objectification of women

today has blessed us with the #AskELJames tag on twitter, and if you haven’t pursued this little tag, i urge you to do so, because the entire thing has been taken over by rightfully angry, critical (and pretty damn humorous) tweets calling out 50 shades of grey, and EL james for what they really are. though of course there are a few, who seem to have the “who cares, she’s still rich” mentality…which…yes. yes she is rich. she gets to join the ranks of nasty rich people who only got that way off the objectification of women, and good for her. she’s in great company up there. i’m sure she’ll have lots of friends.

see, i can accept that el james is richer than me and maybe always will be, but i can’t accept that this woman won’t (to my knowledge) address criticism of her books. this woman, who actually has to specify in her twitter bio that 50 shades of grey is a “LOVE story”–which, it’s not, by the way. (maybe james had the intention of it being one and was just too inadequate as a writer and a human being to execute it properly)–thinking she can continue to fool everybody with her garbage. i can’t accept mass media and pop culture depicting this book as a love story or even  ~sexual liberation~ for women (i’m gonna vomit)

AND that’s why the #AskELJames tag is really important. because pop culture blogs and media and magazines aren’t publishing el james’ actual q&a held on her twitter, they’re talking about the tag, they’re talking about the backlash and the criticism, and if i can go to bed tonight knowing that maybe a few more people will acknowledge and see 50 shades for the nasty, rape-propagating, woman-hating garbage that it really is, then i’m gonna sleep pretty damn well tbh.


“If somebody else says that running like a girl or kicking like a girl or shooting like a girl is something that you shouldn’t be doing, that’s their problem. Because if you're still scoring, and you’re still getting to the ball on time, and you’re still being first, you’re doing it right. It doesn’t matter what they say. Yes! I kick like a girl, and I swim like a girl, and I walk like a girl, and I wake up in the morning… like a girl. Because I am a girl, and that is not something that I should be ashamed of.”

Let’s make #LikeAGirl mean amazing things. Why can’t running like a girl also mean winning the race?



a small rant on the “ok but if boys have to like fat girls, why is it ok for girls to say they wanna date guys over 6 feet???” arguments that I see self-identified ‘meninists’ use to claim that men are subjected to the same ridiculous beauty standards women are

“The Conversation about women’s bodies exists largely outside of us, while it is also directed at (and marketed to) us, and used to define and control us. The Conversation about women happens everywhere, publicly and privately. We are described and detailed, our faces and bodies analyzed and picked apart, our worth ascertained and ascribed based on the reduction of personhood to simple physical objectification. Our voices, our personhood, our potential, and our accomplishments are regularly minimized and muted.”

- Actor and activist Ashley Judd writing for The Daily Beast

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anonymous asked:

Hi, would you be able to recommend any scholarly feminist publications that deal with the subject of women are pure "objects", a thing that men look to as "unattainable" or they wish to "master sexually"? I've searched everywhere and I'm honestly getting desperate (it's for an analysis of a play I'm writing through a feminist lens). Thank you for your time and I'm really sorry if this isn't the kind of thing you deal with!

Hi there. I am heading offline right now, but here are some possible starting points and I can add some more links later to this post later tonight. Objectification is a big part of my studies, you can’t understand oppression without it! 

Feminist Perspectives on Objectification


Linked bibliography for the SEP article “ Feminist Perspectives on Objectification” by Evangelia (Lina) Papadaki

Hope this helps! Check back tomorrow for additional links.

Update #1: A couple of readers wrote in to offer suggestions, see below!

Thanks for writing in! 

Have you ever noticed that female lead action movies, often praised as “girl power movies”, are nothing more than overly sexualized women gallivanting about in skin tight clothes and impractical footwear a lot of times using their sexuality rather than qualifications to defeat the bad guys? People pretend that it’s empowering but it just furthers the age old message that the only real power a woman has lies between her legs.

And even then, we still don’t really have power over that.


This video needs to be seen by everyone. It hits it right on. 


After 19 years, Lara Croft is still being treated like a piece of meat 

At E3 this week, Lara Croft got a very different treatment than some other game remakes. In a behind-the-scenes glance at her name game, we didn’t hear about the story, the development of her character or the new worlds she will explore. Instead, we got a sneak peek at the creation of her digital body — creating a false sense of empowerment.


My family member once again. He posts wonderful pictures of his children, then this nonsense.

I made the mistake of going on the Ultimate LAD page. It’s terrible, especially bad for fat-shaming ans slut-shaming.

Keep up the good work, I really love your blog.

Thanks! The objectification of women doesn’t really get more blatant than this, does it.