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Doing Your Own Research

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Or, more appropriately titled: Doing Your Own Research, Without Just Looking Up Someone Else’s Correspondence Lists. Because while those lists are very handy to get started or have a shorthand reference, it gives us memorization, stopping just short of real understanding. What’s more, most correspondence lists won’t have your local (overlooked) plant life, or whatever niche plant, rock, animal you need. Sometimes, you have to get your hands dirty and figure it out from scratch.

Anyway so here’s some stuff you can do to aid in that.

 The Science
Look into what it physically is. What family does it belong to? If that weird plant growing in your backyard is closely related to say, basil, it will likely have similar properties. Was that crystal formed under heat and pressure, or is it a sedimentary rock? What does this animal do? How does it live and survive? A lot of correspondences come from this level, and it’s the easiest level to research. Physical traits and fun science facts are all welcome here and fair game to use in magic.

The Folklore
Okay, so we know what the Thing is made of, but let’s look into its relationship with humans. There’s nothing demanding that roses be the Official Love Flower, but rather it’s a collective cultural thing. That has worked itself into magic as well. Are there any stories involving your object of choice? Local superstitions? Home remedies? What does this item get used for in wider culture? For some things, there may not be much here. But for those that do have lore, it’s a valuable resource.

The Vibes
The actual, spiritual sensations you get from holding or touching the Thing. (This is going to apply more to rocks and plants… please don’t go out and touch wild animals.) This will give you some better understanding beyond just what it does, but how it does it. Does the energy seem aggressive? Is it fast or slow moving? Does it give you the impression of being related to a certain element? Which brings us into the next…

The Voice
If you communicate with stuff or spirits at all, this is for you. Just ask the Thing for yourself! “Hello. I am ____. Tell me, what sort of things would you be able to help me with?” Prepare an interview, maybe. This will likely be more specific than “love” or “cleansing,” because they’re giving you a pitch and will know themselves very well. It may be “I help someone realize romantic feelings they already have but don’t know about,” or “I help other cleansing items so that cleansed spaces stay cleaner for longer, but I don’t work by myself.” If you get an answer, record it!

Use the Thing! If you have a general idea of what it does, throw it into the mix for your next relevant spell and see how it changes the result. You can read a lot about something, but the research doesn’t stop when you start using it! As you discover things through repeated use, make note of that as well!

Happy researching!

The 5th House and Style/Design

Aries in the 5th House: Give them dynamic and fierce designs, is attracted to reds, bright lighting, leather couches, and likes a room to be lively.

Taurus in the 5th house: All about comfort and class. Expect decorative pillows, silk sheets, or maybe a snuggie. Loves candles, mood lighting, and elegant touch ups.

Gemini in the 5th House: Fun and colorful designs, might want a bookcase or two in their home, and is all about technology.  Likes quirky objects in their home and is attracted to unique jewelry.

Cancer in the 5th House: All about comfort! Give them a home that has plenty of pillows, quilted blankets, and heirlooms around the house. Their home has plenty of photos of family and friends, is attracted to water, likes dim lighting, and is a night owl. The kitchen and bedroom are the most important rooms to them. The smell of food cooking is their favorite.

Leo in the 5th House: Bold decorations, furniture and amenities perfect for entertaining, plenty of wine, creative style, and an inviting atmosphere.

Virgo in the 5th House: Minimalist, highly functional in design and furniture, and likes a touch of nature in their home.  Might have a gym and is all about putting health first.

Libra in the 5th House: Great aesthetics, candles, curtains, crystals, decorative pillows, a light touch and accent, home is perfect for hosting.

Scorpio in the 5th House: Attracted to darker colors and keeps loved ones and hobbies close to their heart and home. Photographs and posters dominate, likes mood lighting, and don’t forget the lingerie.

Sagittarius in the 5th House: Attracted to wide open spaces, likes to keep things simple yet unique, and their home might be a bit of a mess.  Evidence of hobbies around their home and designs are vibrant in color.

Capricorn in the 5th House: All about quality of furniture, paint, etc. Likes to keep a rug or high-end painting. Attracted to fireplaces and leather, all about earthy or classy designs.

Aquarius in the 5th House: Plenty of vintage, boho styles, or futuristic designs. All about technology and the unconventional. Imagine lava lamps or experimental furniture.

