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Hi there. Can I ask for a one shot sanvers and the word tiger (random I know sorry). From Lee in scotland

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Boxes were strewn about Maggie’s bedroom in various states of full as she went through her nightstand drawers. Alex was in her closet finishing boxing up Maggie’s sweaters when she let out a small gasp.

“Oh my god, what is that?”

Maggie popped up from the other side of the bed she hasn’t slept in, in months. It took her a minute to follow Alex’s line of sight and when the object came into view, she blushed. She stood up and put herself between Alex and the closet.

She shrugged and looked up at Alex’s twinkling eyes and smug smirk. “It’s nothing, Danvers. Come on, let’s pack up the kitchen.”

Maggie gently took Alex’s arm but Alex quickly slipped out of her grasp and moved into the closet. She crouched close to the floor and pointed her thumb toward the large tiger propped up against the wall.

She still had that smirk as she tilted her head up at Maggie. “Does he have a name?”

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Types of Shaft Head-Tilts and how to use them

The ‘Lean Back’

For those of you who find turning around to face people too difficult, but still want to maintain eye contact.

The Stargazer

use: breaking your neck while impressing your friends

The 'Despair’

use: being in despair. Use at least twice a day, and make sure to inform everyone you are in despair as you do so.

The 'Posed Look’

use: only if you are a zombie, otherwise you will die

The Tsundere

use: letting everyone know you’re better and more flexible than them while maintaining drama during otherwise undramatic situations

The revolver

use: do this ten times during every day convos with your friends and family

The multiplier

use: if any of the above doesn’t strongly convey your feelings enough, do it in front of a reflective object so people can view your disdain from multiple angles.

The Spinebreaker

use: letting the audience know you’re a fucking demon who feels no pain

The Toothbrusher

use: don’t do this

NASA was finally able to create a telescope powerful enough to view objects hundreds of lightyears away in HD. Their first objective: Trappist 1. Their discovery: Signs of civilization on all the planets. It was concluded that each planet was capable of hosting life. The problem: WAS capable.

Aliens and beards
  • aliens not recognising their crewmate after his beard had been shaven off (honestly, neither can the humans, but the alien-freakout is highly entertaining)
  • aliens watching in confusion as comparing beards suddenly evolves into a full-out competition of beard-beauty (though having suspicions as to how the arrival of certain females of the species might have attributed to that)
  • furred aliens (especially those who can grow their fur long-ish, but well-groomed fur is the basic requirement, right?) joining in for fun, and to tease the competing males (one of the new competitors is an older female with rich fur around her neck, proof of her maternity and genetically encoded Care for her young)
  • furless aliens feeling a bit left out, but pacified as they are asked to act as judges, having a more objective point of view without their instinctual pull towards certain types of fur
  • (also they pick up supplies on the next station, faux fur and wigs and glitter and pretty beads and clams and… everythng. Next competition is in a week, and it shall be fabulous.)
~*~Sellieve’s Moon Sign Interpretations!~*~

Moon in Aries: You impulsively act on your feelings without thinking them through. You need adventure in order to feel complete. You are moodiest when you feel impatient. Very passionate and deliberate. Straight and to the point, you prefer not to dwell on or analyze your feelings.  Precocious, eager to get going in their pursuits.  A strong sense of autonomy, insistent on doing things on their own, a lust for independence.

Moon in Taurus: When provoked, you become stubborn and hardheaded. You have a hard time understanding the feelings of others. You can get stuck in emotional ruts, but what’s good about this is the fact that it gives you determination. Various smells, tastes, textures, sights, and sounds have more of an effect on your mood than they do for other people. Your emotions are less fickle than anyone. Once you feel a certain way about a person or situation, it is unlikely that you will change.  An emotional need for affection, you love to be touched.

Moon in Gemini: You feel the need to talk about your feelings and get it all figured out on a mental level. Indecisive, you understand both sides of a story and often feel strongly about more than one opinion on an issue. Acting shallow, letting loose, and seeing things from a lighthearted point of view helps you become emotionally at ease. Sometimes viewed as inconsiderate, you have a hard time understanding why others keep their feelings secret. When provoked, you try to weasel your way out of the situation. You consider all possibilities before making up your mind. You are moodiest when you have gone a long time without having fun.

Moon in Cancer: This is the moon’s favorite position, as Cancer is ruled by the moon. You are lovey-dovey, touchy-feely, affectionate, soft spoken, sensitive, nurturing, gentle, considerate, motherly, but whiny at times. You are ruled by your emotions and have difficulty seeing things objectively. You have a need to feel needed and love being a shoulder to cry on. You love deeply, laugh wholeheartedly, and sadness stings you more painfully than it does for others. You are clingy and have a hard time letting go of old feelings. You are guarded and might not show how emotional you truly are.

Moon in Leo: You have an emotional need to have your ego stroked. You can fill a room with your presence and enjoy being the center of attention. When you feel passionately about something, you express it with full enthusiasm. You are not one to keep their feelings private. Some may view you as demanding, others admire the fact that you really know who you are and aren’t afraid to show it. You are dedicated at getting what you want.

