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The Pirate Queen of the South China Sea

The Red Flag Fleet under Ching Shih’s rule went undefeated, despite attempts by Qing dynasty officials, the Portuguese navy, and the East India Company to vanquish it. After three years of notoriety on the high seas, Ching Shih finally retired in 1810 by accepting an offer of amnesty from the Chinese government. Ching Shih died in 1844, at the ripe old age of 69.At the dawn of the 1800s, a former prostitute from a floating brothel in the city of Canton was wed to Cheng I, a fearsome pirate who operated in the South China Sea in the Qing dynasty. Though the name under which we now know her, Ching Shih, simply means “Cheng’s widow,” the legacy she left behind far exceeded that of her husband’s. Following his death, she succeeded him and commanded over 1,800 pirate ships, and an estimated 80,000 men.

Her husband, Ching I, was the formidable commander of the Red Flag Fleet of pirate ships. He married a 26-year-old Ching Shih in 1801. She quickly took to the pirate life and when Ching I died six years later, Ching Shih wasn’t going to let Ching I’s adopted son, Cheung Po Tsai take over.  Cheung Po Tsai, however, was more than just Ching Shih’s adopted son –-  the young man had also been Ching I’s lover.

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Stay |kth|

“there’s a thing called roommates,”

Originally posted by sasksparks

genre: fluff with a lil smut

pairing: kim taehyung x reader

word count: 4.5k

warnings: badboy!tae? fuckboy!tae? idk if you need to be warned, but here’s the warning

a/n: war of hormone taehyung was a blessing. 

Kim Taehyung was an ass. A total, complete ass. But you needed a boyfriend, someone to keep your mom off your back when she visited later that afternoon. Every year she comes to visit and sees that you’re single and lonely and you feel her pity every time.

Certainly you could do better than him, but in less than an hour? No, your skills aren’t that good.

Besides, he owed you a favor. A bet a while back led to you blowing him the backseat of your car, and you got him to cum twice. He decided to dedicate himself to paying you back, even if it wasn’t with pleasing you because it was the best head he’d ever received in his life.

Approaching the black sports car he drove so recklessly that you’re surprised he hasn’t died from a car crash, you knocked on the window. He rolled it down, and a barrage of smoke hit you in the face. Scrunching up your nose in disgust, you look into the driver’s seat to see him there with a lit cigarette hanging from his lips.

“What can I do for you gorgeous? Finally decided it was time for me to find out what’s under those skirts you always wear?” He smirked, “Bet there’s nothing there, your ass looks too good.”

Ah, Kim Taehyung. What a breath of fresh air from all of the subtle, less demeaning compliments. Heavy sarcasm here.

“As much as it hurts me to say this, I need you to do me a favor.”

He nods, “Finally ready to let me pay you back?” he reached over, opening the door for you. You stepped in, adjusting your skirt as you got comfortable.

“Okay, so this may be a little bizarre, and may also be way too much to ask and that’s okay if you don’t want to because honestly I’d be very peculiar of anyone–”

“Babe,” he interrupted, “I don’t care what it is, I’ll do it.” you glanced over at him, the cigarette that was previously hanging from his mouth being tossed out of the window.

“Can you pretend to be my boyfriend and live with me for the next week and a half?” you asked quickly, avoiding eye contact as you did.

“What? Why do you need me to do that?”

“Because my mom is coming to visit and she’s really adamant of me having someone and not living in that giant apartment on my own and I just don’t want to feel the shame and pity,”

Taehyung raised an eyebrow, “There’s a thing called roommates.”

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Chained Alpha (Crowley x reader)

The loud growls and grunts filled the bunker making Dean and Sam agitated. “He won’t shut up! It really can’t be that bad can it?” dean groaned to the two other men sitting in the library listening to the sounds of the alpha in rut. Sam just shook his head and sipped at his beer while Castiel raised his brows. “From what I hear it is very uncomfortable. Painful even.” He said. As another loud roar filled the halls Dean slammed his beer on the table. “I can’t listen to this shit, come on we are going out.” the oldest Winchester said as he pushed his chair back and made for the door. “What about y/n?” Sam said but saw as Dean just waved his hand. “She’s sleeping off her heat, those suppressants make her tired. She’ll be fine I got the key to the dungeon. Come on.” he says making Sam sigh but follow his brother out.

In the room down the hall the small omega was exhausted from her heat. She had been taking her pills like she did every time her heat came but this time was different. This time Crowley was here. As soon as she had went into heat he had begun calling out for her. The boys didn’t understand, they thought he was just making random noises but it went deeper than that. His noises were directed at her. Whimpering she curled up into her bedding and covered her head with a pillow to help block out the loud roars for her to come to him. Hearing a door shut she knew the boys had left. She just needed to make it through a little while longer.

In the dungeon Crowley let out slow deep breaths. His dress shirt sticking to his sweat covered chest. He had been perfectly collected until just yesterday when a smell had came through the air duct. His eyes had instantly turned bright red and his cock grew stiff at the smell of a unclaimed omega in heat. He knew it had to be y/n, she was the only female he knew lived here also. The boys had never let him get to close to her and now he knew why. Feeling another wave of his rut hit him he roared out for her to come. He couldn’t take much more of this, his hands were bound so he couldn’t even ease his discomfort with his hand. With one last effort he yelled her name. Waiting he heard the door to the dungeon try to open. “It’s locked…” she whimpered. Growling he stared in the direction of the door. “Pick it!” he yelled in a commanding voice, knowing she would have to obey him now that she was so close. It didn’t take long for him to hear clicking and scraping of metal. He gave a smile when he heard the door open slowly, “Come here.” he said as gently as possible. Listening to her footsteps grow closer he watched as the shelves pulled back a tiny bit for her to look through.

