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would you write something in the chancellor obi-wan verse that brings up obi-wan's relationship with ahsoka? or just lineage feels in general, really, but especially ahsoka. thank you so much!

Finally, we have Ahsoka’s POV! I have a few other asks about how she reacts to Chancellor Kenobi, but this isn’t quite that (too late in the timeline).

Ahsoka takes a small break from her battle against a training droid just as the doors to the training salles open.

“Master Obi-Wan!” she says, extinguishing her lightsabers and heading over to him.

“Ah, Ahsoka. Doing a bit of saber practice before shipping out?” Master Obi-Wan strokes his beard and smiles at her.

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More PadawanBen! Please?

The first time the redhead steps into the mess hall beside the Kaminoan, they’re confused. He’s young and he wears a cadet uniform like them but he’s clearly not a clone of Jango Fett because he’s a redhead and he’s pale and he’s different and he doesn’t walk like a soldier would…

The Kaminoan directs him towards the food que and then leaves the redhead who shifts a bit before smiling at the clone in front of him, offering his hand to the teenager in front of him in the line. “Hi, I’m OB-0001.”


OB-0001 is a clone. Just like them he is a clone. He ages like them and he trains as they do.

But he’s a clone of a Force sensitive individual. His training is somewhat different and the first time they see it they can’t help but stop and stare through the transparent hall as OB-0001 is lifting different sized crates with only his mind, sweat rolling down his still chubby face and his eyes squinted in extreme concentration.

OB-0001 is the only one to survive his batch. The Kaminoan’s keep him under strict observation and his diet differs ever so slightly from the Fett clones. For one there is more food with more proteins and fat.

Its because Force use needs to have higher calorie intake.

OB-0001 is like a Jedi.

OB-0001 is like them.

OB-0001 is a Vod.

So that’s what they treat them him as. He never sleeps in his assigned quarters, he sleeps with one of his fellow vods, kept warm and safe and tucked up and gets woken to go to his own training. He sits with them in the mess hall and is reminded to eat everything on his plate every meal because he needs it.

He’s carefully checked over for bruises and cuts after every sparring and he is held when the storm outside frightens him. The first time he screams in fright as thunder rips through the air, several trays go flying and someone throws themselves around him, wrapping OB-0001 in a tight hug as others clean up the trays.

OB-0001 is not like them in features. But he’s still their vod.


Ben stops at the quarters he shares with his master, hesitant before glancing at his fellow padawan. Anakin frowns a bit at the door then shrugs a bit. “That sounds like Mace Windu…”

“Master Windu?” Ben questioned quietly before biting his lips and placing his ear to the door, Anakin following the action.

“-ow!? Yoda, we burned that body ourselves. I held a dying boy in my arms when we went looking for a cure! How is it possible for him to be here now!?” Mace voice is loud, almost echoing and Ben and Anakin blink at each other even as they enhance their hearing to hear Yoda’s answer.

“Burned the body we did. How the DNA to Kamino came, not known is.”

“We burned Obi-Wan Kenobi’s little body on a pyre, on a cold moon, because we couldn’t find a cure for what ailed him. He died in my arms, smiling at me as he called me Knight Mace, telling me he wasn’t afraid!” There was a thump and Ben blinked.

Kenobi? As in his template.

He glanced at Anakin to find the others blue eyes wide and staring at him.

“…We burned the body of a little Initiate of five years old…because we couldn’t find the cure to aid him. We burned a promising spark in the Force…that had so much promise in the future with so much Force in him…”

“Hurt it did. But Ben is much like Obi-Wan. Knows me he does. Knows the temple he does. Different he is and only survivor of his batch.”

“…What are you implying?”

“Nothing I am. Ben free to make his own choices is. Friends with young Skywalker he has become. My padawan he is. Teach him I shall and see his future we will.” Yoda’s calm voice came then there was a tap that Ben recognized as Yoda’s cane against flesh. “Calmer you now are?”

There was a loud sigh. “Yes…but if he’s really Obi-Wan Kenobi’s template, does that mean he’s sick?”

“No. Removed that the Kamino’s did. Ill he is not. Strong he is, capable. Built his lightsaber he is. Impressed you might be. Like yours it is.”

“…Its purple?” There was an amused tone.

