

“Ay,” Mickey said to Ian as he put the beer to his mouth. Eventually he snatched the bottle and slammed in on the table. “More focused on that fuckin’ beer than you are on me,” he teased.

Ian shook his head and pulled Mickey between his legs. “Not true,” he chuckled and kissed his boyfriend. He then got real close to whisper something in the shorter boy’s ear. “Always focused on you, and this ass,” he said as he guided his hand down his boyfriend’s back.

Mickey chuckled and opened his mouth to speak, but got cut off by Kev. “Get a fucking room, you love birds.” The words made Mickey chuck the finger at him. Ian laughed and pressed a chaste peck to Mickey’s cheek.

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Hey Guys,

I’m Out. Thanks for all your support this past almost year (Wow, hard to believe we’re quickly approaching that, eh?). I will finish my obligations with Patreon and the Shit Bang, but that’s it. 

There’s just too much shit. I dealt with this enough in the SPN fandom, and I’m not putting up with it in the YOI nation. I’m done with Tumblr. I’m done with AO3. I’m done with Anons. The moment you take a break, too, everyone turns on you. That’s not what I signed up for. I just wanted to make people happy, but I’m not making anyone happy. I’m just torturing myself.

It’s been fun <3 <3 <3 <3 I made some good friends while I was here, even if just a few. 

Rock on my dudes \m/

YongGuk Scenario: Depending Of U.

Word Count : 1095 :D

Genre : Smutty, very smut, smut.  Okay is Smut.

Note : Is my first “smut” so I’m sorry if this is not good and the final is not that awesome too… Srry :/ Have fun! :D

Originally posted by yong-guks

“Thousands and thousands of people died immediately, and other thousands died in the following years in the city of Hiroshima.”

I sighed, listening Himchan try to imitate the high note Daehyun, which made everyone in the room laugh extremely high.

“Listen to me, your assholes, I am not obliged to deal with you screaming and a horse imitating Dae, okay?” I yelled, making everyone recompose terrified. Being the girlfriend of Bang Yongguk is not thar bad because I know I can scare them. “Okay … So, as I was telling, after two days, another bomb was dropped on the city of Naga-”

“Snack time!”

I almost roll on the floor in frustration, listening to the bunch of idiots which I taught about the Second World War schem out aloud: “Finally, hyung” or “I could not stand it!” or even if Himchan: “I was verbally attacked by your girlfriend.” They ran freely in the direction of my boyfriend and his trays of juices and sandwiches.

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clueless creepiness vs skillful creepiness

There are two kinds of problems that get conflated a lot but aren’t actually that similar:

  • People who do creepy things because they have trouble understanding boundaries
  • People who do creepy things because they understand boundaries well and have highly developed skills at violating them with impunity

People who are good at violating boundaries and getting away with being creepy sometimes seem socially awkward, and sometimes don’t. Sometimes they get away with it by getting people to think things like “Oh, that’s Bill. He’s just awkward like that. He doesn’t mean anything by it,” and sometimes it’s more like, “I can’t believe James would do that! He’s like the nicest guy ever, and he does so much for this community. Don’t you remember the awesome party last month?”, and sometimes it’s more like, “Steve is really sensitive right now. Did you really have to turn him down like that? Couldn’t you have given him a chance? Don’t you understand how much courage it takes to approach a girl? What harm could giving him your number have done?”. 

People who are inadvertently creepy *care* when they’ve violated boundaries, and try to fix it. Saying, “oh, they’re just awkward” isn’t doing them any favors, because people who are inadvertently creepy don’t *want* to trample all over other people’s boundaries. They want to know, so that they can stop doing it. This doesn’t mean it’s the job of victims of their creepy actions to explain it to them – it isn’t, particularly since most creepy people are doing it on purpose, and calling skillfully creepy people on things tends to go badly. I am mentioning this because skillfully creepy people often convince others that being “just awkward” means that everyone else is obligated to refrain from objecting to their creepy actions.

Skillfully creepy people who boundaries boundaries on purpose come up with excuses about why it was ok, and try to make you feel horrible for objecting. (Eg: “I was just being friendly! Learn to take a compliment!”, or “I know that if you were in your right mind, you wouldn’t have said that you didn’t want to spend time with me. I forgive you. We can still spend time together.”, or “Wow. Harsh. I guess girls really don’t go for nice guys. Have fun dating assholes.” or just getting a lot of people to laugh at you, or any number of other things.)

