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SH and MH Phone Calls (A Log)

Based on @flaignhan‘s post

06.17.20– | 03:15 PM

MH: Hello?
SH: Molly, I left a very important object in your flat last time I was there.
MH: What?
SH: I need you to find it. This is urgent. Life or death situation. There’s just one problem. I can’t remember what it is.
MH: What?! How can you not–
SH: Luckily, I have a solution. Ask me some simple questions that might jog my memory. Simple questions yes? Answerable by yes or no only.
MH: That doesn’t make any sense–
SH: Hurry, Molly! Time is of the essence!
MH: A-Ah.. Uhm. What am I supposed to be looking for? Is it small?
SH: Yes.
MH: Does it fit in my palm?
SH: Yes!
MH: Is it a common item?
SH: Eh.. Maybe.
MH: Is it jewelry?
SH: No.
MH: Do you use this item all the time?
SH: Occasionally, but only when allowed.
MH: …
SH: ….
MH: Is it cigarettes?
SH: YES! That’s it, I left my smokes under your bed. Dropping by in a few
MH: HOLD ON. You said this was life or death!
SH: Well yes, nicotine clears my mind and is absolutely necessary since it is my brain that does all the work. And, being that my line of work is quite possibly detrimental to my person, it is considered life and death, if my brain is not suitably relaxed and focused. I’m on the way.
MH: I’m not in the flat.
SH: Stole your key from your key chain yesterday.
MH: …

08.28.20– | 07:04 PM

MH: Hello Sherlock.
Sh: Molly, there’s a suspect that escaped custody. I need help finding him.
MH: Uh, okay. Do you need me to run some forensics?
SH: No, no. I just need you to list as many words rhyming with the word ‘supinate’

11.12.20– | 09:55 AM

MH: Sherlock, why are you calling? You’re right across the room from me.
SH: I can’t leave my work station. I need some help.
MH: I’ll just walk over.
SH: No. Stay there. I’m doing an exercise in lip reading. Can you say “cheeky Capuchin’s chin” over and over again? Very important.

12.03.20– | 10:39 PM

MH: Hello? What is it this time?
SH: There is this song that I can’t get out of my head. Mrs. Hudson was playing it today and it is bloody irritating. I need to identify it and delete it from my hard drive.
MH: *sighs* Just ask John.
SH: John is rubbish at pop culture.
MH: Oookay fine… Do you have the lyrics? 
SH: No. Just the melody. It goes like La la la hhmm hmm, lala la la hmm hmm baba dee dum dum.
MH: …
SH: Well?

01.07.20– | 02:42 AM

MH: Hello? Sherlock? It’s 3AM in the bloody morning for god’s sakes!
SH: Crime doesn’t sleep Molly Hooper!
MH: ….
SH: ….
SH: I’m thinking of an object.
MH: *hangs up*

Options (Suggestive)

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The door could be heard closing loudly from the distance between the currently occupied cozy bed and the entrance.

“I’m home,” He grumbled, bitter annoyance had lingered in his voice more than anything else that stood out.

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98- Quick Attack

Normal Type: Charm. A short and simple spell to give yourself a speed boost to get you through you quickly through your day.

What You’ll Need~

  • A pebble or other small object


  1. Hold your chosen object in your left hand, and say “From here I sit, stagnant, yet I prepare.”
  2. “I will move quickly through my day, and complete my business with equal speed. I will work fast and move with speed and skill.”
  3. Toss the object from your left hand to your right, and say “Like that I shall pass from dawn to dusk, and finish what I started.”


  • You can keep your object with you, if you want, but it’s not necessary.
  • You could use an object that corresponds with what you want to get done, or what you want to pass with ease. Pencil for school or an essay, a ring or personal object for an interaction with someone else, or a coin for work.

Black White Kitchen by ung999 (The Sims 3)

A fresh and modern kitchen set for your sims.

13 objects in this set:
Counter Island
Counter Left End
Counter Right End
Counter Sink
Ceiling Lamp
Bar Stool
2 Wall sculpture (decor)
Wine storage cabinet


There’s a child in your life who means the world to you, but you get the sinking feeling that child isn’t going to be around much longer. It disturbs you, but not enough to act.

You are a novelist, for there is no nobler nor more logical career path.

You can’t shake your inherent distrust of inanimate objects. You have your reasons.

You miss your cat. Your cat never left.

Groups of children unnerve you in a way you cannot define. Ditto supermarkets. Supermarkets filled with groups of children might actually be your worst nightmare.

You are a skeptic, and there is literally no justification for this.

You can’t help thinking that none of this would’ve happened if you’d just stayed on the porch and drank one more Natty Light.

You haven’t gone to a supermarket alone in years. It’s just one of those things.

You would sooner die than stay in a rundown hotel. And you probably will.

