obligated to make fun of everyone

Suga Daddy: Part 7

Suga Daddy: Part 7

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Words: 9.6k

Genre: Smut, angst, dirty talk, dom!Yoongi

There is another gif in the story that describes the moment I was portraying. Ignore Namjoon’s name on it, lol. Anyway, enjoy :) 

Parts:  one | two | three | four | five | six 

You had never been more excited to get out of dance practice. Yugyeom had been making fun of you the entire time because you were so out of it. You were trying to hide that from Jane because you were slightly messing up. “Shut up,” you pushed Yugyeom with a laugh, “Some of us are trying to focus.”

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things life has taught me:

—  the essence of humanity is to learn from mistakes, not examples 
—  don’t share your concerns with everyone. some don’t care while others are happy when you aren’t doing great 
—   every morning we have the opportunity to start from scratch and fix yesterday’s mistakes
—  life is actually short, adversity just makes it longer 
—  when work is fun, life is a pleasure. when work is an obligation, you are a vassal of life 
—  wealth is like sea water. the more you drink, the thirstier you get 
—  you can close your eyes from reality but not from the memories
—  life is like an onion. you peel it layer by layer and sometimes you cry
—  success is when you get what you want, happiness is when you want what you have  
—  if you can’t be a good role model, you can be a warning example 
—  you can run for the bus and love or wait for the next one 
—  sometimes silence is the best answer 
—  exhaustion makes you more vulnerable and honest 
—  without the cold we wouldn’t experience warmth 
—  water makes one feel lighter 
—  tears cleanse, laughter heals

Read this if you read fanfics

I just read a fic which I personally really like and when I went to the comments section, it was so disheartening. Nearly everyone was so rude and hateful and completely disrespectful of the author’s efforts, all simply because the fic did not cater to what most of these people like. So in honor of this author and every other fanfic author, let this be a reminder to all you fanfic readers

  • fanfic authors are NOT obliged to please your personal preference
  • they can write whatever they want to write
  • they don’t owe you anything
  • they are writing fics for free, for fun, and they put a lot of effort into it. So at the very least, be respectful.

  • No personal preference is better than the other.
  • a more popular preference (ships, AU, etc) does NOT make it any better than a less popular one. All it means is that more people happen to share the same opinion for one and not the other. That’s it.
  • Remember that “personal preference” is basically an opinion. There is no right and wrong. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

  • Being entitled to your own opinion does NOT justify you being a rude asshole

  • if you don’t like it, shut up and just leave. there’s no need for you to ruin someone else’s confidence by insulting their efforts just because it didn’t suit your personal preference

  • if you DO enjoy their work, please leave kudos and comments.
    You know damn well yourself that even just one rude comment can ruin the author’s confidence, or ruin their day, or make them doubt themselves. So please help to compensate that by leaving loving comments. If you like what they wrote, voice it out. It’s very encouraging and the authors will appreciate it A LOT.
*Wildehopps Week* 30th october - 5th November

Guys, as you know every fandom has its dedicated week. So, why not to dedicate a week to one of our beloved pairing? That’s why I invite you to join sharing your works (drawings, comics, fan fiction) with all the community.

Tag your works with “#wildehoppsweek” and the prompt you’ll chose as people can find you and maybe give kudos to your works.


Here the prompts:

  • Day 1:Dream (a dream, a beautiful dream, a dream come true, a nightmare, dreaming about the future);
  • Day 2:Purpose ( I want that mammal, I want something from that mammal, I want to get something in the future);
  • Day 3: Proposal (ask for an appointment, propose something stupid, challenge someone…);
  • Day 4: Dating (I don’t think this needs examples x’D);
  • Day 5: Confession (confess their feelings or something embarrassing…);
  • Day 6: Memories about the past;
  • Day 7: Our future.



  • This is not a challenge, it’s a way to have fun or create something so don’t be shy or stressed!!
  • This week is opened to everyone: Artists, writers, pantologist…
  • you’re free to create NSFW stuff, just tag them (there are many minors in this fandom, you know…)
  • You are not obligated to publish your creations in the day dedicated to the prompt you have chosen. Take all the time you need! Logically, if you’ll be punctual and people will have interest in the prompts you have chosen, you may have more visibility.
  • If the prompts proposed don’t inspire you, you can make up your own prompts.
  • if you have questions, answer to this post, as it would be used as a big Faq too!

That’s all, guys! Chose one or more prompts (I already have mine, hihi!) and, over all, have fun and share so much love!!!

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(Greets to @landsec-translations , @timoguenther and Erinnyes for the precious advices!)

[ bakucamie - headcanons ]

these are platonic af btw

• katsuki has never kissed anyone before but it’s been a while since he realized he’s probably gay but he asks camie to help him have the final proof and just goes ‘hey, illusion, kiss me.’ and she fakely gasps 'oh my, bakugou-chan, what is this’ but she obliges and yuck, as he thought he doesn’t like it at all and he doesn’t even hesitate and yet the idea of kissing a guy sends his nerves flying. 'I think I’m gay.’ she just puts a hand on his shoulder and pats him once. 'tell me something i don’t know, hon’

• he braids her hair but she can’t seem to tame his spiky mess of a head, she puts little bows on them as revenge

• he starts saying 'lit’ unconsciously and everyone makes fun of him because “the explosion guy says lit” and that’s such a meme and he hates everyone

• camie once suggested as a joke that katsuki call her 'senpai’ but since he liked her from their very first meeting, he took her seriously and his classmates can’t believe their ears when he says it.

