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Darcy Lewis & Star Wars AU

Darcy and her fraternal twin Kate never knew the other existed. Raised apart, separated by more than galaxies, they couldn’t have ever expected how the Galactic Empire would one day bring them together. One built her life on the politics her father raised her in, using subterfuge to help the rebel alliance. The other longed to leave her home far behind, to use her fighting and flying skills and join the rebels as so many of her friends before her. It all changed when an R2 unit showed up, throwing them into cahoots with a smuggler named Clint Barton and his wookie first mate, Lucky, and a whole new world of adventure.

Shatt as Parents

I low-key miss shatt like a bunch… so here’s shatt as parents♡

•Matt is the one that wants kids, always has, always will. Every bone in his body is a nurturing one

•Shiro is less enthuisastic, but still would love a little one to grow in his household.

•When Shiro is like thirty he finally agrees to a baby. Matt is like overjoyed!!! He has been preparing for this moment since he was like fifteen

•They end up finding this teen girl who has a conservative family and don’t allow her an abortion. Matt and Shiro have a long discussion with her and agree to take and care for the baby.

•The teen asks them if they want to find out the gender and Shiro just wants a healthy baby. Matt, however, NEEDS to know.

•It’s a girl.

•Matt tries to find a cute idea for a gender reveal they can do at their baby shower, but a lot of the ideas are… unsavory. Who wants a cake with guns?

•Eventually they decide on a box with pink balloons in it. Matt calls it boring, but during the party, everyone thinks it’s so cute.

•For the gender reveal photos, they use their dog (a golden retriever named Obi-Wan) with the chalkboard. It says “My dads are finally going to give me a baby sister <3”

•Matt also goes uhhh insane for the nursery. He takes care of everything!! Painting, assembling furniture, folding clothes, sorting toys and necessary supplies. Shiro tries to help but Matt says he’s gotta do it.

•When the baby arrives, they have no named picked out. Shiro almost leaves Matt three times over the name. Matt still thinks her name should be a character name (he’s still petitioning for Anya). Shiro wants something old fashioned, or a traditional Japanese name.

•They end up naming her Kit. Matt calls her Kit-Kat.

•Kit is born with the wildest, curliest hair. Matt enlistes Pidge to learn how to do girl hair so that Kit can rock cute pigtails, ponytails, and braids.

•Shiro is… uncertain of babies at first. He’s afraid of doing something wrong. But he does love holding her to feed her.

•Eventually he gets the hang of it! He loves playing with her, and he lays down next to her while she does tummy time. He’s also a pro at changing diapers.

•Shiro is also like… the workout dad. He straps Kit into her stroller and jogs, or gets a front carrier and goes to the lake.

•Like I said, Matt is the nurturing parent. As much fun as Shiro is, Kit goes straight for Matt when she wants to be picked up or coddled.

•Kit is a pacifier baby. Shiro is cool with it at first because it apparently helps keep kids from dying in their sleep! Also, self soothe!! Once she hits like one year though, he’s trying to figure out how to get rid of it.

•Matt is the worst offender of the pacifier. He feels bad about not letting her have it.

•Once she hits two though, Shiro throws all of them away and buys Kit a stuffed animal to sleep with instead.

•Shortly after she turns two, Matt talks Shiro into adopting another baby!! Shiro thinks he might be too old to do the baby run again, so they adopt an one year old.

•He’s named after Shiro’s grandfather - Keishi. Shiro teaches Keishi how to write the kanji for his name as well, and teaches him about Japanese culture. Meanwhile Matt sticks with writing it as “Keishi” simply because he has a hard time with the kanji characters

•Keishi and Kit get along really well. They both agree they’re favorite family member is the dog, Obi-Wan.

•They’re a really happy family and they all love each other!!!!

hates-great  asked:

ive been researching silkens a lot lately and everything i read just makes them sound like they're perfect, flawless dogs. like a little too perfect to the point i'm skeptical. is there anything be careful with in silkens, in regards to health, behavior, training, etc? i read in your FAQ that they can be destructive when bored and that's very good to know! but do you have any other warnings? i really want one some day and just wanna be as prepared as possible!

Ooooh I hope you don’t mind me answering this publicly. This is a really good question!

There’s a ton of temperament variety in the breed so a lot of people can find their perfect dog (whatever that means for them). Some are more windsprite/whippet-y, some more borzoi, and some a funky little unique blend. There’s drivey silkens who make awesome sport prospects and there’s potted house plant silkens who make fantastic apartment dogs because they don’t move much and keep quiet. :)

I got a drivey little tornado trapped in a pixie’s body! He does have an off switch, but when he’s on… oh boy! Obie looooves the sound of his own voice. If he doesn’t get his play time, he’s all bark bark bark bark. We used to try to wait him out but he would keep going for 45 mins before we caved.

