♦⁴ TS4 Plumbob SimTablet

Last upload for today is some cute simtablets. These I had in my wip folder for a long time and had forgotten all about them… Oops! Anyway there’s about 5 gradient tablets and 10 solid color ones. 


  • All come in one file.
  • All are fully functional.
  • Comes in 15 swatches.
  • These are not overrides.

♥ Credit:

  • Mesh by EA


Please do not re-upload, modify, or claim as your own thanks loves!

D o w n l o a d - Plumbob SimTablet

I hope you guys wuv them hehe! 


Behold! A Telescope (or Tunnel) Book of the Crystal Palace

This book folds up neatly to appear as ‘Lane’s Telescopic View of the Ceremony of Her Majesty Opening THE GREAT EXHIBITION of All Nations Designed by Rawlins 1851′! Open it – meaning, in this case, lift the front cover up – and you’ll find yourself looking down a 3-D tunnel view.

From the JHU Libraries Catalog:

This ‘Telescopic View’ is made of printed paper and card, and is supplied in a slip-in card box. When you take the view out of the box, it opens with a concertina action, and you place it on a flat surface. When you view the internal scene through the little peep hole in the cover, you see a three dimensional view of the inside of the Crystal Palace in 1851, and the grand opening by Queen Victoria.

[© The George Peabody Library, The Sheridan Libraries, JHU]