• when a desperate kaminari asks katsuki if they are together, they answer by kissing each other and then he falls into her arms with a hand on his forehead, fakingly fainting 'yes, we are crazy for each other’ and no one sees the joke and chaos descends

• she takes pictures of her classmates or cute boys she sees in the streets and sends them to katsuki and they rate them together. turns out they have similar taste in men. 'one of your classmates is the cutest™’ 'ugh, if you say todoroki imma punch you’ 'no not him, he’s hot af not cute’ 'then who’ 'ummm round eyes, fluffy hair and freckles? a perf 10/10 qt’ 'you have got to be fucking kidd-’

• they go shopping together and they always buy something ridiculous and out of their styles for one another 'i won’t wear pink no way’ 'but it goes perfectly with your eyes!!!’ 'why the hell don’t you have a problem with cargo pants i hate you’ 'sorry hon everything looks good on me’

• camie once dares him to either go tell izuku his feelings for him or try on her hero costume. turns out he doesn’t do well with latex and leather

Happy new year, loves !! 💝✨ Two important important reminders for tonight:

1. You have no obligation to go out, spend money, stay up late, drink, get dressed up or celebrate in any way that makes you uncomfortable. You don’t even have to celebrate at all! 

2. It’s more than okay if you didn’t reach any or all of your goals from 2017. You can still be a successful person.

I hope everyone has a fun and safe night. Lots of love. 💕

Like I’m all about soft, mom-friend Yuuri (is in fact my favorite thing) but every now and then I just need bara Yuuri

-          He has lifted everyone in the rink. It started with Viktor obviously, but then Mila was goofing around, “Lift me, Yuuuurrri,” making fun of Viktor, ran into his arms and Yuuri, being a gentleman dammit, obliged. And then of course Georgi had to try and Yurio only got picked up because he was trying to tackle Viktor, but that still counts. This resulted in more than one teeny tiny crush. Viktor is prepared to stage an intervention.

-          In Hasetsu, Yuuri is helping his dad salt the walkways, casually dead lifts two of the bags of salt that just a minute ago took two guys to lift just one. Viktor is swooning.

-          Viktor lost a pen under the couch – the couch he and Yurio are both sitting on – Yuuri politely picks up one end so Viktor can reach. “How?” Yurio sputters. “… lift with your knees?” Yuuri replies, confused. Viktor doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

-          “If I bribe you with pork cutlet piroshki, will you just toss me? I have this idea for my exhibition but I need more air to – “ “Yura, don’t you dare finish that sentence!”

Not every fic is meant for you. Not every story your friend or a fellow fan recs is something you’d like. Not every popular fic will become your favourite. Not every popular writer shall be your preferred one. Not every trope is suitable to your taste. Fanfics are created for diversity, for a variety and an interjection, extension or deviation of canon content. You don’t have to like every fic out there. Make your choices. Make your picks of faves. Find your preferred writers. Popular isn’t always your personal choice. Don’t feel obligated to like what everyone likes and don’t feel dejected when not everyone seems to like what you do. Your place in fandom is yours and has your print. Your reading of fics is your comfort and has your choice. Read your likes. Have fun. That is how this celebration of fanfiction thrives.

mugsandpugs1  asked:

Is it difficult being an adult with roommates? My family acts like the older I get the more i *need* to get married (or at LEAST be financially stable enough to live alone.) I've had many roommates, some great and some awful. I dont want to get married. And I'm not mentally well enough to live alone. How do I tell them cohabitation with friends is valid?

It can be.  Sometimes you don’t know how well you’ll live with somebody until it’s already happening, and that can create awkward clashes over things you never expected to be awkward.  (Example: I really, really don’t like shows being “a thing we watch together.”  It makes me feel like my leisure activities are being dictated and curtailed by someone else.  One of my current housemates has a tendency to make any show we so much as glance at the same time “a thing we watch together,” and will save episodes until I come home.  Suddenly a fun thing is an obligation, and I balk, hard.  We had to have a very uncomfortable conversation about that.  Feelings were hurt.)


As long as everyone has clear expectations, it’s wonderful.  The bills are easier to manage.  One person losing their job is not necessarily the end of the world.  I always have a cat-sitter (and in fact, since I own the house, “must be willing to cat-sit” is a part of the moving-in agreement).  Someone is almost always home, making my travel way less dangerous for us as a household (since I advertise where I’m going to be, which could make us a target for home invasion).

I do not want to live alone.  I may never get married.  But I am a grown adult who bought a house with space for roommates and my mother, who lives in the in-law apartment downstairs, and I feel this is a valid and even awesome life choice to have made for myself.  It could also be the right choice for you.

Akaashi, Bokuto, Kuroo, and Kenma when s/o paints their nails

Request: H/Cs for Akaashi, Bokuto, Kuroo and Kenma where their s/o wants to paint their nails~

A/N: This is so cute! 💞💞💞


  • He’s not phased at all at the fact you want to paint his nails.
  • However, he wants to pick out the color. And he chooses black. (It’s the really shiny version of black). It looks amazing on his fingers!!
  • He really likes the feeling of you doing and painting his nails. He likes the extra pampering.
  • He ends up “accidentally” wearing it to practice. Bokuto is all over this and wants you to paint his nails too. Konoha pretends he doesn’t care but he’s inside craving for someone he cares about to do this for him.


  • Love, Love, LOVES the idea!!! He happily obliges!
  • He wants to pick out the color and he ends up choosing a variety of colors, one for each nail to be exact. It’s a sparkly, sheer, opaque, rainbow mess. But you make it look good.
  • He’s really fascinated by nail designs/stickers. You end up putting a bunch of fake pearls and diamonds on his thumbs.
  • He’s a lil insecure to wear it to school and practice?? He’s scared that people will make fun of him. But he does anyway because you worked so hard on them, and everyone ends up thinking it’s absolutely adorable! You get a bunch of random praise and “you’re so sweet!”. Congrats, the whole school loves you.