He’s also a very bouncy boy and rebounds off the walls when he gets hyped up. A few weeks ago, he got zoomies so hard that he crashed into my lip, which caught on my tooth and suffice to say I’m missing a bit of the inside of my lip now. 😂 We had to get locking garbage cans because he would legit take garbage baths!! And based off of a post in one of the silken FB groups, that seems to be a common thing! Some people will read that and be like “yes, give me exactly that kind of dog!” and others might think “nope, I’m out!” But again, not all Silkens are Obies. Some are even more hyped up, and some are about as active as a plank of wood.

On a much more serious note, some silken breeders (mostly on the west coast) bred to a male with a bite history because he is so pretty (ugh) and all of his puppies were freaked out or reactive. So definitely make sure to go to someone who really REALLY cares about temperament. I’m always down to give breeder referrals.

There’s a few health concerns. The big ones are MDR1 (multi drug resistance- basically death by ivermectin) and CEA (collie eye anomaly), which both have genetic tests so it’s slowly being bred out of the breed. One that I don’t see talked about too much is colloquially called “Lotus syndrome” (I forget the actual medical name) where puppies are born with twisted/malformed bones so bad that they are PTS. It’s not common and it’s not something Puppy buyers have to worry about unless they plan on breeding.

And the last thing I’d point out is that this is a pretty inbred breed. The good news is that this is slowly getting better with the breed’s genetic diversity program— there’s protocol for adding whippets and borzoi in order to increase genetic diversity. Even still, Obie as an F3 diversity dog has a COI of 22% which is on par with a sibling mating. My friend’s silken who isn’t from a recent outcross tested as 36%. It’s kind of remarkable how healthy and how long these little inbred dorks live, all things considered.

So tl;dr, some bark a lot, can be energizer bunnies, love affair with garbage, some temperament concerns in specific lines, some health concerns, and much inbred.

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Do you think we could get more of the puppy therapy story? I know it just got posted but- PUPPIES! And I just love the idea of Palpatine's plans getting foiled by puppies...I also may have imagined him getting peed in by one of them bc it's just what he deserves... Love you stories and hope you're doing well!

He looked like he was drowsing, laying on his stomach with a puppy resting on his back and half closed eyes watching a puppy in front of him, chin resting on his arms with a small smile. The holo of his padawan looked content, warm, happy.

At peace.

Obi-Wan glanced nervously between the masters, hoping that they wouldn’t disapprove, that they would stop Obi-Wan and Anakin.

The dogs had been doing wonders for the blonds mental state and helped him be calm and more then that, happy.

And Obi-Wan needed it just as much honestly.

Sitting at the cafe with a mama dog or one of the calmer puppies did wonders for his darker emotions of inadequacy and worthlessness. It had been one of the reasons he had continued as well as he had after Qui-Gon’s death.

“Deny the results we can not. A good thing this seems to be but atta-”

“If I may interrupt Masters.” Obi-Wan quickly spoke up, licking his lips nervously at their attention. “But its not attachment since they are not ours. The scotties at the cafe belongs to the cafe though they are adoptable. They are a calming influence, lowers the blood pressure and helps achieve meditation by being calm a calming influence. I won’t deny that Anakin, and myself, are fond of them but…they aren’t ours. Compassion and love for an animal is not attachment.”

Somehow, he knew that Qui-Gon was laughing in the Force at him arguing with the council and Yoda of all beings.

“Maybe…” Mace sat up. “We should consider the positive effect this has had on padawan Skywalker. I watched a change in him in his meditation, its calm, he reaches it easier. And I mean still focused meditation, not the usual moving meditation we’ve all seen him master.” The Korun glanced about.

“Therapy animals are documented as having good effect. There are plenty of Jedi, Initiates, padawans, knights and even masters who would benefit from the love an animal provides.” Plo murmured. “I bought his up many years ago and was dismissed, but we are sitting with proof here of how it can affect an unstable padawan. It can also help traumatized padawans and knights. Master no longer on active rosters because of age or injury will also benefit. We already provide physical therapy and mind sessions, but therapy animals can help.”

Obi-Wan could feel the stress melting of his shoulders that he had two councilors on his side at least even if Yoda looked doubtful.

“I agree with Master Mace and Master Plo.” Shaak chimed in, her lekku’s twitching. “I’ve seen the effect of therapy animals on traumatized people outside the order. Force knows that we could use some of that effect on our own.”

Obi-Wan watched them bicker a bit.

“…All the animals offer is a bit of unconditional love that we aren’t allowed to give each other.” He finally spoke up.

The council went silent, attention back on Obi-Wan.

