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Goldilocks || 10 (End)

Rated M (language, and suggestive content)

Warnings: handjob, fingering, just generally cringey stuff- yknow, the usual

Summary: After getting evicted, your two best friends Jimin and Taehyung offer you a place to stay until you get back on your feet. Needless to say, with a part time job and a mountain of student debt, that’s not happening any time soon. Eventually, they DO become really fond of having you around, helping with chores and even splitting rent. So when you come home one day to find someone has been sleeping in your couch-bed, well… it’s something you won’t take lightly.

Word Count: 7.9k

Out of context Goldilocks quote:
“If I didn’t know that you used that atrocity to jerk off, I’d ask if I could have it.”

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Part 10:

It takes a few minutes to get Jungkook to the car, but you finally coax him into the passenger’s seat. His cheek is already blotchy red, spiderwebbed with vivid crimson. It looks like his father doesn’t pull punches.

Scurrying back to the front of the apartment complex, you pick up the textbook you’d abandoned earlier before slipping into the small liquor store to grab the first thing you can out of the freezer section. Only when you’re purchasing it and get carded do you realize it’s alcohol. Hard cider. Perfect. Two birds, one stone.

Getting back into the driver’s seat, you hand Jungkook the bottle.

He looks like he wants to throw it back at you, but you hastily explain, “Put it on your cheek until we can get you an ice pack.”

“I’m not gonna-”

Do it.”

Jungkook presses the cold glass to his face, grumbling, but not loud enough that you can retort to any of it. The drive back to Jimin and Taehyung’s apartment is silent. You don’t really need directions anymore and you don’t have the energy or the desire to start a conversation. Apparently he doesn’t either.

What is there to say anyway? “Hey Jungkook, that sucks that your dad punched you?” Or “Sorry he’s an alcoholic?” Or maybe: “did you do something to piss him off because I think you’re an asshole and will project that image onto other parts of your life that you may or may not be responsible for or have control over?”

After parking, you lead the way up to the apartment door and immediately steer Jungkook into the kitchen, where you sit him down and none too gently press an ice pack to his face. You may have helped him with his textbook, but that doesn’t mean you’re about to make friendship bracelets and sing Kumbaya around a campfire. You take the bottle of hard cider from him and open it quickly, taking a swig.

The house is quiet.

From what you can see, Yoongi and Jimin have left the living room. Where have they gone? It’s not really your business, but you will have questions for the younger man later. As of now, you have questions for someone else.

You turn to Jungkook.

He probably won’t answer many, if any of them, but with your scalp aching from where Jungkook’s father had grabbed the hair at the back of your head, you’re hoping he’ll at least be able to tell you what’s going on.

Of course, his immediate response is, “It’s none of your fucking business.”

“Look, that man attacked me and I think I have a right to know why.”

Jungkook shifts his weight in the chair, scowling, “I already told you, I fucked a random girl in-”

“No, both you and I know that was bullshit,” you retort. “So take a moment, stop acting twelve, be a man, be vulnerable, and tell me why I got assaulted over a damn textbook.”

The golden haired boy’s gaze stays pinned on his feet, eyebrows knitted, looking like a chastised child. The silence sits heavily in the room. You don’t move. You don’t look away.

Jungkook finally mumbles, “My mom is filing for a divorce.”

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Enneagram Asshole Archetypes

@humanarchetypehouse - I’m reposting them, because they’re hard to access.

5-1-2 Combos: The Insufferable Know-It-All. They think they know everything there is to know about everything, and they cannot contain their urges to share their knowledge with absolutely everyone. They correct people over the tiniest mistakes with no concern for any self-consciousness this may cause and then act disingenuously confused when others get upset.

5-1-3 Combos: The Neurotic Over-Achiever. These are the students who cry over getting a B+ or not being the best at their extracurricular activity of choice. They tend not to do very well outside of school unless they get to become doctors. Even then, they usually end up overly competitive and have hollow social and family lives.

5-1-4 Combos: The Ivory-Tower Prophet. Think they have a perfect vision of what’s best for the world based on nothing but untested theory and fantastical introspection. Needs to actually get out and talk to people in order to actually refine their ideals, but they are often unwilling to because that might involve admitting they are wrong or dealing with people they consider less than them.

5-8-2 Combos: The Armchair Shrink. Read a Psych 101 textbook once and now thinks they are qualified to give drive-by diagnoses and overly impersonal life advice. Tends to be very overbearing about it and generally refuses to listen to further information from their “patients”, particularly if it goes against their assumptions.

5-8-3 Combos: The Cult Leader. Has some bizarre philosophy that they propagate using hollow social influence and brutal aggression. Speaks in pyramid-scheme language and literally never shuts up until you are brow-beaten into submission because your own mind intimidated itself trying to figure out what the hell they were trying to say.

5-8-4 Combos: The Self-Important Jerk. Like the Cult Leader, but lazier and with fewer social skills. Turns their nose up at any preferences or modes of living other than their own and resents anyone who doesn’t see eye to eye with them 100%. They’re very bossy, but their instructions are often terse and unclear, and to make matters worse, they just get mad at you when you tell them to explain because they’re over-sensitive about being misunderstood.

5-9-2 Combos: The Unsolicited Mediator. They hate conflict, but they can’t stand to stay out of it, either. If you’re having a dispute with somebody, expect them to show up spouting inappropriate objectivity and some sterile, by-the-book advice about using I-statements and whatnot. This is actually pretty effective in resolving the disputes, but not in the way they want it to - instead of being mad at the person you were initially disputing with, now you are both mad at The Unsolicited Mediator and must unite against the common enemy.

5-9-3 Combos: The Amoral Monster. Not much seems to bother them, which is nice at first until you realize their “tolerance” stems from the fact that they have no sensibilities to offend. They lack conviction and will use flimsy, pulled-out-of-ass logic to dodge responsibilities and defend their selfish decisions.

5-9-4 Combos: The Pretentious Hippie. The most reclusive of all the archetypes. You aren’t good enough to be their friend, so don’t even try. You’re not on their level and you harsh their vibes, man. They tend to be very unhappy unless they’re living in a sustainable homestead in the middle of nowhere. Bitches about how the Internet is destroying our minds but spends most of their time online anyway.

6-1-2 Combos: The Sanctimonious Sap-Addict. They talk as if they live in a Hallmark card, chain e-mail, or cheesy coming-of-age film. They probably feel really guilty about dumb things, and then you start wondering if you should, too. They tend to be religious and intolerant of those who don’t share their views or ways of life. Thankfully the ways they tend to show this intolerance are pretty harmless - panicking and crying. Nobody can stand to listen to them because, despite the motivational tone of their messages, they make everyone around them feel awful for not being as wholesome as they are.