“Very much so. Teaching him, intriguing will be. Last padawan he shall be to me.”

Ben slowly pulled away from the door, blinking in confusion even as Anakin took his arm and tugged him away to leave the two master’s to talk. “Ben?”

“…I…don’t know what to say.” He blinked and looked at the other.

“Does it matter?”

“…I don’t know. Should it? I mean, it almost sounds like Yoda believes I’m…”

A copy. A clone with a soul that matched Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Anakin hesitated before squeezing his hand. “You know what I think?”

Ben looked at him.

“I think you’re just like the Force thought you should be.” The other padawan smiled at him and Ben blinked before smiling shyly at him, reaching out and giving Anakin’s braid a tug. “Thank you.”

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Groundhog!life!obi-wan, as in, every time he dies he wakes up again, back when it all started, when he came to the order as a little child.

Well.  Let’s see what I can come up with.  Obi-Wan can hardly have to try more than once or twice, right?


The first life was the worst, and the best.  It was the worst because he wasn’t prepared, he lost everything, and his brother, his student had been the one to take it from him.

And it was the best, because he didn’t know what would happen.  Because his student turned back, in the end.

And they had reunited in the Force.

He was.

That wasn’t right.  He was, and he shouldn’t be.  He had lived his life- and beyond.  He had watched, as his world was destroyed, and everything was lost.  And then he’d watched as one boy had brought everything back. 

He opened his mouth to ask what was going on, but all that came out was a cry.

“Oh, dear,” someone said.  He realized, suddenly, that he was being held.  He tried to wiggle away, but…

he could barely move.

It took him an embarrassingly long time to realize that he was a baby, in someone’s arms.  A Jedi’s arms. 

His second life was horrible.  He’d tried to tell someone, but he wasn’t believed, and then…

Sidious’ Master had found him, when he was thirteen and no one took him as a Padawan.  (Who would want a Padawan that said the Order was in danger?)

He never turned, resisting Plagueis for nearly three years before the Sith got impatient and killed him.

He was.

This time, Obi-Wan didn’t tell anyone.  He grew sneaky, and quiet.  He didn’t rock the boat, and he refused to rise to anyone’s taunting.

He was chosen by a young Knight when he was eleven.

He died in the Temple, facing the man he loved like a brother, who had never actually met him.

He was. 

This time, he ran away from the Temple when he was twelve and hadn’t been chosen.  He ran straight to Naboo, where he watched as Sidious trained Maul in secret. And he planned.

Three weeks after he found them, he announced himself by stealing Maul’s lightsaber, and stabbing him in the back with it.

Sidious was, to say the least, displeased.  But he took Obi-Wan at his word, and took him as a replacement apprentice.  Obi-Wan wasn’t going to let the Sith win, and if he had to sabotage them from the inside, then so be it.

He died after killing Sidious, two weeks shy of his twentieth birthday.  But he never saw Plagueis.

He was.

He was.

He was.

He was.

He was.

Obi-Wan was physically one when he took a deep breath and started to think.  It wasn’t easy.  He had the brain of a baby, but the memories of a much older man.

He was repeating his life for a reason, and he hoped it was to stop the rise of the Sith.  He would have to be smart about it.  He’d have to find a way to show Qui-Gon that they would be a good team. He’d have to manufacture some reason to land on Tatooine, after Anakin was born, of course, with enough non-Republic currency to free both Anakin and his mother. 

He’d have to drop hints, subtle ones, to implicate both Palpatine and Hugo Damask.  Maul, too, but he had never had a public persona like the Sith Masters.

He was nearly two when he realized he could change things before he was a Padawan.  A Padawan was assigned to his Clan as a punishment duty, and Obi-Wan nearly froze as he recognized him.  Xanatos. His…  Obi-Wan’s eyes lit up as he realized something he could do.

He ran toward the Padawan and latched on to his boot with a squeal.

Xanatos did not look happy, but to his credit he merely knelt down and tried to pry Obi-Wan’s hands loose.  “Youngling, you shouldn’t…”

“Yes I should!” Obi-Wan lisped.  “We’re brothers!”

So, he was going to establish that he had some prescience right now.

“I… what?”

Obi-Wan tilted his head.  “Well… not yet.  But we will be.” he said firmly.  “You’re my brother, because Master will say so.”

