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how do you get inspiration for your stuff, and make it look accurate? my pixel circles always end up so weird and everything looks funky help me pixel master ;_;

Hey! So I usually get inspiration for my stuff based on memories of actual things I’ve had, still have, or have seen. Usually I have an idea of a theme I want to draw from, and I often brainstorm ideas for related objects on that theme in the margins of my schedule planner.

In terms of making things look accurate, I think my technique is pretty close to still life painting? I often have references in front of me, so that I can confirm how lighting and shadows look for a part of an object, or how certain angles and curves behave on specific surfaces and shapes.

I don’t have the most logical mind, in that, I don’t have the ability to envision in my head how objects will look or behave based on an understanding of how art concepts work.. so I try to make up for it by using reality to inform how I should express loose concepts I have floating around in my brain.

In terms of how I get circles and curves and stuff to look good, because the ellipse drawing tool in the program I use isn’t perfect, I usually fix over parts of it or sometimes draw from scratch… it’s a lot of trial and error, and if a curve is bothering me I often change the shape of what I’m drawing altogether or hide an edge I don’t like behind a decoration or something haha. Oh, and also, whenever I make a good shape, I save a copy of it for later! I have a whole sheet of just outlines and shapes and such that I have found look good, and then I usually take from there and adjust for size and thickness when making something new.

For bigger circles, I almost exclusively step my widths up evenly, one pixel at a time at the curve, and then when I am down to a width of two, I will alternate, for example, two pixels, up, one pixel, up, two pixels, up, one pixel, up one pixel, up[…] to avoid boxiness that happens when you go from 2x1 to 1x1 abruptly…

Lemme try and draw it… this probably won’t display correct, but I think if you mimic this on a pixel grid you’ll see what I mean :)


Hope this was somewhat informative!

I really like collections of things. I love antique botanical prints with a bunch of different weeds and seeds. I love the produce section at the grocery store. A panoply of gorgeous, fascinating distinct objects with a common theme, is what I would love to build for the rest of my career, as long as they’ll have me.
—  Kate McKinnon being her usual adorable nerdy self
Lucid Dreaming Techniques

For those of you who would like to learn to lucid dream, or who have achieved lucidity but would like to be capable of doing it more often, the following techniques are those that I have used and have had good results with:

First of all, before you begin your practice, you’ll need to discover your own personal dreamsigns. These are recurring themes/objects/people in your dreams that you can use as signposts to help you recognise that you’re dreaming.

For instance, in my dreams there are a few themes that pop up at least weekly, and they are: strange appearances of the Sun & Moon (either more Suns in the sky than is normal, holes or markings on the Moon, luminaries that grow or shrink as I walk towards them, etc.), pine trees moving or growing in strange formations, my late father, and certain celebrities that frequent my dreams on a weekly basis.
It’s important to choose themes that recur frequently, as these are likely to pop up in your dreams in the future. Having a dream journal can greatly aid you in this practice, so if you do keep a journal, sit down with it, read through your dreams from the past few months, and make notes of the items/people/themes that appear more than once in your dreaming reality. Themes that are absurd or impossible in real life work best, as they are less likely to slip past your watchful eye.

Once you have made a list of your personal dreamsigns, copy them into your notes on your phone and read them often, if not once a day (before bed works best) but anytime that you remember. Before you sleep, say out loud “I will recognise any dreamsigns in my dreams tonight, and thus recognise that I am dreaming.” That is really the key here, to recognise in your dreams that you are dreaming and that you have control over your dream. Planting that intention in your mind before you sleep will help you to achieve this.

Once you achieve lucidity, you are free to use it in innumerable ways: to seek answers about your life, to understand the cause of your nightmares and thus ascend them, even to commune with your Gods or meditate/scry. I’ve had some intense scrying sessions in my dreams, where I’ve predicted all kinds of things that came to pass in my waking life. Because here’s the thing: in your lucid dreams, you are the omnipresent, omnipotent God of your own reality; you have unlimited power and potential, and can exact powerful changes in your waking reality and in your consciousness.

The technique is as follows: throughout the day, whenever you encounter your dreamsigns, or the mundane versions of same (for me those would be pine trees, the sun and moon [in the sky or elsewhere, such as art or on tv], photos of my dad, etc. – see how they are mundane versions of the above list I gave? That’s what you should be looking out for), do a reality check. And by this I mean, stop what your doing, look around you and ask yourself “am I dreaming?” Look for a clock or for writing in the space around you (paperwork, notes, posters, etc.), read them, look away, and then read them again. Did the text change? Is it still the same time or have the digits become garbled? Even though you know you’re awake, this is a fantastic habit to get into, because as I’m sure you all know, if you do/encounter something enough in your waking life, it will eventually show up in your dreams. So if you conduct reality checks enough (at least 5-10 times a day – I know this seems daunting but it just became a habit for me after only two days of doing it, and now I do it every few hours just out of habit) eventually you’ll do it in your dreams, and since the nature of dream reality is that it is fluid, and constantly changing, you’ll see a dreamsign, look for any discrepancies in the realism of the world around you, see that it is unstable and dreamlike, and realise that you’re dreaming. After this the (dream)world is your oyster!

So, to recap:

- Make a list of your personal dreamsigns.
- Look for their themes in your waking reality.
- Once you’ve spotted a dreamsign, or anytime you remember, conduct a reality check.

Hope this is helpful. Happy dreaming!