6-1-3 Combos: The Thought Police. Similar to The Cipher (6-9-3 Combos), but more prone to forcing their boringness on others. While the Cipher avoids personality clashes by either blending in with or withdrawing from those with different priorities, those of the Thought Police archetype wage a crusade against them by asserting the moral superiority of their way of life. They have convinced themselves they are perfect so to avoid the emotional pain of having to re-evaluate their lives, but in order to maintain this illusion, they must live in an echo chamber. Don’t put them in the same room as the 6-1-2, it’s not a pretty sight.

6-1-4 Combos: The Ball of Self Hatred. Nobody wants to listen to these people, no matter how good their ideas might be, because they can’t even listen to themselves - even when they want to. They certainly have minds of their own, unfortunately, they don’t tend to use them unless it’s convenient (Spoiler Alert: it rarely is.) They ruin their own lives by repressing positive emotions, ruminating on wrongdoings (both theirs and those of others), and being unable to trust or feel good about anything unless it is completely beyond criticism.

6-8-2 Combos: The Overbearing Meddler. Anything they wouldn’t do is a bad idea that you need to be scared and bullied out of. This also goes for many things they WOULD do, because they are hypocrites. They say it’s for your own good, but they wouldn’t know the first thing about that if it bit them on the nose because they live with their heads in their asses. They tend to have plenty of their own issues, which they chronically avoid by micromanaging others. More projection than a cinema multiplex.

6-8-3 Combos: The Overworked Grouch. These are people who cannot wind down for the life of them. This tendency would generally not affect anyone other than themselves, but it does because they get mad at other people for relaxing. They see others’ satisfaction with less as an affront because it means that maybe all their overwork was for nothing, but instead of giving relaxation a chance, they choose to act like arrogant dicks in hopes that others will change to suit them instead.

6-8-4 Combos: The Extremist. Fiercely and belligerently loyal to a set of beliefs that no one else shares. Believes their pet issue (frequently something that directly affects them) to be the center of the universe and ridicules opposing viewpoints. They might be nice to you if you agree with everything they say, but even then, they probably won’t - you come second to the crusade.

6-9-2 Combos: The Martyr. No will or interests of their own. Gives their entire life up for the sake of an individual or a group - and it’s usually a dysfunctional one. They don’t even complain if they aren’t appreciated or thanked (they don’t expect it), but Heaven forbid there comes a time when they are no longer needed. They will plunge into depression and impotent rage as they search desperately for another object of their overly-submissive affections.

6-9-3 Combos: The Cipher. Your next-door neighbor who thinks the street you live on is the center of the universe. It’s not completely certain that people of this archetype actually have personalities or if their attitudes and behavior are just absorbed from their surroundings and upbringing. They may be rigidly set in their ways or they may be a perpetually-shifting chameleon (depending on the order of the numbers) - there isn’t much in between, but either way, they’re unbelievably boring.

6-9-4 Combos: The Special Snowflake. They at least try to be interesting, if only on a superficial level, but can’t keep it up for very long. They might seem endearingly quirky until you meet the people they hang out with, who are all pretty much just like them. To their credit, they’re usually pleasant enough company in that they couldn’t be cruel if they tried (though they are plenty judgmental in their thinking), but their flakiness and squirrely behavior usually prove too annoying for anyone to really keep them around for long.

7-1-2 Combos: The Wack-tivist. Thinks they’re hot stuff because they’ve helped out in a bunch of Third World countries. That’s great, of course, but it would be a lot better if they could shut up about it for five minutes. Excessively smug about all the different charity groups they participate in through their church and/or university while you just wonder where the hell they find the time and what you’re doing wrong with your life.

7-1-3 Combos: The Tweaker. Okay, so they may or may not actually use speed, but one thing is for sure; this archetype never sleeps. Ever. They have a full time job and several different hobbies, clubs, and volunteer groups, and they feel the need to excel and gain recognition within all of them. They are always on the go, but unlike the Overworked Grouch (6-8-3 Combos), they’re eerily chipper about it. In fact, they’re very sad when there’s nothing to do, because then they are forced to think about their feelings, which they are notoriously bad at. And it should be obvious how they feel about being bad at anything (Hint: it isn’t positively).

7-1-4 Combos: The Fanatic. A obnoxious mass of scatterbrained and stubborn behavior. Has their own personal brand of ethics and spirituality, which tends to involve a lot of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll. They at least practice what they preach, so that’s one good thing about them - unfortunately, they don’t ever really talk much about anything else. They just find a million different ways and contexts in which to talk about it.

7-8-2 Combos: The Bootstraps Idealist. Like the Overbearing Meddler (6-8-2 Combos), but with an extra dose of irresponsibility. They think the answer to all your problems is for you to do extremely difficult or extravagant things without considering whether or not you have the time or resources. Often refuses to acknowledge health issues (both mental and physical), as well. Any reason why you can’t do the things they are telling you to do is because of your lack of positive attitude instead of actual reality. Usually has more than a few terrible habits, but will try and fool you into thinking they have all their ducks in a row by giving faux motivational speeches.

7-8-3 Combos: The Inconsiderate Douche. It doesn’t really get any worse than this. Loud, obnoxious, and hopelessly shallow, a person of this archetype may seem very popular, but their circle of friends is a revolving door because they just won’t stop screwing people over for the sake of their ambitions or disregarding their feelings. Stay far, far away.

7-8-4 Combos: The Conspiracy Theorist. Being paranoid and accusing the government of hiding all kinds of scary, exciting things from us is fun for them. Imagining that there is at least one conspiracy that targets them personally is even more fun. What they don’t understand is that it isn’t as much fun for everyone around them. If you tell them you don’t believe them or even that you’re just sick of hearing about it, they flip their lid and go off about how you’re an idiot and just want to remain ignorant.

7-9-2 Combos: The Walking New-Age Store. This complete knob of an archetype has a saying or quote for everything, but never really seems to think critically about or have anything of their own to add to the words they are repeating. Hardly anyone has the heart to tell them how canned-corny and downright unhelpful they are, because they just seem so blissful and earnest. It would be like popping a hot air balloon, on every possible level.