Xanatos stilled.  “Little one?  How old are you?”

“Two!” Obi-Wan chirped.

Xanatos hummed in thought.  “Would you like to meet my Master?”

Obi-Wan nodded eagerly.

Of course he did.  He hadn’t actually seen Master Qui-Gon in far too long.  And maybe this time, he could help his Master.


Obi-Wan spent two years getting to know Xanatos, and trying to bond with his “brother Padawan”.  He knew the time for the Telos mission was soon, and he just hoped it would work out.

“Obi!” Xanatos called as he came into the crèche.

“XAN!” Obi-Wan ran forward.  He was enjoying being a child again, this time.

“I’m not going to be able to see you for a little while, squirt,” Xanatos said, once they had settled in front of a craft table, Obi-Wan showing off his work on a… something.  Even Obi-Wan wasn’t sure what it was.

“You’re going on a mission?” Obi-Wan asked. “Where?”

“We’re actually going to my home planet,” Xanatos said.

Obi-Wan froze for a moment before turning to look at Xanatos.  “You’re going to come back, right?” he asked, allowing his lips to quiver.  “You’re not going to…” he trailed off.

“Squirt?” Xanatos asked.  Obi-Wan rarely acted like this, but when he did, Jedi listened. His “prescience” had never been wrong.

“Promise me you’ll come back?” Obi-Wan asked.

“What did you see, Obi-Wan?”

Obi-Wan shook his head and gave Xanatos a hug. “Promise me?”

Xanatos sighed, jostling Obi-Wan.  “I promise, Squirt.  Is there anything I should be careful about?”

Obi-Wan frowned.  “Don’t trust the governor, Xanatos.  He wants Darkness.”

Xanatos stiffened, but nodded.  “Ok, Squirt.  I’ll be careful.”

Obi-Wan smiled brilliantly at him. 


Obi-Wan wasn’t supposed to be in the hanger, but he had to know if his warning had been enough.  He liked Xanatos, when he wasn’t Dark, and he didn’t want to lose him too.

Qui-Gon was the first out of the shuttle, and he looked…

Obi-Wan bit his lip.  Had he failed? 

Xanatos left the ship.  Obi-Wan ran forward.  “XAN!!!” He yelled.  Xanatos stumbled back as Obi-Wan slammed into him.  “You came back.”  To his shock, he was crying.  “You came back.”


Padawan Kenobi was scowling down at the Nav Computer. “Master,” he called out.

“Yes, Padawan?” Qui-Gon Jinn asked.

“We need to land,” he said, sounding disgusted. “That dustball should have the parts we need to fix the Nav Computer.”

Qui-Gon nodded.  “I’m sure you did your best, Padawan,” he said.  “And yes, I sense we’ll find what we need down there.”


Obi-Wan watched the news as Palpatine was arrested. His carefully planted evidence had been found and Both Sidious and Plagueis had been arrested.

He was sure they’d try to escape justice, but soon, the evidence of Dark Side use would show up, and the Council would take notice.

Soon.  The Sith would be destroyed, and not a moment too soon.

He grinned down at his Padawan.  Anakin was engrossed in a puzzle, and didn’t notice.


Obi-Wan faded into the Force after a long, good life. He could only hope he wouldn’t have to try again

He was one with the Force.


… I hope you like this.

Young Volcanoes • Obi-Wan Kenobi

Request: “if you could do an Obi x reader where both are jedi and Obi proposes to reader and they secretly marry on another planet like Anakin and Padmé did, please? Timeline Clone Wars”

I did that thing again where I get carried away during a request. I’m thinking about turning this into a fanfic bc I love it so much. Let me know if you guys think it’s a good idea !! 

Meeting Obi-Wan was no accident, it was the will of the Force. You were only a Padawan when your Master died. At the age of sixteen, you still had a long way to go in your training, so you were sent back to the Temple. Master Yoda gave you three months to find a new Master. If you couldn’t find one in that time, you would be sent to the Agri Corps with the rest of the initiates who hadn’t been chosen by their thirteenth birthday.

You weren’t nervous. In fact, you lost your drive to become a Jedi when your Master died. You lazed around the Temple, only attending mandatory training sessions. Master Yoda was worried about you, but he knew he had to let you battle through your problems on your own.

