Spackey, salle de séjour, sims 4.
des couleurs douces, du bois, des coussins, couverture. fleures. Peintures fleuries.
table à café. table à manger. chaise à manger. puff.
Petit coin de douceur, à crée avec, ces 11 nouveaux objets.
le tout en 4 teintes. 4 teintes de bois. Et 4 teintes couleurs.
rosé poudré, lavande, orangé doux, et citron leger.
Happy simming! zone salon


Spackey, living room, sims 4.
Soft colors, wood, cushions, blanket. flowers. Flowery paintings.
Coffee table. dining table. Dining chair. Puff.
Small corner of softness, to be created with, these 11 new objects.
All in 4 shades. 4 shades of wood. And 4 color tones.
Rosé powdered, lavender, sweet orange, and lemon light.
Happy simming! Living room area


Hello!! Happy December my friends!!

I have decided to do a (very first) Secret Santa on here!

All you really need to do is fill out THIS FORM  to participate!

Rules are simple. You sumbit the form using the google forms file there (if you can’t for any reason, just message me and let me know!), follow the directions and you’re good! I will distribute your partner at around maybe the 15th or somewhere around that time, and if you are unhappy with your partner choice, let me know so we can do something about it. If I left any unanswered questions, message me and let me know!



Created for: The Sims 4

This is a Set with 12 Creations - Click here to show all

Contemporary Bathroom Furniture inspired by Clive Christian - Part of the CliveC Series

Pls make sure your Game is patches otherwise objects may not show in your Game
Credits: NynaeveDesign, Buffsumm for Deco

Short URL: http://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/1359292




Video reveals UFO sighting in Toronto, where lighted craft ( ? ) form as DNA , strange yet interesting, fake or real it doesn’t matter, the truth of universal truths is within the spiral , the ladder to heaven, kundalini, serpent rising, spiritual etheric electromagnetic fields composing both physical and nonphysical matter- a matter that science is confused about at this time, simply because they haven’t expanded their consciousness - the topic of superconductive fractals, hypercubes and crystalline structure is a real technology that is already in motion within our earths grid networks and within the universal galactic existence - A Reality you must face within yourself, within your own illuminated pituitary gland - with the brightness of your heart the truth comes alive in Vision, the fear no longer exists- the initiation into the true art starts with yourself and Nature. All around you - the signs are, the signs are revealing - and the signs are in the geometric nature of existence - This video was formed to remind humanity that we are being upgraded and updated by Forces of light-
All that is required is the meditative art and the inward sight, for if Eye is One , Body shall be full of light -
The Oneness is a real experience where there is only One consciousness guiding, healing, restructuring and adjusting the Earths System. We are One with this.
Ehani is One with the Family Of Light who CARE for all life, and want Life to flower and blossom in the times to come.
One Light and One Love to All who visit this channel and this video-
There is only Peace, Wisdom, Truth and Art here - Creativity from the Heart-Minds of Many, Collaborating over the course of many years to form a Galactic Database of Universal Communion. 

I was inspired by @clckwcrk ’s Oc Bianca (who is just the cutest you should check this character out) and @rotatinghumancircus ’ oc Miri (who has a super cool design also go check them out ) to create my own oc/self insert for the podcast: The orbiting human circus (of the Air) cause im just podcast trash like that.

So this is Lucille “sidd” Sanderson  , the resident (for about a month) painter and restoration worker for the orbiting human circus’ ballroom (I imagine the ballroom being like a theatre with fancy ceiling paintings and beautiful paintings on the walls) who has the tough job of keeping all the decorations and paintings in the ballroom in top condition despite the lofty position the ballroom is in .

I based her clothes on post-war fashion  (cause the time periods sort of vague)and added a sort of apron to catch the paint stains in (she’s a messy artist and all).

-more backstory and narration to come when I get some free time from exams!-