Moon in Virgo: Little things tend to set you off, and you notice things more than others would. You can be thoughtful and nurturing, but cynical as well. You feel like your good deeds go unnoticed, but you give appreciation to other peoples’ favors more than many would. You really think through your feelings before acting on them; you feel that you must analyze your feelings to get them perfectly figured out, then you tell people exactly what you feel. Sometimes you get bogged down in details and miss the bigger picture. Men who have moon in Virgo are in touch with their feminine side. Sometimes the fact that you are considerate of others’ feelings gets in the way of pursuing what you want.

Moon in Libra: You have an emotional need to be balanced and to please other people. Against separatism, you strive to make everyone feel included and comfortable around you. You will refrain from speaking up about how you feel out of fear of disturbing someone else. You can be resentful as you often put your own needs on the back burner to help someone else. You are indecisive about how you feel but after collecting enough information, your opinions are stronger than anyone else’s. You care about what other people think of you and try to be as fair as possible. You use your charm to get what you want. You are pretty good at seeing the bigger picture but often miss important details.

Moon in Scorpio: You are emotionally intense and occasionally you erupt. You feel the need to get down to the bottom of an issue, finding the very source of a conflict. You use your emotions to give your life more meaning. You are annoyed by shallow people and prefer to view everything from a deeper perspective. You lack the ability to be carefree as you thrive on feeling everything to the extreme. You are not afraid to face the more painful things in life, and you prefer to heal yourself from the inside out rather than cover up the surface of a problem.  When people hurt you, it leaves a deep impression on you, and you have trouble forgiving or forgetting.

Moon in Sagittarius: Emotionally, you are all over the place and unstable. Trying new foods and broadening your horizons fills your explorative heart. You have an emotional need for action, adventure, and freedom. You have this “go go go” attitude and other people tell you to slow down. When you feel passionately about something, some people may perceive you to be radical. You are open about how you feel, to the point that people see you as tactless. Nothing can extinguish your flaming enthusiasm and zest for life!

Moon in Capricorn: You take your feelings to the next level, always wanting to experience them at full complexity. You have supreme sensibility and logic that keeps you emotionally stable. You like to be seen as sophisticated, and so you often hide your passion and intensity behind a well composed, serious disposition, and well-crafted speech. You thoroughly contemplate your feelings before acting on them; you feel that you must analyze your feelings to get them perfectly figured out, then you tell people exactly what you feel. Some people who have moon in Capricorn ignore their emotions all together, for the sake of practicality, while other people with moon in Capricorn are the most emotional people you know, whether or not they show it –or even admit it to themselves! You have been wounded so many times to the point that you have grown to have thick skin, and get annoyed by people who are overly touchy. You have an “it is what it is” attitude and will tell the cold hard truth without sugarcoating.

Moon in Aquarius: Having your uniqueness stroked makes you feel fulfilled. Inspired by science and literature that has morals, you enjoy an intellectual challenge! You have a rebellious streak to fight for what is right. You rationalize the way you feel, a few friends of mine born with moon in Aquarius write what they feel in order to make sense of it. You prefer to view things objectively. You may have a hard time understanding the way others feel as you can be quite opinionated. You are good at thinking outside the box and seeing a situation in a new light.

Moon in Pisces: You have an emotional need to just go with the flow, meaning that you will act based on whatever feels right at the time, without analyzing the possibilities or considering the outcome. Though you are easily hurt, you are good at letting go and getting on with life. Others see you as hard to hold onto or pin down in a situation. Your personality is hard to fully grasp, even you aren’t sure of yourself. Your emotions are almost never concrete, you tend to change your mind and you are easily influenced by others. This makes you very agreeable and easy to talk to, but spineless. Very conflict-avoidant and evasive, you have a hard time facing your fears or having conversations that require you to be honest about your feelings. You feel like your good deeds go unnoticed and that you get walked all over, because it is hard for you to stick up for yourself. You have a lovely imagination and intuition.

I can write 10+ pages on your natal chart if you’re interested in a reading that integrates all your planets and aspects. I can forecast what your upcoming months or years will feel like based on how planets make transits to your natal chart! Message me for a reading!

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Some 40 light-years from Earth, a planet called TRAPPIST-1e offers a heart-stopping view: brilliant objects in a red sky, looming like larger and smaller versions of our own moon. But these are no moons. They are other Earth-sized planets in a spectacular planetary system outside our own. These seven rocky worlds huddle around their small, dim, red star, like a family around a campfire. Any of them could harbor liquid water, but the planet shown here, fourth from the TRAPPIST-1 star, is in the habitable zone, the area around the star where liquid water is most likely to be detected. This system was revealed by the TRansiting Planets and PlanetIsmals Small Telescope (TRAPPIST) and NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope. The planets are also excellent targets for NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope. Take a planet-hopping excursion through the TRAPPIST-1 system.

Would Mori kill Chuuya if Odasaku wasn’t enough to drive Dazai out of the Port Mafia?

Short answer: No.

Let’s make two things clear before we begin with the long answer. First: The blogger who put out this idea is one of my favorite BSD theorists, I respect them. This is not an attack or an attempt to take them down, just me protecting my sanity by saying what I think need to be said. Second, I might come to the fandom because of Odazai, but I stayed for Soukoku. So no, I’m not doing this because I hate the pairing.

The premise that I want to talk about was the idea that if Odasaku’s death hadn’t driven Dazai out of the Mafia, then Mori would kill Chuuya in order to finish the job.

Sadly, unless we are in one of those soukoku fanfics where Chuuya’s an innocent tsundere angel in a star-crossed romance with Dazai and Mori’s barely anything more than a devil incarnate made specifically to create the perfect Soukoku habitat, then, no, this scenario is not happening.

