obey ring


ok my own take on the “if Frisk could save Asriel and they grow up together” AU thing that I -no surprise- reallyreallyreally love bcuz I’m secretly gunky Asrisk shipping trash now ;w;

basically the Flowey corsage is kind of a “second face”- whatever Asriel is actually feeling but won’t let on would be clear as day on the Flowey-face. now he can’t lie about his emotions ever xD

aaaaand I think it’d be kinda neat if he could do chlorokinesis instead of Tori and Asgore’s fire-based abilities

Open wider- wider, I said


“I’m sorry sir.” Elliot said softly, looking up at the demon from her position on her knees. She squeezed her eyes shut, opening her mouth as wide as possible. Obey. Obey. Obey. The word kept ringing in her head, a reminder that things could always be worse if she didn’t.

Her inner mantra was music to his mind. He didn’t much care what she did, he’d take what he wanted regardless. He was close to cumming anyway and didn’t give much thought to what he would do with her afterwards.