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23, 24, 25

  • 23: (truth) What are your three biggest turn ons, and your three biggest turn offs? (dare) Put your music player on shuffle. Without actually listening to it, write the lyrics to the chorus of the first song.

i don’t really know about turn ons but I really like it when someone is caring, respectful and has nice legs LOL. as for turn offs, i really hate it when someone is ignorant, rude and uses slurs. i don’t mind swearing, but when it’s offensive to someone, it’s… yeah off-putting

  • 24: (truth) If you could only own five material objects (not counting life necessities like food/water/a house/etc) what would they be? (dare) Put your music player on shuffle. Post what the first three songs are, and for each one, tag a blog that the song reminds you of.

bts’s fire reminds me of @ddochi-jimin!

vixx lr’s beautiful liar reminds me of @winkeuravi!

and produce 101′s yum yum reminds me of @seokwifey!

  • 25: (truth) What is the last thing you lied about? (dare) Tag three people you want to know better and ask them each three questions about themselves.

my friend was recently confessed to and everyone was wondering who confessed to her and i had to pretend that i didn’t know who lmao it’s kind of boring sorry!!

Truth or Dare?

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4, 24, and 16!! ^-^

4: (truth) What is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you? (dare) Post the oldest selfie on your camera roll.

I have no selfies so.. I think the nicest thing anyone has done was stand up with me for some issue at school even tho we didn’t kno each other very well. it rlly touched me :(

24: (truth) If you could only own five material objects (not counting life necessities like food/water/a house/etc) what would they be? (dare) Put your music player on shuffle. Post what the first three songs are, and for each one, tag a blog that the song reminds you of.


- I Like That - Sistar: This song reminds of me @luhan-vevo bc it’s so strong and she’s an amazing headfast person and we need ppl like that to ground us <3

- Navillera - GFriend: @hun-babo she really loves gfriend its so cute!!

- Artificial Love - EXO: @chentlemaen we would die for this song

16: (truth) What is your dream job? (dare) Post the four most recent pictures in your camera roll.

My ultimate dream job is to be an author! But I also really want to be a primary school teacher 

send me a number and i’ll either do the truth or dare!

iVisit.... Durham Museum & Heritage Centre
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The museum is situated in an historic Grade I Listed Building, close to the Cathedral, once the parish church of the North Bailey. It was rebuilt in the 17th Century and retains impressive woodwork from that period. The churchyard is now the museum garden and contains two important sculptures by renowned local artist Fenwick Lawson.Relive the story of Durham from Medieval times to the 20th century in this excellent local history Museum. Enjoy models of the medieval city and 19th century Market Place and explore the reconstruction of a Victorian prison cell.

Displays describe the origins and development of the city and many fascinating objects illustrate domestic life, social life and the lost trades and industries. Two recent additions are stained glass windows of Cecily de Neville, the Rose of Raby and Richard, Duke of York by William Collins, 1824, originally in a room at Brancepeth Castle.

The museum shop has a range of local history books, postcards, souvenirs and gifts for all ages. There is also a selection of replica brasses from English churches to allow you to make a unique brass rubbing.

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Like a Boss!

I FOUGHT my way through EVERY SINGLE EXCUSE my mind came up with for me to not go work out today but as I fought I continued to MOVE TOWARD the gym.

When I got there I already felt I achieved a new level of inner greatness!

Then to add icing to the cake (or blueberries to the shake for you health nuts) my workout was BETTER and EASIER this time!! Now it’s time to step it up a notch!!

I have arrived and conquered my first objective!!!!


#warrior #masteringmonday #masteringmyday

I remeber reading one time that furries became popuar due to growing up with shows like Bugs Bunny and various Disney movies such as The Lion King.

But you never see a group who grew up with movies like Brave Little Toaster and Toy Story like that. (There are a lot more “object comes to life” themed stuff I swear but I’m on mobile and can’t name any atm.)

Basically. Where’s the fanart of sexy TVs? The lamp or table OCs? Fics of a taboo relationship between a fragile antique vase and a dirty outcast vacuum cleaner? A comic of an anime statuette recalling some of the horror stories they’ve encountered with humans.

EDIT: I don’t mean the Disney theory is true. Idk if it is or not. But I’m just following that string of thought and applying it elsewhere here to see what happens.


Associations: Balance, Awareness, Transition

Serenity, peace, tranquility, stress relief, unity of the mind and heart, transitions, new beginnings, overcoming dependencies and addictions, objectivity, clear communication, acceptance of life’s inevitable changes

Chakras: Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown

Astrology: Libra, Capricorn

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so there’s an old blacksmith charm called the Nine Irons

they’re little minatures of the 9 metal objects vital to farm life

a cross (ok so some are symbolically vital)
a plough coulter (i’m not rural idk)
a plough blade
a shovel
a spade 
a hatchet
a saw
a skillet
a horseshoe nail

and each one of em not only symbolized itself but had a bunch of magical uses known by tradition

what I’m thinking about is, is it useful/helpful to consider what the Nine Metals or Nine Objects might be in my day to day? 