Then, one day, you saw him. He was struggling to keep up with Master Qui-Gon Jinn’s powerful strides. You almost smiled at him, but you hadn’t smiled in so long you were sure you had forgotten how. 

You thought nothing of him, at first. However, when you saw him being teased mercilessly by an individual you particularly disliked, Bruck Chun, you had to intervene.

You slammed your tray of food on the table, next to the boy who had captured your eye and across from Bruck. Your eyes were like daggers as they bored into his skin. 

“You are the biggest disappointment to this Temple” you recalled telling him. “You might run things here, but if you do end up leaving your ridiculously sheltered life and going out into the real world, you’ll realize that you’ll be at the very bottom. The galaxy doesn’t revolve around you, it never has”.

Many more words were exchanged, and Obi-Wan found himself adoring your courage and intelligence. After that day, you both became very close. When Obi-Wan went on missions with his Master, Qui-Gon let you tag along. He thought it to be healthy that his apprentice had befriended a fellow Padawan, and an older one with experience.

Your motivation was returned because of Obi-Wan. You trained with him everyday. Before you knew it, thanks to Qui-Gon’s praising words, you’d been assigned to be the apprentice of Mace Windu. It was quite harder training with him, but you managed. Mostly for Obi.

When Qui-Gon died, you were there for him. You held him in your arms for hours each night following his Master’s death. You hated that you weren’t there with him when it happened, that you couldn’t have helped. You loved Qui-Gon like a father, despite the Code.

You also loved Obi-Wan despite the Code. Some nights you would stay up late and tell him about every detail you loved about him. He would only smile and shake his head. Somehow, though, you knew he loved you as well.

But, there was the Code. Obi-Wan followed it very strictly. So, after years of you pouring your heart out, he shut you down. “The Code forbids attachment like this, (y/n). We can’t give up what we’ve worked so hard for like this. I care about you too much to let you throw your life away. If you hate me, fine, but I’m doing this for our own good” and then he was gone like that. The person you’d spent most of your life with had left you alone.

You became one of the most talented Jedi Masters anyone had ever known. You were only slightly less powerful than the Chosen One, Anakin Skywalker. You hated hearing about him, though. Because when Anakin’s name was mentioned, Obi’s was mentioned along with it. You wanted to forget that he existed. It was difficult to forget him, though. He had impacted your life more than he knew.

He was still a Knight when you saw him in person again. He had just survived a battle against Count Dooku, but suffered from a few lightsaber cuts. You, on the other hand, were in critical condition after the battle of Geonosis. Your Master and friends were certain that you wouldn’t make it. That you would be included in the large number of Jedi killed during the battle.

When Obi heard this, he was worried, regretful, angry. He didn’t care about his own injuries as he watched the healers and medical droids perform operations on you to save your life. 

But you woke up. Against all odds, you woke up. The first face you saw was the face you loved the most. Obi-Wan leaned over you with tears dribbling down his cheeks. You couldn’t help but cry too. He was there. He truly did care for you. 

After that day, Obi-Wan swore he would never let you go again. He promised you that he would love you unconditionally. He didn’t care that he would have to love you in secret. Loving you at all and having you love him back was enough.

The Clone Wars weighed on you, as well as the rest of the Jedi, like a ton of bricks. Every time you thought you would give up, though, you held onto Obi as tight as you could and reminded yourself of just how lucky you truly were.

And then came your happiest day. You and Obi had just been sent on a mission to the planet Spira, one of the most beautiful planets you’d ever had the fortune of visiting. It was there that you and Obi not only completed your mission, but also vacationed. It was a simple mission, so there was a lot of time for you an your lover to visit the beaches and relax.

You laid sprawled out on your towel and soaked up the rays of the sun. Obi watched you with pure adoration in his eyes. To him, you were the most beautiful person in the entire galaxy. 

“What are you staring at?” you giggled, turning your head to face him. Obi smiled widely at you and shuffled to sit next to you. He continued to stare at you, and you rolled your eyes.

“What? I can’t admire my beautiful girlfriend?” he hummed. You blushed at his kind words and sat up to stretch. From the corner of your eye, you could see something glistening from farther down the beach. You squinted your eyes to get a better view.