“Past all the rules and the code…the animals don’t care. They adore us because we feed them, we hold them, we give them treats and we play with them. There is no dark side for them. Only benevolent giants. Please consider the fact that…we are all only critters and we are all different, some of us need…more. Some of us need more healing then others. More comfort. I know we are Jedi, but is an animals love really so bad?” He looked at them, a small furrow between his brow.

“We are told to be compassionate, to be fair, to be the hand of justice and of peace. But to be any of those, don’t we need to learn empathy with all? I remember my creche days, I remember bullying. I think animals in the temple would do us all good.”


“Is it true?” Anakin almost bowled his master over in his excitement, blue eyes wide as Obi-Wan barely managed to keep on his face at the blond basically running at him and pouncing on him. “I heard it from Tru, is it true?”

“Slow down Anakin!” Obi-Wan yelped, resting his hands on the teens shoulders and Force, when did Anakin get almost as tall as him? “What have you heard?” He asked.

“That the Council is going to get puppies into the temple.” Anakin stared at his master hopefully.

“…They may. Its not set yet Anakin but they were open to the idea. There was also talk of kittens since not everyone is a dog person. Two separate rooms in the temple.” Obi-Wan settled on.

Anakin made a delighted noise. “Really? I mean I like the cafe and all but…um…well…I’m on a temporary ban.” He grinned sheepishly.

“You…how did you get a temporary ban?” Obi-Wan blinked.

“It wasn’t my fault first of. The chancellor came to see me and um…apparently since he came looking for me that made me responsible somehow?” Anakin rubbed the back of his neck.

“…What happened?”

“…Four of the puppies peed on the Chancellor’s shoes and the edge of his robe.” Anakin coughed. “And um…he may have started to yell.”

Blinking at the blond, Obi-Wan felt his lips twitch up in amusement. “…I shouldn’t laugh but honestly, I’ve never been fond of the man for all you meet with him Anakin.” He chuckled and Anakin grinned a bit more.

“It was a bit amusing honestly. The puppies really didn’t like him though.”

“Hmm, well not everyone is an animal kind. Lets have some tea, meditation and then go spar, how about it Anakin?”

“That sounds like a plan.”

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Thank you for writing! In the cellbonding AU, Anakin is always exasperated that people are flirting with Obi-Wan, even when he's not flirting back. Just how did Qui-Gon deal with people constantly flirting/leering at Obi-Wan, especially if he was an Alpha who saw Obi-Wan as his own child?

With a sharp swish, Qui-Gon wrapped his arm and cloak around the seventeen year old omega beside him on the transport, properly hiding his scent from the rabble that was getting a bit to interested in Obi-Wan for his comfort.

The older alpha gave a little grunt and smiled down at the copper haired teen beside him when Obi-Wan peeked at him in a bit of confusion. “You should rest Obi-Wan, the transport will take time.”

“I guess Master. What about you?”

“I feel quite fine Obi-Wan and if necessary I can meditate it out.”

The boy-no young man if Qui-Gon was honest, looked doubtful but curled himself against Qui-Gon’s side and closed his eyes.

He was asleep in moment and Qui-Gon made sure the robe was and arm was wrapped tightly around him. And then he quite firmly glared at the Mandalorian bounty hunter who had been leering at Obi-Wan since the moment they sat down.

The other alpha suddenly found an empty spot to his side very fascinating and Qui-Gon grunted in satisfaction as the young omega slept beside him, safely covered in Qui-Gon’s robe and scent.

It had been like this since Obi-Wan had presented at the age of fifteen. A late presenting if anything but that sometimes happened, slow development.

He had come to their quarters to find Obi-Wan on his knees by the couch, confused and a bit frightened, knees locked together as he had looked up at Qui-Gon for support of any kind. And the entire quarters smelling of a recently presenting omega.

It had taken hours, sitting on the couch together, Obi-Wan bundled into Qui-Gon’s robes and his favorite blanket to calm him down and talk him through the entire situation, a cup of tea had once Obi-Wan was calm again.

From there they had managed the rest of the day, going to the healers for suppressors, finding the ones that would work for Obi-Wan and having his records updated.

And Qui-Gon reassuring Obi-Wan the entire time that he didn’t care that the boy was an omega, that he was still going train Obi-Wan to become a knight and see him become a master one day.

Qui-Gon had been ready for everything that would come with having an omega student, making sure he took the suppressor, the light diet changes around preheats, the suppressed heats that made for mood changes, the sweet fruit smell that clung to Obi-Wan.


Except for leering alpha’s.

Or worse, flirting alpha’s.

It never went wrong, wherever they went, some alpha zeroed in on Obi-Wan like dogs after meat and tried to stick to him like glue as they eyed him up.

Technically speaking Obi-Wan was a child!

