objectification of women

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Hi, sorry if this sounds stupid, but could you explain radical feminism to me? I am a feminist and from an assumption radical sounds like extremist? Like "I hate men"? Correct me if I'm wrong I just want to be educated!

This isn’t a silly question at all and I’m always happy to discuss this with women!

Radical Feminists aim to get to the “root” of patriarchy and eliminate male supremacy in all aspects of society. Radfems believe in sex based oppression ie the oppression of women is linked directly to our bodies and more specifically our reproductive capabilities. They believe that gender is a tool of patriarchy used to control women that we are socialised into. They believe that gender should not exist and females are caged by femininity. Radfems oppose the sexual objectification of women and are therefore against the porn and sex industries and the exploitation of female bodies. Radfems are against all forms of male violence towards women and the goal is to liberate women from patriarchal control.

To me, radical feminism is not extreme - it’s logical. It is the only brand of feminism which has truly challenged me to think critically about my own life and then women’s lives in general. Part of radical feminism is understanding how deeply male supremacy is imbedded in our societies and how all males have been socialised view women as, at best, lesser than themselves and, at worse, as completely inhuman. This can be very hard to accept especially when women have been socialised to prioritise men our entire lives. Understanding patriarchy can be very jarring and painful, so yes lots of radfems do hate men for what they do to women and what they benefit from.

This is very brief and if you have any more questions feel free to ask! I wish you the best of luck in your radfem journey 💕

The infantilization of women is:

-the belief that we have to get married because we “need someone to take care of us,” as if we were children
-using cute or adorable as compliments (the same terms used to describe babies)
-the standard for women’s beauty being thin & petite like a prepubescent girl
-sexualizing women with childish clothing/hairstyles/etc. such as pigtails, babydoll dresses, schoolgirl outfits, lollipops, chewing bubblegum, etc.
-women dating an older men being more socially accepted than the other way around
-fathers giving pet names to their daughters like “little girl,” “little angel,” “little princess”
-the belief that promiscuous women just have “daddy issues,” instead of being adults who can express their sexuality however they see fit
-women being required to go to counseling before getting an abortion because “they don’t really know what’s best”
-thinking of women as somebody’s daughter rather than as their own person
-society’s overall obsession with women staying young

The infantilization of women is an essential part of the patriarchy. It undermines women’s voices and opinions by equating them to naive, impressionable children who need a male authority figure to tell them what to do. With it comes the misogynistic belief that women are intellectually inferior to men, which keeps women from accessing positions of power (ie: the glass ceiling).

Women are not oversized children; they are adults. We can make our own decisions without the “help” of male authority.

Watching natural-looking people engaging in sex that is consensual, mutually pleasurable, and realistic may not be harmful–heck, it might be a good idea–but the occasional feminist porn site aside, this is not what the $97 billion global porn industry is shilling. It’s producers have only one goal: to get men off hard and fast for profit. The most efficient way to do so appears to be eroticizing the degradation of women. In the study of behaviours in popular porn, nearly 90 percent of 304 random scenes contained physical aggression toward women, while close to half contained verbal humiliation. The victims nearly always responded neutrally or with pleasure. More insidiously, women would sometimes initially resist abuse, begging their partners to stop; when that didn’t happen, they acquiesced and began to enjoy the activity, regardless of how painful or debasing it was.

- Peggy Orenstein, ‘Girls & Sex’

this is a culture
in which women are objectified
this is a time
when they tell us, when they lie:
be tall
be curvy
but not too curvy
have big tits
a big ass
wide hips
thick thighs
blonde hair
blue eyes
Eurocentric beauty standards
if you’re short
if you’re skinny
if you’re chubby
with small tits
a flat ass
narrow hips
chicken legs
or, God forbid, dark skin
then kneel at the altar
worship the ideal
because you’ll never be a goddess.

I think what bothers me so much about the “feminists are ugly” or “feminists are hairy” or “feminists are lesbian” stereotypes is–

So fucking what?

Some of us ARE ugly. Some of us ARE hairy. Some of us ARE lesbians. And it shouldn’t fucking invalidate anything we’re fucking saying to you.

But you know, if you believed that, if you actually believed that our sexual usefulness to men is irrelevant to the conversation about our basic human rights, you wouldn’t be a fucking misogynist, would you?

Also can I just point out how…… I don’t know… It was relieving to see a WOMAN, multiple woman on screen through a non-objectifying lens. There were scenes of Amazons flipping around, doing their shit and you’d get shots of thighs or small glimpses of butt cheeks, not to show “This is hot! This is sexy! Pay attention to THIS” but because it was just a natural view of what you’d see if you were watching these women fight. So many times I was like:

Because I was just waiting for those gross icky shots. You know the ones, as if you’re peeping at a woman through a hole in the door, as she gets dressed. Those shots when Harley Quinn is putting on her clothes in front of everyone. The camera holds on her butt in her sequined booty shorts.
I expected those shots, not because I didn’t have faith in Patty but because it just always feels like a staple when it comes to shooting women in action, especially when they’re into tight, form fitting or scantily clad clothings. How many times have you watched a woman fighting in a catsuit and the camera lingers just a little too long on her butt all the way zoomed in? 

Thank you Patty.


“Watch Vir Das’s take on modern day sexist advertising in this hilarious new video for HE Deodorant and join them as they take a refreshing stand against such meaningless objectifications with the launch of their new variant, HE RESPECT.”

You painted a naked woman because you enjoyed looking at her, put a mirror in her hand and called the painting “Vanity”, thus morally condemning the woman who’s nakedness you depicted for your own pleasure.
—  John Berger

when you think of the millions of girls being raised in religions that teach them that women are justly & naturally subordinate to men, that men are entitled to sexual & reproductive use of women’s bodies, that women’s social position is a pedestal of reverence & not a cage of objectification, that women are entitled to neither autonomy nor self-knowledge  —  all this taught to them from birth by the people they love, trust, & respect most, backed by divine authority …  bad