object typography

Typography Assignment: Create a word out of real objects.

This is the second version of this assignment which was also made of food.  I can’t help it.  Food is so wonderful!  (smile)

This process was a bit more tedious in that I wanted to create a whole scene from scratch and did not want to waste food.  I prepared a full spaghetti and meat sauce dinner (okay okay I had help!) and enjoyed my meal.  Once the temptation of picking at the spaghetti had subsided, I went to work arranging the pasta and sauce into a visually interesting composition, got up on my step-stool for an overhead angle and snapped some photos.  My concept was loosely based on a child who enjoys their food and ends up playing with it, hence the knocked over pot, mess everywhere and playful word. 

In class critique today, it was pointed out that the messy word doesn’t actually look “yummy”.  Some agreed and some disagreed.  What do you think?  I’m biased, as pasta always looks delicious to me!  (smile)