- Brigitte

for your consideration: louis and harry naming their kids after various nautical themes/objects: anchor, sailor, marina, pearl, etc etc. and one of them being named ‘polaris’ (because its the north star and sailors would steer by the north star–its cute) and giving them the nickname ‘larry’

Things I associate with NCT

Hansol: Clumsy kisses, pine needles, scented candles, calligraphy, sketch books, macaroons, accidental staring, lions, acoustic songs, wind chimes, leather bracelets, earring cuffs, suits, fire places, incense burners, turtle necks, bandages, wavy hair, bulky silver rings, water ripples, hard wood floors, cross hatching, long passionate hugs, cafés.

Johnny: Baseball games, radio static, snap backs, bomber jackets, video games, forests, ripped jeans, tribal patterns, pink flowers, high tops, the sunrise, cloud messages, boom boxes, muscle tees, forehead kisses, goose bumps, totem poles, flannel, baseball bats, beaded bracelets, sweat bands, bullet necklaces, long corridors, aged maps, playing with hair.

Yuta: Flower crowns, fluffy sweaters, receiving presents, soft skin, knee high socks, light blush, large over coats, cat themed objects, cherry blossoms, flower petals, looking down at city lights, riding bikes on the beach, animal paws, good morning texts, dying your hair, empty water bottles, potted plants, gum ball machines, alternative pop music, journals, photo albums.

Kun: Running through sprinklers, putting flowers in your hair, a rainbow after a rainy day, “Did you get home safely?” texts, shy cheek kisses, scenery from on top of a balcony, paisley, walking while holding hands, traveling on the country side, swirling coffee, bath bombs, taking cute pictures of each other, off guard kisses, green houses, water droplets on glass, bus trips, over grown greenery.

WinWin: Sharing scarves, cold feet, sharing coat pockets when holding hands, resting your head on someone’s shoulder, music boxes, collared shirts with sweaters, circular glasses, drinking hot cocoa on a winter day, snow, frosted tree branches, sitting by the fire, white tile floors, fountains, the moon, waist hugs, traveling by train, columns/pillars, led lights.

You know what show I would seriously pay to watch? Young Lorelai working as a maid at the Independence Inn. Young Lorelai taking care of Rory and dealing with Emily and Richard in the aftermath of her leaving. And befriending Sookie in the beginning. And Sookie before she was head chef trying to keep her job because yeah, she cooks great but there is an accident every other week. And the two of them covering for each other. Young Luke being completely befuddled by Lorelai. And this obnoxiously smart little kid she has with her. Luke befriending Rory. Getting her unicorn themed objects for her birthday. Rory going through her ballerina stage. And her little cheer leading stage cheering for Harvard.  Lorelai making her way up from maid to manager. Lorelai taking on shitty, up tight Stars Hollow moms who are snippy because she got pregnant so young. Lorelai trying to make Mrs. Kim trust her more so Rory and Lane can hang out. I realize there is absolutely no need for a prequel Gilmore Girls show AND YET…..I want it. Mostly because I have now made myself obsess over it. 

apollo’s DD objection theme has an electric guitar solo in it and none of the other themes do

and this pleases me so much because i just imagine klavier attending all of apollo’s trials and sitting in the gallery behind him and every time apollo makes a good point, klavier stands up and air guitars on his behalf until eventually apollo gets tired of it and turns around and yells “SHUT THE FUCK UP GAVIN THIS IS MY CASE”

Seokjin Scenario: Game On.

Request:  Can I request a scenario where you and Jin meet online (it can be any online game like Maple Story) and fall in love along the way (like he’ll come save you in games lol) and when you meet personally you guys just click and he asks you out. Thank you again~

Genre: Fluff

Nothing could compare with arriving home and knowing you had free time to spare in one of the things you enjoyed the most. You kicked out your shoes and clothes so could change into your pajamas, pulling your hair up into a ponytail for more comfort and letting yourself down onto your bed. Your body bounced a little on the mattress with your excitement, this was like a guilty pleasure, one that you didn’t really hide, there were people who knew about your obsession with MapleStory, some others just guessed it by your key chain and the little themed objects you carried around, they were cute and you loved them.

Taking your laptop you went straight to the game, you’d been craving this all day long so you accommodated yourself against your pillows and placed the laptop on your legs. Your character welcomed you back and you smiled at the screen, it didn’t matter what other people thought about getting caught up with video games, this was as good as any other thing and much healthier than the things some of the people you knew did.

This game had brought you so many good things to your life, you’d made a lot of friends along the way and it was just nice, because there was also someone who was your friend but sometimes it felt more than just that. You didn’t know how to describe it, you were one of the best players among the community and that’s what made you know Jin. He was one of the best too, and at first you’d been a little jealous of him, just a little you must admit because you were a competitive girl. You’d even laughed at his username because which boy would name himself pink princess? Seokjin, that’s who, and even if at that moment you’d said that the only one allowed to be a princess there was you, you’d ended up warming to him, with all your bickering and all.

You now knew his username was a joke form his friends and he never really cared too much to take the time and change it, but you also found that Seokjin was odd in a good kind of way, he was lovely and funny and always came to the rescue when he saw you were in too much trouble for your own good. Both of your characters were Mages, the only difference was that you were now an Arch Mage of Ice while Jin was a Bishop, maybe it was because of the protective nature of his character, but somehow you always found each other along the road and he made sure to keep you safe.

You were far more daring than he was, and the first time you traded information with him so you could know each other better, you’d been scared but excited at the same time, the old saying of not trusting strangers on the internet kept repeating on your mind but you’d already traded your cellphone numbers. You only wanted to see if he was the same way as his character, kind, gentlemanly and dedicated, and you’d found so much more that now you anticipated Jin’s presence even more. It was cute and at the same time heart racing to know that somehow, Jin was taking care of you and that knowledge alone made you feel stronger, just like it happened in the game.

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