7-9-3 Combos: The Goldfish. Completely without any self-awareness, this archetype flits perpetually from one superficial interest to the next. Unsurprisingly, they find very little satisfaction from anything, no matter how enthusiastically they may dive into it. The creepiest part about this is that they are so numb and hollow, they barely even notice how unsatisfied they are - they’ve fooled themselves into believing this is a happy existence.

7-9-4 Combos: The Entitled Vagabond. Goes on long road trips for no real reason, couch-surfing all the way. Quite possibly has no permanent address or bank account, and they are okay with this. Does a lot of odd jobs and possibly illegal things; has never had an actual job in their life, because it just isn’t their style, man. They’re actually not too insufferable as long as you don’t expect much from them and don’t mind their mooching. Unfortunately, whatever positivity they may bring to your life will be short-lived; as soon as they pick up and leave (which they will), they will all but forget you even exist.

Drawing prompts my friends

- A character you hate. You can make them ugly of course.
- Mermaid AU.
- Water. It can vary from rain to a lake to ice cubes. Anything water.
- Eyes. Extra points for both of them. Even more points for a set of three eyes.
- Create an object-for-a-head oc. Those are fun.
- Falling poses.
- Flying poses.
- Make animal hybrids. Whatever you want. Make an elephant-chicken.
- Design a house for your fave fictional character.

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I am conflicted about sasusaku. I shipped it hardcore when I was younger then bore resentment toward him when he defected and caused my queen sm pain. Now, though, I adore and cherish Sasuke as a member of team7 and a character. In SS pairing there are things that he does that makes me iffy. I'm not at all blind to his affections to Sakura but like when he put her in a genjutsu of him stabbing her… he could've put her in lala land but instead stabbed her. Why though? Im so conflicted. Help?

See, to be honest with you this is the kind of ask that can always get me stumped and it’s the reason why I have never argued with a Sakura stan about SasuSaku. I always mention this as if it weren’t obvious enough; I am a Sasuke stan. Before even being a fan of the series and before being any type of shipper, first and foremost, I am always just a little shit here for Sasuke. Asking me questions like ‘did Sakura deserve better from Sasuke?’ ‘did he hurt my queen?’ won’t get you the greatest answer from a Sakura stan’s POV, and that is why ic you have not noticed most my posts/answered asks are from Sasuke’s POV or are just me defending her against asshats with double standards shitting on her for caring for him; or just defending her with no context to SS. This question gets me thinking and I am not sure my answer will satisfy you. However, Let me try to do this to the best of my ability.

‘Did Sakura deserve better?’

Short answer: yes, but it’s not really a sasusaku thing.

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Thoughts on OUAT S7 regarding Killian and Captain Swan.

I’ve been meaning to write something up about this for a while, as the hate has become overwhelming and certain individuals are being rude towards those who are remaining positive on season 7. Frankly, I’ve lost any will to not get involved. Here are my thoughts for those who care.

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Weeks after Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell aired, I still keep running into posts celebrating that episode’s final scene as a show of how Sam and Dean (but mostly Dean, of course *eyeroll*) have grown as characters and how they’re finally capable of having a mature conversation and handle things like adults. How wonderful and new it is that Dean agreed to do things Sam’s way, that he didn’t even punch Sam, and how great it is that Sam confessed to his lie on his own.

But Dean almost always agrees to do things Sam’s way, even when he doesn’t like it at all. The number of times Dean’s punched Sam out of anger can literally be counted on the fingers of one hand, and it’s been years since it last happened. And – this part bothers me the most – Sam might have confessed to his lie, but the reason he lied in the first place is the opposite of mature.

It wasn’t “I didn’t tell you the truth because you’d expel Gadreel too soon and you’d die”, it wasn’t “I didn’t tell you the truth because you’d try to stop me from using the Book of the Damned to help you”, it wasn’t even “I didn’t tell you the truth because I was ashamed of it myself”, which both brothers have done in the past. It was “I didn’t tell you because I know how much you hate them”, which basically means “I lied to you because it was the easiest way to get you to do what I want without you having the chance to raise any objections”.

If Sam was so convinced that cooperation with the BMOL is so beneficial, then why didn’t he just say so the moment he made the decision? Not only does it undermine the BMOL’s trustworthiness if he felt the need to lie about it, but the fact that he lied (after just experiencing again how much it hurts to be lied to by family, and seeing that Dean took it even harder than him) seriously undermines Sam’s trustworthiness too.

Because what Sam did was he got Dean to work for the BMOL without Dean even knowing it, and then presented Dean with a fait accompli. Which put Dean in a situation where there was no reason for him to resist anymore, because a), he’s already been unknowingly doing it anyway, and b), Sam was willing to lie to make him do it, so it was highly unlikely that trying to reason with him or talk him out of it would have any effect.

It’s no wonder Dean looked so resigned in that last shot.

Tough Love pt1

hey guys, my names Goldie! this is my first fanFic ever about the brooding and beautiful Eric Coulter with the help of @sparklemichele Feel Free to reblog and messages me with questions!  ENJOY!

“Fuck!” my head hit the mat hard. Four looked down at me and smirked.

“Just give in so we can go back to our apartments.” He offers his hand. In my mind he might as well have offered me flowers and a trophy that said “weak”. I swat his hand away and jump to my feet, turning from four i walked off the mat in a huff without a word.

In all my four years as a leader my attitude remains the same, win at all costs, to be defeated is the greatest shame. My name is Aadya I was born and raised Dauntless, I finished at the top of my group of initiates and soon after I decided my path was to be a leader.

As I walked through the pit many young dauntless avert their eyes or lower their conversations to whispers beyond my ear. I bled for the position I hold today but besides the blood my disposition  came with another cost… Loneliness.

There are many nights when I wonder what it would be like had I grown up in another faction, Abnegation for example, would I be surrounded by friends and family?  I shook the thought away as I entered the code to my apartment. We just had a new group of initiates come in this morning, tomorrow would be their first day with me and the thought of their tears, blood and defeat made me smile….

“you are here because you wanted more than the meager lifes afforded to you in your born factions, while some of you just got here and others were born here,  you each made a choice. Now… prove you made the right choice” the group of nervous and cocky eyes stared at my stone cold emotionless face with fear and excitement. After pairing them up i announced the task. “ the person you are standing beside is now your enemy, fight and show me what you’re made of”

“ but its only our second day” someone from the back called out.

“With that attitude consider it your last” I barked back and there were no more outbursts from the crowd.