Pisces in the 5th House: Decorates their home with their own artwork, can be disorganized and unpractical. Imagine a pile of clothes on the floor, designs are flowy, and they are attracted to water.

Cleansing spray!

So I made a heavy duty cleansing spray! I tend to do a lot of protective/cleansing work for shitty situations, and I also curse. So I wanted something fairly high caliber, but also really easy, that I could cleanse objects or the home with.


  • *Overproof rum
  • Lavender
  • Sage
  • Hyssop
  • Sea salt

*The alcohol must be high enough proof that the herbs won’t rot, and also that it won’t leave behind an odor once it’s dry. If you only use dried herbs, anything 80 proof or more is good. If you use fresh, use 100 proof or greater. On the odor front, the higher the proof the better. My rum is about 125 proof.

Also make sure whatever you spray this with is safe to be exposed to alcohol. Some stones, especially if they’ve been treated in some way, might be affected by alcohol.

And finally, I wouldn’t recommend adding much more than a pinch or two of each herb to this mixture. Over time, the alcohol will essentially turn it into a tincture, and if you have a lot of the herbs in there, it will smell quite a bit! Lavender is lovely and all, but, seriously, tinctures REALLY smell.

Alternatively, you could remove the herbs after some period of time if you feel you don’t want it to extract any more.

I simply combined these in a spray bottle while in a happy, light mood, and I give it a good shake before I spray.

Ta-da! Cleansing like a boss!

The Signs as Pirates

Aries: A crew of pirates that hail from a port city overrun with corruption. Their acts of disobedience put the crew at risk of being silenced forever so they escaped to the sea to develop their plan. They deliver supplies to residents of the city in the form of food and basic necessities as well as weapons for the brewing rebellion. The crew is on the run from corrupt officials but viewed as protectors by civilians.

Taurus: No other crew has been at sea as long as this one. This pirate crew is composed of several families that have sailed the same huge ship for countless decades. Their extensive knowledge of the sea is made clear by all the riches they have acquired and the jewels that dangle from their bodies. Other crews regard them with deep respect, making them pseudo-royalty in the seafaring world.

Gemini: A playful crew of master tricksters, sailing the world on a ship unlike any other–the crew constructed and repaired it as they traveled, which resulted in a ship with parts from all around the globe. The eclectic ship suits the crew well because each member joined the crew at a different location, creating a very diverse group. Days on the ship are filled with discussions, pranks, and learning about each member’s past life on land.

Cancer: The youngest known pirate crew. However, what they lack in years they make up for in courage and compassion. This ocean-eyed bunch boarded their ship and sailed away from a tragic past in a destroyed city. The crew protects each other from the dangers of the sea and takes in any lost children they encounter. Often underestimated for their youth and kindness, the crew surprises other pirates by coming to the rescue when another crew is in need.

Leo: These pirates sail in a ship plated with gold, crowned with ruby red sails and led by a beautifully carved marble lion figurehead. On board, the crew enjoys all the riches of the world, from diamond rings to emerald-crusted goblets. Exotic animals roam the deck, tigers and leopards dozing in the open sun and lionesses standing regally at the side of each crew member. It is considered an honor for your city to be visited by these pirates.

Virgo: Pirates that keep their ship docked in rocky caves with crystal-covered walls carved out of cliffs by ocean waves. These secret caves are also home to the crew’s legacy: tunnels leading to rooms filled with books written by crew members long passed, tables littered with hand drawn maps, and unique inventions and creations from all over the world. These pirates are known as the first to map the Seven Seas. 

Libra: Pirates who drifted away from civilization and became overcome by the beauty of the world. The crew can be found on islands with their immaculate ship anchored nearby, dancing in ankle deep water on white sand beaches to music made with their own handmade instruments. Seashells and pearls are tangled in their hair and they sip a beverage similar to wine.

Scorpio: This pirate crew is known by most people as half reality and half folk lore because they are rarely sighted and never communicate with people outside the crew. The dark sails of their ship loom on the horizon every full moon for only a few moments before they seem to disappear without a trace. People speak of their wild eyes and jewelry made of shimmering fish scales, crystals, and dark gemstones.

