Delightful Illustrations Are Playfully Completed with Everyday Objects

Artist Jesuso Ortiz creates colorful illustrations using everyday objects in a delightfully clever way. The Spain-based creative employs a myriad of unconventional materials—from buttons to flowers to badminton birdies—and seamlessly integrates them into his images. Suddenly, these objects have extended beyond their intended use. They now make up clothing, fish, feathers, and more.



My history challenge takes place in the north and since sauna were used here even in prehistoric times I wanted to recreate it. Resources: mesh for the benches are taken from the outdoor retreat’s coffee table and the stove is a custom mesh (credit to HafiseAzale who first converted it from ts3 to ts2 and which I used to convert it to ts4)

Note: The fire (seen in the 1st pic) isn’t included in this object and it’s a separate item (from in this set) but when placed inside the stove using the moveobject cheat I think it adds quite a nice atmosphere. 

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)

DOWNLOAD (Dropbox)



I made these for 2 reasons: 

- 1) I wanted to make something for Brendantheesimmer8900 who, among other things, needed weapon objects and archery targets for the King’s Tale. (I’ll make more stuff in the near future) 

- 2) I needed cc objects for my Knights Training Barracks which I built in Sims 2 earlier and am now converting it to Sims 4  

(I really wanted to make the weapons as accessories as well but I have no idea how to do it properly. I’ve failed every time I’ve tried :P If anyone would like to do it I’d be so happy.) 

This download consist of: 3 practice targets (empty, with knives + with axes already thrown into it) with 2 recolors for the all & 4 deco axes + 2 deco knives)

Credits: The mesh for the axes and the targets are from TS2 Bon Voyage. The knives are from the Sims Medieval Pirates and Nobles which, the forever lovely, Crisps&Kerosene originally converted to Ts2 and which I now converted to Ts4.

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)

DOWNLOAD (Dropbox) 

PS. You can find my other cc here on my blogspot!