objectifying away

yall complainin about my being gay or whatever so lmao yes let’s talk about some gay issues now hmmmm

like how about the horrendous fetishy creeps that run rampant in fandoms/just irl where you have your girls with there “uwu my precious gay beans” “wowow i’m sinning this smut is so hot” “why are gay guys just SO cute?” etc.

yall doing that shit do nothing but bring gay men down another fucking notch. it’s terrifying and downright creepy the way that yall objectify us in such away and see us as nothing more than something for your own pleasure.

yall so fucking obsessed with who tops and who bottoms, who’s a cinnamon roll and who’s a SINammon roll or whatever bullshit it js. yall are downright disgusting with the way you treats and view gay people. we are not here for you to fetishize and make into your own personal fantasies, sexual or otherwise.

not to mention how this is only when the gay couple is cis/cis too lmao yall need that dick on dick action or some shit to actually get off and as soon as a trans dude is introduced to your “smutty gay fanfiction” it suddenly doesn’t become so huge cuz that herd of creeps aren’t interested is us trans dude’s bodies like yall just see gay men as walking, porno dicks or something lmao.

that or when there are trans characters that’s when you pull out your “my sweet, cinnamon roll ship uwu so pure, so soft, so fluffy” and aint nobody writing porn for that shit like it’s okay i see how it is. yall don’t care about gay people sure, but gay trans people? not into that. you don’t want the gay man with a vagina.

yall fetishy creeps aint nothing but homophobic, transphobic, dangerous people who deserve to be tossed to the pits of hell.

Washboard Wednesday. Now.

Because the angst-level is pretty freaking high I thought I’d try this new thing. Also, because @dettiot requested an Ab Day. 

Let’s enjoy the delicious fruits of Oliver Queen’s sweaty labors. 

Here is Oliver Queen. He is a serious dude with a big stick. Right now he’s thinking dark thoughts. So are you. 

His muscles are really special, aren’t they? He can’t even resist touching them.

Salmon ladder is a gift to us from a benevolent deity. 

And don’t get me started about that towel. Oh, lucky cloth. 

No matter how dark things may get during the winter finale, think good thoughts. Think happy thoughts. Heck, think impure thoughts. 


You’re welcome. 

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