After telling “Fox” (I loved how she used his first name here in this intimate, exposed moment) that she believed he would get his answers about the big mystery about that marked his life (i.e. the alien conspiracy), she gave us this, a speech that spoke for many different kinds of parents, but specifically and especially for ones like her, mothers who will never know their children. “My mysteries, I’ll never have answered. I won’t know if he thinks of me, too, or if he’s afraid and wishes I was there. Does he doubt himself because we left him? What questions does he have of me? The same I have of this quarter?” And then, after a pause, Gillian Anderson ended the episode with a line that if given by any other actress, I think would have sounded terrible, but because she is Gillian f—ing Anderson, it did not: “And I want to believe — I need to believe — that we didn’t treat him like trash.” She leaned into Mulder, and he embraced her, and we faded out on the two of them once more taking shelter in each other. Home again.

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Heyo~ You're one of my favorite studyblrs, and I really want to use mine a lot more but I'm having a terrible time trying to find other good blogs to follow ;w; Do you have any recommendations? Thanks <3

hey ! tysm!!!!! i have lots of recommendations, i love this community so much 

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but there are so many more !! i follow over 500 haha. to find some more gr8 studyblrs, just check the tags #studyblr or #studyspo :]