object and still

“A payload in motion stays in motion”

Bitch there is several things wrong with this statement. First of all the full law is “an object in motion stays in motion UNLESS disturbed by an outside force” and I’m guessing your stupid as statement is talking about that outside for being your dumbass getting off of it.

Second of all the second part of the law is “an object still stays still unless disturbed by an outside force” which would apply more to the payload because that shit never be moving unless your stupid gets on it.

And third of all the “object in motion stays in motion” only works in space bitch!! because there’s almost no gravity in space to stop it and pull it to the ground! If the payload was in space I could tap that shit and it will keep going and never stop, but this earth bitch and the payloads like a car, if your ass ain’t in it pressing the pedal it ain’t gonna move, especially if you stop and get out of it.

So you can shut your stupid ass up Winston.

Supernatural: 10 Lessons From Tonight’s Episode.

“First Blood,” Season 12, episode 9.

1.  The Winchesters acting dangerous in prison garb reawakened a kink I’d forgotten I had.

2.  They are also objectively terrifying. 

(And yet still moral:  after all, they did escape from maximum security without ever having to kill anyone.)

3.  And probably escapees from an eighties action movie.

4.  Dean with fuzzy bedhead worriedly calling his boyfriend is something I never knew I needed.

5.  Cas loves his stupid Winchester family more than life itself.  

6.  They are also driving him to the point of an emotional breakdown.

Look at him.  He’s about to fucking cry, and all because they can’t go two seconds without their compulsive messiah complex bullshit. 

7.  But on a more positive note, Dean undeniably loves him back

Look at this face.  This is not the face of a man looking at a “little brother figure.”  This is the face of a man looking at his one true love, and it is beautiful.

8.  Every one of the British Men of Letters has an inexplicably intense, homoerotic fixation on Cas.

Maybe they all have an angel fetish?

9.  Crowley remains an unapologetically salty bitch, and I hope that never, ever changes. 

Also, every interaction he has with Cas is a gift.

10.  Destiel is real and beautiful.  

Look at these two platonic bro pals riding in the back seat together (and low-key probably holding hands.)  Another thing Dean has insisted he’d never, ever do.  Just like shorts.  And wearing women’s underwear.  And cucumber water.

It’s almost as if he systematically hides aspects of himself that might viewed as “feminine,” or “not straight.”  Whatever could that mean, I wonder. 

Gif credit to:  @mycocklestiel, @littlehobbit13, @codestielckles, @themegalosaurus, @yourfavoritedirector, @bagginshield@out-in-the-open


for daichi rarepair week - day 5 : college au 

i love the idea of iwaizumi and daichi going to the same college so i immediatly thought of iwadai for this prompt lol
(i reposted it because the other version kinda hurt my eyes lol sorry)


@jara257 was going on about object heads the other day and, as usual, managed to drag me into liking them, haha~ Aaaand I got genuinely inspired. So I wanted to doodle some that I got the idea to do.

Cat ear headphones, a candle (that drips like a scarf?), a melty candy planet, and a lava lamp that bubbles in facial expressions.

i don’t think you guys understand how satisfying it is to flip/fix the (many) ugly reflections of dt in the minor character like first we have this:

okay well, it’s not as bad as all the other ones, pretty subtle right, but hOLD ON JUST A JIFFEH, bc with two clicks you got this:

i mean praise jesus