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So my friend bought a bone ring in Denmark from a guy who said it was good luck. He’s been sleeping with it for a few nights and has been having stressful dreams. Last night he had a dream he was being attacked in his room by an unknown entity. As he tries to crawl away, the entity stomps on his hand. He wakes up because of the pain and the ring has snapped in half.
Can anyone tell me what the symbols are? I’ve been searching for hours and as far as I know they’re not Scandinavian runes.
We also don’t know if it’s actual human bone…


The Anguished Man Painting

Sean Robinson inherited this strange painting from his grandmother, who had kept it in her attic for 25 years. Robinson’s grandmother believed that the painting was evil because the artist who had painted it killed himself shortly after completing it. She refused to display the painting and claimed that when it was around she heard voices and crying and saw a shadow of a man in the house.

When Robinson inherited it upon her death, his family started to experience unusual things while it was in the house. Robinson’s son inexplicably fell down the stairs, as if he was pushed. His wife felt someone stroking her hair from behind her, and they all heard crying and saw the shadow figure.

Robinson now keeps the painting in his basement and has even videotaped the painting overnight several times. A video of a few strange things happening around the painting can be found on his YouTube channel.

Imagine you're Servant for the Prince

Requests 39: 2 “Imagine You’re a Servant Working in the Palace” and 34-6 “A story where a woman is forced to give intense birth to the same baby multiple times.”

Only a few weeks ago the young Edea secured employment as a kitchen maid for the prince. The youngest son of the King, Prince Aterio’s prospects of ruling WERE very slim yet he still has a title, lands, and of course a modest chateau requiring staff. Having no family of her own, Edea knew her position in the castle was the only security she had in the world and did her best to keep her head down and focus on her work. The kitchen, naturally, was always a hub of gossip and through she never took part, she could not help but overhear the kitchen ladies and house maids  the prince and certain…stories.

They say he, though very handsome, has yet to find a suitable bride due to his low standing. Of course, some add, it’s not JUST his standing…but the fact that he   engaged in the study of magic and Dark Arts. There were always shipments and crates arriving from distant countries: powders, potions, strange objects, and various occult artifacts  carried up to his private chambers above where none in the kitchen had set foot. The talk alone filled Edea with dread and she silently prayed to never be ‘summoned’ to his apartments above…

Of course, Edea could not lie to herself: she found Prince Aterio very handsome. There were moments when she did see him, in the corridor or during his meals when she helped served him, and in those moments she could not help but blush and feel herself grow slightly hot. Sometimes she would catch him eyeing her as well, a small smile on his lips as he silently watched her ladling the soup or carrying trays, which only forced Edea to focus on her work with even more intensity. She was not stupid: Edea knew only too well what happened to young maids seduced by nobles. Few rolls in his grand bed or perhaps a toss in the hay had many a girl out on the street with a royal bastard growing in her belly.  As the months went on, and Aterio’s interest slowly grew, Edea began to worry about her own security. Marriage was her only option so she started to eye up the stable hands, or perhaps the blacksmith’s son. He was always kind to her…

Edea’s dream of security, however, came to a bizarre end. The Prince was to entertain the Lady Ystelle of Barnea in the hopes of wedding her; the entire household was agog with activity in preparation of her arrival. The kitchens were complete madness the day before her arrival and Edea was in the middle of preparing cherry tarts when Rosa, the head cook, rushed to her with a crystal decanter

“Take this to the Prince!” she cried, “I cannot believe I forgot to send him his nightly sherry! Quick, girl! Use the shortcut passage by the library!” Edea took the decanter and rushed off up towards the library. The thought of approaching Aterio turned her heart into a sparrow beating against a window and she hoped that she could find another house servant to pass the duty onto. Ducking into the passage, her eyes fought to adjust to the dim light. The chateau was full of these narrow little passages and Edea prayed she took the right one. It should exit by the Amethyst Drawing Room, and then the stairs to the Prince’s private apartments is just to the left…


In her haste and panic, not to mention the poor lighting, Edea failed to notice someone else coming towards her in the tight corridor. She collided hard against the figure, causing the decanter to fly out of her hand and smash on the stone steps behind her. The other person must have been carrying something as well: a silver tray tipped up onto Edea and she felt liquid spill on her face, neck, and breasts. A small glass bottle bounced off her bodice and joined the smashed crystal on the ground.