  • a little confused, but let’s you do it anyway.
  • He’s a little shit and claims he wants fake nails. So you end up doing it despite his pleads of “I’M JUST JOKING PLS (S/O) HOW WILL I PLAY VOLLEYBALL WITH THESE ON”. You: “Put it in the suck it bucket, Kuroo.” *glues on nails*
  • He lets you do it despite him saying he doesn’t want it tho? And he giggles the whole time.
  • You finally get around to painting his nails and you put little kitties on all his nails and then put puppies all over his thumbs. It’s tacky as hell but Kuroo lowkey likes them.
  • He takes a million pictures and sends a couple to the team GC, then he spends the rest of the night trying to get them off before school in the morning. Lol good luck Kuroo.


  • He’s a little apprehensive at first. He thinks that painted nails will draw unwanted attention to him, but you tell him you’ll just paint them clear and he’s okay with it.
  • He really enjoys the extra pampering. It’s the type of skinship he prefers the most, it’s a little touch and it’s not too much to overwhelm him. He’s pretty precise with his fingers so he wouldn’t mind returning the favor afterwards.
  • You secretly put little kitten stickers on his pinkies. He doesn’t say anything about it because it’s not that noticeable and he thinks they are precious.
  • He ends up wearing the stickers until they wear off. Sometimes during class when he looks at them and thinks of you, and he starts smiling and blushes a little.
Don’t be a fool, Severus

Pairing: Snape x Reader

Warnings: None

A/N: Gifs not mine. This idea came from a request I saw I hope this is ok

Built up frustration in the black-clad professor was coming close to being released in an explosive manner. The man who prided himself on his ability to be reserved in all manners of events was now gnawing his bottom lip to the point of slight bleeding. 

“This won’t do.” With a flick of his wand, the scrawling disappeared making the parchment white once more. Severus was faced with an inner conflict; he had thought, in regards to his concerns of facing the problem directly, writing would be his best option. Forgoing a stuttering mess he would surely become if he conversed face to face, making him a fool. Instead, he would simply address her in a formal letter of sorts. 

Wringing his right hand and stretching it with every cramp that came, he placed his quill down on the dark wooden table for the umpteenth time. 

He contemplated a new tactic. He rose from his seat pacing his office. Looking back towards his desk, the inkwell and quill sitting tauntingly by the blank parchment. 

In an act of false hope he sat himself back at the table, inspiration did not come. 

Slumping himself forward he scowled over the parchment. He then thought it best to forget such emotions. With this, he stood once more and retired to his quarters. 

Like every other matter pertaining his personal affairs; naturally, Minerva McGonagall and Albus Dumbledore already knew. It was bad enough that the Potions Professor internally chastised himself, now he had Minerva and Albus ghosting him wherever he went. 

You noticed something was amiss, Severus stopped addressing you curtly when you passed in the halls. Not that the Potions Professor wanted to stop really. But, knowing that the matured witch and headmaster were not too far away, he stopped allowing himself simple pleasures. 

He passed them once again ‘hiding’ as he always did in recent events, “Could you be any more obvious?” He drawled. “Skulking is definitely not one of your acclaimed talents.” With a billowing cloak behind him, Severus disappeared down the length of the hall, towards his favoured part of the castle as of late; the dungeons. 

Of course, both headmaster and professor would not let up on such opportunities to meddle in Snape’s affairs. They began the devious plan of match-making. 

Their first attempt started and ended with claiming all available seats at the staff table, except one, right next to you. However, the brooding Professor retaliated by no longer partaking in shared meals. Choosing to eat instead in his personal quarters. 

Not before the spillage of Severus’ goblet that covered the young female witch of his affections. It was the fault of Hagrid, under Dumbledore’s orders, of course. With a wave of his wand to right the situation, he had left after mumbling an apology to you. 

This arose a meeting from the white-bearded man himself on a cold, crisp night, “Cheer up. You are an introspection if I ever knew one, my friend.” Snape only stared at the older man, “One would do much more harm to hold your own self a prisoner of the mind.” He would never say it out loud, but Severus thought the old man might be on to something. Maybe he did, in fact, stay in his head for far too long.

Out of fear for what was proposed to him and what it would entail to, Snape rebuked Dumbledore’s attempts, “I don’t see how this has anything to do with me, I am a Potions Professor, and nothing more.“ 

Albus did not budge, instead, walking over to sit on Severus’ desk. Almost as if he were about to have a laid-back chat, the kind you would see in a pub over a pint. 

"Right you are Severus, but your feelings for Miss (l/n) is something you can’t just ignore.” The Headmaster’s expression turned stern before fleeting into a friendly smile, “Now I’ve already organised, with the Yule Ball fast approaching, for Miss (l/n) to accommodate your teachings of the art of dancing to the Slytherins." 

Snape began to object immediately, "Headmaster, with all respect, I don’t believe-" 

Holding up his hand to silence him, Dumbledore continued, "Now Severus, it has already been arranged. If you refuse to not be in attendance to school events and let your emotions fester, then my hands are tied." 

Dumbledore smiled softly at the stern face of Severus, "Now, I have matters that must urgently be attended to, Minerva will be available for any assistance should you need it." 