As a culture, we shouldn’t tolerate creepy behavior from anyone. Part of not tolerating it means assessing when people are being cluelessly creepy, and when people are being skillfully creepy. 

If you are a supervisor/teacher/community leader, or otherwise someone responsible for intervening and keeping things safe, it’s important to respond appropriately. Communities need to help cluelessly creepy people understand how to act, and to expel skillfully creepy people so that they can’t keep preventing the people they hurt from being part of the community. 

Prompt Information

I am so happy to see all of the positive responses to Ignoct week! I am going to kick it off by explaining how some of this is going to go!

1) Prompts

Prompt suggestions will be taken until June 21st, 23:59 JST

Prompt suggestions will then be sorted and a vote will be taken (I am thinking there will be 3-4 options allowed) for which prompts will be used!

Prompts will be available in three categories. You can choose to do one, two, or all three for each day!

Prompt 1 will be a singular word or open-ended idea (I.E. Noctis Cooks)

Prompt 2 will be a more structured idea or theme (I.E. Noctis breaks Ignis’s glasses… how did it happen? And how does Ignis respond?)

These two prompts will be available in list format on July 1st, so that everyone has 1 month to prepare. You can post all of your content starting on July 31st.

Now, there will be something else added… WILD CARDS! After all, everyone here is wanting to write Ignoct, and maybe you don’t like the prompts. That is fine; the prompts are here to guide you to some cute ideas, but you aren’t obligated to follow them. Remember that this is all about creating content and having fun. No one should be forced to make stuff they don’t like just because it is the prompt!

There will also be a “Timed Quest” available every day of Ignoct week, where a surprise!prompt will be posted at 0:00JST that can be filled for the day. These are purely for you level-grinders who are up for the challenge!

Later we will talk about… Prizes?!?!

The truth behind mental illnesses

Here’s to everyone dealing with mental illnesses ;
I know how hard it is because i’m going through the same thing , feeling forced to get out the bed in the morning , being moody , always worrying and not living the moment , you try to act happy around your friends and family and when you’re alone by yourself , the mask falls off , you can’t handle all this shit , you get tired of being someone you’re not , feeling obliged to hang out with the people you want to get away from , and hating everyone else . you just want to enjoy your own company , but then you realise how lonely you are and you want to socialize and feel loved by everyone , but as always you can’t , and why ? Because you’re afraid to be annoying , you’re afraid that people won’t love you because you’re not pretty enough , you’re afraid that people will make fun of you . so you forget all about that , and you return to the 2 or 3 and sometimes the 1 friend you have because you’re too insecure to make new friendships . you lose your social skills and it becomes a phobia talking to others , you’ve been lonely for so long now !
And that’s not everything , i bet no one knows how many times you tried to commit suicide but unfortunately you fail , and i bet no one knows about those scars in your arms or any part of your body . you get also trust issues , you just find it hard to trust anyone and if you were like me , i’m sure you have experienced too many failures in your relations ( either a friendship or a relationship) and because all these failures , you start to feel rejected , unwanted , not good enough , and you start to blame yourself for having this ugly face , and you don’t take compliments seriously , do you ?
You lose that little faith you had , you only believe the negative things you’ve been told , because you’re 100 percent sure that you’re worthless and there’s nothing good in you just because people tell you that and reject you everytime or bully you .
Let me mention also that your eating habits change . suddenly , you don’t want to eat anymore , you don’t get hungry , you used to love eating so much but look at yourself now ! You’re hardly putting something in your mouth .
You start to sleep less hours or more than you should sleep , you panic about anything , your heart beats faster all the time because you’ve been living under pressure for so long ..

The things that mental illnesses cause are uncountable , and that’s not something we can fix it’s just something to accept and live by.

anonymous asked:

Your favorite davekat head cannon Johndave headcannon and Erisol head cannon?

DaveKat: “Filling all Quadrants” Dave and Karkat are absolutely that Alternia defying relationship where they are each other’s everything. Part of that is because they both become very dependent on the people they are close to, but also because Karkat struggles with the quadrants so much, that once this idea is proposed, he finds himself falling face first into it and he’s totally surprised he’d eliminated it as an option in the past. They spend a lot of their time together physically touching, but only when they’re alone, both of them have a problem with PDA, especially Dave since he has trouble showing his emotions overall. Karkat is the only one who knows Dave insists on always wearing his shades so that no one can read his emotions, everyone else thinks it’s because he’s ashamed of his eye color. 