Sagittarius: A ragtag band of rogues and outlaws, banished from their homeland for refusing to support a tyrannical ruler. They have been given a bad name by authorities but this reputation could not be further from the truth. This crew remains deeply loyal to each other as they travel the sea and find themselves in risky situations. While battling sea monsters and saving stranded refugees, they risk their lives for each other and constantly display their “all for one and one for all” philosophy.

Capricorn: This pirate crew has roamed farther than any other, reaching the Arctic Circle. They’ve adapted to the freezing climate, living in solitude for most of the year and migrating back to the mainland along the equator only when they need supplies. They are industrious inventors and skilled hunters, but record all their secrets in a coded language that only crew members can decipher.

Aquarius: This pirate crew is known for the strange events that seem to follow them wherever they go–hurricanes suddenly calming when their ship approaches, worldly objects disappearing from their homes and reappearing on board the ship, and the strange way the crew abandons the ship for the sea every night, trading their legs for scaly fish tails in the light of the moon… The crew itself is few in number and each member is of the same rank.

Pisces: A pirate crew that drifts from coast to coast in a ship that reflects the sun in a way that makes it appear to be made of silver. The sails seem to be the color of the ocean itself. These pirates let the stars guide them across the sea, stopping in port cities periodically to trade handmade tapestries for supplies. Their arrival is met with anticipation because most people believe the crew has been gifted with the otherworldly power of clairvoyance.


🔮Witch Bottle 🔮
~to protect and bless my home, sacred space and self.~ 🌛🌝🌜
•sharp objects to repel negativity and harm away. (Nails, safety pins, thumbtacks, broken glass, etc.)📌
•unakite stone to aid in protection and balance of spell.💎
•strands of hair or nail clipping to infuse self symbolization and power.〰
•myrrh incense to increase power and bind spell.💨
•herbs: mint (protection), heather (peace and attract friendly spirits), sage (cleansing), rowan (home protection and inspiration), rosemary (purification and health), clove (warding negativity), rose (love), lemon verbena (strength and positive attraction).🌿
•black candle for wax to seal. 🕯
“I conjure the, protective herbs and objects, on this day and in this hour, to be a protection and safeguard against all adversity and evil. Protect this house and all who dwell within. As I will it, so mote it be.” 🗝🔮🌛🌝🌜🔮🗝

Fantasy Biology: Pixies

It was close voting this time round folks, but the Pixies pulled ahead by a beetle’s wing.

Pixies are small entities which are often confused with fairies. They are generally considered more benign than the other Fae but are still enigmatic. Their features include:

  • Small size
  • Child-like appearance
  • sometimes nude, sometimes wearing rags and discarded things
  • like finery (ribbons, lace, etc)
  • may or may not have wings (some debate)

Those wings are interesting, and I suspect they’re the main reason i was asked about this species in the first place, because they’re insect-like wings, not vertebrate wings. And as it happens, making the Pixie an arthropod or insect species works really well.

Keep reading

♐️Sagittarius in the houses

🏠1st house (= your ascendant)

  • You embrace new experiences and people with optimism and an adventurous/curious spirit
  • you stand strong in what you think and don’t hold anything back, can be super frank and too honest at times
  • curiosity and knowledge motivates you! 
  • can be an amazing leader
  • you give off/project interested and curious energies 
  • can be very self centered and restless and sometimes you act cold and unemotional 
  • you usually perceive the world in connection with yourself and not always how it affects other people
  • freedom and being able to do whatever you want is super important to you but sometimes you use freedom as a way to avoid responsibilites in life
  • restless and might have a constant desire for change 
  • has a desire to learn about the world so that you can become aware of beliefs and values of people around the world, it interests you deeply
  • you want to experience life fully and discover the truth about everything so that you can then tell people about it, you love sharing your experiences with people but can come off as feeling better than everybody else because you might believe you have more knowledge or life experience than the rest

🏠 2nd house

  • wants to be financially independent and not having to lean on money to survive, you need to feel free from money and it’s controlling effects
  • there’s a risk that you make people feel dependent on you and that you control them or treat them as possessions to get ahead in life
  • you use knowledge to advance, create stability for yourself and to help you create opportunities that will benefit you (which might mean that you don’t get a broad perspective on everything because you only focus on the knowledge which will benefit you personally)
  • can be too generous and carefree with money and possessions
  • you’re restless with money and possessions so you can quickly change between saving money to being a crazy spender
  • you put much value in traveling and gaining knowledge 
  • you feel productive and more self-worthy when you engage in philosophical and spiritual things