“Why don’t you go find whatever you’re so interested in?” Obi asked you with a smirk. You glanced at him wearily. He’d been acting weird that day and you were growing slightly suspicious. He stood up and extended his hand to you. “Come, we’ll go look together” he grinned.

He was so happy, and it wasn’t very often that he was like this. So, you accepted his gesture and walked down the beach with him to find the object that you had been interested in.

You gasped loudly and covered your mouth with your hands once you saw what the object was. Four words were spelled out in seashells and in the very center, the glistening object, a diamond ring. Will You Marry Me?

Tears welled up in your eyes as you turned to Obi, who smiled nervously. You couldn’t believe he was asking you to marry him. Without hesitation, you threw your arms around Obi’s neck and held him tightly. 

“Yes, I’ll marry you” you breathed. You could feel Obi’s joy through the Force. He lifted you into the air and spun you around, placing thousands of kissed to your lips. 

“I love you so, so much” he told you repeatedly. You would have returned his affection if you could have stopped yourself from crying. It was an amazing moment. A moment you would never forget.

It was the next day that you stood with a Spiranian priest and your droids, Arfour and Arseven at your sides. Obi-Wan Kenobi was the man of your dreams. You could not think of one other person who made you feel the way he did. 

Obi-Wan loved you dearly. You were constantly on his mind and in his heart. He said he’d never let you go, and he didn’t. He held your small hands in his large, calloused ones, squeezing them gently every now and again. 

“It has been my honor to bind the two of you together” the Priest murmured in his deep and calm voice. He turned to Obi with a warm smile. “You may kiss your bride” he nodded.

Obi-Wan cupped your face in his hands and kissed you with the most passion you had ever felt from him. You melted into the kiss, content with being in your husband’s arms.

The galaxy crumbled about a year later, which was devastating. However, you and Obi managed to survive it. You helped him through his apprentice’s fall to the Dark Side and he helped you through the loss of all of your close friends. 

Even with the Empire rising, you and Obi still had your happy ending. After a few years living on Tatooine and watching over Luke Skywalker, you had become pregnant. Obi was overjoyed, and you were positive that the moment you saw your baby girl’s face was another one of the happiest moments of your life.

You and Obi grew old together and raised your daughter with the hopes that one day her and Luke would defeat Darth Vader and restore peace and justice in the galaxy. 

You were happy, Obi was happy, and your daughter was happy. You all lived long and happy lives. Even after your death, your love for each other was strong through the Force. Unbreakable….

My Pleasure (Part IV) [AU Obi-Wan x Reader]

Prompt by: Anonymous

A/N: I started writing, intending this to be the last and final part…but yeah…didn’t happen…

Imagine: You and Obi-Wan report to the Council, then decide to catch up.

Warnings: None.

Part I

Part II

Part III

You stand in front of the Jedi Council, leaning on Obi-Wan just the slightest. Your shoulder wound hurt only a tad, but the one to the stomach was finally starting to ache.

Both you and Obi-Wan had gone to the medical ward as soon as you got back to the Jedi temple, him moaning the whole way. You had promised to report to the Council as soon as you were patched up, and here you were.

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Letters // Anakin x Reader

This prompt was requested by an anon: Okay but what about grown up Ani telling the reader he heard that she promised his mother she would protect and take care of him back on Tatooine when they were children (let’s say she was a padawan sent to help protecting queen Amidala) and thanking the reader and telling her she did more than that and that he is deeply in love with her and kisses her? Like super fluffy fluff pretty please if it isnt asking too much

I thought this was a cute, fluff prompt yeeeee 

“I promise I’ll look after him” you say, warming smiling up at Shmi as tears glide down her face, landing on the fabric of your clothing.

“He’s a good boy. He won’t get himself into trouble” she tells you. You nod and pull her into a warm embrace. “Thank you” she whispers.

As you pull away, you plant a gentle kiss on her cheek. You grab your small bag with little items in it and make your way towards the ship. You say your final goodbyes to everyone and everything you know. Before you fully board the ship, you turn around and look at Shmi. She mouths, “Please be safe.” You nod and go on board, prepared to start your new life with that promise on repeat in your mind.

In no way shape or form, would you ever break it.

Forward flash 10 years

You smashed through the last wave of simulated droids and closed your lightsaber. You were panting, your legs feeling numb, and your mouth drier than sand.