JohnDave: As boyfriends, John and Dave are the ultimate fluff fest, with the weirdest hard edges. One second they’ll be all flirty and the next they’ll be ruthlessly teasing each other, there is no in between. The two of them differ on their dependence, Dave depending on John a lot for emotional support while John feels fairly confident on his own, and he’s careful not to make fun or take advantage of Dave’s insecurity. John’s all about PDA and Dave is happy too oblige despite the bit of discomfort it causes him, early on in their relationship they had to have a long conversation about it, and now John never crosses the lines they set. Dave crosses them himself sometimes, though, kissing John when he doesn’t expect it is just too worth it for Dave.

EriSol: Eridan and Sollux flip from red to black constantly, and anything can cause the change. From things as small as where someone let the TV remote, to one of them suddenly yelling they pitied them in the middle of a fight. It’s hard to keep up with for people outside the relationship, so they often try to remain neutral with each other around people, neither likes getting into a screaming match in front of other people. Regardless of whether they’re red or black, if they’re alone they can’t keep their hands off each other, constantly touching or physically fighting and they’re fairly equally black and red. Eridan gets really mad when anyone suggests that the changes are due to Sollux’s mood swings, because he’s viscously protective of Sollux and their relationship, while Sollux will actively admit sometimes the flips align with his swings and other times they don’t, so he’s just not really sure.   

Wasn’t sure what you meant, just through random things at you
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Obligatory Christmas Picture: UNDERTALE 

X3 It’s true! Everyone feels obligated to make at least ONE Christmas-themed picture for the holiday season!

I had a ton of fun with this! ((Cuz Omega Flowey’s design is AWESOME. Though I feel kinda bad that I didn’t include my humanized Flowey design into this as well…oh well, what can you do?))

But yeah, enjoy a sweet Christmas moment shared between Frisk with both canonical designs of Omega Flowey and regular Flowey (who’s wrapped around Frisk’s arm). Also, my canon for Flowey is that he blushes green, so the flower boy isn’t sick don’t worry!

In the original version, there was snow…but the png file was too big for tumblr to handle.

concerning study groups . . .

so, disclaimer for my purpose in writing this: i know a ton of people who say that study groups were the reason they made it through university. and i just felt like it was necessary to clear some misconceptions up and to share my own personal experience with study groups. I LOVE study groups, but sometimes they can go off the rails if you don’t follow a couple guidelines. okay, enjoy. 

study groups should be: 

  • beneficial to everyone involved. this means the EVERYONE should be contributing an equal share. eight people should not be learning off of one person’s carefully detailed notes. everybody who wants to study together needs to do the same amount of prep before, or it’s just others mooching off the one provider of knowledge. not fair. 
  • small, if in person. I say in person because I’ve been a part of a few huge class facebook groups that all contribute to one study guide together. that’s fine if that’s how you want to roll, but again: lazy people WILL take advantage of your work ethic. smaller study groups are better because more people have to contribute and it’s easier to state ideas without someone interrupting, accidentally or otherwise. you can also cover more material.
  • held more than one night before the exam. if you get a bunch of people together the night before, they probably aren’t prepared, and they’re probably there to cram. study groups are never beneficial for cramming–they’re much better for filling out study guides together or quizzing on already known information. if you try to condense your memorizing, learning, and mastering into one night without working by yourself, the group won’t be productive and you’ll be wasting your time. 
  • purposeful. living on the honors floor all year made me realize that some people call their weekly social gathering and gossip sesh a “study group.” call it what it is, folks. study groups should be centered around something: a quiz, test, project, even reviewing last week’s lecture. If you don’t have a point, I guarantee your intended two-hour review will dissolve into who the bachelor will choose. I’m not kidding. 
  • selective. this is because, again: it is VITAL that everyone contributes. many hands make light work, but if you’ve got one brain helping five brains out with nothing in return, that brain will get worn out. you do not have to feel obligated to study with that dude who’s been texting in class all semester. chances are, he recognizes that you’ve been working your ass off and he will most definitely try to take advantage of that. your work is yours, and it is entirely up to you who you share the fruits of your labor with. 
  • fun. I know I just laid out a lot of rules here, but your study group should also be a good time. most everyone I’ve met on studyblr is pretty self-motivated and could easily study information on their own, so remember: a study group is a way to make studying more efficient, more comprehensive, and more enjoyable. pausing to make cookies and lemonade or watch a quick episode of the office does not make your study group unsuccessful–it makes it smart. you definitely need breaks, just in proportion to your studying time.