Snape knew that what the Headmaster really meant was, not that if he needed help Minerva would be there, but rather she would impose upon him until he confronted his affections for (y/n). That was, only if he did so in a manner that was not anything less than what both McGonagall and Dumbledore approved.

Sitting alone in his office, Severus sat scrutinising the very idea of what was to come. He was aware that he was no longer alone. "Minerva now’s hardly the time." 

The cat twitched its tail before becoming an elegant, fierce looking witch in emerald, "Oh don’t be a fool Severus, and just ask the woman to dance with you." 

A scowl crossed his face, "I was sure that you were made aware that I have no choice in the matter. Even if I do not attend the Yule Ball, there is still the implication that Professor (l/n) will be my partner for the demonstration for the Slytherins.” At this news, the witch before him lit up. 

Absolutely thrilled with the very thought, “Oh, I hope that that experience alone will finally give you the confidence to ask her to dance.” A thought crossed her mind and she spoke suddenly, “You can dance, yes?”

 A sharp look was directed at the witch, “Yes.” He drawled. “Obviously, being Head of Slytherin means that I have had to teach them how to dance for such occasions as the Yule Ball in the past." 

A sigh escaped her lips, "I would give anything to see that." 

Severus disagreed, "Dunderheads, the lot of them, hardly entertaining watching them stumble. The Seventh Year I partnered with for the demonstration, I had the displeasure of her constant stepping on my feet. Didn’t have an ounce of rhythm in her body.” He spat as if the mere memory actually left a bad taste in his mouth. 

“Come now, they’re just children.” She scolded her colleague before redirecting the conversation, “I can assure you (y/n) will be more experienced.” At her words a knot in his stomach began to form. 

Miss (l/n) was a stunning woman; (h/c) hair, (e/c) eyes and wore a lovely set of (f/c) robes, most of all; her warm smile that matched her personality. No one knew that secretly you were quite terrified yourself of what was to come. To dance with the reserved Potions Professor whom you had unrequited feelings for, or so you thought. 

Trying to hide your nerves, mainly for the sake of the girls who mostly had not danced formally until now. You talked excitedly to the Slytherin girls about their dance lesson, gushing and laughing along with them. 

The Slytherin boys, however, looked like they would rather do anything else than to dance. “Don’t worry, I bet you anything that most of it is show.” You assured the younger females, “They’re more worried about pleasing each other by showing disinterest than they are about whether or not you can dance.” The girls seemed to calm down at your words, “Once everyone is dancing that will all be mostly forgotten. I know they will have fun, so don’t worry about their attitudes making you feel nervous. Just have fun with it." 

Snape made his way to the middle of the room in his famous intimidating manner. With precise movements, he folded his arms before addressing his students. Not that there was much to say, everyone knew why they were here, however, he took the time to warn against unacceptable behaviour. 

"As this may very well be your first time dancing, I am obligated to demonstrate and guide you so that you do not make a fool of yourselves on the dance floor,” His deep voice did not alleviate the knot building in your stomach, “Miss (l/n) will you join me please to demonstrate exactly what is expected during the Yule Ball." 

In all the professionalism you could muster to mask your erratic heartbeat you walked over and met him on the floor. Taking his offered hand, you placed your hand on his shoulder. You swore that your heart skipped a beat when his hand rested gently on your hip. 

He counted the steps you took aloud for the students to follow. A wolf-whistle made its way to both of your ears, surely from a male student who must have a death wish you thought. However, Severus did not react, he continued to direct you. 

Surprisingly Snape even finished the demonstration by twirling you outwards, with still linked hands it offered you both an opportunity to bow to the audience. Your breathing was fast from the activity, as was his. He didn’t show exhaustion though as he said, "Pair up, and stay in rhythm." 

With a formal nod to Mr Filtch who then placed the record on the record player and the music began to play. 

"I heard the demonstration went well,” you looked up from the book she was reading, “There’s talk of a new Hogwarts’ couple.” Professor McGonagall smiled down at her. Your cheeks suddenly felt hot. 

YouShe smiled shyly before averting your eyes from Minerva back to your book in embarrassment. “I think my biggest problem is actually deciding what to wear.” Minerva raised an eyebrow, “I can help you with that if you like." 

"I heard it was quite the performance.” The wise man decided to poke a little fun at his usually grumpy colleague. Snape just looked up at him without speaking. 

“I presume that you will ask her to dance with you once more at tonight’s festivities.” Severus just grunted in Albus’ direction. 

“It seems you have already, what do you say, broken the ice with Miss (l/n). It would be a shame to let this opportunity slip by.” Yes, it would seem to be a shame should he let this opportunity pass him by, Severus thought. 

If there was anything Albus couldn’t do better, it was reading people even without the use of legilimency. Catching on to Snape’s change in mind he said the final words that cemented the Professor’s choice, “If we focus too much on the future we strive for, we forget the present." 

At long last, the night of the Yule Ball was upon Hogwarts. The champions took their places with their dates and started the night with the traditional first dance.

 Seeing both respected headmaster and Transfiguration Professor take to the floor, Severus chided himself into walking over to where the (h/c) woman sat. How his legs moved was beyond the Potions Master’s knowledge. 

"May I have this dance.” as her (e/c) eyes locked onto his dark pools, he felt his heart begin to beat erratically against his rib cage. A smile found its way to her soft lips as she took his outstretched hand. In a rare occurrence, (y/n) noticed a small smile replace Severus’ usual scowl.

By the end of the dance, Severus tried to speak but the words got lost somewhere between his brain and mouth. Sure enough, Severus was sure he had become his worst fear; a bumbling fool. 