“what Aadya says stands true, fight and be deemed useful. Fail and consider yourself factionless” Four went around the room adjusting the initiates in their stances. I joined Four in walking around, making mental note of who was a decent fighter and who held true potential. At the end of the hour long training session I gave permission for Four to dismiss them to get some lunch. As the room emptied I decided to train a bit myself. I took off my leather jacket and stretched my arms out. I had picked up three knifes on my way to the targets and stood still as I held the smallest one in my hand. Growing up my father called this “ becoming the weapon”. with a steady and firm flick of my wrist the knife went soaring across the room into the jugular zone of the target. Pleased with myself I went through four more groups of knifes before I decided to call it quits.

“well well well, if it isn’t the forever hated 3”  a deep voice came from the shadows of the training room. “ if it isn’t the foul stench of the underworld come to disturb me my in all my greatness” I turned to see Eric Coulter step into the light of the room.

“greatness” he paused. “ such a extraordinary word for such a ordinary girl”

Eric was part of my group. Four finished first, Eric second and me third. Thats why he always called me three. Ignoring him I continued to walk out of the training room lowering my eyes I watched as eric stuck his foot out to trip me.

“ going to have to do better than… that second place” I frowned. His attempt to trip me  was only a distraction and his fist connected with my jaw. Eric moved to hit me again as the anger crossed his dark and alarming features. I blocked his blows with ease.

 Eric was much larger than I was but he was slower as well. Leaning back I pulled my leg in sharply and kicked him in the stomach and as he bent over I used the opportunity to kick him right in the chin, his head jerked towards the sky from the impact. I pulled my knife out and in one swift movement had it to his neck. He smacked my hand out of the way and stood back trying to catch his breath.

“Bitch” he said “ ingrate” I replied and turned on my heels out of the room.

When I got back to my apartment I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. A huge bruise was starting to form and my lip was busted. “ DAMNIT”! I could feel the anger overflowing and before I knew it I was staring at the remains of a shattered mirror……

I heard a knock at my apartment door. “piss off”! I called out.

“Aadya its me” Four replied. “ just let me in”

I frowned, took a deep breath and opened the door. Four’s eyes grew large and he sighed.

“let me guess…” he shook his head.

“GOD DAMN THAT ERIC COULTER…for fucks sake what did I ever do to him came at me like a bat out of hell he did!” I could feel the anger returning and my foot connected with the nearest object, lucky for Four it was only a metal chair.

“Aadya calm down. If this behavior gets back to max he’ll have both of you by the neck” at fours comment all anger drained from my face. I sighed and looked at Four. “ I have got to get my anger under control”

“you will, I will help you” Four placed his hand on my shoulder. “ if I didn’t know any better id say we just became friends” he smiled

“ but you do” I frowned and shrugged his hand off my shoulder…..


Oh, wow, another super late request. Shocking! I feel like I should stop using outdated gifs but they’re just too good not to. But still, here’s a Calum imagine. My masterlist will be updated sometime tonight or tomorrow. Enjoy!

Request: @love-youu-softly - a Calum imagine where you have to get a tooth filled but you’re very afraid of getting shots and you don’t think he’ll be able to come with you and you don’t want to ask him to bc you know he’s busy but he finds out and he shows up and comforts you through it // This was a good one to write because I hate needles (and the dentist), so I could relate to Y/N!

Title: Novacaine

Summary: You have a dentist’s appointment, and your anxiety levels are high. Worst of all, your best friend Calum isn’t even around to help you through it.

Words: 2k+, god help us.

Warnings: Just some language, I think. Maybe no language.

P.S. I made this into one of those “we’re best friends but everyone thinks we’re dating but hey maybe that wouldn’t be so bad” things. Hope you don’t mind!

Your legs bounce uncontrollably and your stomach is in knots as you sit in the uncomfortable waiting room chair. The fumes of the dentist’s office are making you feel lightheaded and nauseous. You look up anxiously at the TV that’s mounted to the wall, a muted talk show playing on the screen.

You take a deep, shaky breath and turn up the music in your earbuds, as if the sound of your music will somehow drown out the fact that you’re here right now. “It’s a simple procedure,” they told you the last time you were here, when it was time to schedule the appointment. “We’re just going to inject some novacaine, then we'll…”

That was the point where you basically shut down. As soon as you heard the word inject, it was like a switch was flicked. You hate needles. Just the idea of them makes your heart rate spike.

You wish Calum was here. He’s always been good about stressful situations, especially the ones you find yourself in. His presence is comforting, and he’s always there to hold your hand and make you laugh to reassure you and let you know that things will be okay. But of course he isn’t around today. Well, you assume he isn’t, anyway. He told you earlier in the week that he was planning on hanging out with Ashton today, so you figured he’d be too busy with that. You didn’t want to bother him or take away from his time with his friend by making him accompany you to an appointment just so he could hold your hand. At this point, though, you almost wish you did.

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it’s easy to make meaning where breathing assigns words, where the scent of probability mails scenery into distracted anomalies. if shapes could manipulate thoughts into sizes lesser than a heart, we would be following palms with index fingers longer than the latest strife. missing you is attaching meaning to objects I only stare at because I’m losing grip of your face. I just wanted to forget how we walked beside hate in the curve of your neck, yet still have room to stand when visionary promises have been left to cracking laughter. I want to write love into existence. I want to fold your hand against the sirens blaring teardrops into veins that have been circling heat, but you have shown me a place where my heart and soul both can be full and understood.

anonymous asked:

Resume / CV, one page or two? I see industry professionals saying you should always be able to put your work into a one page resume. However, my lecturers (i'm at University) seem to be under the impression that two pages is what we should be doing. thoughts?

It should only be two pages if you’ve just got that much relevant work experience. Don’t pad your resume. Even if it looks super small because you’re just starting out, don’t do it. Hiring managers won’t really care about your interest in martial arts or volunteer work with the local soup kitchen if you don’t have the skills and experience we do care about. The longer we have to go hunting for it among all the fluff, the more frustrated we become. Here’s a rough scoring system rule-of-thumb metric:

  • Very relevant to the job requirements (e.g. work experience in a shipped title doing what I want): +5-10 points
  • Relevant to the job requirements (work or project experience in a similar area of expertise): +3 points
  • Not relevant to the job requirements, overly wordy descriptions: -1 point
  • Employment gap, bad grammar and/or spelling, obvious mistakes (e.g. missing a cover letter when one was requested, writing the wrong company name in the letter or objective, etc.), demotion/going backward in career advancement: -10 points, possibly instant fail

If your resume doesn’t have a positive score by the time I’m done reading it, it gets tossed. I’ve got a list of skills that I need my candidate to perform. If the stuff on your resume doesn’t show me that you’ve got some kind of experience doing similar things, it wastes my time reading them and I really hate wasting my time. The more you make me waste my time reading stuff that isn’t relevant, the less favorably inclined I am toward you.