“Excellent work today, my padawan. I can see improvement beyond compare. That’s all the training for today. You are dismissed” your Master, Mace Windu states. You bow down quickly, and exit the training facility.

As you walk down the hall, someone purposefully bumps into you. “Oh would you for once stop being so annoying?” you tell Anakin, pushing him back.

The both of you were currently stationed at Coruscant for auxiliary training.

“That’s impossible. Bugging you is my favorite thing to do” he teases as you let out a small laugh.

You both walk down to the dormitories and before you can enter your separate bedrooms, Obi Wan stops Anakin. “Anakin, I want to share something with you. It’s important.”

“What’s the matter?” you speak up. Anakin starts into his room as Obi Wan pulls you aside.

“It’s a letter that was retrieved from his mother’s files” he whispers.

Shmi had died a few years back by being brutally tortured. Ever since then, the promise you made to her before you and Anakin left Tatooine for Jedi training was something you put before everything. You were determined to keep him safe. You loved Shmi and you loved Anakin. Seeing anything bad to him, you tear you apart and send you into a state of emotionally instability.

“Go to him” you tell Obi Wan. He disappears into Anakin’s room as you into yours.

What could the letter be about? Was it a goodbye note? A love note to him? A warning?

You were overwhelmed with ideas. You sat on the edge of your bed, your knees trembling.

After what seemed like an eternity, the door opens to reveal Anakin with a piece of paper in his hands. He walks up to you and hugs you with all of his strength.

“Oh, Ani” you whisper as he sobs into your neck. I rub his hair and try to calm him down with reassuring words. As he lets go of you, he hands you the letter.

“I want you to read it” he smiles. You return the same smile and accept the letter from his hands.

My dear Anakin,

I know you are going to do great things. You are a strong, brave boy who is finally taking steps to become a powerful Jedi.

I couldn’t be more proud.

I want you to know that before you left, I told (Y/N) to keep a close eye on you. She loves you, Ani. I see it. You need to do all you can to protect her and she will do the same for you.

I love you, darling. I always will.


Tears well in your eyes, as you look up at Anakin.

“You protected me after all these years. Not only did you do that, but you made me a better person. I’m so in love with you and I don’t care if it against the Code. I’m so deeply I love with you and I know it’s right.”

He comes over to you, wiping away your tears. You press your lips up against his, wrapping your arms around him. The kiss is warm and sends electricity up your spine. As you pull away, you say, “I’m so in love with you”

You both smile and embrace each other, knowing that Shmi is looking down of the both you, watching as a happy relationship unfolds.

anonymous asked:

Can you do one where in AOTC, when Dooku has Obi-Wan in the ray-shield, Dooku wants to know more about how Qui-Gon died but Obi-Wan refuses to tell him, so Dooku forces himself into Obi-Wan's head and extracts his memories of what happened?

“How did he die?”

If he could have jerked, he would have as he stared at Dooku, brows furrowing. “What?”

“Qui-Gon. How did he die? What were his last words?” It was as if the older man was asking about the time or the date for a letter.

A casual thing if not for the sorrow in his ice blue eyes.

He had been Qui-Gon’s master, had seen the man to knighthood and had drifted from him as the man became an adult and perhaps he deserved to know.


But Obi-Wan was not in the mood to speak about this as he closed his eyes. “Those are my memories and I don’t think I’m up to sharing those with you.” He offered quietly, trying not to have the phantom smell of plasma burned flesh in his nose or the gasp of pain in his ears that he heard in his nightmares.

“If you will not tell me…then I will have no other choice Kenobi.” Came the unforgiving and dark tones of Yan Dooku.

Flickering open his eyes in confusion, Obi-Wan had no defense in place as Yan suddenly slammed into his mind with the force of a war hammer, breaking through the basic shields in place. Obi-Wan cried out in pain even as the Sith ravaged through his mind, going back the years to Naboo.

Trapped, too trapped behind red as his master is too far in front of him, the Sith pacing like a malicious tiger in front of him. His eyes focused on Qui-Gon and not even dignifying Obi-Wan with a glance because Obi-Wan is too far behind and he’s injured and his ribs aches so badly from his fall off the catwalk.

And Qui-Gon, calm and meditating, waiting for the ray shields to fall, eyes closed.

The black sucking hole of darkness that is Maul.