Retrieving Severus from his berating thoughts, (y/n) rested her hand on his cheek. Completely despite himself, Snape had found himself leaning into her palm, it was a warmth he had rarely known. It felt familiar, something he hadn’t felt since his childhood; security. 

“I’ve always cared for you, Severus.” He looked deeply into her eyes, almost as if to find the truth, but it was only to be a reiteration of what she spoke, “I’ve been too frightened to admit my feelings.” In the comfort of the intimate moment (y/n) had boldly and un-regrettably spoken from her heart. 

A smile tugged at the corner of Severus’ lips, without the words that he knew he couldn’t speak, he showed his love through the small gesture of placing a gentle kiss upon your lips.

More? (x)

Some #RTExtraLife tips

Hey guys, the RT Extra Life 24 hour stream starts in less than 12 hours! Since stumbling randomly on the very first stream in 2013, I’ve had dedicated watchings of every subsequent stream, so believe me when I say I got some experience!

Some of these points will be reiterated from other posts you might have seen, so keep them in mind because they’re important. The rest are things that should make your stream experience enjoyable!

- Drink water. Eat food. Have breaks. Sleep. Walk around occasionally. Jack is gonna be reminding you every hour to do these things, so listen to him folks. There’s gonna be a short video between sections that are gonna get boring after you see it for the sixth time, so use this time to pee.

- You’re not gonna watch the whole stream, and that’s okay. Don’t go in there expecting to watch the whole stream start to finish- in fact, it’s better if you don’t, because staying awake for an extended amount of time can be dangerous. 

- Just to reiterate, take regular breaks and naps! Be safe, and remember that there’s gonna be videos of the whole stream on youtube afterwards if you want to catch up.

- Make sure your devices are charged! Just a reminder!

- Don’t feel bad about missing parts of the stream from RT people you’re not as keen about. Don’t really watch Funhaus or any of the other Let’s Play peeps? Have an hour break during their section to recharge. The one caveat I would say is that sometimes sections that you think won’t interest you that much turn out to be absolute gold. The two examples I would would be the Bob Ross section in 2015 where I only had the stream in the background, and that ended up being my favourite bit of that whole stream, and the RT Games (I think?) section from last year which gave us this masterpiece.

(That’s Blaine Gibson. Don’t worry, I was as confused when I tuned in halfway through as you are now.)

- Speaking about the Bob Ross section, participate! Have something to draw/paint with and draw/paint on and give it a go! Post pictures on twitter and tag Miles! Have fun!

- Tune in at 2AM Austin time for the infamous #2spooky section. It’s worth it.

- Donate or buy the exclusive merch if you have the means/like them enough to buy them. You are not obligated to donate if you watch the stream, but another good way to contribute is to spread the word on social media and IRL. Tell everyone. Tell your parents and your instagram followers, just get the word out there! These idiots are making money for charity! It’s all #forthekids after all!

- You might cry and that’s okay. I cried twice last year, once when Michael made the baby announcement and once at the end when Matt sang the song at the end. You’re gonna be physically and emotionally tired, and if you’re like me, and Rooster Teeth means so dang much to you, it’s gonna be a rollercoaster of emotion from hour 1 to hour 24.

- Have fun my dudes. Stupid shit is gonna happen. Someone might get hurt. Someone might get blackout drunk. A ridiculous amount of food may be consumed by one person as a challenge. Someone, perhaps that same person, might throw up. I’ve seen confirmation that the paintball shooting range is returning, and they have a barbeque area set up. It’s a once a year event, and it’s gonna be great, so make the most of it!

Just as a guide for people like me who live in Aus/NZ, I’ve detailed my personal strategy that I’ve been honing for the last three years below the cut, if you’re interested check it out.

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Ryan: You really got me all that?
Ryan: My room is filled to the brim. How much did this cost?

Gavin: Not as much as you’d think
Gavin: Do you…do you like it though?

Ryan: I like it a lot.
Ryan: This is a free card for all the cacti you owed me.

Gavin: Well, that’s not why I was doing it, but I’m glad you like it :^)
Gavin: I just…you were really quiet earlier. I wanted to cheer you up

Ryan: You’re cute.

Gavin: Because I didn’t want you to be sad?
Gavin: I don’t think that’s cute I just, I don’t know Ryan I don’t like it when you’re sad and I saw a solution to making you smile.

Ryan: That’s why you’re cute. You’re thoughtful and sweet.

Gavin: I think that most people would say you’re mistaken there, luv.

Ryan: Well, most people don’t get to see this side of you. I’m a lucky one.

Gavin: Well, I don’t think most people would appreciate me at full value ;^)
Gavin: Besides…you understand me. And you don’t make fun of my weird questions.

Ryan: They’re good questions. You just word them strangely.

Gavin: It’s perfectly normal how I word them! Everyone else just doesn’t grasp what I’m trying to say!

Ryan: Whatever you say, Gav.
Ryan: Whatever you say.

Gavin: *whatever* I say?
Gavin: What if I say you should come down to the security room?

Ryan: Happy to oblige.

Gavin: Bring down a blanket with you? It’s bloody cold in here, I could use some warming up while I finish this footage swapping…if you’d like to oblige to a cuddle

Ryan: As you wish.

Gavin: <3 locks undone for five minutes, better hurry because I’m not letting Ray and Jeremy sneak in on me again

Dear Friends & Strangers - Back the Fsck off!

This past weekend I was at NEEHU 8 with my partners, teaching and socializing. Also feeling terrible from expending too much energy and getting a sore throat & migraine, but that isn’t important here.

What is important is that the three times I ended up playing/doing hypnosis with my partners/friends in public at the Society, each time someone or more than one someones interrupted my scenes.