🏠 3rd house

  • has a broad range of interests and you always manage find something new that you get super invested in
  • witty and optimistic when communicating
  • can at times be too blunt and outspoken which can give you negative responses from other people
  • can be very spiritual when talking with people and almost too deep, maybe not the best person to have small-talk with if you just want to talk about the weather
  • you love expanding and growing your mind
  • passion for information!!
  • not only do you love to learn and know - you love proving to everybody what things you know. so can come off as a smartass or “know-it-all”
  • might be so stuck on learning that you forget to practice it and use it in real life
  • super active mind that craves mental stimulation and challenges!

🏠 4th house (IC)

  • you love being at home! it’s one of your favorite places
  • has many projects going on at home at the same time
  • might have a messy home life
  • wants a comfortable and kind of open home space, you want to feel free and able to move around a lot (maybe a big ass garden were you can roam around? or a lot of open spaces in your house/apartment?) 
  • can either be one of those people who consider everywhere to be home as long as you’re free or you need a secure and stable home in able for you to be comfortable to go out into the world and explore and take on adventures
  • the objects you keep at home are usually memories from some adventures/travels you’ve made in life
  • you can be a bit possessive of people close to you and have a hard time letting go of them
  • your beliefs and values might start to grow at home or be affected by family at some degree, maybe you have a deeply rooted belief system that is inspired by your home life or you take on the same beliefs and values as your family especially if you are really close with them and they’ve inspired you

🏠 5th house

  • you love living in the moment!
  • has a playful and free-spirited approach to romance, you might have partners from all sorts of places in life which will expand your romantic experiences even more
  • enjoys having an active social life and a lot of different interests and hobbies
  • loves entertaining people and usually the life of the party
  • can be overconfident and reckless with love but your generosity and honesty might make up for your uncommitted behaviors in love
  • whenever you experience something exciting or fun you want the next experience to be even better!! 
  • with each adventure or fun thing you do you want to learn something new and because of this you can be really up for and open to trying new things in life as long as they sound fun and exciting
  • you love taking chances in life and hope that the chances and risks will allow you to live life to the fullest but this can of course backfire if you take too many risks in life
  • you have this underlying worry that you might miss out on things in life or not experience life to the fullest, you always want to get the truest and most authentic experience out of everything, you have a deep desire to explore life to the fullest
  • the way you express your creativity is usually connected to your spirituality and beliefs and you love exposing the truth or showing the depth of things with your creative expression

🏠 6th house

  • enthusiastic worker who is curious and excited to take on extra work or learn more in the work place
  • you want and need freedom in your job without too much supervision from your coworkers or supervisors 
  • generous and love helping others
  • you are quite protective of your beliefs and values
  • you believe that if you help one you help all and that it’s all connected and that’s why you love helping people
  • positive thinking is something you believe in
  • always seeking ways to change your daily life that will enrich your mind and experiences and therefore might not always stick to routines or habits they have “established”
  • you’re a huge problem-solver
  • you find personal growth when you take on responsibilities and help others
  • you love teaching people and showing them how to do things from your own experiences

🏠 7th house (Descendant)

  • wants independence and optimism in a partner
  • jealousy and possessiveness are huge turn offs for you
  • might leave relationships because you become too curious and excited thinking of how it would be to live a single and free life instead
  • could end up having many relationships in life if you don’t control or handle your hasty behavior and never learn to settle with someone
  • really good at communicating but can talk too much
  • when picking partners you are drawn to people with the same values and beliefs as yourself
  • you love exploring with your partner and it can even be less exciting when you have to explore by yourself because the exciting thing about going on adventures is your partner and not the trip or experience in itself
  • exploring and traveling is a great way for you to get to know your partner and it helps you learn about them and also about yourself
  • a relationship is dead for you when there’s no longer something new to learn about your partner or from them so you might need a bit of mysterious or independent relationship in order to keep the love exciting and long termed
  • you might use relationships as a way to gain something in life and then leave your partner when you feel as if you got what you wanted 
  • could have a hard time being an unity in relationships and only thinking about yourself

