Doc Scratch (Homestuck) Cosplay Aesthetic.

there are two possibilities, whether I want to draw sin, or I’m lazy af to draw outfits. forgimmepeople.

Bill : G’Morning, Pine Tree!

Dipp : Morni– B-Bill! It’s still fuckin morning!

Bill : My~ What a naughty mind you’ve got, P.T. You hate cuddling perhaps?

Dipp : Y-you sly little dorito…..

Bill : Oh, dare to talk back huh? I suppose our ‘lesson’ last night was not enough, was it?

Dipp : Oh no–

Bill : Oh yes.

Dipp : B-Bill! A-ah~

*Sound has been muted due to violence graphic and 50+++ mature content*

So I have this theory, that in the weirdmeggedon episode when Dipper, Wendy, and Soos try to retrieve Mabel from the dream bubble, that when Mabel was trying to convince him to stay there ans she said “Theres even something here for you” and the doors began to open, if Dipper hadnt looked away, Bill wouldve stepped out. I might write something for this later but currently its like 3 am and im not prepared for that so


When you re-read Defining Bill Cipher and it’s better the second time

I mean