So this is a long shot, but if any any comrades and/or members of The Brotherhood of Mutants are in the neighborhood

Megneato and Slushiebear, as well as myself and Radicallydisabled are going to be hanging out in Toledo, OH on October 18th - 21st. 

We’re going to get a hotel with a pool to chill in, when we’re not busy taking a ferry to Put-In-Bay (if the stars align, YAMBD will be going with us to the Island), going to the zoo and/or art museum. We’ll probably also go Detroit to get some kick ass Lebanese food. 

If I follow you (and even if I don’t, assuming you are not an asshole) you are invited to join us for all or any portion of this get together. Send me an ask or something and we can discuss logistics - hotels are really cheap around here (Split four ways, you’d probably be looking at no more than $80 for the whole three nights, and apparently there are flights for New England to Cleveland - from which we can pick you up - that run just a little over $200). Obviously, if you are local, you could just hang out with us at the hotel without staying there. 

Can only tag five people so I’m tagging the ones I think I have the best chance of talking into this, but if we actually talk you are invited to hang with us.