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Furry Feets.


🔮Witch Bottle 🔮
~to protect and bless my home, sacred space and self.~ 🌛🌝🌜
•sharp objects to repel negativity and harm away. (Nails, safety pins, thumbtacks, broken glass, etc.)📌
•unakite stone to aid in protection and balance of spell.💎
•strands of hair or nail clipping to infuse self symbolization and power.〰
•myrrh incense to increase power and bind spell.💨
•herbs: mint (protection), heather (peace and attract friendly spirits), sage (cleansing), rowan (home protection and inspiration), rosemary (purification and health), clove (warding negativity), rose (love), lemon verbena (strength and positive attraction).🌿
•black candle for wax to seal. 🕯
“I conjure the, protective herbs and objects, on this day and in this hour, to be a protection and safeguard against all adversity and evil. Protect this house and all who dwell within. As I will it, so mote it be.” 🗝🔮🌛🌝🌜🔮🗝


Created for: The Sims 4 by Rirann

Tekla is a modern house for small or middle sim family.
Fully furnished and decorated.
Inside: living room, dining room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a gym.
Outside: big swimming pool and a patio.


Cleansing spray!

So I made a heavy duty cleansing spray! I tend to do a lot of protective/cleansing work for shitty situations, and I also curse. So I wanted something fairly high caliber, but also really easy, that I could cleanse objects or the home with.


  • *Overproof rum
  • Lavender
  • Sage
  • Hyssop
  • Sea salt

*The alcohol must be high enough proof that the herbs won’t rot, and also that it won’t leave behind an odor once it’s dry. If you only use dried herbs, anything 80 proof or more is good. If you use fresh, use 100 proof or greater. On the odor front, the higher the proof the better. My rum is about 125 proof.

Also make sure whatever you spray this with is safe to be exposed to alcohol. Some stones, especially if they’ve been treated in some way, might be affected by alcohol.

And finally, I wouldn’t recommend adding much more than a pinch or two of each herb to this mixture. Over time, the alcohol will essentially turn it into a tincture, and if you have a lot of the herbs in there, it will smell quite a bit! Lavender is lovely and all, but, seriously, tinctures REALLY smell.

Alternatively, you could remove the herbs after some period of time if you feel you don’t want it to extract any more.

I simply combined these in a spray bottle while in a happy, light mood, and I give it a good shake before I spray.

Ta-da! Cleansing like a boss!

Mythologicalasfuck Headcanon #4

Percy and Annabeth once walked by a pet adoption drive.
They agreed that they wouldn’t let each other fall in love with any of the animals as neither of them felt they should adopt a pet at that time.

Percy stopped and played with some of the dogs for a bit before leaving.
Right before he was out of earshot of the drive, he heard one of the volunteers call a dog “Blue”.

Percy wanted the dog. Annabeth objected. Percy still went home with the dog.

“His name is ‘BLUE’, Annabeth. It’s a sign!”



Ẁ̴͘H̸A̢TĘ͘͏V̨̛EŖ͟.̡.̸̨.̴҉.͢͞NO̴B͟O̧D̶̢Y ̡C̵͘͞Ą̷̵R̛E͠S̶̨,̨͟ ͏͏I̧͘ ̴͘G̶̶̕Ù͘E͏S̨S͝.̶̵̨.̵̕.

Gabriel Fluff

word count: 966

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Warnings: Extreme fluff

A/N: this was requested by an anon and I’m so sorry because I totally changed the whole aspect of it, if you want me to redo it or do another one please send me a message. Sorry I made it more fluffy than it should have been! Also, requests for imagines/oneshoits are open.

Summary: Meeting Gabriel at your job at a bar, falling in love with him and finding out he’s a angel.

Working as a bartender was mostly boring and often the people in which you encounter are extremely sleazy and treat you with no respect. Day after day you would turn up to work, be treat like an object for hours, go home, sleep and repeat for the next day. Until one day, you met Gabriel.

“I need a refill, hottie,” one of the regulars slurred as he slammed his 4th empty glass down on the table.

Sighing, you refilled his drink hoping that one day he would leave and never come back.

“Hey, can I have a glass of your strongest liquor please,” a smooth new voice filled your ears.

You looked up to be met with beautiful whiskey eyes which felt like they were looking at your soul.

After a few seconds you snapped back into reality realising you had been staring into his eyes. Embarrassed, your cheeks flushed red and you turned around to grab the drink for him. You poured it into his glass as he said with confidence, “My names Gabriel.”