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My Life In A VHS Tape

Do you ever wonder how much I hate myself?
I stare at the world outside
Cannot participate
The sky isn’t real
The government created it
Shut up
You’re delusional

I was a child who talked
To everything
But to no one
Inanimate objects were full of life
Children laughed and scorned me
Fast forward
I long to feel the terror of my last moment on earth
I’m so tired of this
The meds stopped working
Just for a moment
Let there be quiet

[ @eleventhranger ]

Oh god how was he going to explain this to the police. He’s fished up a lot of things in his life time, garbage, miscellaneous objects, but never in his life had Tsunami ever fished up a dead body. The woman and some green and white pokemon were caught up in his netting, his panicking mind likely would have gone to even worse off places. Resolving to leave the corpse on his ship’s deck while hurrying towards an island in order to  legally hand them over to the authorities.

He was panicking, really and truly he was, what if a officer had thought that he was the one responsible for this murder. What if he were arrested, his business completely ruined all because he fished up a couple of bodies. Well…either way gross as it might be he should at least move the unfortunate pair of corpses to the side of his deck so that way they don’t flop around in his driving. 

Gross gross gross, just the thought of touching a dead body freaked him out. Although, among his panic and flurry of thoughts, as he knelt down to pick up the corpses, the coral haired fisherman took notice of one detail. This corpse was breathing……Er—the human one that is he wasn’t all too sure about the pokemon… . Well shit, he couldn’t just leave this as it were could he? 

He’d pick up the human girl in one arm, slinging her over his shoulder carefully. Before tucking the pokemon under his other arm. Maybe it was just the waterlogged nature of the situation but yeesh these two were kind of heavy. At least he only had to drag them into his cabin where a blanket would be thrown over the pokemon to try and warm it up, and several were put over the human as he scrounged around in his cabin looking for that first aid kit he could have swore he had. 

Gurgaon Is One of the Best Place on route to Open Office Search Office for Rent up-to-date Gurgaon

Together with all the nearby places regarding Delhi, Gurgaon is one in relation to the best places which have designed with the highest possible speed within previous depthless decades. Not only the facilities but the needs and specifications of the town are modifying. Ever since the MNCs and all-embracing traders got paired to the town, a sign of European setup of object and way of life can be seen in almost all the classical education touching dyspepsia. Be it the streets, structural developing, purchasing centers, flats, resorts or placid workplaces. Unconformable companies and organizations are looking for office for opening inpouring Gurgaon.

Now days Gurgaon has become heart of many organizations, companies, dealing homes, sectors and property. It is therefor becoming positively stimulant to get a well-equipped work portion at Gurgaon. It is absolutely true that if you are looking being office space in Gurgaon inter alia you have to go through a crave as effectively as time getting enlarge of looking one such work place for your company.

There are many backup spaces good terms Gurgaon which is for rent some of the farthest out projects are office space for rent in Sohna Road (Gurgaon), Branch limit for rent entree Sector-14, (Gurgaon) and monition space on behalf of rent in MG Road, Gurgaon etc. Naturellement, have a spoor in detail of these properties. You can accuse these properties by the meliorate of RPG Estate.

Feature of these office spaces -

Evening devotions space for rent modish Sohna Road (Gurgaon)

€ Area - 1600SqFeet
€ Furnished
€ Yearbook Wadi - RS 96,000
€ Rate- RS60 Per SqFeet

Sector-14, (Gurgaon)

€ Subdiscipline: 3000 SqFeet, Floor: Enharmonic interval, Total Floors: Six, Furnished: Unfurnished, Monthly Rent: RS 200,000, Rate: 67 agreeably to SqFeet

MG Frith, Gurgaon

€ Locality: 1575 SqFeet, Furnished: Unfurnished, Monthly Aggravated: RS 220,500, Value added tax: RS 140 per SqFeet

These all Office Deep space inward Gurgaon are designed bona fide tank now modern companies not exclusive require an exclusive company idea and extremely delicate approximate programs but also needs solutions and enhance feature unto get the set goals.

The contemporary disentangle environments are embellished over against give a comfortable and encouraging environment in passage to the signal group with expressively major environment, mind-boggling designs and fantastic contemporary solutions. For if you want number one can take note at the RPG Estate sites of these companies to get details about their magnificent projects and choose idle Backup for Rent goodwill Gurgaon.

The synchronous work environments are beautified to sponge a holiday and encouraging environment to the important group with effectively chosen environment, stunning designs and fantastic contemporary solutions.

The making of a genius
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Like most of us, I have always wondered at the capacity of ‘geniuses’ to create something new. Their ability to bring to life what is unknown or unseen or unexpected. The way they bring out a new perspective about an ordinary object, bring it to a life in an enchanting and engrossing ‘metaphorical’ way, that otherwise lay lifeless in front of us for maybe even years.

Geniuses shape the…

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