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Witch Bottle

History of the Witch Bottle:

In the early times, Witch Bottles were designed to protect homes against malicious witchcraft. They were commonly made around Samhain to protect the home from evil spirits. The witch bottle was commonly made up of glass, pottery, pins and nails. Sometimes, the maker would include his own urine to link the magick to the home and the family with in it. They were used as far back as the 1600’s! Witch Bottles are said to be of English origin.

Purpose of the Witch Bottle:

The Witch Bottle provides the home with protection from negative entities, the evil eye, or any malevolent spells by sending the negativity back to it’s caster.

How to make one:

Step 1: Find a Glass Bottle or Jar.

Step 2: Decorate the bottle with ribbons, feathers, charms, and crystals that are associated with protection.

Colors that symbolize protection: Black, White, Blue, Red

Charms that symbolize protection: Horseshoes, arrowheads, eye of horus, four leaf clover, snakes, scarab beetle, scorpion, unicorn, pentagram, raven, seal of solomon, Thor’s hammer, celtic knots/crosses, bells, etc.

Crystals for protection: Amber, Agate, Cat’s eye, Carnelian, Garnet, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Onyx, Pearls, Quartz, Topaz, Turquoise

Feathers for protection: Black feathers, Blue feathers, White Feathers.

Step 3: Fill it with sharp, rusty, and pointy object. (Handle these objects with gloves and proper care!)

Feel free to add protective herbs as well.

Objects you can put in your witch bottle: Barb wire, mirrors, glass shards, bent and rusty nails, thorns, pins, fish hooks, a tangle of string, salt, needles, razor blades.

Step 4: Add an item that was once a part of yourself and can be used to symbolize yourself.

Such as: Blood or urine which is pretty gross and I definitely would not recommend. Instead add hair, nail clippings, menstrual blood, etc.    

Step 5: Seal the top with black candle wax. You may also say a chant while doing this.

Step 6: Bury it somewhere inside your property or hide it somewhere in your home.  

Your Witch bottle is complete!

May the moon light your path!

==Moonlight Academy==

March Horoscopes

Aries: friends and family are important to you. You’re having trouble reaching out and getting help with your problems right now. Don’t be afraid to open up and focus on your priorities

Taurus: You’ve been stuck in a rut lately. Get out of your comfort zone and try new things. A secret is making you nervous. You’re prone to small accidents right now, so be careful when handling sharp objects.

Gemini: now is a good time to start a new project, especially something out doors. Remember to stay positive as the seasons change and don’t let the negativity of the past few months hold you back. You’re vulnerable to stomach upset right now, so avoid salads.

Cancer: things are looking up! Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many commitments, focus just on one thing at a time. It’s ok to be selfish sometimes. Your lucky numbers are 9, 35, and 83.

Leo: the thing you’ve been dreading will soon come to pass. Do not shy away from the road ahead, and embrace adversity as you’ll only grow for it. Unrelated, but now would be an excellent time to plan a short vacation somewhere new.

Virgo: Chill Virgo. Virgo you have got to relax. The problems of close friends and family are not your problems, let other people take care of themselves. It’s a good time to take bold action and personal risks. Break up with him Virgo.

Libra: Things are going positively in your career. Now is the time to make long term commitments and big purchases. Some wind chimes would be nice.

Scorpio: despite everything, you still cannot legally marry a spider. Maybe that’s for the best. Stop taking wild gambles and think before taking action. Consult a close friend for advice on important decisions. Your color this season is teal.

Sagittarius: now is the time to start focusing on your health. Start a diet and workout regime, do a juice cleanses, quit vaping. Really just get down on a bowl of that sweet sweet kush. Be careful when running outside though, as you’re more likely to encounter petty bad luck this month.

Capricorn: I don’t know if I want to be you or marry you. You’re in the spotlight this month- enjoy the attention you deserve. Fortify relationships with Aquarius and Taurus, they’ll help you to further greatness. Be sure to push food away from the edge of the counter this month and be wary of ants.

Aquarius: you did it! The period of strife is over, so enjoy your well earned break. Remember balance work and pleasure. A Virgo is very important to you. Don’t start any big projects until you have all the small things you’ve been letting pile up handled. Avoid gluten. You literally cannot digest wheat gluten like stop eating so much pasta. Aquarius come on.

Pisces: it’s your month! Don’t let jealousy get the best of you. If you feel you are being outshined or ignored, just build yourself a bigger pedastal. Fuck Capricorn it’s your month. Bitch. You’ll have a fateful encounter at a smoothie stand this month.

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What our your feelings on All Might and Deku? Both as Mentor and Student, Father Figure and Son Figure, and just as a character relation in general. I personally find it one of the most touching mentorships in the show, and I guess that's the point as they are center stage. (Just give us all of the hugs Hiro. Let Izuku hug skeleton dad)

All Might and Izuku’s relationship

Oh no Anon, what have you done, sending me an ask about one of my favorite subject in BNHA? Do you like to read my overthought endless answers that much? I’ve taken quite the time to write, so I’m late for this one and all the others in my inbox. Sorry; I hope this sorta long appreciation post will take you some time to read and make the waiting more tolerable. All Might and Izuku’s relationship is one of the best written and touching I’ve ever had the chance to read, and let me tell you exactly why I think that. 

Izuku spent most of his life admiring All Might and identifying to him. There’s no such a thing he ignores about his heroic achievements. Even though he was quirkless, he looked up to him, so much he considered applying for UA, the high school where All Might went. What Izuku wants to do is ‘save people with a fearless smile’, just like All Might. His room is filled with All Might’s goodies, and kinda like us, Izuku spends time on the internet rambling about his idol and making theories about his eventual quirk. All Might has been present as an image in Izuku’s mind practically his whole life. However, like the rest of the population, he knows close to nothing about All Might’s previous life as Toshinori Yagi. All Might, because of the secret he’s carrying of One for All, is just known as All Might. In fact, his personal identity as Toshinori Yagi was almost lost when he became the Symbol of Peace. Only Gran Torino and his best friend Naomasa Tsukauchi know about his previous identity and are still kinda close to him. Well, only Tsukauchi is, and all the odds are they barely see each other at all outside of their work. All Might doesn’t have any family because of his status; those two are what are more close to a family to him. Despite being the strongest hero, All Might is alone. He’s carrying this burden by himself and hasn’t allowed anyone close to him, probably because he doesn’t have time to do so, because he does’t want to endanger anyone he might cherish, and because he knows about his fate more than anyone and didn’t want to establish any relationship that may have caused a lot of pain. Nana Shimura had an husband and a child; her husband was killed, and she separated herself from her kid because it was too much of a danger for them. After those tragedies, Nana was killed herself, and all the pain it must have caused All Might probably dissuaded him to get close to anyone. He raged against All for One, almost killed him and was barely killed himself. His health deteriorated, and Nighteye, his sidekick at the time, tried to persuade him to retire so he could prevent his foretold death. All Might refused and took his functions back, because what could he do other than that? Being the Symbol of Peace is all that there is about him, if he can’t be this strong pillar anymore, he can’t find any purpose and will be left with nothing but regrets. He left Nighteye and continued his duties, being more and more bitter about his health and how little he could do now. And then, he met this weird kid who stuck himself on his leg just so he could talk to him, and poured his heart out in front of him. And the first thing he did was rejecting him and telling him to give up. What were the odds for this kid to jump in shortly after in a situation where All Might himself was hesitating over? What were the odds for All Might to find his inspiration back because of this quirkless kid who made him remember who he was and why he was doing all of that? We often see how All Might changed Izuku’s life, but just consider how meeting Izuku has changed All Might’s life as well.