It is thus better for the both of us if you give me a resume with as little padding as possible. I can get to the stuff I care about faster, and I don’t have to feel like I’m wading through paragraphs of fluff to get to the stuff I want to see. If you write too much prose, it shows me that you are not good at explaining what you did, and that makes me think you’ll be bad at explaining things to teammates. Don’t worry if your resume seems short. I would much rather have a half-page resume that’s got only relevant skills and experience on it than a two page CV that tells me about your interests in intramural volleyball and Ethiopian food. The faster I get through it, the happier I am. The longer it takes, the more likely I am to put it down and move on to the next.

The only time I’ve ever felt it necessary to have two pages on the resume is when you’ve got so much professional experience on games that you can’t fit it into one page, even after skimming down the oldest titles in the resume. I want to read about that, because it actually might be relevant. Most university students and fresh graduates don’t have that problem, so I’d suggest keeping it to a single page.

PS. You may wish to peruse my [#resume preparation] tag. There’s a lot of stuff in there.

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angst prompt: Reborn makes Tsuna kick out his fiance and sends assassins after her because he believes that she is a spy who leaked information that lead to the death of nearly a hundred Vongola men. Turns out the both of them are very wrong and that the fiance is also pregnant. 

“Stop thinking with your heart, Dame-Tsuna,” Reborn looked at his student with indifference. You were a little shocked at his tone. There was always a warmth in his words that made you think of him as a father to the two of you.  

Tsuna sighed, sinking into his chair. His expression was torn with anger and pain. You wanted to walk towards him and kiss away his frowns but the atmosphere was not right. You felt like you were about to be interrogated.

“We need to talk-”

“I wanted to tell you something important-”

Tsuna and you spoke at the same time.

“You first,” you smiled at him but Tsuna didn’t return it. His glare darkened.

“I trusted you,” Tsuna said sharply. “I loved you. I wanted to marry you and start a family with you. I didn’t think I was capable of loving someone so much-”

“Stop saying stupid things, Dame-Tsuna,” Reborn said icily. “There’s no point to that right now.”

“Trusted? Loved? Wanted?” Your face broke into a frown and your hand clutched your stomach unconsciously. “Why are you speaking in past tense? Did you cheat on me or something?”

“Such an innocent face for a traitor,” Reborn hissed. “You had us all fooled.”

You took a step back at his killing intent. “What’s going on? I’m scared, Tsuna.”

You looked at your fiance weakly but the eye contact seemed to anger him more.

“Don’t look at me like that! You’re a traitor!” Tsuna stood up and slammed his hands on his desk so hard that it nearly cracked. “You comforted me after the Brocco incident, after nearly a hundred of my men died, when all along it was you who caused their death!”

“Tsuna, what are you-” 

The Brocco incident had happened a few months ago and it had broken your fiance in an irreparable way. You had tried everything you could to make him feel better but the deaths of his men always seemed to haunt him.

“I should kill you!” Tsuna rage exploded and his Flames were glowing like the fires of Hell. “You deserve the most torturous death!” 

“That can be arranged,” Reborn said as he shifted Leon to an extremely sharp knife. He looked at you calculatively, as if wondering whether he should cut your toes or your fingers first.

“Tsuna, stop this!” you yelled back. “I’m pregnant! I love you and-”

“Pregnant?” Tsuna’s rage halted and his face shifted to confusion.

“Don’t be stupid, Dame-Tsuna,” Reborn said icily. “It’s common for traitors to fake a pregnancy in such a situation. What a disgusting bitch. I’ll play with her before I send her over to Mukuro-”

Those words were a slap to your face.

Tsuna raised his hand to make Reborn stop talking. “She deserves the most torturous death, the worst kind of death-” Tsuna faltered for a second, “but I can’t stand the idea of a hair being hurt on her head. Leave, (Name). Love makes fools of us and you have succeeded in making me the biggest fool yet. If you say one more word or if I ever see you again, I will have to kill you. Disappear, (Name).”

You wanted to defend yourself but you knew Tsuna was serious about his threat. You were a mother now and you couldn’t let your child die before they were even born.

You had to choose between defending yourself to the love of your life and the life of your unborn child.

Silent tears streamed down your eyes as you walked away out of the door.

Reborn watched you leave and his hands tightened into fists. “You’re an idiot. An idiot. Look at that shameless whore crying. She had to put up the act until the very end-”

“If you ever call her anything like that,” Tsuna’s tone sent an involuntary shiver down Reborn, “I will cut off your tongue.”

Still in love with you. The fool.

If his ex-student wasn’t man enough to kill you, Reborn would have to take the responsibility.

Reborn had loved you as well. You were more of daughter to him than Tsuna was a son. and yet you had managed to break everyone’s heart, leaving nearly a hundred dead.

You would pay.

“Why is it so hard to kill a civilian woman?!” Reborn hissed into the phone. “Are you telling me three assassins aren’t enough to kill some stupid bitch?”

The morons he had sent had been trying to kill you for months but it was like the lot of them had decided to play Tom and Jerry with you.

She’s clever, that one,” the assassin words sounded like an excuse to Reborn’s ears, “Always a trick up her sleeve. We’ve literally chased her down five countries and we just got sight of her recently.”

Reborn once again cursed the fact that he had trained you on how to avoid and trick assassins. He thought it was an important skill the future Donna needed to know and he’d only trust himself to teach it to you but now your skills were a huge inconvenience.

“Well, I’m not paying a world tour for you men, now, am I?” Reborn said. “Kill her by the end of this week or I’ll find and kill you.”

That threat always seemed to work.

Al-alright,” the assassin stuttered slightly, “but I’ll have you know we charge extra for killing pregnant women.

“She’s pregnant?” Reborn’s world stopped spinning.

Around three, four months-” Reborn clicked the phone shut, his mind reeling from the implications.

Did he- Were you really pregnant with Tsuna’s heir? Were you innocent?

No. No. You were a shameless whore. You probably slept with some guy and got knocked up.

Reborn made way to the evidence they had collected against you. He needed to go over them again.

Tsuna couldn’t give a fuck if the world went on fire and burnt to ashes. He was an empty man.

His days were spent plotting to make the Vongola more powerful and scheming against his enemies. His nights were spent with nameless women and expensive booze. He didn’t really remember his nights.

