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Honestly the moment I stopped seeing Dani as an extension of myself, I shipped her with Mark. It makes more literary sense and has some good build if you view it 'objectively'

Great feedback on the book and how to read it. 😊

Some 40 light-years from Earth, a planet called TRAPPIST-1e offers a heart-stopping view: brilliant objects in a red sky, looming like larger and smaller versions of our own moon. But these are no moons. They are other Earth-sized planets in a spectacular planetary system outside our own. These seven rocky worlds huddle around their small, dim, red star, like a family around a campfire. Any of them could harbor liquid water, but the planet shown here, fourth from the TRAPPIST-1 star, is in the habitable zone, the area around the star where liquid water is most likely to be detected. This system was revealed by the TRansiting Planets and PlanetIsmals Small Telescope (TRAPPIST) and NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope. The planets are also excellent targets for NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope. Take a planet-hopping excursion through the TRAPPIST-1 system.

i really hope that when eskild came home and he and isak talked, isak told him about sonja saying that even doesn’t love him and eskild replied something along the lines of “i’ve heard him talk about you when we were in the kitchen before you woke up, and i also saw the way he was with you and the way he looked at you. i honestly believe she’s wrong”. he needs that objective point of view because we can’t have him believing what sonja said and distancing himself because of her words 

[INFO] EXO, Chanyeol, Baekhyun, and Suho Rank on Gallup Korea 2016′s List!

Gallup Korea:
Gallup Korea, a specialized research company that gives the best idea of brand awareness. It gives an objective view of the most popular and known idols among the GENERAL public via interviews/surveys.

Top Idols
Rank - Name - %

1. Taeyeon - 11.8
2. IU - 6.6
3.Tzuyu - 6.3
4. G-dragon - 5.9
5. Chanyeol - 4.5
(rose from 9 in 2015)
6. Eunji - 4.4
7. Hyorin - 4.3
8 (TIED). Baekhyun - 3.7
(rose from 13 in 2015)

8 (TIED). Taeyang - 3.7
10. Seolhyun - 3.6
11. Nayeon - 3.2
12. Irene - 2.6
13. Zico - 2.7
14. (BTS) Jimin - 2.5
15(TIED). Suzy - 2.4
15(TIED). Jungyeon - 2.4
15(TIED). Somi - 2.4
18(TIED). Solar - 2.2
18(TIED). Suho - 2.2
(Wasn’t included last year)
20. Jungkook - 1.8

According to Age groups & Genders:
Males (13-18): 9) Baekhyun
Females (13-18): 2) Chanyeol, 3) Baekhyun, 9) Suho
Females (19-29): 6) Baekhyun, 8) Chanyeol, 10) Suho

Top Singers/Groups

1. Lim Chang Jung - 11.8
2. Twice - 9.9
3. Jang Yoon jung - 8.7
4. EXO - 7.7
(Highest ranking boy group & rose from 7 in 2015)
5. SNSD - 6.9
6. Lee Sunhee - 6.4
7. Gummy - 5.5
8(TIED). Big Bang - 4.9
8(TIED). G-Friend - 4.9
10. BTS - 4.7
11. Lee Seung Chul
12. Sistar
13. IU
14. Sung Si Kyung
15. Hong Jin Young
16. I.O.I
17. Kim Bum Soo
18(TIED). Cho Yong Pil
18(TIED). Guckkasten
20(TIED). Lee Mon Sae
20(TIED). Park Hyo Shin

Get that recognition EXO, Chanyeol, Baekhyun, and Suho! <3 To be included on this list is a great feat and truly shows the enormous power and recognition EXO has as a group to the general public whatever else people might say– this is reputable stats and proof, that EXO is at undeniably at the top right now. As for Chanyeol, Baekhyun, and Suho, to be INDIVIDUALLY named on such a list, let alone rank high like they did, is a testament to their popularity and massive potential.

fusion cuisine

- of Yukihira Souma and Takumi Aldini and their absurdly simple (yet complex) relationship -

!! Please note that this meta has manga spoilers !!

The thing about Souma and Takumi’s relationship is, how incredibly sturdy it is despite them hardly ever having moments together to define it unlike with other characters they too share strong relations with - examples being Megumi for Souma, some the instances being the Shokugeki against Shinomiya during training camp and the Moonlight Banquet Arc. Isami for Takumi, the instances being the Hinako’s challenge during Training Camp and the Autumn Elections Preliminaries.  There is no arc or contest where they work together to showcase their strong bonds. Their relationship doesn’t even have a setup from the past. They aren’t childhood friends, and have never even met each other until Training Camp. And yet, one gets the feeling that they’ve known each other for a lifetime, or have been friends for at least years to be so comfortable around each other whenever they interact.

