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anonymous asked:

Any hidden talents?

Sasuke: Singing. Believe it or not, Sasce of Gay can sing! He sings in the shower, in the car, in his office, alone in his room, and just about anywhere. He sings Beyonce, Rihanna, Maroon 5, Jeffree Star, The Weekend, and so many more. He’s never sang for anyone, but plenty of those around the house have heard and admire him.

Itachi: Ballet. He can dance and stretch like no other. He has very strong, and very long legs. He can arch like no other and is definitely more flexible than anyone in the whole house. He could never do it as a career but it can be fun for us at home to watch. He also puts on quite a show in the bedroom.

Madara: Tennis. He has natural physical stamina, great reflexes, and an eerie ability to maintain a calm mind, even in physically demanding circumstances. He does have matches against the Senju’s, him and Izuna usually play together against them, and it’s an even split in the games.

Obito: Knows a few languages. Despite having had multiple jobs, he had many opportunities to learn new languages. He’s not too fluent in them but it comes in handy a lot. We all tell him to go to college and get a business degree to be able to be a translator, but he just shrugs and walks on.  

Izuna: Art. This is one of the best hidden talents someone could ask for. He draws stuff to relax, most time being portraits of others or scenery of the places around. Flowers, waterfalls, and sunsets are among his favorites. He only has a private collection, never shows anyone put Tobi and Obito,

Indra: Writing. Indra loves to write. He keeps a journal, and writes his stories down in it. He has many stories, only sharing with Itachi, who enjoys reading them. He writes often and loves to write.

Tobi: Pancakes! He makes pancakes, better than Izuna! His own recipe, and it’s goooooood! He only does makes them every so often, but when he does everyone wants them. His favorite are blueberry, with cream. It’s probably the most beneficial ‘hidden talent.’