Now, even the blind can see that Dazai and Chuuya have a strong bond. The closest I could describe it without dipping into fangirl fantasy was brothers, complete with the sibling rivalry and childish pettiness everyone would display in front of their annoying family member. They’re also partners whose bond was made stronger by hell fires. I mean,

(Really, Bones?)

But is this enough to make Dazai leave? Probably. Would Mori risk it? No.

First, let’s look at the mother bear that has taken Chuuya as her own; Kouyou. As we could see in the manga, she has taken Chuuya either as her protégé, son or at least a little brother as seen from how he called her ‘Ane-san’ or the archaic, formal Japanese for ‘older sister’

If Kouyou is even half as attached to Chuuya, who she has known for years, is as she was to Kyouka, who only knew her for a few months, then do you even think that she will stay silent if she knew Mori killed Chuuya simply to drive Dazai out? To put in the way that would win the Understatement of The Century award, she will not be amused. Look at this scene where Kouyou told Tanizaki why she couldn’t let Mori die;

That’s the reason Kouyou is supporting Mori. When she found out he’s basically doing the same thing as the old boss, she will fight back.

Best situation Mori will lose her support; this is serious because not only she is an executive she is also one of its strongest ability users. Second-degree situation, she will kill him both in revenge and demeaning him no longer a leader deserving of her support.

Worst situation, Kouyou would defect from the Mafia, taking her faction with her along with the people loyal to Chuuya (Notice how caring Chuuya was to his subordinates, it will not be a farfetched to say he got many people loyal to him that would be enraged by the boss killing him off for such a shallow reason) It will break the Mafia in two with a possibility of a gang war fueled by revenge in Yokohama.

Think of the casualties, both monetary and personnel, if this is were to happen. Will Mori risk all this, just to drive Dazai away? Short answer is no. Long answer is no way on earth.

Second, the circumstance of Oda’s death. I hate to admit this but in objective point of view Mori’s scheme was a stroke of genius. It’s carefully planned for the best outcome with minimal casualties.

Positives of Oda dying

1.       The most obvious, The Gifted Business Permit. This is the biggest reward that came out of this sacrifice. With the Mafia should no longer fear the government’s punishing fist if they step out of the line, the freedom to do as they like as long as they’re not caught red-handed by military police.

2.       The cut-down to Port Mafia’s budget. As Odasaku himself has mentioned, Mori calling low-ranking members to his office meant they would be disposed of, indicating this has happened before and will happen again. This is important because the money and resource going to those useless goons can go to more important places, like weaponry or bribery. By killing off Oda, Mori take out a useless member of the Mafia whose only worth was calming marital problems, scaring thieving little kids and hunting for cats.

3.       Cementing Port Mafia’s name to not only the other gangs in the area, but also to the government. This would also be true for International scale since Mimic was supposedly a fearsome terrorist group with a powerful leader.

4.       Dazai lost his best friend and leave the Mafia.  With him gone, so was the threat to Mori’s reign.


1.       Losing one member with irreplaceable Ability that would have been OP if not for his creed to not kill.

Now, to Chuuya.

Positives of Chuuya dying

1.       Dazai losing his partner and driven out of the Mafia

Negatives of Chuuya dying.

1.       Kouyou starting a war on Mori, breaking Mafia in half, and possibly demolishing the whole thing to the ground.

2.       The loss of Mafia’s best martial artist

3.       The loss of the subordinates under Chuuya who was loyal to him

4.       The loss of one-half of Soukoku, will affect the morale of people under him because he was known to be strong both physical-wise and ability-wise.  

5.       The loss of people’s trust to Mori’s credibility, making rebellions and defection more common.

6.       The loss of the man who was so invulnerable he would be made Executive sometime in four years, when he was only 22.

As you can see, the negatives of killing Chuuya far outweigh the positive of having Dazai driven out of the Mafia by having him dead. Then this brought up the question; what would have Mori done if Dazai didn’t get out of Mafia?

The answer is: none. Seriously.

This is because there is no way Dazai won’t defect after that. Just like the planning for getting the Permit and getting Oda out of the picture, this has been calculated by Mori from the very start.

Notice this scene,

Now here’s the light novel version

The question arising from it is as such: why would a boy considered to become an Executive soon, scour the remnants of dead soldiers with its lowest-ranked member?

There’s a high possibility Mori was purposefully nurturing the friendship between them. This is also prevalent in the way he didn’t make any negative statements when he remarked about Oda having close relations to Dazai and why he didn’t take out Oda before this, or at least intervene with their friendship.

The same way Dazai’s confident in how his plans will come to fruition, Mori is also a being cut from the same cloth. There is now ay Dazai won’t leave the Mafia both because this has been carefully calculated for a long time and because Dazai himself will know that with this, he is no longer welcome in the Mafia.

I rest my case.

On the other note, the reason why I need to say all of this is because this theory is because how it makes Chuuya’s role into just a foil for Dazai, disregarding all of his worth as an important Mafia member. I love Chuuya, and not even as Soukoku. I love him because of how he is portrayed in the canon.

Killing off Odasaku was logical, it has many upsides and very little downside. Killing off Chuuya when he was clearly an important member was not only out of character, it distort both him and Mori as characters deserving respect.