And his Intuition hurt like a bitch.

It was tearing at him, demanding him to to find you and protect you. He had always been overprotective and hyper-aware of your safety but it had never been this bad. 

He had only heard of Intuition being so painful was when the Skys’ women got pregnant with their heirs. 

“I’m pregnant! I love you and-”

That can’t be true. He quickly pushed the thought away.

It was probably all the booze that was messing with his mind-

Reborn didn’t knock when he opened the door, and Tsuna quickly tried to hide the woman sleeping next to him with the bed sheets. He was really not in the mood for a lecture.

She’s innocent,” Tsuna had never heard Reborn’s voice filled with such self-hatred.

Bullets were fired and you closed your eyes. The assassins had finally managed to corner you in the motel you were staying for the week.

You clutched your growing belly. Sorry my baby. I couldn’t protect you.

You opened your eyes when nothing happened.

“(Name),” Tsuna’s eyes checked you for any injuries. Reborn was a few steps behind him. “Are you okay?”

Your assassins were lying dead on the floor.

“Are you here to finish the deed?” you demanded icily. “Want to kill me yourself?”

Tsuna recoiled at your words. “I could never hurt you, (Name). I’m sorry-”

He walked towards you and tried to grab your shoulder but you flinched away. “Don’t you ever fucking touch me.”

“(Name), I-” Tsuna stopped. “Let’s get you checked. Stress isn’t good for our baby and I can only imagine what you’ve gone through with the assassins-”

“Our baby?” you snarled. “How do you know he’s yours? I thought I was some disgusting bitch that spread her legs for anyone.”

“Don’t ever speak about yourself like that,” Tsuna said sharply.

“(Name), I am incredibly sorry-” Reborn’s tone had returned to the fatherly one you had been used to.

“No!” You snapped. “You two just don’t get to do that! Tsuna, I loved you. I wanted to spend every living moment with you! I got pregnant with your child! And what did you do? Accuse me of something you should know I’d never do and toss me aside like trash. And, you Reborn, I loved you like a daughter! And you marked me off as a bitch and whore, sending your dogs to kill me! I don’t want to see you two ever again!”

Tsuna grabbed your hand and pulled you into a tight hug before you could leave. Your Flames could practically taste the pain in his Sky Flames. His flames were mad and deprived of the object of their darkest desires.

“You don’t get to leave me,” Tsuna said, his voice filled with anguish. “I will make everything up to you but you don’t get to leave me. I know you hate me but you loved me once, right? You can love me again. I can’t live without you.”

You made eye contact with Reborn and he took off his fedora out of respect.

“For as long as I live,” Reborn said sincerely, “I promise you, my Donna, that no harm will ever come to you again.” 

You sharply pushed Tsuna away. “The both of you can go to Hell.”

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You said lucio/symmetra was your ultimate otp...i'm intrigued by it but since there's so little around I haven't fully gotten into it! Could you share some of your thoughts on it o: ? i'm definitely interested on what you think their dynamic is like! I know you said you wanted people to tell you about their ships but I can't stop wondering about this ship since you mentioned it...

ur all horrible enablers, shame on u

If I put all my feelings about this ship in a book, it’d look like that book where that one dude printed out all of Wikipedia, so instead have some headcanons I have on their dynamic (and also this turned out a bit longer than anticipated)

  • They’re way more similar than they think they are and everytime someone points it out they both argue like siblings when someone tells them they look alike.

  • Like, let me give a brief description and you try to guess whom I’m talking about: Super idealistic, believes in a better world for everyone. Wants to make people’s lives better and cares deeply about the suffering of others. Comes from a very poor family but has risen above that by virtue of their talents. An artist and uses their artistic skill in their fighting style. Has strong ideals and is prepared to face overwhelming opposition for them.

  • I think on some level they’re aware of how much they have in common but in the beginning they refuse to face the facts, because they do not want to be associated with someone like that.

  • And they hate each other. And, as everyone knows, hate is an attractional force. It’s not like disgust where you try to stay away from the other person. No, they hate each other and everytime they’re in roughly the same spot (like, a continent) they inevitably end up finding and shouting at each other over everything they could possibly disagree over.

  • And there’s a lot they disagree about and they miraculously find more everytime they argue.

  • If Satya says she likes a movie, Lúcio will hate it by default and argue with her about all the problematic shit in it and of course an evil heartless demon like her would like that movie. If Lúcio dyes his hair blue for Christmas, Satya will change her entire wardrobe because the colour blue is so unsophisticated and simplistic, she can’t be seen dead with it.

  • And there’s a breaking point somewhere, because both of them know they don’t have all the answers and the other isn’t all wrong in their accusations. Lúcio breaks down someday because damn her, Satya is right, the people in his favela are still poor, they are still hungry and thirsty, still sick and unable to pay the hospital bills, still miserable and he doesn’t know how to fix it, and maybe Vishkar would have fixed it and maybe giving up their freedom wouldn’t have been too high a price to pay.

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Off Limits (Skam - Chris x OC) Part 3

Pairing: Chris x OC

Synopsis: Mara Magnusson has always had everything she ever wanted in life, except for one thing. The boyish charm of her brother’s childhood friend had wrecked her poor heart and ruined her for any other guy – you can trust her, she has tried. She could see the way he looked at her, though she knew there were rules about not hitting on your best friend’s little sister. Luckily for her, there were no restrictions when it was the other way around.

Word count: 1.2k


Part 2 <<< >>> Part 4

People could say whatever they wanted about Chris, but he knew how to be a gentleman when he wanted or needed to. When he was courting someone, or when he was in presence of someone he appreciated and respected, he behaved properly. He had always treated Mara right, because she deserved it and also because William wouldn’t permit Chris to treat Mara any less than like a princess.

But as of lately he was a little uneasy about the girl, she was up to something and his guts told him that he wouldn’t like it. Since her stunt this morning in the hallway, Chris knew that the boys she was flirting with weren’t an end, but means to an end. But Mara was a mystery to everyone even herself, she had a twisted mind and she was smart and cunning, she could be scheming for world domination for all he knew. Although he was quite certain world domination did not involve laughing at a guy’s every joke so loudly everyone in her vicinity could hear how fake her laugh was. She wanted someone to hear her, or see her. She had a secret agenda and Chris tortured his mind with far-fetched theories about it.

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  Marbella Teak Garden Collection  ❤

My first garden set is finally finished & here for you to download. It includes the objects shown above and the download file has 15 items (14 new meshes & 1 mesh edit). Can be found in game by typing “DCS4” or “Marbella”. 