1) I’m playing with my boyfriend (guy) and a friend (girl). The girl is in a chair next to the sofa I was sitting on, the guy is sitting on the floor. Someone came and sat on the arm of a sofa facing the girl, and in the face of my boyfriend, so he said to the guy, “Hey, do you mind moving?” The new guy, not getting the polite hint said, no, he was comfortable there. He continued to loom over what we were doing and in the my boyfriend’s space. Finally my boyfriend had to say, “Hey, you’re in the way, move!” The guy finally got it and moved away.

2) I’m hypnotizing someone on a sofa in that same room as above. No less than FIVE people, some friends, some long time hypnotist folks, came up to me and tried to engage me in other ways. One additional person sat just beyond the person I was playing with, in my line of sight and stared at me the rest of the time, and when we were done immediately asked me for a favor - to hypnotise them to undo an effect they got from a class DJ & I taught the day before. I’m happy to do that, but not to be stared at and have that person in my line of sight for 45 minutes while I’m trying to play. An additional person also descended on me right after the scene.

3) I’m saying goodbye and having a very short moment with my partner before they had to leave. It’s practically the only moment alone we had together at the event. He’s in trance. On his knees in front of me. A woman comes up and closely circles us a few times trying to get either his or my attention.

For the love of all that’s kind and shows you’re paying some kind of social attention people - STOP DOING THIS KIND OF BEHAVIOUR. It’s not ok to hover, lurk or actively speak with people when they’re in scenes unless you’re invited in. It’s disruptive and disrespectful.

If you think I didn’t notice, I did. If I didn’t say anything to you at the event, it doesn’t matter. I’m saying it now.  I shouldn’t have to say it now, but seriously, get a life, recognize that even if some people are willing to play with or interact with you, if they’re busy, they’re busy. Stop hovering. Stop interfering. Stop thinking you have the right to barge in, whether that’s the just in peripheral vision or the active question asking.

You want someone to play with you?  Become a part of their social group and engage with everyone in their downtime. Learn to appreciate what you see from a respectful distance.

I’ve never minded people asking me to play, and do my best to make it happen, but I’m almost always going to chose the fun, responsive, you-feed-me-too kinds of people over the interruptive lurkers. There are only so many hours at an event where I’m going to be able to play and still meet all my other obligations like having energy and a voice for classes and sleep.

The people I was playing with? They were all lovely and responsive and so nice. If I played with them and didn’t play with you or didn’t play eagerly and willingly with you, then start to bring something new to the table. I have no obligation to play with people who drain me or who interrupt me. If you don’t care enough about me as a person to pay attention to what I’m doing at the time, I won’t hypnotize you, so stop asking. I don’t care how hard it may have been for you to ask.

I don’t care if you’re a guy or woman with no manners and no social skills - perving on a women being hypnotized and ignoring the people around her she’s playing with is rude and disrespectful. Getting too close is rude and disrespectful. Joining in without being invited is rude and disrespectful. Touching me, or my stuff or the people I’m playing with is rude and disrespectful.

Sure, it’s possible that there are some people who are playing to entertain and to invite people in. I entertain in classes, I might invite someone in in a more social party setting in the hotel.

And sure, I do still like my friends after they’ve interrupted me.

But if I’m having a scene with someone, I want to remember that scene, and the person I was playing with, not all the people who tried to get my attention while we were in the middle of it.

Thanks for backing the fuck off while people are playing.

A while ago, in my Padmé and Satine similarities post, I spoke about making another post about the similarities they shared, in regards to their views on marginalized/lower class groups. Because of the length of this meta, I won’t include Satine’s addition, so this will mainly focus on Padmé .

That said, this is a very critical look on her character and the negative/racist and white feminist  aspects I’ve noticed in regards to how she views/treats marginalized people. If a critical look on Padme’s character offends you in an way, then don’t read this.

Before I get into this, I do want to say that Padmé  is a very sweet and kind woman and I do believe she wants to care for all those around her. But she comes from a place of extreme privilege and her actions reflect that.

I want to focus primarily on characters like Shmi Skywalker, Teckla Minnau, The Sand Raiders, and lastly the clones (and i’ve already spoken in great detail but I will touch up on them briefly.)

So first, I want to look specifically at the way she viewed/treated Shmi and Teckla, since their stories are similar.

Both Shmi and Teckla are both poor women and mothers who allowed Padmé to stay in their homes, eat their food and seek shelter so she could stay out of harm’s way. The fandom is more familiar with Shmi’s story, understandably since she was in the prequels. At the same time, we’re also aware how Shmi meets her terrible demise. Many have pointed out Padmé ‘s negligence to offer Shmi any help. Padmé who had the means and resources to repay Shmi’s favor didn’t think about helping Shmi in the slightest after she’d left. She was aware of Shmi’s condition of enslavement, yet never lifted a finger to help her.

A similar situation happened with Teckla Minnau, and in my opinion this narrative is not only a good example of Padmé’slack of regard for those lower than her but her tendency to use their lives for her own gain. Teckla opened her home for Padmé , fixed her wounds and gave her food. While staying with Teckla, Padmé learned of Teckla’s terrible financial situation and the discovered that Teckla was a poor and struggling mother. What did Padmé do in response? She used Teckla’s life story as a crutch to pass her extremely flawed  campaign which would indirectly cause a near genocide. 