Chuuya’s a person of his own rights, is important to many people and have people important to him and the list is longer than just Dazai. He’s a beautiful character with well-developed personality, have a life, ambitions, dreams and achievements of his own and I hate it when people just made him out to be a one-dimensional character whose world revolved around Dazai. Let me tell you; he’s not.  

saturn is a point of stress in the natal chart; where it is located indicates themes in our life in which seek clarity. we try to perfect this part of our lives & personality, and subsequently have much to learn from saturn’s house placement. this self-imposed pressure can truly crack some.

if your saturn falls in…

your first house, you seek to perfect your image and impression; thus, you may appear quite serious. your worldview is critical and you may find yourself quite skeptical. your perception of the world and others takes time to fully accept.

your second house, your concern is for financial security and a crystal clear set of values. you may accept your morals as an objective view and have troubles relating to others’ values.

your third house, you are careful with your words, and to want to speak with purpose. communication is deeply important to you. may be critical of your education growing up & thus struggled.

your fourth house, your family structure was one you took responsibility for. you may have felt compelled to grow up early to take care of your family. possible critical view of the father or authoritative parent.

your fifth house, uninhibited creativity may be hard to achieve. you may, quite literally, take fun seriously; you seek to perfect technique in your artistic endeavors of choice. may unfairly compare yourself to idols in that vein.

your sixth house, you may feel compelled to take on a lot of responsibilities in work, whether you’re prepared for it or not. may over-exert yourself and this can indicate tendencies of a hypochondriac. you put serious value in hard work.

your seventh house, you find yourself sacrificing in your partnerships. you feel your standards are just and fine, but there is much to learn to benefit from your relationships. you may feel like an old soul without knowing why.

your eighth house, you may feel you understand all there is to know about the world. lessons are needed to embrace the metaphysical that you can be very acute to. may stress & obsess over others’ belongings and values, intimacy, and life changes/mortality.

your ninth house, you may feel a desire to have control over a philosophy or religion of life. may have felt repressed or forced to believe a certain way and this carries confusion into adult life. you fervently seek the truth of any ideology you can get your hands on.

your tenth house, you may stress about your public image and the immense effort you put to making your goals reality. there may be a sensitivity to critique. possibility of taking a long time to cultivate your persona & desired career.

your eleventh house, there is a desire for control of crowds. there are lessons to be learned in this, as well as cultivating empathy for others. may indicate feelings of isolation, ‘alone in a room full of people.’ feeling lack of support.

your twelfth house, your sense of self-control is difficult to actualize. you may feel as though the odds are always stacked against you. may yearn for an overly-structured way of life to compensate for a chaotic inside. may indicate difficulty moving on. may be constantly fearful without understanding the source.

Maybe it’s just my imagination but....

I am convinced that until this episode Kara couldn’t stand Maggie. This is the woman that broke her sisters heart after all, the one who hurt her more then anything and I don’t think Kara ever forgave her. After the Valentine incident and Lena’s arrest I think things just got worse to the point where Kara was probably annoyed by every single thing Maggie did, by very existence

I think she kept a lid on it because she loves her sister most of all and would never interfere with her happiness but I think she was very much rooting against Sanvers. But after this episode and after seeing how much Maggie cares for Alex? I think Kara finally forgave her and accepted her for real

An Alternative Look at Exaltations and Falls in Astrology

Sun is exalted in Aries, but these people tend to not understand that other people are not as full of energy and motivation as they are. They push other people forward, which is great in its own right, but they don’t nurture the tenderness within themselves and others.

Sun is in its fall in Libra, in fact, since the season of fall begins when the Sun is in Libra could very well be the reason why we speak of planetary falls. October 5th is the most common birthday in the United States, and September 23rd is the most abundant birth day in Britain; all around the world, there are more Virgos and Libras than any other sun sign!The universe planned it to be this way because there needs to be plenty of people who just go along with others, harmonizing, not causing conflict. They might or might not think for themselves depending on other placements in their natal chart.

Moon is exalted in Taurus but is it really a superior placement? When the bull is expressed by one’s emotions, they get irrationally angry when other people do not do as they say. They might not know how to take a step back from the heat of the moment and consider that the other person has a valid stance. Grinding their hooves into the ground, they lash out if someone challenges them. When their progressed moon is in an air sign, they have the chance to learn to outgrow this behavior. (See my post about Secondary Progressed Moon Signs)

Moon falls in Scorpio, but these people are very perceptive. They can be vengeful towards those who have hurt them, unless if they have evolved past that. Astounding psychic abilities are their gift. Heartbreak cuts them down to their soul, other factors in their chart reveal how they process it.

Mercury is exalted in Aquarius, but many of us get annoyed by a know-it-all who has an opinion on everything! They can get too fixated on an idea.

Mercury falls in Leo, but their ego drives them to be productive. They may not view life objectively as an air Mercury would.

Venus is exalted in Pisces, but is it truly wise to put on those rose colored glasses to overlook problems and be “la dee da”? Virgo may be the “fall” of Venus but they value solutions and being discerning in how they give out their love! Venus in Virgo spends their energy on people who matter, rather than allowing compassion to spread themselves too thin as a Venus in Pisces would. Venus in Pisces experiences pleasure thru escapism, people with this placement often love to get drunk and ignore their life circumstance for a few hours. Venus in Pisces gets swept away when a loved one appeals to their wishes, they need to remind themselves of reality.