🏠 8th house

  • you love learning about the deep desires of people and the dark truth about humanity 
  • a smart ass that does not tolerate people that try to outsmart them 
  • you prove and show off your intellectual talents to others and use your intellect as an emotional defense so that they can’t get deep and get to your deepest feelings and insecurities 
  • can be very narrow minded because you only seek things that will empower or enrich beliefs and things that you already like and approve of so there’s not really a lot of competition or debate on the subject/belief
  • can be stubborn af!! 
  • your passion for the truth and your honesty are great ways for you to succeed and break free from insecurities 

🏠 9th house

  • very spiritual and thinks education and knowledge are key aspects in life
  • you seek out knowledge through life experiences and life lessons
  • you are constantly expanding your mind and love pushing the boundaries of what’s considered normal or the right way to live your life, you’re always looking for the best and truest way to live and how to think
  • super passionate about traveling, spirituality, philosophies and explorations of different beliefs and values
  • people might see you as super cultural or as someone who knows a lot about the world 
  • spirituality comes very natural to you 
  • you want to show people what is true and the right way according to you but can sometimes forget to learn from other people and from their beliefs and values

🏠 10th house (Midheaven)

  • knowledge, experiences, exposing the truth and freedom will make you succeed and are the main things that drives you
  • you have big visions but they aren’t always realistic or practical
  • you are generous when it comes to professional contacts and coworkers
  • people perceive you as bold, outgoing, daring and wise or that’s at least what you try to come across as in the public eye
  • your ambitions and career goals are usually connected to feeling free and independent
  • can change jobs a lot
  • you would love to work with something spiritual and philosophical or feel like you have an outlet for these subjects in your career and public life

🏠 11th house

  • you social circle keeps expanding and it feels like it never stops expanding
  • you’re an optimistic and an outstanding friend that’s carefree and honest
  • could be the leader amongst friends or the one that takes the initiative for things, you’re great at creating a sense of unity among people
  • you are drawn to groups and organizations where you can inspire others and lead but aren’t usually a member of groups or organisations because your need to be free 
  • you love friends that are optimistic, fun and who inspire you to achieve and improve
  • makes new friends easily but friends that you have usually come and go
  • friends help you explore and learn from life
  • you take part in social activities that you think can help you learn or grow
  • you might have a sense of “I’m better than everyone else” especially when it comes to friends and you don’t like becoming friends with people that you feel are superior to you or people that know more than you do in anyway

🏠 12th house

  • can be too optimistic at times which will make you disappointed when your unrealistic promises of life are broken
  • your dreams can be very far away and are possibly things that will be achieved after a long journey and a lot of time passes, 
  • you might feel and appear very lost in life, not knowing where you want to end up
  • by practicing and becoming comfortable with your spirituality it will help you accepting the hard and sometimes too real part of life that might otherwise be too hard to endure for you
  • you might sacrifice your own personal growth and expansion by helping others, it’s important to not give more than you actually have 
  • might have to truly examine and get to the bottom of your beliefs and values in order to fully know what you want out of life, some of your beliefs might be hidden from you and are in need of exposing to yourself
  • when you face problems or dilemmas in life you become very careful with your actions and it’s not until you feel fully comfortable in life that you will be able to explore and enjoy life to the fullest
♎️Libra in the houses

side note: just fyi, I feel as if these sign placements (no matter the sign) will be extra apparent if the house is empty from planets or if the planets in the house share the same elements/sign placements as the sign that is in the house so keep that in mind!! 

🏠1st house (= your ascendant)

  • their first instinct in new environments and situations is to sooth and balance things and people
  • socializing is very natural to you, might even be one of your comfort zones
  • gives off charming and soothing energies which can make them easily liked and attractive even though they might not meet the beauty standards that society has
  • people might think you are fake because you don’t like starting conflicts or telling people what you really think if it’s controversial or has a chance of disturbing the social balance
  • probably the mediatior and diplomat, you are really good at understanding everybody’s points of views
  • not only do you want to sooth your surroundings you also try to keep up your appearance so that other people will find it pleasing
  • maybe straying away from intense or different clothing/make-up/hair not because they don’t want to but becasue they don’t want to trigger bad emotional response from people around them (especially if they haven’t become fully confident in themselves and not yet learned to not care about people’s perception/thoughts of them)
  • you value yourself based on your success with partners and relationships
  • doing things by yourself for too long without confirmation or response from other people can make you confused about your identity
  • your self-identity could be made up on your partner’s perception/opinion of you which can be really damaging if you don’t learn to create that on your own

