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Podcast Roundup

I have a confession to make, I think I am most definitely addicted to podcasts. I actually have a rotation of at least 20 of them to cycle between depending on my mood, though they tend to lean into the creepy and surreal. Here are my personal favorites on my list at the moment, in rough order of my immediate compulsion to listen:

1. Welcome to Night Vale: My first brush with the unknowable and standard for judging podcasts

2. Serial (DUH!)

3. Dear Hank and John: Vlogbrothers <3 and the inevitable condition of mortality <3 in a comedy podcast 

4. The Black Tapes Podcast and TANIS: Two podcasts, both from Pacific Northwest Stories, one about demons and cursed sounds and the other about whatever Tanis is…? Both are perfect for my walk home through either the cemetery or the woods, depending on my mood and how quickly the demons are pursuing

5. King Falls AM: If Night Vale felt more like a call-in radio show and less like a news ballad led by Cecil

6. Lore and Limetown: My next set of creepy stories (at least one of them is factual) that make me look over my shoulder at night. The mythos brought out by lore in telling stories and the story played out in limetown are both delightfully terrifying

7. Kakos Industries: Take Night Vale’s Strexcorp, add some kink and darkness into that evil and you have yourself these delightfully seductive shareholder announcements. This one is definitely not for the more delicate ears out there

8. Pleasuretown: Old-timey western and campfire ghost stories with some paranormal flare

9. EOS 10: Because every single character makes me feel things with their adorable sci-fi antics

10. Invisibilia: Because perception is a beautiful thing to explore…will be higher up once the new stuff roles around. Also, fair warning, the hosts of the program are right when they say that both of them sound alike but in time you will tell them apart :)

11. A History of the World in 100 Objects: My interest in museum studies brought out this little gem that I just discovered and have enjoyed as it delves into a new treasure from the British museum in each episode

A few others: The Bunker (Post-apocalyptic Britain…lots of tea and existentialism), Israel Story (Israeli This American Life), Codebreaker (Is any technology ever evil?), and This Anthropological Life (Brandeis University Anth students like myself talking about our research)

Hope this list brought at least one person to something new <3 

Content Ideas?

I’m thinking about having a more regular content schedule for this blog. If anyone has any Ideas about some content that they would like me to do/make feel free to give me your thoughts. Right now I’m thinking (doing at least one of these per day):

  • Doing a post from the Messier Catalog each day (going in order)
  • Doing select objects from NGC and IC each day (if not the Messier Catalog)
  • Weekly podcast about small satellites (my lab already does these, does everyone like them on this blog?)
  • A basic astronomical/physics concept explanation, answering your questions or just posting about something cool.
  • Astronomy news updates

Let me know if there is anything else you want from this blog! I’m trying to get back into it after spending a lot of time working on personal projects.

Obligatory Carl Sagan gif:

A break from Jessie's reblogs...

I noticed that a lot of fandoms have nicknames for themselves: 

Bronies, Twihards, Whovians, Sherlockians, Potterheads, Fannibals, etc

but we don’t have anything for Ace Attorney fans. 

Fandom you now have a mission and I expect results. 


Your hostest missing the mostest

“Michelle’s Law School Personal Statement

I am the gooderest at the laws. Also I am very smrt. I played all of the Layton games, so I am good @ puzzles and British accents. Also I played almost all of the Ace Attorney games (except I didn’t finish Edgeworth’s game because Hector took it from me when I was on the last case). Because I did that I know all about court and judgez and stuff. Also I know about evidence law in Japanifornia and I bet no one else applying does.

Since your school is the bestest best school and I am the bestest best at all things you should accept me so I can get rich and donate moneys to you for buildings and stuff.

Also Phoenix and Edgeworth are really gay. I know because I am a master of subtext.



P.S. Gary was here. Ash is a loser.”

In case you were wondering how Michelle got into law school, here’s her personal statement. I think it’s beautiful.


Kylie is pretty much my favorite person right now. Thank you so much for finding this for us!

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