I’M DOING THESE IN CHUNKS OF TEN, OKAY?? If anyone wants the individual file of theirs as a .wav, just ask me okay? o u o

Fifth ten audio posts for people who reblogged this.

1. Jade saying objection9000

2. Karkat saying laxita2688

3. Eridan saying interessantbullshit

4. Eridan saying mogumogun

5. Kankri saying fracktail (I’m sorry but you brought this upon yourself)

6. Dave saying banannaking

7. Caliborn saying kim-jong-ill-beats

8. Tavros saying apartyahelmets

9. Sollux saying cronus-ampora

10. Porrim saying davespite

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I feel like we’re already buddies because my blog’s name used to be “Evil lair” just some weeks ago haha 

nahrmin asked:

Okay, uh, what's it like having to drink blood and sleep upside down? Humans don't do that...Well, some of them might, but not many.


That’s what I’m used to, ‘course. It’s kinda like how you guys are used ta sleepin’ horizontally, I’m used to sleepin’ clingin’ to mama. When I’m older and can learn how to cling to the ceiling by myself, I’ll do that, 'course. 

Blood is warm and it fills ya up! There’s different types, too, and they all taste different! I like it when mama brings me Type AB blood cause it’s really sweet, and that’s my favorite~

nahrmin asked:

Fenrir sat in her house, no, THEIR house, feeding her young. She was waiting for Mordicus to return. He had left weeks ago to go hunting, promising to be back the same day, but he hadn't returned. Every day she would wait at the door for him. One day, Mordicus returned as an old man. He opened the door, the first thing he saw was Fenrir's dead body at the door, as if waiting for something...