When they met, Izuku and All Might were both alone. Izuku as a quirkless kid rejected and denied by others, and All Might as the Symbol of Peace who couldn’t allow himself to be close to anyone. Sure, he was looking for a successor, but I’m not convinced someone else than Izuku could have inspired All Might so much, and give him another purpose in his life. Izuku keeps surpassing All Might’s expectations, and each time, All Might grows more and more fond of this boy who seemed so weak at first but is, in fact, more heroic than anyone. He’s genuinely impressed by Izuku, and keep discovering new sides to him. Their relationship clearly evolves through the manga and is becoming more and more personal and loving. Honestly, I’ve never seen such a beautiful relationship deprived from any struggle for authority and power. Izuku and All Might immediately bonded: after the Sludge incident All Might rushed to Izuku to apologize for making light of him, and finally tell him what’s gonna turn their lives upside down ’You can be a hero’. After that, Izuku spent ten months training under All Might’s supervision, and so they gradually became accustomed to each other. Izuku never lost his admiration for All Might, but because they’ve been hanging around and getting used to each other, they built up strong foundations for their relationship. The best way to get close to someone is spend time frequently with them. So even though it was presented to us through an ellipse, Izuku and All Might actually spent a lot of time together and were already pretty accustomed to each other since the beginning. I like that Hori made it that way so the rest of the story is used to unfold their relationship and how it grows up to be even more strong because the bases were already built since chapter two.

Even through that ellipse, we were shown some characteristics of All Might, like how careful, supportive and kind he is, and how much of a dork he can be. All Might is someone who is very gentle, and that’s probably what I like the most about him. He’s the strongest hero, so he could be intimidating if he wanted, but surprisingly, despite all the power and authority is in charge with, All Might is still very gentle and benevolent. He keeps praising Izuku, encouraging him and being amazed in front of him. And as things go on, All Might truly becomes a doting parent. Once Izuku was admitted to UA, he went to look at how things were going hidden behind a wall and thinking how cool Izuku was. In Ultra Archive, on Izuku’s presentation page, it’s All Might who’s doing the little commentary on him. And it’s just so cute, you can tell how fond he is of Izuku.

All Might truly cares about Izuku’s upbringing, and is doing his best to understand and answer what he needs. Because of that, All Might can make mistakes and fail as a proper teacher because he’s too preoccupied by Izuku’s well being and isn’t being fair and objective. All Might isn’t handling Izuku’s education perfectly, and he doesn’t have any issue admitting it and trying to improve, particularly about Izuku’s relationship with Bakugou. When I see All Might behaving like that, I truly wish he could be a model not only as a hero but as a parent as well. Like Inko Midoriya, All Might truly values Izuku and respects his decisions, while not agreeing on everything and taking time to talk with him about different issues they’re concerned with, because his opinions and thoughts are also important. They share and come to decisions together; if you take Todoroki and Endeavor’s relationship to compare, you’ll understand how important it is that Izuku and All Might are on equal grounds. After that, their relationship progressed steadily, and I’m not gonna comment all the times All Might was amazed by Izuku and his progression.

What I liked from the beginning is how there’s mutual affection and care in their relationship. Izuku also tries, in his own way, to protect All Might. At USJ, he knew All Might was actually injured and couldn’t keep up the fight. So even though it was dangerous and painful for him, he jumped in and protected his mentor. When All Might is known to be safe and sound, Izuku is sincerely relieved. 

It already didn’t matter that All Might wasn’t strong and perfect all the time; Izuku protected him and looked up to him anyway. It truly made me notice how much Izuku already valued All Might as an actual person and not just as his idol, and how it was opening up the path to a more family-oriented relationship. All those times where Izuku thought of All Might, wanted to talk to him about his improvements and share stories with were also a casual and daily way to build up their upcoming relationship as a Familial bond. 

What truly changed their relationship to what is it now was their reunion after the Kamino incident. All Might and Izuku met up, and All Might scolded Izuku for putting himself in danger once again. But then, he let him know he was relieved that Izuku was alright, and took him in his arms to comfort him. It’s such an intense, moving and heartbreaking scene to witness. As it was the end of All Might, it also truly was the rebirth of Toshinori Yagi pledging to take care of Izuku, to devote himself to him. His role now isn’t to take care of society anymore, to be a Symbol of Peace and a pillar. This All Might is no more. His role now is to take care of Izuku and nurture him, so of course their relationship just took a new turning point. This scene was so powerful, and probably made all of us cry from the pure distress, fear and love in there, it was overwhelming. So much emotions were colliding and making both of them cry as well. They were relieved they were alright and at the same time, they couldn’t help what was lost forever and fear the consequences awaiting for them.

After that, Toshinori meeting Inko Midoriya was such an heavy and intense scene where the two people who care the most about Izuku confronted about his future. It was amazing. It made Toshinori considered Izuku in a new light too. When Izuku brought the letter Kouta wrote to apologize and offer his thanks to him, Toshinori truly realized that Izuku had already become his own person who could find reward in what he had done by himself. This realization came with so much pride and admiration for Izuku I was myself astonished of how much Toshinori loves Izuku. He adores Izuku, and it’s so important for him to continue guiding him and being present in his life he actually did a dogeza in front of Inko Midoriya and offered his life as a counterpart. His pledge was so powerful Inko felt on her knees, because Toshinori was groveling on the ground and begging her so he could continue to nurture Izuku. This boy is so precious to him he offered his very own person. Not as a hero protecting society, but as a guardian, as a parent cherishing his child.  