“Y/N Y/LN,” you returned with a smile.

“Ah, a beautiful name for a beautiful person.” As cheesy as it was, it caused you to giggle.

That night you and Gabriel spent hours talking and getting to know each other. That was the best night you had ever worked at the bar and even today it is still one of your favourite memories.

“…and the funny thing is, my brothers totally in love with this guy and neither of them know,” Gabriel joked causing you to giggle.

You looked over to the clock to see that closing time was supposed to be half an hour ago. Panic filled your body as it always took ages to get everyone out of the bar and if your boss found out you would surely be fired.

Gabriel must have noticed the drop in your face as he asked with concern “are you okay?”

“Yeah it’s just, I enjoyed talking to you so much that I totally forgot the time and I’m half an hour late closing up the bar. Also, you don’t know how long it takes to get all these drunks out of here. If my boss finds out he’ll kill me,” you said with annoyance and panic.

“Hey, it’s okay,” he looked up into your eyes, “I’ll help you get them out of here, you go get the keys.”

You didn’t know it at the time, but that was the first time Gabriel ever used his angel mojo to help you. He got rid of everyone within the bar with a click of his fingers and made himself look busy for when you came back with the keys.

“I still can’t believe you managed to move all them drunks so quickly,” you murmured in disbelief to Gabriel as you locked up the bar.

“What can I say sweet cheeks, I’m the drunk whisperer,” he smiled goofily making you laugh.

“I really enjoyed today Gabriel,” you looked up into his enticing whiskey eyes.

“Me too sweetie,” he rubbed the back of his neck.

You reached into your pocket and pulled out a pen before grabbing his hand. You tried to ignore the electricity you felt when you touched but the connection you felt was intense. You pulled up his sleeve and wrote down your number on his arm.

“Call me okay?” you asked before kissing his cheek and walking away, leaving behind a smiling yet flustered angel.

Gabriel called you the very next day and you spent hours talking like you did the night before. You felt as if you had spent your whole life with him. He popped into the bar more and more after that as he knew how much you hated working there alone (and he would never admit it, but he didn’t like leaving you in a place like that alone either).

Over time, your feelings grew stronger for Gabriel as did his for you. Every second spent without each other felt like an eternity.

You slammed the door closed of your house and dropped your keys in the bowl sighing after a long day at work. I have no clue why I still work there. You walked into the living room to see Gabriel standing there and the smile from your face dropped.

From behind Gabriel you saw two broad, golden wings stretching across the length of your apartment.

Gabriel tried to focus on your eyes but he was extremely distracted by how bright and beautiful your soul looked, he then noticed the scared, panicked look on your face.

“Y/N, are you okay?” he rushed up to you trying to touch you but you cautiously took a step back, “what’s wrong?”

“Y-you… Wha… How?” you stuttered looking at the stunning Golden wings coming from behind Gabriel.

He followed your line of sight and his eyes went wide as he realised you was looking straight at his wings.

“You can see my wings?” Gabriel asked with shock. “It makes sense why your soul is so bright now,” he murmured to himself.

“I… What does this mean? What are you?”

“Y/N, I’m so sorry I never told you before. I’m an angel, and the reason you can see my wings is because you’re my soulmate. I should have told you sooner, you probably hate me now and- “

You cut him off by connecting your lips with his. Emotions were running through your body, confusion, admiration but most of all love. You deepened the kiss filling it with more passion as electricity ran through your body until eventually you both pulled away.

“So that’s how you managed to get rid of all them drunks the night we met,” you joked causing him to laugh before pulling him into a kiss again.

oKAY BUT in the beggining of the manga it’s Yona’s birthday right??? and we clearly see Soo-Won giving Yona a present but

what about Hak?

did he not bother getting her a present bc she would like, tease him about it anyways???

did he get her a something that he’d give to her later??? is it somewhere, still hidden, still wrapped???

what could it be?? how does Son Hak choose the present he’ll give to the love of his life on her day?? was it a rare flower or a shiny comb or neckace or… a hairpin?

did he get her a present that he knew he’d never give to her? 

what was their tradition when it came to this? like does Yona refuse to gift him anything on his birthday too bc that’s just how their relationship works??? or doe she actually get him something very thoughtful, throws it over his head every year and then runs away like she doesn’t care?

what’s the exact rythm of Hak’s heart as he opens it and he finds that thing he talked to her about like four and a half months ago???

did i just give myself the feels???