🏠 2nd house

  • a partner is the main motivation for you to try achieving things in life because you see their happiness as a big motivation instead of your own
  • wants equal income and financial success with your partner
  • might mistake equality or love in relationships with unconditional sharing of possessions and money
  • if insecure in your self-worth you might risk taking credit for other’s success or becoming to possessive of possessions that aren’t yours!!
  • you ask too much of people sometimes, thinking that giving and sharing everything with you is equal when it really isn’t
  • wants to indulge in beautiful and possibly luxurious things (depending on your taste and preferences) 
  • you’re either super careful with how you spend or you have a idgaf attitude about it, this varies from time to time
  • you love owning things that you consider art or beautiful

🏠 3rd house

  • tactful and a great debater and conversationalist 
  • enjoys passionate conversations
  • you are very graceful and controlled when you express your thoughts
  • can be lazy students especially if the subject doesn’t interest you
  • thinks/daydreams a lot on relationships
  • constantly thinks of ways to make your relationships better and more equal
  • might rationalize or overthink your relationships too much and risk not being present at all with your partners
  • talk to your partner about what you want to change or improve!! they can’t read your thoughts unfortunately 
  • enjoys luxurious/beautiful traveling

🏠 4th house (IC)

  • you want your home to reflect your good taste/aesthetic
  • emotionally attached to objects in your home that you find beautiful
  • you want to promote communication in your home life and with family in order to avoid conflicts between each other
  • wants everything to be fair between family members and no one should be mistreated
  • tries super hard to balance the home life and keep it free from conflicts and inequalities
  • can become very lonely when you don’t have anyone to share your intimate thoughts with
  • it can be of great importance to you that your partner clicks or works well with your family or people that are very close to you

🏠 5th house

  • you love filling all your days with fun social activities
  • romance is super important to you but you might stay in relationships just for the feeling of having a partner and not for true love
  • might turn down fun opportunities in life because you don’t want to do them alone or don’t have anyone to do them with
  • a partner might help you feel confident in your creative expressions 
  • enjoys channeling their creativity with their partner, maybe writing songs to them, painting them or writing about them…
  • you are attracted to graceful and soothing people, people that ooze elegance
  • you love giving gifts to people you love 

🏠 6th house

  • you would like to work in a company or work environment which feels attractive and beautiful
  • when there’s a lack of teamwork or social interaction in your career you can become stressed and unmotivated
  • could be an awesome manager or boss because you would be great at compromising and solving work conflicts/problems, you see everybody you work with as your equal
  • might be that person that literally does everything with their partner down to even the tiniest things and routines
  • maybe controlling of how their partner lives their life in terms of health and routines, you want the best for your partner but it may come off as controlling and too much sometimes
  • you want your daily life and routines to run smoothly and feel glamorous

🏠 7th house (Descendant)

  • you want an equal relationship full of fairness and justice but you can at times be the selfish one, especially in the beginning of a relationship
  • you love sharing success and even failures with your partner
  • that person that loves hearing tiniest things about their partner’s life
  • loves the support and balance that partners give you 
  • can risk of not giving enough in relationships and only receiving 
  • you like when partners are sweet and fair and vulnerable
  • don’t expect your partner to give up their identities for you when you don’t give the same thing back!! 
  • in the beginning of relationships you might be a bit too keen on your freedom and not very invested in your partner
  • deep down you’re such a romantic

🏠 8th house

  • uncomfortable with making decisions by yourself
  • sharing money with family and loved ones is a priority and responsibility to you
  • can be strategic with partners and finding success through them 
  • puts up big walls towards others to protect yourself from being manipulated emotionally or controlled by them
  • you often let your partner provide for you which actually puts you in the risk zone of being controlled and manipulated
  • because of this you might instead seek out partners that you can control

🏠 9th house

  • loathes hypocrisy
  • your main principles in life is fairness and equality
  • loves learning about what makes people act and think the way they do
  • traveling is something that you love doing with friends or partners, you just love bringing people with you for trips and learning together
  • can shy away from having controversial beliefs or spiritual practices that sort of feels revolutionary or too extreme
  • indecisive of what you believe 
  • you are drawn to beliefs/spiritual things that appear and feel soothing and beautiful to you 