After that, it kinda desolates Toshinori to be ’the one being protected’ now, but the man has done so much until now, he really deserves his rest. As this new father figure, it’s gonna be hard on Toshinori to just watch Izuku from afar and can’t do anything to help directly. But now that their relationship took this path, there are gonna be plenty of things for them to do as well. At first, Toshinori really need to open up to Izuku more because there are still a lot of things they need to talk about, and too often Izuku was left in the dark about some issues that disturbed him. The very existence of Mirio and the possibility there was for him to inherit One for All took aback Izuku; and this kind of situation already happened too often and it’s not a good thing. Once he learned that, Izuku was so preoccupied he did poorly in class, and in the end rushed after Toshinori to confront him about it. 

So there’s still plenty of room for their relationship to develop, particularly about Nana Shimura, Toshinori’s past, and his and Izuku’s future as well. It’s still pretty unclear what Toshinori’s fate will be from now on. Nighteye foresight told him he was to die a gruesome death, but all the moments Toshinori pledged he was planning to go on living, in front of All for One and Inko Midoriya, even after losing his powers, we can’t tell for sure what’s gonna happen. 

Toshinori was planning to die, to let go of his life and wasn’t afraid to do so once his duty was done. But then he met Izuku, and all of his plans changed suddenly. He couldn’t allow himself to die anymore because Izuku was here. And I’m not gonna pretend I have the precise words to tell exactly how beautiful this is. He’s not ready to die for Izuku; he’s ready to twist his fate and live for Izuku.

Izuku really became the reason for Toshinori to find a new purpose in life, and to actually hold on to his life. Their relationship is wonderful because it’s flawed and improving for that reason, and is overflowing of mutual affection and admiration. So I truly love their relationship. Toshinori is also my favorite grown up character of all times, because he still grows and improves, still meets people and changes path, still is an awkward and loving doting parent who wants nothing but the best for Izuku. He also shows that adulthood isn’t the end of the road, that making your dreams come true doesn’t mean you live happily ever after and your life’s interest kinda over. It’s important to convey it in a shonen such as BNHA; it makes you identify with older characters as well as you grow up, and proves that even if youthfulness is represented and idealized everywhere as ‘the most fun and important part of your life’, it’s not the only time you’ll be developing yourself, meet important people in your life and chose new paths and purposes for yourself. As you grow older, there’s still plenty of room for you to improve, change and take on new challenges. It doesn’t make you bitter about adulthood. How could you be bitter when you see such a dorky adult as Toshinori? Izuku surely truly isn’t, as their relationship can witness, and really, it’s no wonder why.

Since white people never understand simple statements unless people of color repeat them ten times, let me say this again: racism is taught. Racism is not a belief pre-determined by biology, neuroanatomy, genetics, or anything else. Racism is how white supremacy manifests. White supremacy is the reason that white people are taught to be racist since childhood, and white supremacy is the reason everyone, including people of color, grow up embedded in a racist environment. White entitlement is maintained by the mechanisms of white supremacy. It propagates through imperialism, modern slavery, police brutality and other forms of state violence, incarceration, and even education. There is no excuse or explanation for racism other than white supremacy - no, working-class white people aren’t racist because of capitalism wreaking havoc on their lives; white women aren’t racist because of patriarchy; white LGBT people aren’t racist because of heternormativity; white disabled and neurodivergent people aren’t racist because of ableism. 

That white supremacist groups are able to appeal to all these classes of white people who are marginalized on some axis is proof of white supremacy - even though these specific groups of white people may face some type of marginalization and even violence, they still align with their race because it affords them a facade of power. And look, this has been the case for hundreds of years. Poor Irish immigrants in the south (USA), who were quite literally seen as the dregs of Southern society, were not only still regarded better than black people, but they themselves celebrated that at least they weren’t grouped with black people. Unions and labor organizations routinely discriminated against black people, against East Asian immigrants, and against Jewish people - in fact, many of them were created to combat the onset of immigrant labor. Plenty of white feminist and white LGBT activists contribute their time to racist and imperialist causes and organizations to “empower” themselves. Similarly, if you’re going to tell me that I should excuse racist white neurodivergent people because “they don’t have the same handle on objective reality and are susceptible to being racist because of that”, not only are you inadvertently exposing your own ableism, but you’re also telling me that neurodivergent people of color don’t matter and that people of color should be “fine” with violence if it’s coming from a white neurodivergent person. 

White neurodivergent people are not racist because of their home circumstances or neurochemical imbalances or developmental dysfunctions or symptoms of mental illness. They are racist because even they are socialized to be racist. White supremacy affords power to even the most marginalized white people because even the most marginalized white people will still gain the benefits of white socialization and will still be regarded as superior to all people of color. Moreover, neurodivergent people of color who may also struggle with cognitive functions and perceptions of objective reality aren’t enacting racist violence. So to say that racism is symptomatic of mental illness is meaningless. 

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..) She doesn't do social media, so how would she know people want an apology or a updated statement? Honestly hasn't society as whole changed in the last 2 years nevermind 10. Why not focus energy on people who actively are anti trans or make public comments who hurt the community (Micheal Che, Leslie Jones). If someone likes someone why actively try and point out the wrong in that person esp from their past??

Because honestly, Kate McKinnon helped me get the courage to come out and seeing something like this page demolish her for something like a sketch done (poor sketch now, but was a bgss hit) hurts me. I understand people are sensitive and triggered so a warning tag I get but to actively repost and hate comments? I just don’t get the point. She has done nothing recent to suggest and knowing what she has done and what being gay means to her I know with all my heart the skit wasn’t done for target.

sorry for the long messages - I don’t want to start anything with one that was a legit question for you on your reasoning. I say If you don’t like Kate just don’t reblog her? No need to reblog comments/posts and write negative things with no recent backings.

It looks like we might be missing a part here but I think I understand what you are saying and we have gotten a lot of messages on the same vein but yours is the most put together so I am going to respond to what I do have.

First these are the posts this person is referring to if anyone wanted to check. The exact thing you are talking about seems to be this: 

“Reminder also that Kate Mckinnon is transphobic. Lily Tomlin however seems to not be transphobic (though if anyone has any evidence to the contrary please feel free to add it)”

Which I added to a post talking about Kate Mckinnon and Lily Tomlin and how they are both lesbians who played Miss Frizzle the Magic Schoolbus character. 

So let’s dive in. Right out of the gate let us address your first point saying that she doesn’t have social media so how would she know people want an apology. 

She should know what she did was wrong. Without people telling her, as a person with critical thinking and someone who keeps very involved in politics she should have come to the conclusion on her own that what she did was wrong. But let’s say that she didn’t only because of ignorance, not because of malicious intent but because she truly did not know that her sketch was transphobic- then this is how we tell her. 

If she doesn’t know yet then she probably isn’t going to learn from quiet reflection, she probably needs someone to tell her and since it seems like the people in her life haven’t yet I am not holding up much hope that they will. So her fans do, social media does. 