Qui-Gon’s calm light, like the cool light of a moon on a cloudless night.

The ray shields fall and Obi-Wan sprints, eyes on his master as he fights the Sith and too late, to late to pass the last shield and only able to watch.

He can’t do anything but watch Qui-Gon as the man makes one mistake, one mistake and the hit to the chin and then….

He screams his denial as Qui-Gon stares in shock at him before he falls to the floor of the melting room.

Obi-Wan has no time to focus on the rage and the pain as the Sith turns his attention on Obi-Wan instead.

The mind blurs, memory no longer clear because Obi-Wan fights with desperation until he wins and can hold Qui-Gon.

“Promise me you’ll train the boy.”

The fleeting touches against Obi-Wan’s cheek of still warm fingers that meant so much more then the action really indicated.

“Yes master.”

Obi-Wan’s choking desperation clawing at him, the desperate desire that he knew healing Force.

“He is the chosen one. He will bring balance. Train him.” Qui-Gon’s last words in a melting room on Naboo, to an apprentice who loved him with all he was.

Desperately nauseous with a pounding head, Obi-Wan came back to Geonosis to glare at Dooku. “That memory was mine.” He rasped out painfully, tears dripping to the sand. “That memory was mine to keep.” The Jedi knight managed to choke out.

Dooku didn’t answer, just stared at the other before turning and leaving, Obi-Wan left to his own pained shields that he slowly tried to pierce back together and the pain in his chest from a broken heart.

Obikin AUs i need in my life

Age swap AU where Anakin never turns to the dark side and Obi-Wan is his padawan. After destroying the Sith and becoming the hero who fulfilled the phropecy and ended the war Anakin’s life has been pretty aimless; he has been in a war with someone most of his life and now it’s gone. Everyone loves him and the Council really can’t say anything about anything he does because he has saved the entire galaxy. All the padawans dream to be trained by him, but Anakin can’t really seem to co-operate with anyone. Not in a long term anyway. He’s maybe too settled in his stubborn ways of doing things and within ten years Anakin has had thirteen padawans - none of them actually becoming a Jedi Knight but to send in some other duties. Master Skywalker is greatly respected and admired, but all the padawans in training both fear and dream of being taught by him. 

Until Anakin’s eyes meet the padawan trainee Obi-Wan’s and for some reason something clicks. He takes the strict and kind padawan who wants to follow the rules by letter. And despite all the odds it works. Anakin finally learns some patience and Obi-Wan learns to laugh at himself. The problems start when Obi-Wan has his first wet dream and to his terror he realizes it’s about his own Master and he kind of can’t stop thinking about it… And of course Anakin is far too eager to find out what it troubling his little apprentice. 

College AU where Obi-Wan is a shy and kind physics teacher who goes out with his flamboyantly gay best friend Mace Windu when his friend is finally in town. They get a bit carried away with the drinking and Mace is determined to check this one club. Obi-Wan is already inside with a pink cocktail in his hand once he realizes it’s a gay strip club. While he indeed is gay, he’s not gay like this; he had never been to a strip club, hell, he has watched porn maybe once in his entire life and it was just so awkward he had to stop the video after few minutes and take a cold shower and hide his face between his hands every time he remembers that ever happened to recover from it. And now he is at the strip club and Mace is far too excited. Obi-Wan sits down in the back row and just tries to consume as much alcohol as he can, so maybe he won’t remember any of this tomorrow. 

And the plan is going alright, until the main show starts and oh god he recognizes Anakin Skywalker who is always late from the class and sits in the front row with his ripped jeans and AC/DC shirt and has no friends at school. The boy is weird mix of confident and awkward, but he’s the most talented kid Obi-Wan has ever taught. Now he dances there without a shirt and looks good and like he knows he looks good. Obi-Wan is so shocked and his heart is racing and his cheeks are getting pinker and pinker when Anakin lifts his gaze and suddenly they’re staring at each other straight in the eyes… Anakin flashes a smile that’s all too wide and winks.

