object based approach art history


Check out these cool postcards. I can’t get over how modern they look considering they were created by Japan during the Japan-Russo (February 1904-September 1905) war where they totally p0wninated the Russians. Though to be fair the Russians at this point were majorly hugely distracted with their own domestic garbage. Still this a major turning point for not only the balance of power in East Asia in Japan’s favour and not a colonial power and the good ol’ Western States Club to re-assess their whole world view. It was at the time a first for then colonial world history. 

And really these postcards though intrisically Japanese the two featuring the ship and the sailor sort of running though a hole in a wall could be any country really. It just visually represents the power and the influence of the Meiji Restoration.

Pre-1900 folding spectacles.Tortoise shell, brass.

Much like the ‘nerd glasses’ trend now people, more specifically rich people, used to cop these to look 'older’  instead of I guess now to look 'smarter’.  

Personally I dig the bat deet because that would have made them lucky nerd/does this make me look older?! glasses.