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A man wakes up to find that every inanimate object yells its name like a Pokemon

sweet flips fanfic
  • carey: when we get married you can keep your last name if you want babe idc
  • killian: that's really nice of you and i love that you respect my right to choose in this situation but also i literally cannot wait to be named killian fangbattle. is that not objectively the coolest name ever
  • carey: it's great i just don't want you to feel-
  • killian: babe. KILLIAN FANGBATTLE
  • carey: you're right that is cool

the way lukas kisses philip. Oh jesus, when he kisses him he goes all for it, aggressive in his movement, and yet his actual kisses are so tender, so soft and sweet and longing. His hands hold onto philip’s face, almost as he’s worried that if he can’t feel it under his fingers that it isn’t real. And when Philip moves away, even a slight, his palms just bring him even closer. Lukas goes to kiss Philip like he’s about to go war, like he’s fighting a losing battle, because the moment his lips meets Philip it’s like watching ice melt underneath a flame. 

Context: My DM named the stone we’re looking for “Xikra”, which, in our language, is awfully close to the word that means “cup”. We gave him a hard time about this, always making the gesture of having a cup of tea when the name came up, till this happened.

DM (ooc): So, there is a this town you guys are in, that is next to where the Xikra is… *Everyone in the table does the gesture at the same time.* Oh, come on guys!

Me, I play a tiefling warlock (ooc while helping him with the online map): So, where is this town? What’s it’s name?

DM: It… Doesn’t have one yet.

Matt, who plays an elf monk: Maybe that’s a good thing. You named our objective “cup”. *everyone does the gesture again while the DM facepalms.* You should let us help.

Mark, who plays a gnome necromancer: Yeah! Or you could match the names, right? Like, I don’t know, glass, fork, knife, plate…

The rest of us start listing kitchen utensils, till our DM interrupts us.

DM: You know what? I’m done with you guys! I’m gonna name it Pires! (the word for saucer) There! Are you happy?

We stare at him for some seconds.

Me: Guys, guys! We have the tea cup and the saucer now! We can have a tea party!

Everyone, including the DM, does the gesture.


Why do many galaxies appear as spirals? A striking example is M101, shown above, whose relatively close distance of about 27 million light years allows it to be studied in some detail. Observational evidence indicates that a close gravitational interaction with a neighboring galaxy created waves of high mass and condensed gas which continue to orbit the galaxy center. These waves compress existing gas and cause star formation. One result is that M101, also called the Pinwheel Galaxy, has several extremely bright star-forming regions (called HII regions) spread across its spiral arms. M101 is so large that its immense gravity distorts smaller nearby galaxies.

Object Names: M101, Pinwheel Galaxy

Image Type: Astronomical

Credit: Subaru Telescope (NAOJ), Hubble Space Telescope, European Southern Observatory

Procesing and Copyright: Robert Gendler

Time And Space


that feeling when you step into a patch of sunlight | sunflowers | taking the smaller half of a cookie | herb gardens | folding clothes that are still warm from the dryer | oversized sweatshirts | helping a snail cross a sidewalk | collecting shells on the beach | oranges squirting/misting in your face when you peel them | clay pots | freckles | braiding another persons hair | berry picking | honey jars | pressing flowers in an old book | earth underneath your fingernails | bumblebees | making clover flower chains | cookies from scratch | the “good” kind of sore after a day of hard work | dust floating in the sunshine | dimples when you smile | cookbooks | freshly squeezed lemonade | hugs that swallow you | naming inanimate objects | succulents | morning sunrises | bubble baths | welcome matts | warm brown eyes | blowing dandelions | nostalgia | homemade coupon books | butterscotch

When to Capitalize

Traditional English convention has one rule: if it’s unique, capitalize it.

For example, the following would be capitalized:

  • a person’s name, including the title (Duke of York)
  • a specific place/location (the Misty Mountains)
  • a specific people group (the Drow)
  • a unique object or group of objects (the Boxes of Orden)
  • a brand-name object (Corvette)
  • a person that is sacred or held in high regard (Her Majesty)

The following would (traditionally) not:

  • a person’s rank when not referenced as part of their title (the duke)
  • a general location (the mountains)
  • a combination of people groups that share a similar trait (humans)
  • an object that is not brand-specific (spark plug)
  • a common object (the cloak)

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This is a design of the Shield of Achilles based on the description in the Iliad. It was completed by Angelo Monticelli ca. 1820. This shield represents the art of Ekphrastic poetry Homer used in his writings.

Ekphrasis may be encountered as early as the days of Homer whose Iliad (Book 18) describes the Shield of Achilles, with how Hephaestus made it as well as its completed shape.

Ekphrasis or ecphrasis, from the Greek for the description of a work of art produced as a rhetorical exercise, often used in the adjectival form ekphrastic, is a graphic, often dramatic, verbal description of a visual work of art, either real or imagined. In ancient times, it referred to a description of any thing, person, or experience. The word comes from the Greek ek and φράσις phrásis, ‘out’ and 'speak’ respectively, and the verb ἐκφράζειν ekphrázein, “to proclaim or call an inanimate object by name”.

Russian Reflexive Verbs As Passive Voice

Russian likes obscuring subjects. One of the way to obscure a subject in a sentence is to use reflexive verbs. It would be quite similar to the Passive voice in English:

Active: Subject - Verb - Object Сальвадор Дали писал эту картину три года. Salvador Dali was painting this picture for three years.