And maybe if we spread the information enough then it will get to someone who can tell her and she can apologize and do better next time. That is the best case scenario, and that is what I am personally aiming for.

Now your next point- why not focus on something bigger. This is an argument used against any complaint brought up by marginalized groups until we reach the complaints that involve us being massacred. But what is missed is that those “little” complaints are the steps that come before a massacre, the little “jokes” about transgender people that no one calls out so everyone assumes is okay. 

And these jokes for a lot of people don’t make any conscious change though they subconsciously let the person know that transgender peoples lives are something to be joked about. But for a select few these jokes reinforce already held belief. For those terrible people that you sited- jokes are what let them know it was okay to have those terrible beliefs and what gave them the courage to be public about them. So jokes are important. 

Now the “why point out something wrong with someone I like” argument. I am not saying you can’t like them. But if you can’t handle objective facts about your hero then you are putting them on too high of a pedestal. 

Kate Mckinnon is a human being and she has made mistakes, and when I make mistakes I want people to point them out so I can fix them. I hope she wants the same thing, but even if she doesn’t ignoring the mistakes is not helping anyone. 

It isn’t helping her fans because it brings them into this false belief that she is perfect which only further separates her from them. It doesn’t help Kate Mckinnon, who is kept in the dark about this problem and may never fix it and may hurt people unknowingly. 

Again as you said it is completely possible that she actually didn’t know her sketch is hurtful, and just personally if something I had done was hurtful and I wasn’t aware I would want people to tell me so that I didn’t continue hurting people. 

And in regards to her being your hero to come out, that is fantastic and I am proud you got that strength and I am glad Kate Mckinnon could help you with that, but because she helped you doesn’t mean she can’t harm others. 

Consider this- a transgender women like you who also looks up to Kate Mckinnon. Imagine how it would feel for her to be watching old sketches and to come across one that painted her and people like her as predatory and just boys trying to be girls. Can you empathize with how horrible that experience would be? 

So maybe me posting that wasn’t for you, I have no interest in your beliefs about Kate Mckinnon, it was for that transgender woman. So that either she wouldn’t have to go through that moment, or so that after she went through that moment she would know that other people in the world saw that what Kate Mckinnon did was wrong, and so that person knows she isn’t alone. 

And in regards to “hate comments” maybe it is time for you to think about the fact that if me pointing out something that Kate Mckinnon did is hateful, what does that make her actions? Because my addition was mild. 

It was a statement of fact followed up with a positive affirmation about another lesbian actress. I think it is possible that you are just upset at what a hero of yours did and you want to forget it ever happened. And I have been there, I have been there this week actually, so I feel I may understand what you are going through. But I am sorry you can’t stay mad at the world for turning against someone you love forever. And at some point you are going to have to recognize that it was the one that you love who is actually at fault. 

And lastly I reblog her because she is a part of queer history. She is making queer history right now with her actions, and we need to decide if this is what we want the next generation to see as something we allowed. 

As someone who has studied queer history extensively I have worked against a lot of forces that wanted to erase the parts of history they don’t like. And I have learned that a lie of omission is still a lie. Silence is a choice, and it is not one I am going to be making anytime soon. 

Thank you for sending in your concerns I hope I addressed all of them.

Who cares | 01 (m)

pairing: kim taehyung x oc 
genre/warnings: soon to be smut, angst, drama,   
• words: 2,652
summary: what happens when Taehyung falls for someone who’s already taken? Can he control his feelings or will they take over and render him powerless? In the end is it all her fault or his…?
• note. inspired by Dean’s album 130 mood:trbl. 

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Threshold magic 101

Doorways are one of the first concepts we learn as we begin to explore our surroundings as infants. In those early memories doorways are magical passages dividing entire worlds in our perceptions. We pass through into new places with entirely different obstacles and experiences to encounter.

As we age, we grow more accustomed to the idea of different rooms and separations of space. Even without a proper door separating them we define spaces by their function and even without a physical barrier between them we acknowledge them as separate and distinct. For an example, consider the layout of a studio apartment, the kitchen, dining room and living room are, functionally one room, and yet people gather in distinct groups in each section of the space, separating themselves into “rooms” with no actual barriers except those imagined by those present.

The Romans had a god, Janus, whose entire domain was doorways, the transition between spaces and spans of time. The first month of the year was named for him as it was the transition between years.

The most instinctive spatial transition is that between one’s home and the outside world. The territorial sanctity of home is a spiritually powerful concept. it protects us just as our homes do. The most direct manifestation of this power is the phenomena of thresholds.

Mythology is filled with creatures which cannot enter a person’s home without their express permission and invitation. From vampires, to demons, to fairies, everything needs permission from the homeowner to enter. in a more modern context, many practitioners report feeling weaker if they enter someone else’s home uninvited.

This is a threshold, a spiritual barrier between us and the outside world. Those who cross it uninvited leave a great deal of their power behind them, so much so that some creatures cannot survive the experience.

While thresholds fall under what would normally be considered “passive” of “innate” magic, there are ways to consciously strengthen, build off, or direct the energy of your threshold to better protect you and your family.


A threshold can be strengthened in a number of ways. The simplest way is to enhance your sense of home, filling your home with things which are uniquely yours, which hold sentiment or meaning for you personally, and spending time getting your home comfortable and familiar will build up your threshold over time.

Another method is through active warding. Wreaths were an early form of warding charm hung in doorways to drive off evil and malicious spirits. Honeysuckle, St. John’s wart, Rowan, oak, Birch, and Yarrow hung above, in, or beside the doorway will add energies of purification and protection. an Iron nail driven into the door frame combines the warding power of iron, and the tranquil aspects of the rune Isa, which the nail resembles. Daggaz and ing, either painted, scratched or inscribed in a doorway bring luck and safety to those within.

Some witches like to seal their homes by painting pentacles above the major openings, including doors and windows, using either actual paint, or some variety of holy water/oil, or putting lines of salt or blessed sand along the doorways and window sills. This method has the disadvantage of being easily physically disrupted, although some industrious witches have been known to protect such lines by placing them under the metal strips which smooth the transition between the door frame and the floor.

Another method is to hang amulets in the door frame bearing symbols for protection. These can be as simple as a painted piece of paper, or as elaborate as a cast silver charm.  Another example is Amish Hex signs. A six petaled flower or 6 pointed star, represents preservation and continuity for the home, a rooster represents a watchful guardian, and a jagged circle represents the power of thurisaz to drive away evil and disruptive energies.

Building upon:

A threshold is a solid foundation for any magic which is intended to effect the home, or everyone who enters the home.  Such spells work based on the principal of the threshold as not being just a barrier, but a portal which must be passed through.

