objective journalism

stanford literally “got into a fistfight with a talking chair”. this is canon. no one can dispute this because he said it himself in the journal.
how did this fight happen? did he provoke the chair? did the chair even have arms to fight him with? why was this such a notable thing for him to mention in the journal among other things??? god i love ford


Hi! I got an anonymous ask asking to share photos of my bullet journal set up! I tried about 5 times to get pictures that were in the same spot and the same lighting but damn it is difficult. I ended up shooting these going page by page so hopefully that is okay! I’ll list the pages I included since I missed a couple out because they’re just headers at the moment and I’ll put in brackets ones that I’ll add when my semester starts:

  • 2017 overview
  • 2017 objectives (personal/health/social/academic/blog/career) + bullet journal key/legend
  • blog post ideas (this blog and my main @styleselection #shamelessselfpromo)
  • printable ideas
  • motivational quotes
  • movies/tv shows to watch
  • books to read
  • expenses (more like ‘treat yo self items’)
  • wishlist
  • january overview/month breakdown
  • weekly spread (monday 01 jan-today)
  • (semester timetable - my classes, teachers, lecture + tutorial times)
  • (grade tracker)
  • (assignment date checklist)
  • (readings checklist)

At the back of the bullet journal, I have lined paper for note-taking or jotting random things down. I love having space to write important information so that will be useful. Plus I have to specifically get my English relatives to ship me the grid paper so I don’t want to waste it for random notes! At the very end I’ve got to-do list pages where I can note down things for assignments or for over the weekend. Also the little grey thing in the left corner of the second photo, it a task pad which slots into the discs and just gives you another space for writing down bits and bobs when you need to be quick! 

Hope this is useful. I’m happy to do a more in-depth post or a review of the notebook system, if anyone is interested. Just let know in a message or reply! x

Jeremy Scahill at SXSW
  • MODERATOR: "What's the single most important advice you've ever heard?"
  • SCAHILL: "Live as though the truth were true."
  • "Think about that. Fr. Daniel Berrigan, the legendary anti-war Jesuit priest. When Dorothy Day, [co]founder of the Catholic Worker Movement died, he said in her eulogy, 'She lived as though the truth were true."
  • And if you think about the implications of committing yourself to that. It means first of all, you have no tolerance for bullshit lies. But it also means you're not obsessed with short-term efficacy. You're in it for the long haul because what drives you is that the truth actually is true. That sometimes there is only one side to the story. Sometimes power is just fucking evil to the core and it's not worth getting their perspective because it's true. And I think that's been the problem with journalism. People subscribe to this false notion of objectivity. There is no such thing as objectivity. You either give the Emperor his say, or you say, "Fuck you" to the emperor. And we're living in a time when that's more important than ever."

No but I can explain.

So you see: @korybing and I have been talking (as you do) about Gravity Falls AUs (as you do), and especially the awesome One Of Us au (where Ford becomes a part of Bill’s crew) and we thought to ourselves (as you do): “what if Ford AND Stan became demons? Wouldn’t that be messed up and also great??” 

So anyway, this is what we’ve spent far too much time thinking about this week.  The two become demon/monsters as a way to defeat Bill, but end up bound to/as inanimate objects (a journal for Ford, and an 8 ball/cane for Stan) that they can manifest out of (but only under the right conditions).  Everyone thinks they’re dead for a long time (it’s complicated), but when Mabel and Dipper come back to the Shack (after they’ve finished high school/college) to settle up the property (it was willed/left to them, but they had to wait until they were legal adults to do anything with it) it revives the Stans out of their resting forms and hijinks ensue. 

We brainstormed the designs together, Kory drew and inked them, and I coloured them.  We’ve been calling it the Demon Stans AU and we’ve spent way too much time thinking about it.  This sure is……. this sure is a life choice we’ve made.

Journalists should fight back: As the status quo in this country shifts, we must decide whether we are going to shift with it. It seems clear that these shifts will not benefit those of us in the industry who care about truth-telling and about holding power accountable. Will we shift toward climate denial? Will we make space for demonization of Muslims and Mexicans and “Chicago”? Will we give voice to “alternative facts”? Instead of waiting and seeing, reacting as journalists are arrested, freedoms of speech curtailed, government numbers lied about, I propose that we need to become more shameless, more raw, more honest with ourselves and our audiences about who we are, and what we are in this for. To call a politician on a lie is our job; to bring stories of the oppressed to life is our job; to represent a cross-section of our communities is our job; to tell the truth in the face of “alternative facts” and routine obscuring is our job; and we can do all that without promoting the male-centric and whitewashed falsehood of objectivity. I also believe that by claiming these stances, we strengthen our position against those who would try to overwhelm and distract us with made-up stories. But we need to admit that those who oppose free speech, diversity and kindergarten-level fairness are our enemies.


just a fun little character game. fill in the below categories with 3-5 things that your character can be identified by.  REPOST & TAG AWAY !

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001. doubt
002. shame
003. stressed
004. grief
005. anticipation


001. jade green
002. ocean blue
003. dark moss green
004. brown
005. maroon


001. forest
002. old pages of books
003. coffee
004. campfire smoke
005. rain


001. father’s journal
002. jade necklace
003. climbing axe
004. walkie talkie
005. compass


001. pacing
002. hands on hips
003. foot tapping
004. drumming fingers
005. lip biting


001. an old dusty book
002. old stone walls
003. ancient relics and artifacts
004. her/her father’s study
005. the ocean