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Flash prompt: Obi-Wan is the one that loses a hand to Dooku instead of Anakin

This is Rude, I hope you know that.

(THank you ;) )

Warnings for undetailed descriptions of what happens when you get your hand cut off with a lightsaber.

             It had happened so fast that, at first, Obi-Wan hadn’t realized what had happened. Dooku had swung at him, Obi-Wan had moved to block and then―

             A burst of pain, and a Force shove that knocked him to the side.

             Not glancing down, Obi-Wan rebalanced, gathering up the pain and shoving it aside, to be dealt with later, once Dooku was stopped, once the fight was over. He’d stretched out a hand, meaning to reach for his lightsaber, call it back to his hand and―


             Obi-Wan had faltered, eyes landing on the cauterized end of his wrist, attached to nothing but empty air. His hand was gone, cut clean off.

             He had blinked, and another wave of pain washed over him, this time almost strong enough to bring him to his knees. Distantly, he heard Dooku’s voice, rumbling in the air like thunder and static.

             “You should have accepted my offer when you had the chance. It brings me no joy to kill you.”

             There was a flicker of motion, of red, and then Obi-Wan jerked back, lightsaber smacking into his left palm and bursting to life just in time to catch what would have been a killing blow. Not far away, Anakin was pulling himself to his feet, rushing to Obi-Wan’s side, and then―



             Padme running to Anakin, throwing her arms around his neck, her fear and love nearly tangible in the Force around them. Obi-Wan had said nothing, just stood there, swaying slightly, and the pain in his wrist had made the edges of his vision spark and blur.

             He had closed his eyes.

             When he opened them again, he was lying on his back. Obi-Wan stared, eyes taking in the white, familiar ceiling with confusion. How had he gotten to the Jedi healers? He had been on Geonosis, hadn’t he? What was going on?

             Frowning, Obi-Wan tried to push himself upright. When instead of a hand, a bandaged stub of a wrist met the bed, he cried out, pain flaring up his arm.


             Anakin’s voice rang out, too loud in the small space, and then there were hands on Obi-Wan’s shoulder and back.

             “You’re awake! Careful, careful!” Anakin said, helping maneuver Obi-Wan into a sitting position. Obi-Wan stared up at his Padawan, bewildered.

             “Anakin? What―”

             Anakin’s eyes were wide and stricken. “Master, I’m so sorry! Your hand, it was my fault! I should have listened to you, I shouldn’t have rushed in, and now―”

             “Anakin,” Obi-Wan said again, voice quiet. “Anakin, calm down. Deep breaths, Padawan, you’re working yourself into a state.” He waited until Anakin had followed his instructions and the Force had stopped whipping around them like an ocean stirred up by a storm, and then looked down at his ha― at where his hand had been.

             “Well,” he said, after a long moment. “That is rather inconvenient, isn’t it? I suppose it is a good thing I was always half decent with jar’kai.”

             Anakin frowned and shook his head. “How are you so calm?!” he demanded.

             Obi-Wan gave him a tired smile. “It was the will of the Force, Anakin. It was not your fault. My guard should have been better.”


             “Not buts. It was not your fault.”

             Anakin fell silent for a moment. Then he said, “The healers say you should be able to get a prosthetic. But most of the current models are bantha-shit.”

             “Are they?” Obi-Wan asked, distantly. His head felt fuzzy, no doubt whatever medication he had been given was kicking back in.

             Anakin nodded. Obi-Wan smiled, and reached up to pat his cheek with his good hand. “I suppose you’ll just have to make me a better one then, hm?”

             He had fallen asleep before Anakin could answer.


Guys, this is just a news update that when Obi-wan wheedled a bunch of more credits out of the Jedi Council when he was Rako Hardeen, he didn’t just buy another ship, he bought a LUXURY 3000 SPACE YACHT. 

Not only did he buy A LUXURY SPACE YACHT, but he bought the same ship Hondo Ohnaka had.

Obi-wan. Honestly. Really. 

I mean, really. 

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For the flash-fic prompts, Ahsoka and Obi-Wan having an adventure?

This one is a little rough, but I hope you still enjoy it, Nonny!

             “Does this sort of thing happen a lot?!” Ahsoka demanded, ducking down behind an overturned table, and another volley of blaster bolts shot past her head.

             “More than I like to admit!” Obi-Wan called back, and he jumped over his own table-shield, and planted his boot squarely in an approaching guard’s face. The woman fell back with a shout, and Obi-Wan spun to redirect a blast bolt that would have otherwise hit him square in the back.

             “I thought you said this was a peaceful, diplomatic mission!” Ahsoka shouted, darting out from behind her table, lightsabers already a set of coloured blurs in the air as she made her way towards where the panicked slaves had hidden themselves behind a row of large colums near the double doors, when the initial fight had started. “That why we didn’t bring back up!”

             “It was supposed to be!” Obi-Wan replied, grunting as a blow from another guard narrowly missed his face. “Anakin and I― Oof!― Though it would be good for you to see what―” He cursed and sent another two guards flying across the room. “Normal Jedi life was like!”

