obey ring

Bitty doesn’t get Jack a ring when he proposes. He knows Jack, and knows that once that guy gets a ring he will never take it off, despite knowing that it is not the smartest idea considering the constant risk of dislocating his finger. Instead he buys him a nice chain which he can wear all the time

Jack doesn’t get Bitty a ring when he proposes. Rings are not the best for baking, so instead he gets him a nice chain. The lady at the counter makes a comment on how similar it is to the one she just sold to a polite southern gentleman

He ran all the way back to their apartment just to be able to propose first. He was too late. He underestimated Bitty’s abilities to charm people: Grave Mistake. The shopkeeper had rang him and gave him 5 minutes of advantage

35 minutes later Jack arrives completely sweaty and Bitty gives up, because only Jack would forget that a) taxis exist and b) he had taken his car to buy the necklace.

#this boy, with the two of them wearing similar chains while being kissed by the sunset through the window, became his most liked picture on his instagram


ok my own take on the “if Frisk could save Asriel and they grow up together” AU thing that I -no surprise- reallyreallyreally love bcuz I’m secretly gunky Asrisk shipping trash now ;w;

basically the Flowey corsage is kind of a “second face”- whatever Asriel is actually feeling but won’t let on would be clear as day on the Flowey-face. now he can’t lie about his emotions ever xD

aaaaand I think it’d be kinda neat if he could do chlorokinesis instead of Tori and Asgore’s fire-based abilities