Passive: Object - Verb+ся (сь) - subject in Instrumental. Картина писалась Сальвадором Дали три года. This picture had being painted by Salvador Dali for three years.

Active voice focuses on the subject - Сальвадор Дали. Passive voice shifts attention to the object - картина. The name of the artist here (i,e, the former subject) goes in the Instrumental case.

Often, the “by XX” part is skipped altogether, because it is not important or is obvious from the context: Картина писалась три года. (We were talking about Dali, so no need to mention him one more time).

You know what? Fuck it, fuck the whole Maya becoming the master for the fucking asshole Fey clan with their bullshit traditions that have caused nothing but suffering for her and Mia and Pearl.

After Bridge to the Turnabout Maya goes to TOKYO.

She meets REI HINO (it’s after Stars idk I can do what I want shut up)

Her and Maya become BUSINESS PARTNERS because of MUTUAL BENEFIT of having weirdo powers of psychicness-channeling.


Also Maya and Franziska are in a long-distance relationship so when Franziska comes to visit SHE IS ALSO FRIENDS WITH THE SENSHI. (well “friends” is a relative term for Franziska) (let’s face it she probably whips Usagi a lot) (Rei stops her … eventually) (she stopped whipping Minako on her own when she realized she … well . . LIKED it)


arosendes  asked:

prompt: after the sword accident simon is worried about raphael and he starts to freak out because "he can't be dead. he just... cant."

I wrote another post 2x10 saphael fic here 

“he can’t be dead. he just… can’t.” Simon though as he walked from room to room at the institute, no Raphael insight.

“he can’t be dead. he just… can’t.” Simon hoped as the sun peeked in the distance and the rays flooded into the center of the institute where the bodies of the werewolves and seelies laid.

“he can’t be dead. he just… can’t.” Simon repeated as he sorted through the bodies of the fall vampires, the bodies of his family members. Faces he recognized from passing through the halls, friends he’d made, Mary that had shared her blood popsicle with him, Edgar and Ellen the twins that had thought him throw knives at moving objects. Names and faces and memories made him ache along with his uncertainty.

“he can’t be dead. he just… can’t.” He tells Clary when she comes looking for him. “Drink” she offers a thermos and Simon pushed it away. She’s concerned and rightfully so, “go, go be a kickass shadowhunter” Simon kisses Clary’s cheek.

“he can’t be dead. he just… can’t.” Simon sobs into Magnus’ shoulder. The warlock hesitantly places an arm on Simon’s back, his voice cracking as he reassured Simon “let me take you home” he said but Simon’s feet felt glued to the ground, the fear of going to the DuMort and not seeing Raphael anchored him down.

“Please” he whispered to the dying sun, “please bring him back to me” Simon silently begged, his head bowed as the last of the orange glow disappeared from the sky.

They had fought the day before, Raphael wanted to kill Clary “it’s what’s best for the downworlders” but Simon insisted on helping Clary. He wished he’s chosen someone else over Clary, just this once he wished he didn’t up her before himself.

“Simon” his voice sounded like a dream, distant be vividly real all at the same time. “Simon”

“Raphael” Simon breathed out and opened his eyes. “Raphael” he blinked startled.

“thank god, you’re alive”

“I thought I lost you” Their words overlapped as Simon stumbled to his feet, his arms wrapping around Raphael’s neck.

Raphael’s hands circled around Simon’s waist, holding him close.

“How? I saw you coming in with the others” Simon’s questioned was muffled by Raphael’s suit jacket.

“I did, but I was lucky to realize what was happening and get out just in time, you were so far away, I wanted to get you out but you were so far away” Raphael answered “how did you?”

“It’s a long story, but I have all the time in the world to tell it to you” Simon smiled and kissed Raphael’s cheek “let’s go home please”

some personal ideas about what keith does while living in his desert shack:

  • he learns to play the badly tuned guitar with five strings that he found laying around. (he makes up his own chords, but still manages to play things that are at least a little bearable.)
  • when there’s too much on his mind he runs laps outside, often barefooted
  • we know he messes around on his speeder, but i desperately want keith to love getting adrenaline highs from doing shitty parkour around the more rocky areas of the desert. lance finds out about this later on and nearly coughs up a lung
  • he names every object in the shack, and they all have different personalities. cyril is the shitty chair that creaks every time you sit on it, the sheer white curtain is called gavin, and beau is the couch that he vents to. he likes to think she’s always listening
  • the asshole probably draws his fursona at some point for a laugh, but then slowly realises it’s was actually pretty fun and ends up with a detailed twelve page summary for it
  • i still don’t know what time period voltron is in, but keith would definitely ride around on his speeder at sunset with this song playing inside his head, like the way we look out the car window with music on, imagining that we’re in a film. he just likes to feel a little dramatic every now and again.
  • yoga!!! i feel like keith would definitely do yoga as a way to calm himself, especially after a bad day or when he’s overstimulated.
  • he listens to music on the old cd players there. there isn’t much, mostly guitar heavy songs like this. he doesn’t dance or sing often, because he likes to devote his full attention to something, as he isn’t fond of multitasking. instead, he sits on the couch with his legs crossed and eyes closed, and sways side to side just listening to the music.
  • sometimes at night he’ll climb onto the roof of the shack and look up at the stars. not necessarily looking at constellations and such, but trying to understand why he feels such a pull to them. he wonders if his path will take him there in time, or if he’ll spend forever just staring up at them and dreaming about what’s waiting for him amongst them. it hurts him sometimes, but it’s much easier to be alone when there are billions of stars watching over you.