There had been so many moments of confusion for the poor redhead in the beginning, a creeping desire to hide behind Qui-Gon or even step under the tall mans arms and inside his robe always appearing in the bond between them.

It had gotten a bit better…

Mostly because Obi-Wan had gotten more confidant and Qui-Gon knew the other could defend himself should the need arise.

That still didn’t stop his instincts from wanting to wrap Obi-Wan up in silk and cotton to ‘save’ him from every lecherous alpha they encountered. Or fight them to the ground to make sure they stayed away from his child.

So he did the next best thing.

He wrapped Obi-Wan up in his scent and hid him from the lechers. Nope, no one was going to seduce Obi-Wan on his watch, no way, no how, nope!

Of course…another thing Qui-Gon had failed to take into account was the fact that Obi-Wan was seventeen…and starting to get interested in the world of physical touches and caresses. Kark, this was going to be harder then he expected when he noticed Obi-Wan eyeing a tall alpha with blond hair pulled back in a ponytail.

And said alpha eyeing Obi-Wan back.

Oh kriffing Force.

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borzois are my dream dogs but their short lifespan worries me. all my dogs lived to their late teens so i'm hesitant to get a large breed with a shorter lifespan. i know silken windhounds live longer but i love borzois for their temperament, not just their appearance. are silken windhounds completely different from borzois temperament-wise? do they have notable similarities?

As far a large/giant breeds go, borzoi have quite long lifespans (compared to Danes and IWs for example). 12-14 isn’t uncommon and the oldest I’ve ever heard of was 17. Sure, silkens tend to live longer, but 10 years is still old for them. You’re definitely more likely to hit age 15 with a silken than you are with a borzoi, but there are no guarantees with dogs. Any dog is very fortunate to make it to their late teens.

Temperament wise, yes they’re quite different! Silkens tend to have higher energy (which is still on the low-medium end, but it’s quite a bit more than a borzoi). They can be a lot barkier than borzoi too (this is really noticeable at performance events). I find borzoi to be a lot more cunning; they are good at figuring out things on their own whereas the silkens I know like more direction. If left to their own devices, Bandit and Galileo are puzzle solvers while Obie is the kind of dog that keeps trying the same thing over and over again, expecting different results 😂.

Silkens are a lot more dog-like and are good for people who are used to more common breeds like retrievers or herding dogs, who are eager to please and love to train. Silkens aren’t quite as training happy as retrievers and herders, but definitely more so than your average sighthound (though there are borzoi breeders who select for this temperament too). For people who really really love the sighthound independence, the hunting/working ability, the subtle but intense ways in which they express their love, then the more traditional sighthounds are probably a better match.

And there’s always exceptions; @silver-sivien’s Sivi is the most borzoi-like silken I’ve ever met :)

If you still want a borzoi and want a better shot at a longer lifespan, I’d look for a small female. The girls can be as small as 26" at the shoulder and they tend to live longer.

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Just for you bubbles: Lets have some obiyuki food sharing with FEELINGS

Belling the Cat (Chapter One)

“Are you okay, Obi? Do you need me to carry you back?”

He laughs. Or at least he tries. Pain shoots through him like lightning as he leans back against the tree; His throat feels raw, breath rattling wetly in his chest as he struggles to breathe. Every inhale is a trial, every exhale a release encouraging his surrender. It’s too much effort to turn his head, so he shifts his eyes towards Torou and smiles bitterly at her intent expression.

Ah, she’ll be getting a much larger cut without him in the picture.

“It’s fine,” he rasps. “We finished the job, didn’t we?”

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Song Ficlet - Number 17

North - Sleeping At Last. Requested by @jia911

Some of the pictures were so old they were beginning to fade and look a little yellow, some were new. Some of the drawings were from when the kids were barely able to draw people and some were from their own children. In the middle of the wall sat the picture that started it all, the first photo we ever took together. Around it, spreading across the wall like a map were the different milestones of our lives: our wedding day, the day we found out we were expecting number one, then number two then three, four and five. Pictures from their childhoods, family trips, school plays, high school and collage graduations. It was a map of our lives. Our real life. 

At one end of the wall stood the section designated for charting out the children’s heights over the years. It tracked all of them throughout the years, including myself and Owen. It even had Obie, the dog’s, different heights marked on it as according to Char he was child number six. The sun creeped into the room and illuminated the happy faces of the people who meant the most to me in the world. 

I wrapped my cardigan around my waist and hugged my body tightly. Suddenly I wasn’t alone anymore, a pair of strong comforting arms wrapped themselves around my waist holding me tightly against their owner’s chest. “I told you our kids would be amazing.” Owen smiled, resting his head upon my shoulder and tilting it slightly so he could press a delicate kiss against my cheek. I sighed a smile plastered across my face. Life was good.