Get to know me!
  • 1.Middle name?
  • 2.Favorite animal?
  • 3.What song are you currently listening to?
  • 4.What color is you t-shirt?
  • 5.Favorite season?
  • 6.What language do you know other than English?
  • 7.Favorite actor?
  • 8.Favorite movie?
  • 9.Last time you went to the movies?
  • 10.What movie did you see?
  • 11.Favorite T.V. show?
  • 12.Favorite book?
  • 13.OTP?
  • 14.Favorite comedian?
  • 15.Dragons or robots?
  • 16.What was the last thing you ate?
  • 17.Favorite school lesson?
  • 18.Favorite food?
  • 19.What is the first object to your left?
  • 20.Do you have an accent?
  • 21. What is the fifth picture in your computers pictures folder?
  • 22.Do you have any pets?
  • 23.Favorite GIF
  • 24.Do you mismatch your socks?
  • 25.(Put your own question here)
  • 26.What is your greatest fear?
  • 27.What is your lucky number?
  • 28.Favorite band?
  • 29.Favorite song?
  • 30.What is your favorite part of your body?
  • 31.If you could travel anywhere where would it be?
  • Send me a number and I'll answer!

Look at the nearest object to your left. What is it? Who put it there, and why? What people were involved in its creation, and why? Do you know those people? Do you want to? Why? Why am I asking this? Why are you reading this, and why can’t you stop? Why can’t you stop? Why can’t you stop?

Things that give you that "eerie" feeling
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Aries:</b> When you hear someone call your name, but there's no one there.<p/><b>Taurus:</b> When you find an object in a different place than you left it<p/><b>Gemini:</b> When your pet/baby is staring or reacting to an area, where there is nothing out of the ordinary (ex. cats meowing at open air, babies laughing at walls)<p/><b>Cancer:</b> When the phone rings, but there's no one on the other end<p/><b>Leo:</b> When you feel like you've experienced this moment before<p/><b>Virgo:</b> When a person talks to you like they know you, but you've never seen them before.<p/><b>Libra:</b> When something falls off a shelf, but you're the only person home.<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> When your TV changes from normal programming to black&white static, and the volume is up<p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> When you glance in your rearview mirror, and think you see someone in your backseat.<p/><b>Capricorn:</b> Walking through the parking garage at night to get to your car.<p/><b>Aquarius:</b> Waking up in the middle of the night, but you don't know what woke you.<p/><b>Pisces:</b> That feeling of being watched when you leave your house and its late.<p/></p><p/></p>

Story time back in 10th grade I was in an Acting class with some of my friends and we were learning this new game. Basically, you grabbed an object and looked to the person on your left and say “I’ve got a __!” and you say the object, (which was a stapler at the time) and the person to their left responds with “a what?” “a stapler!” “a what?” “a stapler!” “Aaah! A stapler!” and then they would grab the object and start the process with the person next to them and so on

well the phone rang and the teacher walked over to answer it, so i was standing there until I felt myself being lifted off the ground (mind you im 4′9 and my friend’s 6′1 easy) and he was holding my small self before he said really loudly in a white suburban dad at a barbecue voice “Iiii’ve got a Rachel!” and his friend next to him put his hands on his hips like he was in some 60′s sit com and was like “a what?” “a Rachel!” “a whaaat?” “a Rachel!” “Aah! A Rachel!” and they passed me along for six people before the teacher told them to put me down

Jealous Calum

Bumping into your old high school boyfriend at the grocery store was actually a big surprise since it felt like ages ago. You two ended on good terms so he went for a hug, telling you that you look great, being very smiley and generous with his words. Your current boyfriend, Calum, made the turn around the aisle, bringing some thing like milk from the refrigerated section, placing it slowly into the cart as he eyed out the man who was talking too friendly with you. He makes the move, standing next to you and wrapping an arm around your waist, being clingy and trying to make it clear that your his. You would introduce your ex to your over protective current one who was touching you like a foreign object. Once that conversation was over, your ex left, leaving Calum alone with you in the aisle as he holds your snug from behind, repeating over and over “your mine, all mine” as he sucks hickeys all over your neck for reassurance because he wouldn’t know what he would do if you ever left him omG THE FEELS UGH

some random superheroes I thought up of while in the shower

  1. Lie Detector: can always tell when a person is lying 
  2. Honey Bee: can communicate with bees 
  3. Caffeine Girl: can shoot coffee out of her hands 
  4. Flower Power: can turn anything into flowers
  5. Pancake: can flatten themselves out like a pancake  (like not stretch themselves but make themselve super flat like they were made out of paper)
  6. Angel Hair: Hair grows instant back to the same length as soon as it’s cut. It is also edible and contains a lot nutrients and super healing powers 
  7. Walkie-Talkie: hand acts a walkie-talkie and communicate with others peoples phones 
  8. Tigers Eye: can shapeshift into a tiger
  9. Scrapbook: can download someone’s memories from the past 5 months by a single touch 
  10. Summoner: can summon objects from far away. (this would be great if you left your homework at home) 
  11. Fool’s Gold: Can random objects into cash but after 5 hours it turns back into its original form 
  12. Touch Me Not: Their body is full of poison and any contact with their saliva, blood, sweat, or other bodily fluids can kill
  13. Glow:  can glow in the dark but only if they were out in the light for a good bit
  14. Kiss and Tell: A single kiss from them and they can control you up to 24 hours 
  15. Soother: one bite from them can numb your whole body up to 5 hours
  16. Gardener: The flowers they grow can hold prophecies of the future 
  17. Sniffle: has super sonic sneezes 
  18. Coral: can transport their mind to any fish a control it 
  19. Lucid Dreamer: when asleep their spirit can leave their body and act like a ghost but if their physical body is harmed in any way during this they are instantly pulled back into their body.
  20. Shooting Star: Hit by one of their arrows and you start to hallucinate your dream world