“ Why you-” Edea started, ready to explode her wrath on the clumsy fool who wrecked into her and spilt god-knows-what all over her outfit and ruining the prince’s drink, when a hand shot out and forcefully grabbed her chin.

“ What was that?” asked Prince Aterio, “A silly, little kitchen girl is mad at me because she wasn’t pay attention where she was headed? Hmm?”

Edea’s eyes were wide as saucers; she had crashed into the Prince! The girl stammers as she looked into Aterio’s eyes: he does not appear pleased in the slightest.

“ Do you know know what you’ve just spilled, my little cook?” he hisses, lowering his face to hers. “ Why, nothing really…just a very special and powerful potion concocted from rare and expensive ingredients! A very…special potion indeed.” His eyes trailed down her body and Edea feel weak with terror.

“Please, your highness!” she begged, “ Please don’t cast me out! I’ll…I’ll make it up to you! I’ll work for no wages! Forgive me!”

She wasn’t not sure but she detected a slight smile on Aterio’s face before he grabed her wrist, forcing a cry from her lips, and jerked her back through the passage towards the exit.

“ Oh ho ho,” he laughed as he pushed the panel open and they emerged into the Amethyst Room. “I’m sure you’ll make it up to me, love.” Edea tried to struggle from his steel grasp when the opulent sitting room began to spin, Edea collapsing against a purple wing-backed chair. Her mind felt muddled and she felt her panic rise as the realization dawned on her: she had been poisoned! Aterio must have planned on using this on the Lady Barnea to have his way with her but instead Edea was now the victim. Slumped on the floor, she tried to cry for help but could only softly moan. The Prince collected her up in his arms and carried out into the corridor and up towards his chambers above. “ Don’t worry,” he softly laughed, “ I’ll take care of you.”

In her haze Edea vaguely made out the rough details of his apartments: books lining the walls, beautiful hanging tapestries, the carved posts and curtains of a bed as she laid upon soft blankets and pillows. She tried to raise a limb but her whole body was paralyzed. Edea looked up into the prince’s eyes and saw them sparkle with pleasure and perhaps desire.

“Please…don’t…” she weakly whispered.

“Do not worry, little cook,” he softly replied, “ I’m not that monstrous…but I’m no saint either.“  Aterio turned and walked over to a small table to the side. There were the sounds of clinking glass and he returned with a small cup in his hand. Aterio lifted Edea’s head and placed the silver cup to her lips. "Now drink.”

It tasted terrible but as Edea sipped the liquid her body slowly became hers again and relief washed over her. Sighing, she closed her eyes and laid back on the plush pillows of Aterio’s bed and save silent thanks for the existence of antidotes. However, her thanks were interrupted as the prince’s hands gently ran over the front of your bodice.

“Your highness,” she opened her eyes and looked into Aterio’s pale and handsome face. “Please, I beg you…I’m just a kitchen ma-”

“Do you know,” he softly interrupted, fingers now tracing her face, “what was in that potion you happened to spill all over you?” Edea quietly shook her head in reply and Aterio gently kissed her forehead. “ Of course not: you make pies not potions. Well, my dove, it was a special potion I was to have mixed into the wine specially selected for Ystelle tomorrow night.”

“A..a..love potion?!” she gasp. Aterio simply laughed and began kissing her neck. Edea let out a soft moan, despite her reservations. His right hand squeezed her breast and began to slowly undo the ties of her bodice.

“No, no, no…no silly love potions. No, your prince had something else in mind. A potion, a special potion, one that will let him have complete control over her body. Whatever I command; it does.”

“Is that…what you’re doing now?” Edea murmured, her whole body becoming hot with desire. “Making me not resist you?”

“Oh hohoho no. That’s all you! No I have other…purposes.”

“Such as?”

Aterio, having undone the front of her bodice, paused and looked up into Edea’s eyes. There was a look of danger, of desire…

“ How do you feel…about giving birth?”

Edea’s eyes widened with fear. She pushed the prince away and pulled her knees up to her body. Aterio sat up, genuinely surprised and concerned by her reaction. Tears began to well in her eyes.

