Women objectifying and dehumanizing other women for their own use

Are just as creepy as men who objectify and dehumanize women as prospective sexual fodder to shore up their idea of being male.

These women also do the same, to thin and slim women. Photoshopping them to appear emaciated, distorting their bodies grotesquely out of their true proportions, for the purposes of inspiring their own attempts at being. Which they’ve set themselves.

I wonder why these women are “mentally ill”-as if that’s ever been a way of bypassing moral scrutiny. But men exploiting women for their own needs doing would be deemed creepy misogynists. Many mra types are messed up and some clearly disturbed. If they don’t get away with misogyny, hatred of women, mis-use of their image on that basis, why exactly should women?

My friend got asked for nudes today and this was her response:

Ok just stop, I’m not sending you anything and that’s that? I don’t care if you have expectations or frankly if you ‘love’ me but I’m not the kind of girl who’s gonna be pushed over by a guy like you and give you what you want when you demand? So if that’s all you were after then you’ve got the wrong person, sorry if that’s such a bloody disappointment for you.