Most of their relationship is defined, developed and shown mainly when the other is not around, or by a third party. In fact, their relationship is established so quietly, so indirectly that Souma and Takumi themselves hardly ever acknowledge their relationship directly.

Which leads to the question - what are they, really?

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My main reason for wanting Kae with Mutsumi

(I mean I have millions of reasons but this is seriously a HUGE one)

He is the only one who does not view this as a competition. He is the only one who doesn’t try to one up the others. He is the only one whose actions are not based on anything more than simply caring for Kae and her well being.

Consistently in the series (and yes this includes the manga) the rest of the gang all want to either one up each other or only participate in activities that Kae likes solely so somebody else won’t be alone with her. Not because they actually want to join in and have fun with Kae and everybody else. 

I love so many of the characters (one of them I loathe and I will not say who due to the fact that others do like this character) but the only one who is truly right for her, in my opinion, is Mutsumi. Because he doesn’t view her as an object. He doesn’t view her as a prize to be won. He wasn’t the one trying to stop the others from confessing in chapter 21; everybody else was. He’s the one who has never tried to rush her in any way shape or form.

I could honestly write such a long post on this and I honestly might, just to go into a lot of detail but this is it for now.

my parents: if ur friend jumped off a bridge would u follow?!

me: statistically speaking, from a purely objective point of view, i probably am the friend who’s most likely to jump off a bridge so


 “My name is Cole Sprouse and I play a character called Jughead Jones. Jughead’s like really film noir in this sort of, sardonic, sarcastic,schemy, a little more toned down, a little more creepy kind of Jughead. He’s a thinker and you can tell and he spends a lot of time in the diner, I can say that. He’s a budding writer. He’s definitely watching what’s going on in Riverdale from an objective point of view that probably not too many people have. I don’t think Jughead believes in anything until the facts are given to him.

Claire Nuñez: Why She’s Awesome, And Why You Should Care

Perhaps it’s because DreamWorks’ Race To The Edge has left a cold, bitter void in my heart; or perhaps it’s because the writing and characters in Trollhunters are that good; maybe it’s both?

The point is, I need to talk about the deep appreciation I have for Claire Nuñez.

At first—for about 12 episodes or so—I didn’t have much of an opinion of her. She seemed kind of wooden; generic. It actually baffled me why she would keep forgiving Jim for flaking. From an objective point of view, he was being a complete jerk. I couldn’t understand why this smart, self-respecting young lady would keep giving this guy second chances. As the audience, we knew what Jim was dealing with—but Claire didn’t. I was actually glad she got mad, and stayed mad, at him after the first NotEnrique incident. It was about time…but it was even more than that. She knew Jim was lying to her; keeping things from her. She wasn’t just taking his excuses without a reasonable amount of skepticism.

Once her eyes are opened to the whimsical world of trolls, her character really starts to shine—and she never stops.

She’s smart, but not insufferable; self-reliant, but not overpowered; enthusiastic, but not wholly ignorant to the dangers of what they do (maybe a bit optimistic, though). Most importantly, she doesn’t take the boys’ crap. When Toby starts acting like a jealous girlfriend, she calls him out on it. She makes him admit it out loud, even though she forgives him. A vague half-apology or admission of wrongdoing isn’t enough for her. She isn’t just going to take the high road without some humility in return. NotEnrique gives her crap, and she gives it right back. Their dynamic is wonderful. 

Can I also just say that she misses her brother terribly. It’s the nightmare that plagues her during Angor Rot’s pixie attack on the school—but she pushes forward with a stiff upper lip, never letting her heartache for her missing baby brother slow her down or distract her (when she isn’t hallucinating, of course). That takes a good deal of inner strength.

Claire is also an accomplished fighter, but she has to train and work at the shadow staff. She isn’t going to be able to flawlessly wield a weapon crafted for nefarious purposes. It responds effectively to her anger, but she’s trying to gain control over it without relying on negative emotions. It is wonderful that we see her try and fail; try and succeed. She’s reliable. Dependable. She isn’t a damsel Jim has to continuously save! With the exception of her first encounter with goblins (which she is understandably unprepared and outmatched for), Claire is not just fodder for Jim’s heroics. That is incredibly refreshing

Now, let’s talk about Jlaire.

Is this your typical teenage romance slow burn? Yes. It is. So, what sets this pairing apart, you ask? Well, besides the aforementioned reason that they fight alongside each other and Jim isn’t always risk life and limb to save Claire, their relationship is a budding romance intermingled with a strengthening friendship and mutual respect. 