One use for magic of this kind is to ward against a particular person or type of entity. to do this it is useful to use materials and objects known to be harmful or hateful to that entity. (garlic for vampires, iron for fairies, things the person is allergic to, audio tape containing music they hate, etc.) As was mentioned before, placing these things in, on, or near the doorway is an effective method, but this may not always be convenient or practical. In this case, using them in a ritual to charge another object, such as a stone a piece of wood, or an ornament which can be attached less obtrusively is perfectly acceptable.

Another use is to place spells upon those who come and go through the door. Spells to encourage health, prosperity, peacefulness and joy are common choices. for these uses it’s best to use an object or material which is associated with your desired outcome, and place it in or above the door frame. Traditionally horseshoes were hung in this way to pour luck on those who entered. This is another situation where amulets hung in doorway can be useful, particularly if people are willing to touch or handle the objects as they come through.

A slightly sneakier method might be to paint or inscribe a spell into the door handle, so that a person HAS to handle it to enter, or building your spell to be charged and renewed by the act of using the knocker or doorbell, if it’s intended to drive off unwanted guests, or help visitors.

Directing the threshold:

The threshold, like any other magic, can be channeled and directed. The most common use would be directing the threshold’s protections to include or exclude a particular person, either helping guests feel comfortable and “at home” or making a resident feel unwelcome and vulnerable in their own home. This is most easily done by the homeowner, or head of household, The person with the most authority within the home, and is typically linked to their will, though an explicit statement of intent from this person goes a long way.

Another means of warping the threshold is to have objects or tokens which can be carried outside, bringing a bit of home with you, and therefore bringing a bit of the protection of home as well. This can be tricky, usually requiring some degree of sympathetic magic and thaumaturgy (ie. the use of a small part of a thing to represent the entire thing such as using a chip from the fireplace bricks to represent the hearth, or a shaving of wood from a doorframe to represent the door itself,) typically these tokens are either single use, or must be maintained by restoring them as part of the home upon the person’s return. Removable tiles from a floor mosaic, or a distinctive knob from the cabinets work well for this purpose, as they are small, unique, and easily reattached.

Leather, Scotch, and Gunpowder

Pairing: Arthur Ketch x Reader
Word count: 4,558
Warnings: Smut. Unprotected sex. Oral sex (female). Probably OOC Ketch.  Cussing.
Request: ( Anonymous )
hey girl, i asked for the soulmate ketch one. could you do like ketch doesnt believe in soulmates. reader is in love with ketch before found out soulmates. both find out soulmates & ketch rejects her cuz afraid. but reader thinks cuz doesnt want her, so changes attitude towards him completely. cold, distant & flirts with everyone sees to get her mind of ketch. goes to club looking for guy to take her home, last straw for ketch loses all self control cuz of jealousy

Thank you @lucis-unicorn for idea bouncing and reading !

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Date a girl who is moderately attractive. Date a girl with a noticeable gravitational pull. Date a girl who has to be wary when handling sharp objects or when crossing the street. Date a girl who cant go to the park without coming home covered in leaves and dirt.


For @anhartcuteneon…connected to this imagine. Enjoy!

Y/N looked between her new friends, Darcy, Erik, and Jane, and the men in suits standing across from her. She was confused. She wasn’t even sure how they knew she had come to Midguard with Thor. Just the same, she hadn’t been causing a mess. For the most part, she had been helping her friends with their scientific quandaries.

“You’re not taking Y/N,” Jane spoke up defiantly.
“Yeah,” Darcy joined in, “We’ve seen Men In Black. We’re not going to let you dissect Y/N!”

Y/N held back a smirk at Darcy’s comment. Even if that were these men’s objective, she could handle herself. However, the sentiment was there. Keeping her gaze stern, Y/N returned to look at the men.

“What is this about?” she asked.
“The reason you left Asgard,” one of the men told her.

Y/N grit her teeth. She turned to face the other three. Her gaze remained on Erik’s the longest. He made his way over to her, placing his hand on her shoulder. He smiled.

“If this goes awry, we’ll be sure to come after you,” he told her.

She nodded, giving his hand a squeeze. A moment later, she pulled the girls into a hug. She mouthed her thanks to the girls before turning to the suited men. She gave them and affirmative nod.

The door to Y/N’s ‘holding cell’ opened to reveal a seemingly harmless man. In fact, he reminded the Asgardian of Erik a bit. He smiled at her as he took his seat.

“How was your flight?” he asked, “Not to uncomfortable, I hope.”
She shook her head. “No. It was…a flight.”
He smiled at her. “Good to hear.”
“I’m sorry. Who are you?” Y/N asked.
He smirked. “The name’s Phil Coulson. And you’re Y/N, Thor’s friend.”

She nodded, falling silent. Y/N glanced at the ground for a moment. When she spoke next, it was quiet.

“…One of your men, they said this was about the reason I came here.”
“And you’re wondering if that’s true.”
She connected gazes with him. “Yes.”
“I’m afraid so. It seem that Loki, Thor’s brother and your…, well, is planning something big. We’d like to have you on our side.”
She knit her brows. “No. That’s not possible.”
“Actually, quite the opposite,” Coulson replied, “If you agreed, you’d be teaming up with a few other operatives, Thor being among them.”
“If you have Thor, there’s no need for me,” she stated, “Whoever is causing this…disturbance isn’t Loki. He’s,” she paused to swallow, “He’s dead.”

Coulson nodded. He lowered his head a moment, placing a comforting hand on one of Y/N’s hand.

“I know you’ve been mourning him. If we didn’t believe he was alive, you wouldn’t be here.”

Y/N thought a moment. What he was saying made sense, but part of her couldn’t believe it. Besides, even if Loki hadn’t died, what was she supposed to do? Fight the man she loved? However, she knew Thor’s love for his brother and he was willing. She nodded.

“Alright…but I will try everything I can before fighting him.”
Coulson nodded. “That’s all we can ask.”

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onceuponaprincessworld  asked:

I really love your rec list they are awesome! Could you make a captain swan list with tatoo artist au? Thanks!