Mars is exalted in Capricorn, which can be sensibly handling their anger, IF this person has done deep emotional reflection to work thru their wounds. This is how the entire chart comes into play when understand just one planet, we’d also look at Chiron and the Moon to know exactly what kind of wounds they are processing in their soul. You can’t have a healthy Mars without a well-developed Chiron and a Moon that has looked at their own emotions in an honest way. Many with Mars in Capricorn are mature about getting to work but less mature about handling their feelings, or vice versa. They grind their hooves into the ground, holding onto facts about human nature and the world that they are angry about.

Mars falls in Cancer, as Cancer as known as the most womanly, motherly sign, but many men I know with this placement have no trouble expressing their masculinity! They are considerate about women’s sexual needs. In touch with their softer side, their psyche seesaws between masculine and feminine.

Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, but is it always a good idea to bask in the abundance of comfort? People with this placement might be generous and caring, but they might not have that “get up and put your nose to the grindstone” motivation unless other placements in their chart indicate that.

Jupiter has its “fall” in Capricorn, but people with this do not spend money on frivolous things. They have trouble giving out their love.

Saturn is exalted in Libra, but if a boss catered to their employees all the time, would that be most profitable for the company? Probably not. Sometimes authority figures need to be stern and not harmonizing. The most evolved manifestation of Saturn in Libra would be a fair minded boss. In Jungian psychology, or Myer’s Briggs, Libra can come out as Perceiving or Judging. The Libras who love justice and structure are Judging, whereas the Libras that are always pleasing everyone are more Perceiving. Point is, there are a variety of ways that Saturn in Libra could be. Cooperation between everyone gets things done! Saturn in Libra brings people and projects together by being the diplomat!

Saturn falls in Aries, but sometimes we need a pushy boss. This placement can be expressed as mean and demanding, or driven to succeed. Many people who have Saturn in Aries are very persistent.

Some astrologers claim that Uranus is exalted in Scorpio as she has a love for chaos! If someone has this placement, and Uranus makes hard aspects to other planets, it would express itself in a dangerous way. If I were giving a reading and someone had Uranus in Scorpio square sun in Aquarius, I’d be concerned that their detached nature would cause them to be hurtful to others without realizing. This is how Astrology can aid us in personal development!

Uranus is inhibited by Taurus because Uranus would feel confined from its erratic brilliance, thus it would fall. Look to other factors in the chart to see if this person is truly stable. Uranus in Taurus could be a generation of rebels that take logical steps to overrule unjust ways of this world!

Some astrologers say that Neptune is exalted in Leo as mysticism would be expressed as confident, steady creativity.

Neptune would fall in Aquarius because too much skepticism can blind us from inspiration just as much as rationality could be blinded by faith! Just let that nugget of wisdom sink in… One of my friends, Owen Burns said, “Science is just another religion unless you can actually explain it” Not everything in this world needs to or has to be proved by science, as we can find inspiration and hope in non-scientific practices like Astrology.

In my opinion, Pluto would fall in Gemini because it clings to what is light and breezy, not daring to face the depths. I see Pluto as exalted in Sagittarius, as it is still a soul searcher, but not as bogged down as Scorpio.

Please Note: October 5th may or may not be the most popular birth date, it’s just a fun fact I heard. I’ve checked out a few different sources, some say Scorpio is the most common sun sign, some say it’s Libra or Virgo. I’ve even found information showing that June and July birthdays are very common. One of my astrologer friends said that Capricorn is statistically the least common sun sign, other sources say Aquarius is the rarest. It probably varies year by year, I would guess.

I truly have a passion for giving in depth readings! Message me if you want a thought provoking report on your natal chart, or your progressed chart, or synastry, or a forecast about how the planets will treat YOU throughout upcoming months! I can write 10+ pages all about you!

check out AcaiPsycheLife.tumblr.com/trybeforeyoubuy   and    AcaiPsycheLife.tumblr.com/readings

Claire Nuñez: Why She’s Awesome, And Why You Should Care

Perhaps it’s because DreamWorks’ Race To The Edge has left a cold, bitter void in my heart; or perhaps it’s because the writing and characters in Trollhunters are that good; maybe it’s both?

The point is, I need to talk about the deep appreciation I have for Claire Nuñez.

At first—for about 12 episodes or so—I didn’t have much of an opinion of her. She seemed kind of wooden; generic. It actually baffled me why she would keep forgiving Jim for flaking. From an objective point of view, he was being a complete jerk. I couldn’t understand why this smart, self-respecting young lady would keep giving this guy second chances. As the audience, we knew what Jim was dealing with—but Claire didn’t. I was actually glad she got mad, and stayed mad, at him after the first NotEnrique incident. It was about time…but it was even more than that. She knew Jim was lying to her; keeping things from her. She wasn’t just taking his excuses without a reasonable amount of skepticism.

Once her eyes are opened to the whimsical world of trolls, her character really starts to shine—and she never stops.

She’s smart, but not insufferable; self-reliant, but not overpowered; enthusiastic, but not wholly ignorant to the dangers of what they do (maybe a bit optimistic, though). Most importantly, she doesn’t take the boys’ crap. When Toby starts acting like a jealous girlfriend, she calls him out on it. She makes him admit it out loud, even though she forgives him. A vague half-apology or admission of wrongdoing isn’t enough for her. She isn’t just going to take the high road without some humility in return. NotEnrique gives her crap, and she gives it right back. Their dynamic is wonderful. 