(rest under the cut! )

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A new schedule for my sanity

Hi guys n_n

So, i’ve recently come to the conclusion that i need to make more time for myself u_u 

For a few weeks, i’ve been keeping track of how many hours i put into Underlie and this passed week i spent 35 hours just on one Underlie update and the week before that I spent 43 hours on it. It’s like a full time job – only, i don’t get paid for it…

All I get to work on is Underlie and for a while now, i’ve come to look at Underlie as an obligation more than something fun that i want to work on all the time. I work so hard on it for everyone that follows me, but not so much for myself anymore. 

I don’t want to drop the story, but i want to work on other things that make me happy as well and with the current schedule that i keep, it’s difficult to do that.

So, long story short, I’ll be making Underlie a bi-weekly comic. I’ll be posting my own original content/other things that interest me during the off weeks. 

This upcoming week will be a ‘me’ week, so there wont be another Underlie update until Friday, July 21st. I will also be tweaking my Patreon to reflect these changes n_n

Thank you all so much for your continued support! I hope this news isn’t too disappointing or anything .///.  


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“Y/N, it’s your turn.”

Although you had heard your friends call your name, you rushed to finish reading the page you were currently on of your book before answering them.

“Y/N…” Ada, your best friend, whined as you started walking over to you in the corner of the bedroom.

“What?” You said annoyed, closing your book with a slam as you were just getting to your favorite part when you had to stop.

“It’s your turn.”

“My turn for what?” You snapped again, wishing you could be alone and read your book, but it was more socially acceptable to hang out with girls your age and talk about boys then be alone reading some far-fetched romance.

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College Survival Tips: Hitting the ground running

Okay, I get it, studyblr is full of this kind of post at the moment, but here’s some of my personal tips, specifically for freshmen, but parts of this are applicable to anyone. Like I said in my last college tips post, I go to a big university in Texas, so different resources! Different weather! Different social environment! And a whole lot of football.

The week before:

Try not to go overboard on buying stuff! As a freshman, I was inundated with “helpful” ads from department stores about what I absolutely needed for my dorm room– and most of it wouldn’t have fit! If you’re in a dorm, your residence hall people will probably have info online about furniture, amenities, and what appliances you’re allowed to have. Same with an apartment, really, except it’s on the website and/or in your lease agreement. Two sets of bedding/towels and a couple of dishes/tupperware are probably enough. (I got oven/micro/freezer-proof glass bowls with lids that have worked amazingly!)

When it comes to school supplies, start off with the same basics from high school, and hold off on buying textbooks! Get a new backpack, too, with room for your electronics. Make sure you have backup chargers for everything, and a surge-protected power strip. (you can be someone’s finals week library hero) Keep it simple: you can always buy stuff as you need it, and it’s likely that you’ll get a bunch of free stuff around the start of the year anyway.

The weekend before:

By now you’ve definitely moved in and gotten situated. Maybe you’ve made it to a few “freshman welcome” type events, maybe your school doesn’t offer any. Either way, this is probably the most important part of your first semester. Pull up your schedule, find a campus map, and figure it out. Know any campus shuttle/bus routes. If you’re really anxious about it, you can time your walking times between buildings. Nobody is going to make fun of a freshman walking around before classes with a map, in fact they’ll probably wish they had done it themselves! If there’s an online map, download that to your phone, as well as all the syllabi that are available so far, because odds are that the school’s servers will be very slow with everyone on them all of a sudden.

No need to print off your syllabi yet, since most professors will hand out a hard copy (in Texas at least, they’re legally obligated to make sure everyone sees it). Make sure to check your school email, since if you are supposed to print your own, you’ll be told there. Like I mentioned in my fall setup post, if you’re putting anything in your planner at this point, it’s a good idea to do it in pencil if you’re not fond of wasting pages. At least put in your exams and big assignment due dates, because it might be worth changing a class if you regularly end up with three exams or quizzes on the same day. Look at finals, too: my school lets you move finals if you have 3+ finals on the same day, yours might not.

The first day!

Breathe. Breathe some more. You’re going to be okay, especially because you’re prepared! Check the weather forecast (>20% chance of rain means it’s a good idea to bring an umbrella, >60% is rainboots weather) dress comfortably, wear walking shoes, and make sure you eat breakfast! Have your schedule where you can get to it easily: some people set it as their background and/or lockscreen, and there is zero shame in that. Check your school email once again. Leave your dorm/apartment at least 20 minutes earlier than you think you need to: roads, sidewalks, and public transportation are going to be really crowded, at least until people decide they can skip certain classes. (don’t skip. you’re paying to be here.) Take your time and admire the scenery: it’ll never look the same to you as it does today. Also, keep an eye out for landmarks, everything from cool sculptures to a funny-looking tree can help you get around later. Just keep track of the time, you’ll be fine.

Lecture halls can be huge and intimidating! If you don’t want to be the first person in the room, just walk around a bit and come back. In any classroom, I prefer to sit right in the middle. Sitting in the front will force you to stay focused if you don’t mind the pressure to do so, sitting in the back will let you people-watch more than you probably need to. Sitting by the aisles is good for a quick escape- just make sure you don’t take a left-handed desk if you don’t need one. Either way, make sure you have a good view of the board/projector! And make sure your stuff is tucked away where nobody can trip on it, especially coffee cups.

The first few weeks:

Don’t buy books until you’re sure. Some professors will do this “well, you’re supposed to buy this edition…” thing. Never buy from the college bookstore unless it’s a lab manual or a book you absolutely can’t find anywhere else. Pay attention to shipping dates. Do make sure that if you’re supposed to be getting online homework that a) it’s the right code b) you’re not paying for something you won’t use! For example, if you get the ebook for free with the homework, you really don’t need a physical copy. Also, sometimes you’ll get a looseleaf book, which is nice because you can break it up and carry a few chapters around at a time, but bad because you can break it up and lose pages.