Tattoo AU 

(tattoo artist + soulmate tattoo)

  • He is a Flower in her Untamed Garden by @littlebabeswan  She is a Tattered Canvas he Would Love to Mend… Killian’s job as a tattoo artist is all about handling sharp objects, various types of needles that work in tandem with his hand to create beautiful things on delicate skin. Does his profession provide him with enough experience to be able to handle Emma Swan’s thorns?
  • Stains of Ink by @terreisa  Emma Swan is a tattoo artist who believes her life is perfect the way it is and there’s no need for anything more. Killian Jones is a florist whose been dealt several blows in life but is slowly salvaging his life from the wreckage. All it takes is meeting each other to find that, sometimes, it takes another person to complete a happy ending. A modern Captain Swan AU.
  • Sound & Colour by @didiwritethis  Emma Swan passes a particular tattoo studio every day, and is entranced by the artwork in the window. Gathering her courage, she steps in and meets the owner, Killian Jones, who transforms her life.
  • Tattoo AU by @loving-cs-fanfiction  AU where you get a tattoo representing your TL when you meet them. One-Shot.
  • Skin Deep by @captainodonewithyou  There is a soulmate tattoo headcanon popping around on tumblr about soulmates having tattoos of the last words their love will say to them. My friend told me to write it, and I did. Captain Swan angst ahead. (pirate)
  • Across the street (but just out of reach) by MiriRainbowitz 
  • The Time Tattoo by @onceuponabadass  What would you do if you knew when the most important moment in your life was going to happen? For Emma Swan that moment was 23 years 22 days 8 minutes and 15 seconds away… and it was only getting closer. 
  • i’m quite allright with that, love by @tnlph “You can’t tell me what I can and can’t get tattooed,” she yelled at him. one shot
  • Chasing Thursdays by @nowforruin  Elsa has no desire to follow in her politician mother’s footsteps and Emma wants to quit working at Granny’s. They decide to open Frozen and take advantage of the summer tourist season, but Emma doesn’t count on their neighbor, tattoo artist Killian Jones, showing up every single Thursday for more than just ice cream. 
  • Another Tattoo by searchingwardrobes  As Emma traces the tattoo on Killian’s wrist with her thumb, she’s more sure than ever that she can’t tell him her secret. Killian does something unique to assure Emma she doesn’t need to fear the future. Set after 6x02. 
  • taste you by @swallowedsong  pwp. it’s that one tattoo of his. the one that sits low on his hips. the one that peeks out from under his shirt as he lies there all bed-rumpled and sleepy. it makes her want to lick it. 
  • Marked by @i-know-how-you-kiss  They call it a ‘gift,’ but Emma Swan has only ever seen it as a burden and a trap. She’s never been a big fan of having an assigned soulmate, especially one predetermined by a silly little mark, so she’s spent her whole life avoiding finding him, throwing herself into work and dating at whim. It’s worked for her well enough, until the one day it doesn’t, and Emma is forced to come to terms with the fact that try as she might to run away from her destiny, it always finds a way to catch up. 
  • Branded On My Heart by @ardentaislinn  During the year that they were away from Storybrooke, Hook kept his promise to think of Emma everyday. And in those thoughts, he began to realize that he probably had lost his second true love. One drunken evening, he decides to give Emma a tribute like he did for Milah — with a tattoo. Now back in Storybrooke and Emma still not falling for him, he has to hide this ill timed mistake. But one day she sees it… And he has to explain…
  • Dare Over Truth by @sotheylived  Prompt via tumblr from startswithhope who asked for a tattoo artist au with truth or dare. In which Killian never says no to a dare until the one time he does.
  • Forget-me-nots on my Skin (Forevermore) by alphardhy Soulmate!AU in which you see the world in black and white until your soulmate comes into your life, a burst of colour among the dull crowds. And once you touch your soulmate, the whole world comes alive.Killian Jones is an English tattoo artist who moves to New York after his brother’s death. Emma Swan is helping Mary Margaret with her flower shop in The Big City. (She has never been a flower person, but she needs to pay the rent.)
  • True Love Leaves a Mark by @sotheylived  Emma learns that the tattoo she’s had written directly above her heart for more than ten years may have come from something other than a long night of drinking.
  • The Importance of Words by @terreisa The words written on Emma’s arm are supposed to be the last thing her soul mate would ever say to her.  She just didn’t know what would happen to her, or them, that could cause those words to fall from their mouth. Part 2

Juno used to have long hair but after it getting grabbed nearly cost him his life on the job he cut it all off with a pair of blunt scissors. When Rita saw it the following morning she forced him to sit down so she could even out the back a little bit for him. He’s been keeping it short since then and he’ll only let Rita cut it for him. 

After all, there’s very few people he’d want handling sharp objects behind his back 

Autistic peri headcanons

-jasp got peri her favorite stim toy: a holy crystal fidget cube
-whenever peri wants to pressure stim she asks jasper for “pressure hugs ?”
-peri could infodump for HOURS about her special interests and jasp will listen the entire time,ask questions,be super interested and just think to herself “i love my little girlfriend so much!!!”
-jasp,as soon as she found out about meltdowns,shutdowns,… asked peri for her tablet and researched these things for days so that she can help peri the best she can when she has one of these things
-jasps also always very careful with peris comfort objects (example: she handled peridots tablet very carefully the entire time she was researching)
-peris comfort objects include: her tablet,her limb enhancers (the cgs gave them her back) and a big weighted plush jasp won for her

I already have some headcanons for something similar to this, I you want to read those too! If you go on my masterlist, you can find some for a good amount of the male cast!

Roadhog and Junkrat’s are together in this, but they aren’t written as a couple. ^_^


Technically, Emma was adopted. Technically, not legally.

She was about four when the junker duo found her wondering the streets alone, and a flash of Junkrat’s childhood led to them helping her.

It did take long for them to get attached, spoiling her near rotten with all the toys and games she could want.

That is, before they realized they had nowhere to put their quickly increasing amount of things, and had to go through the painstaking process of learning to say, “no,” to that face.

“Aye, not for you!” Junkrat reaches for the the sphere in the small girls hands. “This ‘ere is a live explosive. 'Member what they do?”

“Boom!” She reaches up to grab at the object from his hold. “I want boom!”

He giggles and proudly pats her head, raising the bomb slightly higher. “I like that thinker of yours!”

Before he could do anything else, the grenade was stolen from above to the sound of a disapproving grunt. An accusing glare bore into the back both of the people below the culprit.

“No explosions inside.” Mako scolded, handling the object with caution.

“I wasn’t!” Emma whined and sent a finger in Junkrat’s direction, “He was!”

Roadhog’s eyes shifted to the other man.

“What! She’s lyin’ to ya Roadie!” The glare intensifies. “I swear it!”





Never in his life, did Roadhog ever think he’d have to take care to two children. And, never in his life did he think that they’d be fighting over a live explosive.

His knee bounces gently as he sings a silly rhyme to his babbling child. He grins as Shoichi tries and fails to sing along.

The boy, being not much over one year old, was just starting to get a hold of words, but yet to understand the complexity of full sentences. It worried Genji in the beginning, thinking that maybe his child was having more trouble than he should with speaking, ending with a long conversation with his spouse on how all children are different, and the first child usually learns things slower than the next few.

