@futcharadia and i have an au where all the homestucks have bad tumblrs and another where they have embarrassing politics and they sort of combined into like the best concept ever?

basically rose is in wikipedia random article hell at four am and comes across the objectivist party, which is literally Ayn Rand, The Political Alignment. it is literally just a political party about ayn rand, that’s it.

so she looks up the webpage for them and finds some ancient thing that hasn’t been updated in years, and jokingly applies to join the party on a whim under the pseudonym Rococo Larue and pretends to be like 37 so she’s of voting age, not expecting a response, but her app actually revitalizes the party because they haven’t had any new interest in years?

she can’t back down after that. rose becomes so invested in her fake alt-right double life that she winds up in an important position within the party, popularizes objectivism to the point that other people actually wind up knowing what it is, etc.

and then anarchocapitalist Social Darwinist anti sjw au dirk strider unironically joins the party and starts talking to “rococo” about how much he admires her work.

everyone else is in on it? dave has to uncomfortably sip juice and nod every once in a while as dirk goes on long rants about how ms larue is a political mastermind. he’s like please rose i think this has gone too far and she’s like You’re weak.

she’s still starting to regret that she accidentally strengthened one of the most pathetic political parties known to man, though, so she creates a tumblr that “rococo” manages and then sends anon hate to her own Official Objectivist Party blog so that she can respond to it in increasingly weak and embarrassing ways.

the old men and dirk who are also in the party start getting Super Mad about this ownage because they think it’s Infringing On Their Rights, so dirk does some digging and eventually realizes that BOTH rococo and the hater’s ips are at rainbow falls, new york.

it takes a bit but eventually dirk figures it out and compiles like an astonishingly huge exposee about how rose lalonde is a fraud and a scammer and probably an sjw!!!

rose is taken out of the party. it is very dramatic. buzzfeed publishes an article about how A Sixteen Year Old Lesbian Witch Secretly Led A Right-Wing Political Party And Her Cousin Told The World… What Happened Next Will Blow Your Mind.

the sixteen year old lesbian witch adds this article to all of her college applications, the objectivist party falls apart after such a disaster, so really everything turned up rococo larue even if her receipts made national news.