Make sure you get a good sleeping/eating routine set in as soon as possible, and try to stick to it. Physical activity of some sort is good to work in there too! You can try to set a study schedule, but be realistic about it, and make sure that when you do study, you’re productive. Freshman classes are easier, but don’t let that fool you into slacking off! You’re setting up habits for the rest of your college career now.

I hope that some part of this helps you start your semester off confidently! If you have any questions or want to see something in a future college/study tips post, don’t hesitate to send an ask :) Be brave, be strong, you’ve got this ♥

Hey guys.

Bear in mind that your FC leaders and LS leaders are real life people with real lives. We care about you and your enjoyment of the game, and we do our best, but we aren’t perfect. Please try to be understanding. We want to help you while creating an atmosphere that is comfortable for EVERYONE. And if you aren’t enjoying yourself in an FC or Linkshell, you’re under no obligation to stay. It may even be better and healthier for all parties if you part ways.

Work with us, communicate patiently and kindly and openly, and allow us to assist you without making us feel like we’ve really messed up unless it’s a very serious issue. Feeling belittled or shouted can hurt people in charge, too - especially if they’re new to a leadership role. Having in-game stress, where it should be a place to have fun and enjoy yourself, isn’t fun for anyone. Try to work together to make roleplay and OOC matters as enjoyable as possible.

The ARMS fighters’ ‘family’ roles

Spring Man - The energetic, positive middle brother who is super easy to talk to and is always willing to crack jokes to make someone feel better. Always sees the best in people and a bit oblivious anyone with malicious intentions, and for this is known as a bit of a meathead. Has the biggest heart and gives the best hugs.

Ribbon Girl - The cheerful, athletic, preppy middle sister who loves anything that’s cute and is extremely talented in almost everything. The typical 'popular girl’ accept not mean in the slightest and is very kind and supportive. Likes to hear the others’ singing voices, no matter how bad they might sound, which flusters a lot of them. Mechanica looks up to her greatly.

Ninjara - Quiet, studious, responsible older brother who always has his head in a book and is very wise. Doesn’t talk much, but still cares and gives really good advice. Is actually really shy so the group tries to get him more accustomed to social interactions. But they never push him and are understanding of his anxieties.

Master Mummy - The grumpy, scary looking grandpa or grunkle that looks like he hates everything that breathes. Behind this facade, he is a family man at heart and will protect them to the grave (again), even though he’ll never say it aloud. Will offer to beat the daylight out of anyone who crosses or tries to hurt the fighters in anyway.

Min Min - Serious and strict older sister with a straightforward 'work first, play rarely’ mindset. A severe workaholic with a bit of temper and impatience, but is extremely protective of the others and will not tolerate any harm toward them, even though she also would rarely say so upfront. Makes fantastic food that everyone can’t get enough of.

Mechanica - Extremely intelligent but mischievous younger sister. Can get a little cocky about her intellect, but is still very generous and responsible for her age. Isn’t immune to that 'moody teenager phase’ every once and a while.

Twintelle - Workaholic mother that tries to conceal her overbearing, overprotecting behavior. Gives the best advice and brews the best tea for anyone who feels ill or stressed. Honestly has no idea why she is so motherly as showbiz is most of what she’s used to, but perhaps the fighters have opened her heart quite a bit.

Helix - The clueless baby brother that’s more intelligent than everyone thinks. Extremely curious and breaks things by accident often. Can also, obviously, be very messy. But surprisingly, knows his tech better than most of the fighters. He and Mechanica are together often, which endears the other fighters seeing as how they’re the two youngest in the group.

Byte - The caring next door neighbor that’s willing to watch over and help anyone in the group who needs it. Is very mellow and neutral about the group’s matters, isn’t judgemental in the slightest, and will provide any aid if someone is in distress.

Barq - The next door neighbor’s dog that loves everyone and is super friendly even though he’s supposed to be a police dog. Everyone loves him back in return. Is the most active dog you’ll ever meet and he doesn’t even have legs. You’ll often see him roll up to the others for pats, and they gladly give him some.

Kid Cobra - The distant, brooding, 'cool kid’ younger brother who’s always on his phone and rarely wants to talk. A typical skater kid when he’s out in the streets, though. He often leaves on his own, and while the others don’t feel as though they need to stop him, they worry for him a bit. He’s arrived in a police car for minor offenses more than once, causing even more concerns. Byte calls him 'the Troublemaker’.

Max Brass - The sport-loving, loud, fun dad who’s extremely supportive and always wants everyone to follow their hearts and try their best. He’s rather cocky and a bit of a show off, though. He doesn’t hold back on any of the fighters, unless he knows they’re out of it. He can analyze everyone’s fighting styles and so is perfect for anyone to go to if they want to know how to improve their fighting. Also very protective of everyone as he feels obliged to be, given his size and strength and the fact that he’s the commissioner of the whole thing.

Lola Pop - The fun aunt/godmother who makes fantastic deserts and always knows how to have a good time. The first thing she does when she sees someone down is try to make them laugh. Sometimes she can get a bit carried away with the fun, but she eventually knows when it’s time to get serious and be sincere. Has pun competitions with Spring Man often.

Biff - The cool uncle who is basically like a second dad. Is always there to point out what makes the fighters great and acknowledges their strengths. Also is pretty fun to hang out with. Is basically like a brother to Max Brass. Super supportive, likes to give pep talks and never lets anyone stay doubtful of themselves.

(I will be adding to this post as more fighters are revealed. Feel free to add more yourself, too!)