I hope you all enjoy them because I hate them now. If you use them in your posts and want to share the love (because sharing is caring) then feel free to tag me. I track both DreamCatcherSims4 and DCS4.


Please don’t upload anywhere else or claim as your own. Recolours allowed w/out mesh. I still have the PSDs so feel free to message me for them.


I Hope You Love Me Too

A/N: so sorry for the lack on inactivity. I’ve been finishing up this school year and I’ve had a lot of personal stuff going on, but I’m working on like four other stories so I hope I’ll have those up soon! Also this is written in like Ethan’s third point of view if that makes sense? It’s basically third person but in the sense of Ethan I guess? Anyway, enjoy!♡

Warnings; shortish 

And baby when you sleep, do you dream of me? And when you’re awake, do you think of me? I need to know, how do you feel? 

Ethan could never tell how you were feeling, even before you two got into a relationship. You were so seclusive when it came to your emotions. You could be expressing one thing, but feeling something totally different and he hated it. Especially when it came to him.

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don’t save me, part five

part one | part two | part three | part four 

hello hello, there will be one or two more parts to this i think before i wrap it up just to give everyone fair warning. hope you like it, as always let me know what you think!! warning: there’s a tiny bit of smut (??) in this one

questions, comments, concerns


The days passed in a blur. Harry avoided going to class, ignored her texts and phone calls and voicemails begging for his forgiveness, begging for him to understand. It wasn’t that he didn’t understand, he had moved past being hurt, he understood, he just wanted to let go. And he couldn’t do that and still be her friend. He’d be constantly jealous, constantly wanting to kiss her, constantly wanting to hold her when she was sad.

So he avoided her and eventually the texts and calls died down. She would still send pictures of her notes from each class, never questioning why he wasn’t there. Sometimes he saw her walking with Jasper on campus. He looked at her with such intensity and adoration, Harry couldn’t tear his eyes away. She deserved that. She deserved the world.

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(1) You know what's the tricky thing about this is? When Christ said " (You) Love your enemies and bless those who hates you".. Love itself by its nature can not choose, it either loves, or it doesn't. As apostle Paul said: "Where love is - there is no division, love does not seek its own" Love does not choose what it likes, it is capable of loving everyone and forgiving everyone. And where separation begins - there's a split, There is destruction, because evil can not create, it only destroys.

(2) That post says that one should love selectively, but this isn’t love, is it? If you love, you love without care about race, cultures and stuff. Therefore, “God is Love”, and people, by virtue of their own selfishness, have forgotten how to just love, they only choose. In the Evangelion Satan isn’t called the Father of Lies for no reason. Don’t get anything wrong, I would really like to hear your opinion on this.

With all due respect, Anon, as I can tell you’re much more religious than I am, a lot of what you’ve said here in your response doesn’t hold much water.

One issue I’ve always taken with much of Christianity’s internal logic is that a lot of its justification for any point it makes is self-referential.  If somebody asks a question of “why,” the answer usually involves “because insert-Apostle-or-God-here said so.”  Statements are assumed to be true because of who said them.  In terms of literature, if you remove the religious significance from the writings, Satan is an arbitrary figure whose purpose serves to be a seducer and a liar.  He’s not a well-rounded figure, and indeed, to ask “why is Satan evil?” is the same as asking “why is God good?”  There is no explained reason; it’s simply assumed to be true, and so staunchly that to even ask those questions might be considered offensive or shocking to some practitioners of the religion.

Your explanation of love relies almost entirely upon what Apostle Paul said about it, wherein he claims that it is what it is, and man cannot control it.  But in the same breath, you also make a statment containing the phrase, “if one loves.”  If a human can choose whether or not to love, even if they can simply FORGET how to love, is that not exerting a degree of control over love?

Either man can control love, or he can’t – there can be no in between in terms of “true” or “false.”

Not to mention, to claim that one can’t control love or else they are being selfish is not only a logical fallacy, it’s also somewhat offensive.  I hold immense love in my heart for the people who are good to me, because they have shown me that they are worth it, and that they love me, too.  But I hold none whatsoever for the people who have done me wrong and do not feel sorry for their actions.  It’s not that I wish ill upon them, but I don’t put forth the effort to pray for them or anything like that.  They aren’t worth my effort.

From a purely sociological standpoint, love is both an emotion and an action.  It is very closely related to the feeling of hatred – both require a fixation on the object of affection or disdain, to the point of the person who loves or hates that thing actively thinking about it.  This requires effort.  Love requires effort – it’s not simply a thing that happens on its own.

The key here is that what you might be defining as “love” is something that I would simply define as “basic human decency.”  A certain standard of respect and willingness to help my fellow man in their time of need.  Even in the case of the people who have done me terribly wrong, I might try to help them if they are in grave need of it – like, say, if they were bleeding out, or needed CPR, or something like that.  I’m not about to drop my evening plans to go ferry them to the airport, of course, but if they are in dire need of my aid, I’ll offer it just the same as I’d offer it to anyone else.  But for the people I love, I would drop pretty much anything to help them in any way I can, no matter how small the issue they’re facing.  They’ve earned that.

There’s another fallacy at work in your argument, though.  By equating the lack of love with sinful selfishness, you’re essentially saying that anyone who chooses not to love even just one person in existence is in the wrong.  But to sin is human, isn’t it?  Can it truly be expected of an inherently flawed species like humanity to love perfectly?  If God is the only being in existence who can be perfect, would it not also be vain and prideful to assume that humanity can achieve such perfect love as His?  Is it not prideful to even aspire to that kind of perfection?

After all, wasn’t it Lucifer’s own aspirations of perfection that led to his own downfall to become Satan?

One step further – do you love Satan?

You say that love is indiscriminate – if you love, you must love everyone, else you are being selfish.  Satan is a being.  Therefore, using your own logic, you must either love the Prince of Lies as well, or you are selfish.

On the other hand, for contrast’s sake, let’s assume that love IS a choice.

This places a large degree of power directly into the hands of man, yes.  But is this really a bad thing?  The expulsion of Adam and Eve from the garden of Eden implies that to assume any degree of power is in his hands, man is vain and selfish.  I argue that these are not necessarily bad traits – certainly, they can be used for evil, but they can also be used to achieve great good in the world.  There are people out there who CHOOSE to share their time with others, in spite of not receiving anything in turn.  Instead of attributing that goodness to the grace of God, I argue that it’s more suiting to attribute it to the goodness that those people have chosen to have in themselves.  They had the choice to be evil, but they spat in evil’s face and chose to be good instead.  Isn’t that admirable?