“No, please my Prince! I cannot have a royal bastard! What will everyone think? Where will I go?!” Edea began to cry, envisioning the life of shame she would have to live carrying the prince’s child. Aterio took a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped her eyes.

“ What is your name, little cook?” he gently asked.


“Well, Edea, I understand your reason and like I said before, I’m not a complete monster. I asked you because…you see, I happen to have certain…tastes that may not be deemed appropriate in polite society.” You said nothing but looked on with intrigue, prompting Aterio to continue “ I…happen to…enjoy every aspect of pregnancy. Even the moment of birth. In fact, I would say…that is my ultimate favorite part. Do you…understand?”

Edea looked at the prince for a moment before nodding. She had never confessed it before but soon she began to tell him about her life before coming to his chateau. She was a foundling abandoned at a convent, thus raised with a number of other girls by the good-hearted nuns who also ran a hospital for the local poor. When Edea were only 16 she began assisting in the sisters in their clinic, which is where she first watched a woman labor for hours. It was such a difficult birth, the woman crowned for an hour before finally delivering a large, healthy babe. Edea never expected it but watching the birth aroused her more than anything before and that night she buried her face in her pillow as fingers worked manically to give relief. All Edea could do was imagine it was she struggling to bring the giant head to a crown, the baby fighting her with every push.

As Edea confessed her sinful fantasy for the first time on her life, the prince moved closer to her on the bed. As she finally completed her tale Aterio took her in his arms, face buried in her breasts. Edea gasped with desire as his hand slipped under her gown and made it’s way to her wet and aching sex.

“ It seems,” he purred as his fingers caressed your lips and clip, “I won’t be having a need for Ystelle after all.”

“ You can’t…marry the likes…of me!” Edea moan. Aterio wickedly smileed and undid his trousers. Edea, no longer terrified of carrying a royal baby, opened her legs to him and cried in a mixed of pleasure and pain as he entered her - he was her first after all.

“ Don’t worry about that!” he laughed as he began to thrust, “ By the end of tomorrow, you’ll be Lady Edea of Barnea and Ystelle will be a lowly kitchen girl!” Edea couldn’t make sense of his words, but the sensation of his cock filling her was she cared about at the present moment . Edea’s eyes rolled back in ecstasy as the prince fucked her in his bed. She ran her hands through his thick hair and loudly moaned in bliss.

“I’m going to fill you up with my child,” he growled, his thrusts becoming more intense. “Would you like that, Edea? Swollen with my baby?”

“…Please! Oh please, yes!” Edea cried with abandoment. Suddenly she was the woman in the convent, her womb swollen with the prince’s child. She could feel the baby’s head pressing against her lips, her head thrown back as she struggled to push, Aterio rubbing her belly with desire and kissing it as it heaves with each pain…

Edea violently climaxed: her whole body tensed up as waves of bliss crashed over her body. She gripped onto Aterio’s body, legs wrapped around his torso, and her scream of release echoed throughout the room and pushes the prince over the edge himself. He gave a roar as Edea felt his seed gush into her womb with abandon before collapsing into her. They lay still in the afterglow for a moment before Aterio breathlessly whispered into her ear: “You know…I may be falling in love with you…Edea…”

“Just give me a baby,” she softly replied, to which the prince simply laughed and kissed her.

–L. Wyvernic


Day 6 - Favorite Meta: Sam’s true destiny was to lead the Men of Letters.

Angels and demons tried to manipulate and force Sam down the shadow road because it would serve their purpose for an apocalypse, they argued that it was Sam’s destiny to be Lucifer’s vessel and end the world and he can’t avoid his fate.

Except it was all a lie.  Because fate is made up of choices based on a person’s character.   Sam choose to be good, selfless, and kind.

The American Men of Letters (MOL) was destroyed in 1958, most modern day hunters either assumed they were just myths or never even heard of them.  Had the MOLs survived, Sam would have fitted into their learning and research culture, instead in their absence Sam gravitated towards another avenue for higher learning and research: Stanford College.

Through a twist of fate and time, Sam received the keys of Men of Letters headquarter by Henry Winchester, his grandfather and last MOL survivor.  Sam took to the headquarter’s impressive library and inventory of occult objects like a fish to water and revitalized the American Men of Letters.

