obi wan kebobi


Hey guys! Since I just hit 500 followers, I’ve decided to do a Star Wars themed tumblr awards! Here we go…

✦ Rules: ✦

  • Must be following me
  • Reblog this post (likes don’t count)
  • Must get 30-40 notes or this never happened
  • One winner and one runner-up per category
  • Reblog until June 28th
  • Winners will be announced around July 6th July 10th
  • MUST be a Star Wars blog or multi fandom with some Star Wars

✧ Categories: ✧

  • The Anakin Skywalker Award: Best URL
  • The Obi-Wan Kebobi Award: Best icon
  • The Padme Amidala Award: Best theme
  • The Leia Organa Award: Best posts
  • The Han Solo Award: Best edits
  • The Darth Vader Award: Best gifs
  • The Luke Skywalker Award: Nicest blogger
  • The Ahsoka Tano Award: Best overall / Personal favorite

✦ Prizes: ✦

  • Winners: a graphic announcing what you’ve won, a spot in my updates tab for a month, three promos throughout the month, an icon request, me as your new friend
  • Runners-up: a spot in my updates tab for two weeks, a group promo, me as your new friend
  • Note: This is a side blog, so I can’t follow anyone from it, which is why that is not one of the prizes

Send me any questions you have! ✧