A small tug on his shirt makes him realize that he’s stopped the bouncing.

He looks down at the toddler, who was now tapping the tips of his closed fingers together, looking up at his father with wide eyes.


His smile grows wide and he pats his small back with the hand already resting there. “Of course.”

He takes a moment to remember another rhyme before starting the small bouncing again.

Shoichi giggles, recalling this one as one of his favorites, and continues to mumble, to the best of his ability, along.

It was times like these that Genji lived for.

“Hurry up.” Reaper states, pulling Lillie along, his grip on her hand tightening slightly.

“Yes, dad.” She picks up her pace slightly to match his, looking both ways before crossing the street with him.

It was dark out, but then again, other than her going to school, they were only ever out at night.

Lillie knew that her dad wasn’t really, “normal,” per se, nor that he was really considered to be, “good.” But, he didn’t really seem bad to her. A bit stern and impatient, sure. But not bad.

She learned that early on.

“This it?” They stop in front of a small brown building in the corner of the outdoor shopping mall, a sort of clothing store for young girls around the ages of 10 to 13.

“Yep.” She looks the window, eyeing a few shirts she finds interesting.

“Okay,” he hands her money, knowing full well that going into a well light shop like that would only end with trouble for him. “Don’t take too long, they close soon.” She takes the money, nods and turns to leave. “And don’t buy anymore candy, you hear me!”

“No promises!” She taunts, rushing in as to not be stopped.

He sighs and leans against the wall, waiting for her to return.

“All done!” She presents the bag to him a few minuets later. “Aaaaannnd look! The cashier gave me a sucker!” She’s a good actress. “Can I have it now, please?”

Reaper raises an eyebrow at her, but agrees anyway. She happily unwraps it, and sticks it in her mouth, swinging her bag slightly as they make their way back home, excited to show her father her new cloths.

There were times where he wished he had the thing some called, “eyes on the back of his head.”

This was one of those times.

“Young one, where is Kamal?”

“I dunno.” The seven year old answers, not looking up from her drawing, partially covering it with her arm.

“But, he was here a moment ago.”

“Maybe he was hungry?” She more states than asks.

“Maybe. Thank you, Sashi.” He begins to wonder in the direction of the kitchen, checking here and there for the younger child along the way.

When Kamal was not there, the beginnings of panic start to set in. He was much too young to be wondering on his own. Much more likely to trip and hurt himself.

Or worse.

The search went on for what felt like an eternity before he was found outside, picking up various objects and holding them haphazardly in his tiny arms.

“What are you doing out here, alone?” Zenyatta gently scolded.

“Treasures!” The boy shows the assortment of flowers, rocks, and leaves to his father.

“Treasures?” He muses, moving closer and lower to get a better look. “I see. And, what do you wish with them?”

“This one is for Uncle Genji! And, this one is for Ms. Orisa! And, this one is for Sashi!” Kamal continues, naming nearly everyone he knew, placing an the object that he decided to gift them down on the floor. “And, this one,” he held a smooth rock up, no bigger than a fist, “is for you!”

Zenyatta felt a swell of sweet emotions flood him, and helping his son hold half of the, “treasures,” they went back inside to start handing them out.

Love Doesn’t Discriminate (Part IV)

Word Count: 3637

Authors’ Note: Hey guys! This is part 4 of the fic, and we are happy to be sharing it with you. Also, up until now, we’ve been updating pretty much weekly, but are going to be taking a short break from LDD due to work and school stuff. We’re planning to be back with another new part in three weeks or so, but have fun with this until then!

Part I Part II  Part III

Pippa had been watching the small rescue party for a couple of weeks when she started to notice how close they were getting to the castle. One of the first things she had done after Jefferson had managed to stumble his way home was restore the tree that had fallen over and revealed the secret road to his and Y/N’s eyes. She couldn’t have a brute of a man and his sidekick undermine everything she had done to teach the spoiled Prince how to love.

“The old man is insane, we’ve been looking for the girl going on a month and we haven’t seen head nor tail of her,” Daveed muttered to Oak, who was standing by his side watching the old man deconstruct before them whenever they came to where he believed the road to some beast’s lair was.

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  • obi-wan: anakin is a capable and powerful jedi who i trust to handle missions objectively
  • meanwhile, anakin: i haven't slept in three weeks. i can't breathe, i'm obssessed with death, i wanted to piss on a fire hydrant and don't know why. i think i threw up my pancreas yesterday. i smell colors

Police shoot and kill unarmed Latino man Francisco Serno after they thought his crucifix was a gun

  • Bakersfield, California, police shot and killed 73-year-old Francisco Serna on Monday, according to KBAK and KBFX. 
  • Serna was reportedly living with dementia.
  • Officers arrived to his home after getting a call from a man whose wife says Serna confronted her outside her home on Sunday evening. 
  • The woman saw a “dark brown or black handled” object, according to reports, and believed it was a gun. 
  • In a press conference, authorities say Serna was carrying a dark-colored crucifix and was not armed. 
  • All seven officers involved have been placed on administrative leave. Read more
The Puzzle is Solved (almost)

This’ll be another long one, as this is such a big scene, and especially since each version is pretty different.

The manga has Yuugi counting out his money, which is nowhere near enough to pay Ushio. He comments on how Ushio will beat him up again if he doesn’t have the money, and asks what he’s doing, working on the Puzzle at this time, although he mentions working on a puzzle makes him feel better.

The Toei anime version is similar at this point, however, Yuugi does not count out the money, he just thinks about how he doesn’t have that kind of money as he works on the Puzzle. And since Ushio hasn’t beat him up yet, he doesn’t make that comment here. He does still comment on how he shouldn’t be working on the Puzzle at this time.

While the DM anime never really showed Yuugi solving the Puzzle (except as a brief clip of the Puzzle glowing while Yuugi looks astonished – see The Introduction), the Pyramid of Light movie took this on instead. The entire plotline with Jounouchi, Honda, and Ushio is completely dropped – instead, Yuugi is just working on the Puzzle alone in his room, as shadowy figures dart around the room unnoticed, interspersed with scenes of an excavation of an Egyptian tomb as Anubis awakens.

I love how he’s got a whole bunch of papers where he’s sketched out his progress so far.

In the dub, the narrator melodramatically talks about how the Puzzle hasn’t been solved in 5000 years.

…Someone tell the narrator that a kids’ movie is completely the wrong place to try to show off your vocabulary. Seriously, it’s entirely unnecessary to be using big words here, and feels forced – and I say this as someone who loves using big words.

Anyway. The voiceover continues, talking about how the solution evades Yuugi, and Yuugi grunts in frustration.