4 years later (the standard length of time to graduate from college), Sam faced uncertainty over his role in his own future like a newly college graduate.  At first he wanted to join his mother in an established institution - the British Men of Letters; he was like a boomerang kid returing to their parent’s home and business while he figured out what he wants to do with his life.  But Sam realized soon enough that he can’t keep hiding behind his parental figures because that’s not who he is.  What he is, is the leader of the American Men of Letters.  That is his true destiny, fate, whatever you call it.  Because Sam always loved reading, researching, and doing what is right for the greater good.


It was Monday, August 7th, 1972 in Springfield Township, New Jersey.Raven haired, sixteen year old Jeanette DePalma waved goodbye to her mother and said that she was taking to a train to visit a friend.

She would never be seen alive again.

Jeanette failed to arrive at her friend’s house, and never made it back home.Her parents, of course, filed a missing persons report.

Everything was quiet, until six weeks later, when a dog from the local area retrieved a severed, decomposing piece of DePalma’s right arm, from a cliff at Houdaille Quarry.The cliff was known to locals as “The Devils teeth”.

The teen’s skeletal remains were found and reports stated that she was encircled by various suspected occult objects, including sticks and branches said to have been placed around her in a coffin like structure, as well as in the shape of crosses. Others residing in the immediate area allegedly claimed that sticks had been laid in the shape of pentagrams and the remains of mutilated animals surrounded the body.
Officers denied these rumors, but the locals continued to talk.

Investigation showed no signs of bullet wounds, knife wounds, broken bones or other.
She is believed to have been strangled.
High levels of lead were found in the body, however for whatever reason remains undisclosed.

The death was ruled as suspicious and remains an unsolved homicide.There have been no leads on who the suspected killer could be.
A homeless man, known to locals as “Red”, was said to have abandoned his camp around the time of Jeanette’s disappearance, however he was ruled out as a suspect and no other leads were ever found.

Still reeling from the shock of the Bogeyman of Westfield, and taking the locals mutterings of mutilated animals and occult symbolism into account, local newspapers began reporting stories of the occult and spinning them in stories of sacrifice. Coupled with the Evangelical link between the DePalma family’s pastor and an alleged Watchung reservation based witch’s covern, the theories started to fly.

Nobody knows who is responsible for the death of sixteen year old Jeanette DePalma to this day.


The CRAB nebula is a supernova remnant in the constellation Taurus. It is 6500 light years from Earth and is located in the Milky Way.

It has an apparent magnitude (brightness) of 8.4, which is comparable to Saturn’s moon Titan. It isn’t visible to the naked eye, however with the right conditions, it can be seen with binoculars.

In yesterday’s post, I discussed that at the center of the Cat’s Eye Nebula there is a white dwarf. However, in this supernova remnant, there’s something different. In the center of this nebula, there’s something called Crab Pulsar- a neutron star spinning at a rate of 30.2 times per second. At these speeds, the spinning neutron star creates a lot of radiation, which ionizes the particles from the remnant supernova (which is why we see the colours!).

Since the radiation coming from the nebula is so strong, astronomers can use it to help study objects that occult (block) the nebula. An example of this is when they were studying Titon’s atmosphere. They measured the amount of radiation that was able to reach the other side (Earth!) of its atmosphere. The difference between the amount that started (the amount at the Crab Nebula) and the amount that reached Earth, told scientists about the thickness of Titans atmosphere.

Got any other facts/questions about the Crab Nebula? Send me a message and we can talk about it! Stay tuned for tomorrow, it’s the last post of week 2!

Fresh Blood - Part 2

Word Count: 2620

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, self harm kinda

A/N: Thank you to @blacktithe7 @ackleholic96 @sammysbadluck and @kittycat-cas who helped me figure out exactly where I wanted to go with this! 

Series Rewrite Masterlist

“Hi, Bela.” Dean said coldly, putting the phone on speaker and throwing it on the table.

“Hello, Dean.” You could hear the wind and cars around her. It was obvious she was driving.

“Question for you.” Dean said. “When you called me yesterday, it wasn’t to thank me for saving your ass, was it?”

“No.” She answered honestly. “Gordon Walker paid me to tell him where you were.”

“Excuse me?” Dean asked incredulously.

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