Can I also just say that she misses her brother terribly. It’s the nightmare that plagues her during Angor Rot’s pixie attack on the school—but she pushes forward with a stiff upper lip, never letting her heartache for her missing baby brother slow her down or distract her (when she isn’t hallucinating, of course). That takes a good deal of inner strength.

Claire is also an accomplished fighter, but she has to train and work at the shadow staff. She isn’t going to be able to flawlessly wield a weapon crafted for nefarious purposes. It responds effectively to her anger, but she’s trying to gain control over it without relying on negative emotions. It is wonderful that we see her try and fail; try and succeed. She’s reliable. Dependable. She isn’t a damsel Jim has to continuously save! With the exception of her first encounter with goblins (which she is understandably unprepared and outmatched for), Claire is not just fodder for Jim’s heroics. That is incredibly refreshing

Now, let’s talk about Jlaire.

Is this your typical teenage romance slow burn? Yes. It is. So, what sets this pairing apart, you ask? Well, besides the aforementioned reason that they fight alongside each other and Jim isn’t always risk life and limb to save Claire, their relationship is a budding romance intermingled with a strengthening friendship and mutual respect. 

Not to mention, Claire isn’t a bashful flower around Jim. She knows he likes her. She isn’t obtuse, and that is also a nice change in the teen romance cliche. How many times have we seen the mutually oblivious almost-couple that just cannot see what is so painfully obvious to everyone else? You want to shake the screen because they are so stupidly dense for not other reason but to drag out needless drama?

We don’t get that with Jim and Claire—and that’s because Claire takes initiative. If Jim had his way, they would still be floundering in mutual cluelessness, and we would all be shrieking into our pillows or couch cushions. But Claire isn’t having it. Jim likes her, she knows it. She develops feelings for the wonderful, dorky noodle child in return. She drops him all the major hints to give him the opportunity to step up…and he doesn’t. Now, as thick as Jim is being despite Claire’s hints, we can understand where his head is at: he’s trying to woo the popular girl and he’s not even sure her feelings are the same as his. Jim is not smooth by any means, so he drops the ball in a bad case of nerves. We’ve also seen this kind of thing a thousand times…but this is where Claire steps in. She’s not satisfied letting things just lie where Jim dropped them. She asks him to the dance (we can imply this is a statement of her intent to date Jim, and I will elaborate on this in a moment), and is not shy about calling him out for fumbling his chances.

Claire knows what she wants, and she wants Jim—at least in a vague, loosely-dating sense. She also wants Jim to have every opportunity to make a move, even if she has to prod him along.Bless Claire for taking the lead when her not-boyfriend-but-kinda-is misses a step. After she takes the initiative to ask Jim to the dance, it bolsters his confidence. He feeds off of Claire’s strength and support. He wastes no time in trying to kiss her twice after that (curse those interrupting circumstances). This is why I believe Claire’s intent is to date Jim, because she certainly is not resistant to his advances after that.

We need more leading ladies like Claire: smart, tough, capable, and outspoken, but in a balanced, believable way.

Fathoms Below - Part 2 (Mermaids/Pirates AU with Jason Todd)

Part 1

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A/N: I don’t feel incredibly pleased with this part so apologies if it is a bit off. Also, that is a long af tag list lol

Jason was pissed. Well, more than pissed if he was being honest. He had just gotten into another fight with Bruce and it felt as if they were speaking different languages. He just didn’t understand how Bruce could insist he stay in one spot when there was an entire world to explore. The ocean is a gigantic place with myriads of ruins and underwater cities, but Bruce wanted to stay put? Jason needed to wander, he needed to know what adventures and treasures were out there for him to explore. He was aware of the dangers. Not all merfolk are kind, but he knew, if he was given the chance, he could make the ocean safer for all.

Jason swam through a shipwreck. From the noises he sometimes heard coming from the surface, he knew humans must be just as treacherous as his kind was. He sometimes wondered what humans were like and if they felt the same need to adventure that he did. He laughed at the thought. Surely they did, why else would they create these monstrosities to carry them across the water?

Jason reclined on the bow of the sunken ship and looked up. At the depth he was, there wasn’t a lot of light, but that didn’t stop him from watching the world above him glow. He squinted as a dark object came into view. It didn’t move like any sea creature he had seen before and it was sinking pretty quickly. He swam up to it and quickened his pace when he saw what it was.

A young woman, bound in ropes with a rag stuffed in her mouth and she looked to be fading fast. She had been struggling pretty hard when Jason first saw her, but her movements slowed as he grew close. He saw her eyes begin to close as he reached her. As he wrapped his arms around her, he knew he wouldn’t be able to get her back to the surface in time. He cursed as she went limp in his arms.

He removed the fabric from her mouth and cradled her head in his palms. He hesitated as he looked at her unconscious face. Could he really do this? He wondered. What would Bruce say?

His features hardened at the thought. Bruce would let her drown.

“Fuck it.” Jason said before pressing his mouth to hers. He knew the moment she regained consciousness. One of her hands slipped into his hair as she kissed him back, before she realized her situation. She pulled back and gasped for air. He allowed her some space, but didn’t let go. He watched as she took in her surroundings, her eyes growing wide.

“What the hell?” She said as she began to struggle against him.

“Calm down. You are safe now.” Jason said as he held her.