             “Well, that worked well!” Ahsoka snapped, ducking behind the largest of the collums. A child, no older than five, stared up at her with wide, silver striped eyes.

             “Don’t worry,” Ahsoka said gently, “We’re here to help you.”

             Thankfully, this group of slaves was an anomaly, a ‘gift’ of sorts, in an attempt to bribe the planet’s ruler into joining the Seperatist cause. As such, no one had thought to fit them with control chips, just chains, and those were easy to deal with.

             Once all five of the young people had been freed, Ahsoka scooped the Noorian girl into her arms. “I’ve got them, Master Obi-Wan!”

             “One minute!” There was a shout, and then the room fell quiet. Obi-Wan heaved a sigh, and disengaged his saber. Ahsoka looked around. The room was a mess, but all the guards were either dead or unconscious.

             “Are you alright, Ahsoka?” Obi-Wan asked, walking up to her and giving her, and then the others, a concerned once over. Ahsoka nodded.

             “I’m alright. And none of the kids seem too hurt. Just scared and underfed.”

             Obi-Wan nodded. “Good. Let’s get out of here. I would like to be long gone by the time reinforcements arrive.”

             Ahsoka nodded her agreement, and turned to the rag-tag group. “Come on, let’s get you all cleaned up, and then figure out how to get you home.”

             As they all walked, Ahsoka glanced at Obi-Wan. “Master Kenobi?”

             “Yes Ahsoka?”

             “You said things like that happened a lot to you?”

             Obi-Wan gave her a wry smile. “I’m afraid this trip was a better example of a typical Jedi mission than I had hoped to show you.”

i kinda want an au where palpatine’s plans are foiled not because he’s found out, but because obi-wan kenobi is convinced he’s a child predator

like palpatine is shown demonstrating a frankly disturbing amount of interest in anakin while he’s a kid.

imagine obi-wan, who’s seen the worst the galaxy has to offer while working with qui-gon, watching the man watch anakin and decide there’s no way in hell he’s letting this obvious monster near his padawan

obi-wan sits anakin down and has a talk with him about how to identify pedophiles and child predators, making very sure anakin knows the signs

so when palpatine starts inviting anakin out and trying to “mentor” him anakin refuses, since this man is clearly one of the bad men obi-wan warned him about

eventually palpatine’s behavior is deemed suspicious enough to warrant investigation and the man finds himself in an interrogation room, fuming over having to choose between revealing himself as a sith or letting people continue to think he’s a child molester 


For anon…reader is Obi’s padawan as requested. Enjoy!

Y/N’s face was flushed from all the training she had been doing. Her lightsaber was up as she calculated what her Master, Obi Wan, would do next. She twirled her blade as the pair circled each other. Obi Wan was sporting that tiny prideful smile of his as he watched his padawan. Y/N couldn’t help but be momentarily distracted by the idea of feeling his lips.

Quickly, Y/N pulled herself from those thoughts. He was her Master, she was a Jedi in training. There was no way it would happen. Right now, she had to focus on not letting her Master beat her…again.

Finally, Obi Wan made his move. He pushed himself off the wall and started spinning toward her. The woman rolled under him and popped to her feet, quick to swing her blade back in his direction. Unfortunately, he caught the blow. She pulled back, spinning her blade above her head before crouching. She swung at his feet; he hopped it. He brought his blade against hers.

She cursed herself as she thought about how warm and close her Master was to her. With the Force, she flung her Master off of her before following it with several swings. Obi Wan parried each one with practiced ease. His prideful smirk was growing. Finally, Y/N was able to knock him on his back, pointing her blade at his face.

“I see you’ve learned how to focus enough to win,” he commented.
She helped him up while cocking her head to the side. “What do you mean?”
He smiled. “Usually, I worry that your thoughts are distracting. It doesn’t allow you to focus.”
Refusing to acknowledge the slight hint of a blush, she nodded. “Of course, Master. I’ll work on my consistency.”

He smiled fondly at her as the pair took a seat. His brows furrowed as he felt her thoughts grow once again. He gently placed a hand on her shoulder, rubbing his thumb back and forth.

“Are you alright, Y/N?” he queried, “Is there anything going on?”
Blast his perception, she thought to herself before speaking, “No. I’ve always had a wandering mind, I guess.”

Obi Wan nodded. He found himself worrying because he knew her mind hadn’t always been this clouded. It used to be easier to see what was wrong through their connection. As of late, all he saw was confusion. He smiled at Y/N.

“I think we’ve practiced enough today, wouldn’t you say?” he teased with a glint in his eye.
She smiled, her thinking easing. “I finally beat you, and you claim we’re done.”
“One mustn’t forget to rest,” he jested.

The two laughed before Y/N got her things and went to clean up. Obi Wan frowned slightly as his worry returned.

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this is so cute omg? can we get a link to the artist’s tumblr so we can reblog their original posts? (your @ doesn’t seem to lead to a link)

My translations are reblogs of the original fanartist’s tumblr posts =)

I’ve translated three more comics + one picture. Her tumblr is oekakixoekaki.

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