The voiceover is absent in the sub. Instead, Yuugi thinks about the recurring riddle, how it reflects the Puzzle, and then throws his hands up in exasperation, commenting on how he’s so close to solving it. There is also the addition of a brief part where Kuriboh peeks out from around the bed, before this.

In both the manga and Toei versions, Yuugi then notices that he’s having an easier time solving the Puzzle, even though he feels terrible. Cool music starts playing in the Toei version, and Yuugi also comments there that he feels like he’s going to solve the Puzzle. In both versions he starts getting more and more excited as it comes together. He says “I did it”, uncertainly in the manga and excitedly in the Toei version, as he gets it assembled minus the central piece.

In Pyramid of Light (skipping over the excavation scenes), lightning flashes overhead as Yuugi reads his notes, and goes back to working on the Puzzle. In the dub, this is silent, and in the sub, Yuugi comments “Oh, now I get it!” (unusually, as the dub typically likes to have more dialogue than the sub.) After cutting away to another excavation scene and coming back, Yuugi slides in another piece, which shines as it fits into place. In the dub, Yuugi exclaims “Hey, all right!” and in the sub, he exclaims that it’s a perfect fit. A menacing pink shadowy demon thing pops up behind him as he picks up another piece, saying it should fit too. The Puzzle glows as it’s assembled minus the central piece. In the dub, Yuugi says “one to go” and that he’s almost completed the Millennium Puzzle and in the sub he says that it’s done, then that he only needs to put in the last piece.

In both the Toei and manga versions, Yuugi comments on how he only needs to put in one more piece, and he reaches into the box, only to find the piece gone. He completely freaks out – in the manga, he tears apart his room looking for the final piece, before starting to cry that he’ll never solve the Puzzle and get his wish. In the Toei version, he stands up, saying “No way!”

Look at this poor child.

In Pyramid of Light, in the dub, Yuugi comments on how his grandpa will be surprised that he’s figured out the Puzzle all by himself, and then says “The last piece” as he reaches for it (as it’s not absent here, unlike the manga and Toei anime). The sub starts this part with an additional clip, where Yuugi states the “powers and knowledge of darkness” line. He then follows that up with saying that he’s about to finish the Puzzle that his grandpa told him would make his wishes come true (I’m pretty sure that’s NOT what he told you, Yuugi, I’m pretty sure he said it would give you dark powers, but this is Pyramid of Light continuity so we’ll go with it).

(told you I could change the subtitle colors).

At this point in the manga, Sugoroku comes into Yuugi’s room, and exclaims over how Yuugi has solved the Puzzle. Yuugi dejectedly tells him that he couldn’t finish it. Sugoroku tells him not to give up (now mentioning that Yuugi’s been working on it for eight years), and reveals the last piece in his hand. Yuugi promptly hug-tackles him, thanking him for finding the Puzzle piece. Sugoroku says that it wasn’t him, but a friend of Yuugi’s who came by, soaking wet. Yuugi thinks that he doesn’t know who that is, but thank you. Sugoroku thinks that Jounouchi told him everything, and asked not to tell Yuugi his name. Sugoroku then slips the money into Yuugi’s bag unnoticed as Yuugi celebrates the return of the final piece. He then says goodnight, and leaves Yuugi alone to complete the Puzzle and get possessed. As he walks away, he comments about how the Puzzle will pass judgement on evil, and that Ushio is probably the one that’s going to get in trouble.

(Just gonna leave him alone to get possessed, great grandparenting decision. Still though, this is where Sugoroku becomes more sympathetic and supportive of Yuugi)

The Toei version is very different. After Yuugi panicking about the missing piece, it cuts to showing the piece in the river as Jounouchi and Honda are walking by, discussing how they can’t be sure of Yuugi’s motivations. Jounouchi looks into the river and recalls Yuugi calling him a friend. He jumps into the river, and Honda freaks out a little.

Meanwhile, Yuugi is shown running through the streets, hoping that the last piece will be at school. He thinks about how the Puzzle is incomplete without it and he’ll never get his wish. He then runs into Ushio, who asks if Yuugi brought the money. Yuugi says no, he just forgot something at school, and that he can’t pay that anyway. Ushio then says he has to teach Yuugi a lesson, then.

It cuts back to Jounouchi retrieving the Puzzle piece. Honda throws down a small towel, saying he uses it for handling dirty objects, but that Jounouchi needs to buy him a new one. Jounouchi yells at him for being a cheapskate, and Honda notices Ushio with Yuugi.

It cuts to Ushio beating up Yuugi. Again, this doesn’t really have the same impact as Yuugi hasn’t sacrificed himself here, he just got caught by Ushio by accident. However, we do have Jounouchi and Honda coming to Yuugi’s defense, which is sweet. Jounouchi runs to Yuugi to see if he’s alright. Yuugi, barely aware of anything, says that he asked the Puzzle for true friends, and Jounouchi, noticing that the Puzzle is nearly complete (somehow Ushio beating Yuugi senseless didn’t damage the Puzzle at all) puts the Puzzle piece into his hand as sad piano music plays.

Honda says that he used to respect Ushio, but not after this. Jounouchi stands up alongside him. Jounouchi and Honda charge and Ushio and promptly get beaten up, as Yuugi continues thinking about how he wanted true friends. After Ushio beats up Jounouchi and Honda, he leaves, and Yuugi struggles to awareness. Yuugi then notices the unconscious Jounouchi and Honda and says that he can’t wake them. He then finally realizes that the Puzzle piece is in his hand, and he reaches towards the Puzzle with it.

In the DM anime, there was some reference during that flashback of Jounouchi retrieving the Puzzle piece – unlike in the manga (and even the Toei version), Yuugi knows that Jounouchi had thrown the piece out the window, and then retrieved it. It’s not until much later in the manga that Jounouchi reveals to Yuugi that he took and returned the piece (during Death-T).

In Pyramid of Light, nothing of the sort happens. Yuugi simply grabs the piece from the box and goes to put it in.

It’s interesting how different each version is. While I like Jounouchi returning the Puzzle piece to Yuugi directly, in such an emotional and dramatic scene, I think I still prefer the manga version. We get a sweet family scene instead, and it fits better with Ushio beating Yuugi up earlier (and as I mentioned, his self-sacrificing nature is such a part of his character that I don’t think it should be left out). Pyramid of Light’s take is entirely different, since the Ushio plotline is dropped. It leaves out his despair at not being able to finish the Puzzle, but it makes sense since that’s not the point of those scenes – it’s to show how he’s waking Anubis. At any rate, it definitely changes the tone completely, but it works for what it’s going for. And I might rag on the dub narrator, but otherwise the dub is fine in this instance – although I will still wonder what happened to those extra scenes, where they came from, since the dub version was created first.