🏠 10th house (Midheaven)

  • well liked and popular in social and work circles
  • you work towards recognition and financial success
  • great at networking
  • you love working with other people as long as the effort is equal from all sides
  • can have problems with geting attention by themselves and prefer to be in the spotlight with someone there with them, maybe with a partner
  • you demand fairness in the workplace
  • your romantic partner might affect how people see you in the public eye
  • your relationship can impact your career choices too much, remember to not sacrifice too much of your career for your partner
  • might use the public space to promote equality and peace, but always in a diplomatic way

🏠 11th house

  • popular and has a wide circle of friends
  • might meet many friends through culture and art
  • wants their partner to also be their best friend
  • your ambitions and goals in life could be influenced and made on behalf on people around you and their own needs and desires instead of your own
  • you and your partner probably share the same friends! 
  • maybe you met your partner through friends or you guys were friends before you started dating
  • people around you can help you reach your goals in life by simply motivating you and being the main thing that keeps you trying

🏠 12th house

  • on the outside you appear as very independent but on the inside you really grow and feel empowered by having a partner
  • you idealize romantic relationships too much and forget the reality of them which can make you really disappointed when your beautiful picture of them breaks
  • a gentle soul that likes to enjoy beautiful surroundings/things by themselves and just take it all in
  • you have a big desire for luxury but also a strong passion for justice which might be had to balance
  • might try to hide the romantic in you, you don’t like it when people see how dependent on others you can be
  • needs to feel comfortable with just leaning on other people and see that when you give equally in a relationship it all works out 

A Whole Family is Missing in France

The last time anyone heard of a member in the Troadec family was on February 16, 2017. That day, mother Brigitte (49) called her bank to report that her daughter Charlotte’s (18) debit card had been fraudulently used to pay for online videogames.

When police in the town of Nantes, in France, were alerted of the fact no one knew about the Troadecs, they investigated their home and found a lot of odd, and certainly chilling, things. They described the house as been “frozen in time”, with dishes in the sink and still wet clothes in the washing machine. All the beddings had been stripped and were hanging up to dry. Brigitte and father Pascal’s (49) vehicles were parked in the driveway, but son Sebastien’s (21) Peugeot wasn’t there. Also missing were the family’s tooth and hair brushes and everyone’s cell phones, except for Sebastien’s, who was found inside the house, with blood on it. The chargers have been left behind, and none of the devices have been used since February 17th.

Police also found traces of blood on the staircase that were matched to Pascal, Brigitte and Sebastien. It appeared like someone had tried to scrub it clean.

Then, on March 1st, a jogger in Dirinon, a town three hours away from Nantes, found a pair of trousers and health insurance card. Both belong to Charlotte. The following day, Sebastien’s car was located in a church parking lot in Saint Nazare, an hour away from Nantes. The car appeared to have been cleaned and the carpeting of the trunk was torn out, but they found a bit of blood inside the vehicle. Police have found other things scattered around, including some books that belong to Pascal.

Authorities are still searching and investigating, but they are operating under the premise that a crime has been committed. Their main suspect at the moment is Sebastien, the son, who has a history of mental illness and was once sentenced to community service after he made threats online in 2013.

UPDATE (March 5)

Two people have been arrested in Brest, where if you remember some of the family items were found. Although police hasn’t released their names, it’s the sister and brother in law of Pascal Troadec. They were both interviewed at the start of the investigation, and said they hadn’t been in contact with the missing family for a long time. But a new clue led investigators back to them: DNA of the man was found in the Troadec’s house and in Sebastien’s car. Police suspect this is related to a fight over an inheritance that started last year.

UPDATE (March 6)

Pascal’s brother in law, identified as Hubert C (46) has confessed to the murder of the four members of the Troadec family. It’s believed he beat them to death with a blunt object in their home and hid the bodies, although it’s unknown if he’s revealed where they are. He said it was over a dispute for the inheritance of some gold bars that Pascal took without the consent of his sister. Hubert’s ex wife, Pascal’s sister, remains under custody but it’s unclear what her involvement was, if any.


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