Y/N continued to struggle against his grip. “I’m not going to hurt you, but I need you to stop squirming.” He said gently. Y/N stopped squirming and looked at him. Her eyes took in his dark hair and bright blue eyes. She blushed a little bit as her eyes scanned his torso. Her eyes widened as she took in his scales and tail.

“What are you?” She whispered in shock. She had heard tales of half human creatures that lived in the deep, but she had thought them just stories old sailors tell to pass the time.

“I’m Jason.” He answered, ignoring her use of “what” instead of “who”. He swam back towards the wrecked ship. He set her down on the algae covered boards and removed the ropes from her arms and legs. “Are you okay?”

Y/N rubbed her wrists and thought back to the betrayal of her crew and her almost death. She looked back at the man, well merman, in front of her and noted the genuine concern in his eyes. “I’ll be fine.” She insisted quietly.

“What the actual fuck.” Jason heard a familiar voice say. He cursed and turned around.

“Dick, let me explain.” Jason said quickly. He moved in between Y/N and Dick, creating a protective barrier between the girl he had saved and his angry brother.

“Don’t bother. You can explain it to Bruce because that is where we are going.” Dick said as he grabbed his brother’s arm. Jason sighed and wrapped an arm around Y/N’s waist.

She clung to him as they made their way to the underwater cave that Jason and Dick called home. When they entered, several other merpeople of various ages and colorings turned and stared at her. Y/N cringed and held tighter to Jason. “Don’t worry, most of them don’t bite.” He whispered over his shoulder. He smirked when Y/N poked the back of his head.

“What do we have here?” A tall merman with dark hair asked. Dick and Jason swam up to him.

“Jason kissed a human.” Dick said, pointing to Y/N. The other merfolk in the room gathered around to watch the encounter unfold. Y/N looked from face to face. Most of them were young, around her age if she had to guess, one of them was small, but his eyes were sharp and calculating. As she studied their faces, familiarizing herself with the group surrounding her, she knew that they were scrutinizing her as well.

“I can see that much, Dick.” Bruce said as he turned to Jason. “What I would like to now is why?”

“She was drowning, Bruce. I knew that if I started swimming to the surface, she would be dead by the time I got her above the water. I was planning on taking her up, but she woke up.” Jason answered truthfully. Bruce nodded before turning to look at Y/N. She shrunk back from his scrutiny and his eyes softened.

“I understand. I am not happy about it, but I understand.” Bruce said with a sigh. “That being said, she cannot stay here, but we also cannot let her leave.”


“I didn’t know you still lived around here.” He shifts nervously from his left foot to his right after the words leave his mouth, and although they sound calm you see right through them. From his pink and bitten bottom lip to his unshaven cheek and scraped up legs you can tell he’s been keeping himself busy, and from the earbuds hanging out the pocket of his running shorts you deduce that he’s been drowning out a lot of his thoughts with music as he runs laps around his gated neighborhood, or possibly when he’s lifting more than usual at a gym that’s already filled to the brim with people that know exactly what he’s doing.

They saw the magazine covers: so did you.

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y'know, I never thought I could hate a character more than I hate Umbridge but then Wanda happened. I just... can't. fucking. stand. her. And then it's Clint... and even Natasha who betrayed Tony and I just need a life and friends and hobbies bc I spend all of my time obsessing over Tony and wanting him to be cared and loved and ok and I just... I HATE THEM!!!

Listen… before I get on to the Wonderfully Infuriating Subject of Wanda Maximoff, I’d like to say that I have 99 problems with Civil War, and the characterisations of my Good Boys Clint and Steve make up a good 95 of them. Just be warned, this rant is long and whiny as fuck.

I honestly really disliked Clint in Civil War, which sucks because he’s my Dumpster Son and he deserved better than just being reduced to The Guy With The Arrows, you know? What were his motives??? He was retired, he was spending time with his family, and then he just upped and left because ..what…Cap batted his eyelashes? Like… he had nothing to do with the accords. Nothing. He probably didn’t even read them; I mean Vision asked him to consider what he was doing and he did this Really Cool Eye Flicker™ before just saying ‘yeah lol okai considered bro’ and I mean?? You have children??? 

And then of course, the scene on the Raft. It’s kind of amusing in an infuriating sort of way, because I mean this is basically Clint summed up in a short piece:

Clint: *Breaks Law* For justice :))

Clint: *Is put in jail for breaking law*

Clint: :0 :0 This is UNJUST!!!!

And I mean, he appears to blame 100% of everything that happened on Tony, which I guess one could do when they’re angry and imprisoned and their other friend is standing on the other side of the bars. I can kind of get that from an objective point of view..? But? No? He’s an adult and he broke the law? That is… that’s what happens? 

Of course, when he makes that remark to Tony about Rhodey, all hope I had for his Civil War character immediately burst into an inferno and propelled itself out of the top story window. That was unnecessary and hurtful and untrue, and it made me want to slap the shit out of him.

Now. For Wanda.

If you like her character, then that is completely okay, but I don’t advise reading this.

Because I despise her. 

It’s not really her character, more as the way she was written. She had so much potential, to do so much good. But her origins are F U C K E D up, her attitude is childish (despite the fact that she is an adult guys!!) and her general character is quite frankly that of a whiny bitch.

