• DR for TS4 Mop by Motherof70

Using Kativip’s TS2 Legend Series deco broom I’ve replaced the in-game mop as to be more appropriate for a historical game.  The placement of the mop isn’t perfect as the broom handle isn’t straight but it only really affects the hand nearest the top of the handle, the lower hand seems pretty good.  


  • Kativip’s ACR Door 2 by Motherof70

One of the doors from Kativip’s fabulous TS2 ACR set.  There will be more to come from this set but as this object was relatively easy it’s ready first.


Download from my server

Download from Dropbox

I didn’t like my older version of this toilet so I completely re-did it. Now only the lid and the band underneath the rim are recolored. I thought the seat/bowl/tank being all the same color was just too much.

The filenames are the same, so if you drag this package to the same folder where you put the older version, it will overwrite, but the catalog IDs are different, so if you don’t overwrite or delete the old version, you’ll have two of this item in your game.