Objects in mirror may be closer than they appear

“Dirk? Are you okay?”

part of the DGHDA Beginner Bang, inspired by the amazing fic by @aceabed (on AO3 as sharlook)

thank you so much to @dghdabigbang for setting this up!

So petals42 started a game in which you write a oneshot while drunk and post without editing, and since we’ve bonded over long distance drinking together, I’m doing it too.


It wasn’t his fault, alright. Mike’s Hard, Mike’s Harder, it was an easy mistake to make when Derek was snapping at him from the register to make a decision and he just grabbed a few large cans of what definitely looked like Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Black Cherry, because it was better.

It was Mike’s Harder, and there was definitely a difference, he realized at the bottom of the first can and a fourth of the way down the river. There was a big difference. It was only technically a three percent difference, but that was a big difference when he was drinking as much as he was while canoeing down a river.

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