We first see her in AoU, when she is working for HYDRA, after voluntarily (Voluntarily!! working for a terror organisation you guys!!!) Signing up for experimentation that had killed everyone else before her.
I mean, that alone tells you something about her character and her thought process.

Next, we discover that a missile with Tony’s last name on it tragically killed her parents. This is sad. This is horrible and no child should ever have to go through that.

But then she decides that Tony Stark Personally Aimed, Launched and Fired it, and decides to go on a ten-year murder plot in order to kill him for it, and that’s where the sympathy stops. Right there.

I know this is a common example, but Imma say it again because it’s important. If my parents were shot and killed by a gun that had the word ‘Beretta’ on it, I ain’t gonna go after the fuckin gun company. Why would anyone??? It makes literally no sense at all and just paints her as a villain who’s also lowkey stupid???

She had years to think these actions through, and yet still she did them. It literally does not matter about whether she helped for like the last hour of the Avengers film because the literal entire fucking world was going to be destroyed, and she didn’t want catastrophe on that scale.

You know,,, she just wanted to murder Tony. And obviously, the Avengers are his buddies, so lets try and kill them too for no reason at all!!!

She… I mean… God, she subjected Bruce to his worst nightmare and had him tear through a populated city,,, for the sake of destruction?? She literally just wanted to cause pain??? And you can’t tell me no-one died because of that because… it’s a fucking hulk? She purposely twisted all the team’s minds, and let Tony take the sceptre because she knew he could hurt people with it because of what she’d planted in his head? It’s… it’s disgusting?

You tell me ‘she’s changed’ and ‘she’s just like Tony, she used to be bad but now she’s good’ or whatever the fuck, but let me tell you this: Tony never, ever wreaked destruction for the sake of destruction. He never went out with the sole intention of killing specific innocents. He built weapons to p r o t e c t, which is why as soon as he sees they’re no longer doing that, he shuts that shit down. 

Wanda never seems to learn that lesson. Even when, For God Knows what fucked up reason, they appear to make her some sort of avenger for helping them stop the world ending (that, you know, she helped cause), she still doesn’t understand that her job is now to protect people? Her motives are still… idk selfish I guess?

“i can’t control their fear. Only my own.”

Well bitch u know what. Maybe if u stopped running off and trying to tell everyone that you, an incredibly powerful individual with a past involving terror organisations, are ‘above the law and don’t need the accords’, they’d… u know… stop being scared of u…

Don’t even get me started on what she said to Tony. I’m done with this shit. But yes anon I’m sorry this was so long but essentially, I very much agree. Good day sir.



Few people understood the true power of Gavin Free, criminal madman extraordinaire.  Michael Jones, criminal slightly-less-madman extraordinaire, was one of those who did.

The Fakes’ Golden Boy had a reputation for something beyond recklessness, for absurd confidence, for such a devil-may-care attitude that no one would dare refuse him anything.  If anyone did, then there was a great chance that he’d take them down in an explosive kamikaze stunt out of nowhere.  Immediately.  While gasping in laughter like an out-of-breath hyena.  

That unchecked, lethal flamboyance was why the Golden Boy had the rest of the Fakes (and thus the rest of Los Santos) wrapped around his little finger.  Or, so thought the ignorant majority of Los Santos’ criminal underground.  

Michael had learned better very quickly–almost as soon as Gavin joined the Fakes.  While it was true that Gavin was as likely to run someone over with his Aston Martin du jour as he was to flirt with them, it wasn’t really the threat of death that gave Gavin his power.  Turns out, actually, that it was the opposite.  Michael would eat a grenade before admitting it, but it was the promise of living –the appeal of really, truly feeling alive, that won Gavin his power over others– Michael Jones included.

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fusion cuisine

- of Yukihira Souma and Takumi Aldini and their absurdly simple (yet complex) relationship -

!! Please note that this meta has manga spoilers !!

The thing about Souma and Takumi’s relationship is, how incredibly sturdy it is despite them hardly ever having moments together to define it unlike with other characters they too share strong relations with - examples being Megumi for Souma, some the instances being the Shokugeki against Shinomiya during training camp and the Moonlight Banquet Arc. Isami for Takumi, the instances being the Hinako’s challenge during Training Camp and the Autumn Elections Preliminaries.  There is no arc or contest where they work together to showcase their strong bonds. Their relationship doesn’t even have a setup from the past. They aren’t childhood friends, and have never even met each other until Training Camp. And yet, one gets the feeling that they’ve known each other for a lifetime, or have been friends for at least years to be so comfortable around each other whenever they interact.

Most of their relationship is defined, developed and shown mainly when the other is not around, or by a third party. In fact, their relationship is established so quietly, so indirectly that Souma and Takumi themselves hardly ever acknowledge their relationship directly.

Which leads to the question - what are they, really?

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This whole “I’m hot and fuckable but you can’t have me” thing seems counterproductive. I’m referring to things like the SlutWalk and feminists who argue with MRAs like, “So you secretly wish you could fuck me.” Instead of saying that women are objects that you can’t fuck, we should say that women aren’t objects in the first place. I understand that women are currently being viewed as objects, but I’ve seen things like, “Just because someone is making food doesn’t mean you could eat it, and so if a woman hot and sexy and desirable doesn’t mean she’s yours.” But women aren’t food; food is meant to be eaten. We shouldn’t speak out against rape culture with ”women are objects that you can’t have,” but rather, “women aren’t objects altogether.”