“Why do characters always have to be in love? Why can’t the best friends just be best friends in fandom?”

Because people want gay representation and there is zero shortage of good friendships in media so kindly fuck off, that’s why! (also lol at the idea that being in a relationship immediately cancels out friendship. apparently, once you start dating your friend you stop being friends.)


“The Story of How Obito Picked His Fourth War Outfit” by R-517; the artist published this comic under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA which means non-commercial modifications are allowed with credit provided the modified version is available under the same license. So you can use my translation to do stuff with, provided you follow the terms. :)

I got lazy about translating the sound effects but I think you can get the gist.

I meant this for #obito conspiracy, which I don’t actually know what that is. (or do I…)