This degree of choice is also useful for being able to distinguish between those who need another chance and those who would waste it.  The power of choosing who is deserving of our love allows us to lend a helping hand to a kleptomaniacal thief while also ensuring the safety of hundreds from the bloody hands of a psychopathic murderer.

Even if you believe that the power of choice in terms of love is a sin, it’s a sin that we all have, and it’s an inherent and necessary quality of humanity.  We quite literally need it in order to survive.  To deny that it’s there is a form of hubris – you are not any closer to God for claiming it’s not there.

This isn’t all intended as a smackdown, I hope you understand.  This is merely a breakdown of one issue I take with the sort of argument you’ve offered to me, and something of an explanation as to why, even though I was raised Christian, I’ve chosen to be agnostic.

First and foremost, I am an individualist.  I believe in the power of mankind, and i also believe in its capacity for goodness simply by virtue of its dedication to survival.  We want to live.  We want our species to thrive.  We are social creatures, and by and large we care about our communities, and the fact that we choose to do so means we WANT to do so.  We aren’t simply guilted into it – we actually WANT good, positive interactions, things that do good for others and for ourselves.

I truly do admire Christianity for its messages of love and optimism about the fate of mankind.  My father, a Christian, and I have actually talked extensively about that.  But I would argue that to simply believe in every one of its teachings without applying any degree of critical thinking to them is to blind yourself to its flaws… thereby opening yourself to blindness to the flaws (and sometimes merits) of other things.

One last note – the fact that you’re making a point about Satan being “the Prince of Lies” not without reason indicates to me that you diiiiidn’t quite read through the entirety of what that post had to say about LaVeyan Satanism.  LaVeyan Satanism is an atheistic Satanism which has practically nothing to do with God, Satan himself, or Christianity in any way.  It’s using the term “satan” in the form of its original Latin root, meaning “the one who opposes” – in other words, it’s founded in the concept of applying critical thinking to everything, being somewhat skeptical of things before allowing yourself to believe them.  Its use of “Satan” in its name means that it is opposed to blind belief – not that it worships Satan.

(There are Satanist practices other than LaVeyan Satanism that DO worship the Devil and DO promote evil acts.  But they are two very different things, and I really wish that post had specified the difference.)

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5 & 18 with Bucky ?

5. “No offense, but you are a huge waste of muscles.” + 
18. “I’m like… really in love with you.”- Bucky Barnes

“Euggh, I hate this!” You exclaimed, struggling against the rope that had you restrained.

“I don’t think they intend for you to enjoy it, Doll.” Bucky chuckled from behind you, perfectly calm despite your current predicament.

The two of you had been sent into an assumed abandoned HYDRA base, a basic search and destroy mission. You’d only just entered the large brick building when things went sideways, in the most literal sense. You were both knocked unconscious by a tazer looking object, before your limp bodies were dragged to this damp, dark room.

“Can you hold back the witty comeback for ten minutes Barnes?” You huffed, wincing as the coarse material chafed at your wrists. You hated how calm he was being about this whole thing, you were barely containing the panic that was beginning to set in. “Can’t you just use that famous super soldier strength and get us out of here?” You finally muttered, tugging uselessly once more against your restraints.

“I could, but where’s the fun in that?” He retorted, the smirk clear in his words as he stretched his legs out in front of him.

“No offense, but you are a huge waste of muscles.” You grumbled, scrunching your nose as he let out a deep chuckle. “What! You are! Won’t even break us out of a piece of rope.” Your rant continued, Bucky’s laugh only getting louder as you carried on your tirade.

“Doll, trust me, I know what I’m doing.” Bucky eventually murmured, his tone soft as he brushed the back of his knuckles against your hand.

“Fine, but only because I’m like… really in love with you.” You muttered, heart warming as he hooked his little finger with yours.

“I love you too.” Bucky murmured, his smile obvious in his words, “Hey, how about that movie marathon when we get back to the apartment?”

“Sounds good to me.” You smiled, knowing that you could always trust your boyfriend to keep you safe.

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Precipice Chapter 4:  If you sang along

Chapter 4, here we go! 

Ouch.  Just, just ouch guys.

Chapter 3      Chapter 5

Enjoy the pain!

Ford was flipping through channels on the rooms t.v., and had just found a news station he was looking for when the hospital rooms door open behind him.  He turned and saw his niblings and Stan’s employee’s filing into the room.  A brief flash of embarrassment filled Ford as he remembered what he was wearing.

“Hi Grunkle Ford!”  Mabel squealed happily.  Ford stood to greet her, and he stumbled backward as she launched herself at him, wrapping her good arm tightly around his waist.  A backpack was slung over her good shoulder, and Stan’s fez was still perched on her head.  “Did you miss me?”

Ford chuckled as he hugged her back “Mabel, I saw you less than nine hours ago!”  The embarrassment faded under Mabel’s enthusiastic onslaught.

“Then we both agree that that is way too long to not see your favorite niece!”  Mabel gave Ford a brace-filled grin, one that felt more genuine than the one she had worn that morning.

“Well, I guess that is true.”  Ford said as the pair sepperated.  Dipper was standing not too far from his sister.  He was still wearing the suit he had had on earlier in the day, but the gel had been partially combed out of his hair, making his bangs stick out in funny clumps.  Surprisingly, Wendy’s hat was on his head, pushing his clumpy bangs down over his forehead.  “How are you doing Dipper?”  Ford asked, remembering his nephews reticence earlier that day.

To Fords surprise however, Dipper wraps his arms tightly around Ford’s waist.  “I’m fine, Great-Uncle Ford.”  Dipper murmured.  After a moment, Ford returns the hug, a small smile on his face. 

Dipper stepped back, heading over to the side of Stan’s bed where Mabel was standing and talking quietly to Stan.  Soos was standing on Stanley’s other side.  Ford started a little as Wendy quietly appeared next to him.  She held a foil-wrapped burger out to Ford that Ford was positive she hadn’t been holding when she walked into the room.  “Here.  Mrs. Ramirez told me to bring you something.”

“Er, thank you.”  Ford took the burger and set it in the empty chair, before turning his attention back to Mabel as she started to rummage through her backpack with a little help from Dipper.

“I knit you something Grunkle Stan.  In fact, I knit you two somethings!”  Mabels voice was brimming with pride as she spoke.

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