Not to mention, Claire isn’t a bashful flower around Jim. She knows he likes her. She isn’t obtuse, and that is also a nice change in the teen romance cliche. How many times have we seen the mutually oblivious almost-couple that just cannot see what is so painfully obvious to everyone else? You want to shake the screen because they are so stupidly dense for not other reason but to drag out needless drama?

We don’t get that with Jim and Claire—and that’s because Claire takes initiative. If Jim had his way, they would still be floundering in mutual cluelessness, and we would all be shrieking into our pillows or couch cushions. But Claire isn’t having it. Jim likes her, she knows it. She develops feelings for the wonderful, dorky noodle child in return. She drops him all the major hints to give him the opportunity to step up…and he doesn’t. Now, as thick as Jim is being despite Claire’s hints, we can understand where his head is at: he’s trying to woo the popular girl and he’s not even sure her feelings are the same as his. Jim is not smooth by any means, so he drops the ball in a bad case of nerves. We’ve also seen this kind of thing a thousand times…but this is where Claire steps in. She’s not satisfied letting things just lie where Jim dropped them. She asks him to the dance (we can imply this is a statement of her intent to date Jim, and I will elaborate on this in a moment), and is not shy about calling him out for fumbling his chances.

Claire knows what she wants, and she wants Jim—at least in a vague, loosely-dating sense. She also wants Jim to have every opportunity to make a move, even if she has to prod him along.Bless Claire for taking the lead when her not-boyfriend-but-kinda-is misses a step. After she takes the initiative to ask Jim to the dance, it bolsters his confidence. He feeds off of Claire’s strength and support. He wastes no time in trying to kiss her twice after that (curse those interrupting circumstances). This is why I believe Claire’s intent is to date Jim, because she certainly is not resistant to his advances after that.

We need more leading ladies like Claire: smart, tough, capable, and outspoken, but in a balanced, believable way.

Your trust in Allāh should be stronger than what you have in the palm of your hand. That means that if we see things even if they are right in front of us, we should have more trust in Allāh than what it’s visible for us with our eyes. Because we will be never able to see things from a objective point of view. We will never know what is the best for us and what not. He hears every breath you take, so never - for the blinking of an eye - think He doesn’t hear every Duā you make. He is As-Sami, the All-Hearing. And He is Al-Mujib, the Answerer. He hears the caller and He responds to the call. Just trust Him. If you want something and it happens then be happy about it, know the worth of it and if not then just let it be. Don’t force things , don’t be sad, don’t be disappointed. Look around you. Appreciate what you have. Nothing will be the same in a year.

This whole “I’m hot and fuckable but you can’t have me” thing seems counterproductive. I’m referring to things like the SlutWalk and feminists who argue with MRAs like, “So you secretly wish you could fuck me.” Instead of saying that women are objects that you can’t fuck, we should say that women aren’t objects in the first place. I understand that women are currently being viewed as objects, but I’ve seen things like, “Just because someone is making food doesn’t mean you could eat it, and so if a woman hot and sexy and desirable doesn’t mean she’s yours.” But women aren’t food; food is meant to be eaten. We shouldn’t speak out against rape culture with ”women are objects that you can’t have,” but rather, “women aren’t objects altogether.”

one day ppl on this site will realize that just because the harmful actions you do are caused by your mental illness doesnt mean that other mentally ill people arent allowed to react with hurt and discomfort. like yall are weird and are constantly doing too much but pls actually try and view things objectively and with like? if not empathy at least critical thinking. it isnt some fucked up competition where you compare mental illnesses and who ever has the most automatically wins the argument jfc


[On his past as a child actor] There was a feeling of machination; I felt like an automaton. I needed to take a break and step outside myself… I needed a dose of reality and I needed to see myself in a more objective point of view. And now I think I can enjoy acting, which is a really fundamental part about being an actor.


The action of traveling is always fun for you. Not so much as getting to your destination, but flying over the clouds, watching the world go by beneath you…that’s what you loved. Even though you always made sure to bring multiple books and your laptop on flights, you hardly ever tore your eyes away from the view outside the window.

So, of course you were surprised when the view suddenly changed.

The world outside is awash with hues of blue and white, the yellow sun out of view on the other side of the plane from you. So when a red and gold speck shoots up out of the clouds in the distance, you frown. The mussed up clouds block the object from view for a moment before it shoots toward your plane.

Your mouth drops open when you see it’s Ironman.

Now, the lady next to you is completely asleep, so you’re left to watch in awe and shock as the scarlet and gold metal man flies beside your plane serenely for a couple of minutes. And when he departs, you swear he looks at you as he salutes and dives back down through the clouds.

Yes. You very much enjoy the action of traveling.