Letters From The Spam Box

Dear “Godaddy brian@thelogocoupon.com,”

Thank you for your offer for a coupon for a logo for my website. The $29.96 price for a design is super cheap, and would definitely “establish [my] brand"™. However, I must decline your kind offer, as the link you’ve provided to me is obfuscated and leads to a site I’d not heard of.

While my brand is certainly important, I’d prefer to grow it through natural techniques and a bit of blatant self-promotion. After all, Bernie Madoff had a great image, too—but image is nothing without character.

Respectfully yours,

The Feisty Homo

Why for, you hurt me? ( Obfuscate )

Why for, you hurt me?

He looked at her with his simple eyes. She didnt know what to say to him. His eyes burned through her reaching the depths of her soul.

Why stare you at me and no talk? You smart you could say words and tell me why for you hurt me.

His words sliced through her like a sharp rapier. Yet she still had no words for him. How could she put together the complexities so he could understand?

Smart say you you are and always have you many words to say nothing. Mean something now and silence. Say you me, i no understand me think you is who no understand.

His eyes shared his soul with her for a moment. He then turned to walk away, everything in her soul was screaming at her to say something to him. To stop him before he walked too far. Yet she said nothing as he disappeared into the darkness of the abandoned alley. She knew that once he was gone it would be almost impossible for her to find him. He knew the forgotten corners of the city and with ease he could obfuscate his existence.