Sith AU where Anakin turns to dark side and fight in the Mustafar never happens. Padmé dies at the childbirth nonetheless and Dart Vader blames this on Obi-Wan, the last surviving Jedi. When Darth Sidious gives him an assignment to hunt him down, Lord Vader is just pleased. It almost seems like Obi-Wan does want him to find him, it’s so easy to capture the Jedi who he used to call his friend. Lord Vader kidnaps Obi-Wan and gets him into his secret base on some deserted system of moons. His only instructions have been to kill the Jedi and maybe torture him a bit before doing so, but once he has the chance he doesn’t really feel like it. Lord Vader decides he could torture Obi-Wan, but not in a way the Jedi would expect him to… 

Some weeks/months/years of ‘i hate you and i’m going to spank you and make you beg my name and title’ sex later Lord Vader kind of realizes he has no intentions to kill Obi-Wan any more at all and he just wants to keep this thing going and at some point he has kind of realized how much easier it is not to keep his prisoner tied up all the time and maybe have him around there to cook for him once he gets back from his missions and that it’s actually quite nice to cuddle next to him after rough sex.  

Ice hockey AU where Anakin is the rising star player who has absolutely no chill and despite all his talents he shows at the rehearsals he spends most of his games sitting in the penalty box. Obi-Wan is a coach/scout of a much bigger team and he is interested in buying Anakin into their team. But not like this. There can’t be this much penalty time on professional levels, he tells the boy. He sees the light shining in Anakin’s eyes once the boy realizes who he is and who he represents, but even that can’t seem to cool him down in the next games. Obi-Wan doesn’t usually do this, but he just really sees something in the boy. Maybe it’s the carefree smile he gives or how easily he tells him about his mothers leukemia and the struggle to keep everything inside. 

Obi-Wan shouldn’t care so much, but somehow he always does. Anakin seems honestly so eager to play and prove his worth Obi-Wan is already promising to keep him private lessons, just you know, to give him a second chance before he really realizes he so shouldn’t. But once the teenager looks at him like he had just promised him the Stanley cup and the world he just can’t take it back anymore. 

They met again (for the first time) on a windy day in spring

Since the Rebels finale last night, there has been one particular question that has been digging at my thoughts. One question that I knew, in an instant, I needed to find an answer to.

“Did Ahsoka find Bail? or Bail find Ahsoka?" 

To answer to your question, dear friend, is simple: Ahsoka found Bail. It was not, however, the most pleasant ofmeetings.

In fact, their meeting began with the snap-hiss of a lightsaber igniting, and a nearly inaudible snarl as Ahsoka leapt. 

She nearly killed Bail that day.

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who wants 4000 words of sad Jedi orphans???!! the answer is nobody but i wrote it anyway. spoilers for the jedi apprentice series.

Obi-Wan was meditating on the observation deck when the ship came out of hyperspace. He opened his eyes to see the great rust disc of Coruscant hanging in space below. A moment later, the comms crackled as the pilot announced their arrival. Obi-Wan had already felt a change, the moment the Queen’s yacht had reentered normal space. The calm, numbing peace he had experienced since the funeral had broken, sharply. It might have been the perception-distorting weight of Coruscant in the Force, the pressure of over a trillion beings packed so densely together; it might just have been the knowledge that his quiet reprieve of travel was coming to a close, and in under an hour he would be down on the upper levels, facing crowds and noise and endless meetings and arguments. He still had not decided whether to ask for Qui-Gon’s quarters, with their adjoining rooms that would be suited for Anakin once the Council had decided he was at the right level for apprenticeship.

If they even allowed Anakin to live at the Temple at all. Anxiety and determination worked in tandem to knot up Obi-Wan’s stomach. His promise to Qui-Gon lay on him, heavier than all his vows and plans. He knew he would train Anakin Skywaker, if he had to resign the Order and flee with the boy to the Outer Rim to do it. He hoped it wouldn’t come to that. Obi-Wan knew with unshakeable certainty that he would do whatever he had to in the coming days, and weeks, and years, but he couldn’t shake the bone-deep exhaustion that was blurring his focus.

The door hissed open. Obi-Wan didn’t have to turn to know that Anakin had entered the lounge. He was impressed at how quietly his new charge moved, drifting over the thickly carpeted floor to sit next to Obi-Wan, copying his crosslegged pose. The boy gazed out the window, eyes wide with awe.

“Hello there,” Obi-Wan said. The sound of his voice surprised him, as did the words, which he had difficulty connecting to his admittedly fragmented sense of self.

“I wanted to watch the landing,” Anakin said. 

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