Her eyes were cast down at the ground and she had a quilt wrapped around her shoulders. He could see the clear look of exhaustion on her face from where her heat was in control. Smelling the air he gave a deep predatory growl making her tense up. “Come.” was all he said and watched as she made her way closer to him. Coming to stand before him she kept her eyes cast down. “Look at me.” he said making her obey and meet his red eyes. “Why didn’t you come when I first called you?” he asked with a slight growl to his voice. “…I was afraid.” she whispered. Letting out a sigh he decided against yelling against her. “Take your clothes off.” he said and saw her slowly drop the quilt to her feet. One by one her clothes joined the blanket on the floor before soon she was standing before him completely bare. “Good gurl, such a pretty little thing you are no wonder the boys didn’t want me to meet you.” he purred and saw as she trembled in the cold air of the dungeon and her pink nipples become hard. “My dear you are shivering, why don’t you come sit on daddy’s lap so I can warm you up.” He cooed to her patting his lap as much as the chains would allow. Picking up her blanket she moved to sit on the alpha’s lap, pulling the blanket up to cover herself. 

Smirking Crowley stroked the skin he could reach and gave a low purr. When he felt her tense up he to felt a wave of his rut and growled out in unison with her whimper. Once the pain had passed she let out heavy breaths showing him she was more than in agony. “Alright dove, undo my slacks.” he said in a gentle voice and saw her meet his eyes. Looking down she began to un-button and unzip his pants until his hard member sprang free. She looked at him questionably when she realized he didn’t wear boxers or anything, smirking he looked down before back up at her, “Scottish dove, we don’t do underwear.” Before she could say anything else he leaned forward to capture her lips in a kiss. It was rough showing the need to mate and he couldn’t help but smile when she began whining. 

Straddling his lap she looked down at his member and then back into his eyes. Seeing his face serious she slowly slid herself onto his cock, wincing at the pain of the stretch. “Shh, it’s alright darling.” he groaned out when he heard her whimper in pain. Crowley tried bucking his hips upward as much as possible but the restraints would only allow so much. When she was fully seated on him she curled up into his chest for a moment to adjust to his wide girth. Crowley took the chance to kiss and lick at her neck and shoulder. After a few minutes the alpha was becoming inpatient and gave a small growl, “Ride me.” he commanded and felt as she slowly lifted her hips before bringing them back down making her give a moan. Again and again she rocked her hips against his lap. Crowley pulled on chains of his wrists trying with all his might to touch her. When his knot began to grow she went to pull away and that was when Crowley’s alpha fully came out. With a hard jerk of his arm the chain of his right wrist snapped and he quickly grabbed hold of y/n’s shoulder and pulled her back down on his cock, shoving the now fully grown knot into her body. The omega screamed as she was knotted by the alpha, the bulge forcing her to climax hard. Crowley gave a loud roar before sinking his teeth into the nape of he neck and filling her with his seed. The omega cried out as Crowley claimed her as his own. Her body spasamed as he added more pressure to the bite, ensuring she would carry is mark. Holding her on tightly by the hand on her shoulder he felt a she went limp and gave a feral growl of approval, she was his. 

A few hours later Crowley rubbed his free hand over the sleeping omega’s back. Smirking when he heard footsteps coming towards the door. Dean, Sam and Castiel soon filled the opening to the dungeon and looked at the scene before them with horror. “Hello boys.” the alpha said with a smirk. The betas could only stand there in shock at what they saw. Crowley sat in his chair in the devils trap with all other locks and chains in place but the one on his right wrist. Y/n straddled his lap under the quilt. Her pile of clothes were laying at his feet. The blanket covered most of her body except the upper part of her back. A trail of blood rolled down her back leading up to her neck where a clear claiming bite could be seen. With an angry glare Dean looked up at the demon to see his mouth and chin covered in her blood. “You son of a bitch!” he yelled making y/n whimper in her sleep. Crowley rubbed her back and gave a deep purr making the omega sigh and drift back into a deep sleep. “Let’s not wake her, she’s had an rough night.” Crowley said in a cocky voice. When Dean went to advance Crowley gave a growl and his eyes turned red. “Do not touch my omega.” Was all he said before the three men looked towards each other and left the room, knowing there was now nothing they could do.

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For the prompt for a fanfic you could write something about douche-baggy Outsider in let's say some fast car like marine blue Lamborghini with three white stripes lying horizontally on the roof with shitty vaporwave blasting on the whole street while Corvo is done ™ plz love ya bye

this is the best ask I’ve ever received thank you

The blue Lamborghini screeched to a halt at the stoplight next to Corvo’s less-than-impressive Toyota. Corvo rolled his eyes at the horizontal white stripes on the roof; it looked like the owner of the car had painted them on himself. 

The driver’s side window of the Lamborghini rolled down, and, honestly, Corvo wasn’t sure what he expected. Green ladder shades hid the driver’s dark, black eyes, and a hat that said “obey” in red and white rested on his head. The sound of LAZERHAWK - SO FAR AWAY was so loud that it shook Corvo’s car. 

“Sup nerd!” The driver shouted over the loud music, “Want some rat powers?”

As soon as the light turned green, Corvo floored it. 

going home

Dear Internet, I can’t sleep and can’t concentrate on my *real* work, so I wrote this Pynch fic for you. Logic not guaranteed. Feels definitely guaranteed. It picks up right after Gansey wakes up. now posted to AO3.

Adam almost offered to drive. Ronan was covered in blood that was too black to really be blood. Adam could see bruises already buried along Ronan’s throat where Adam’s hands had choked and clawed the life from him just hours ago.

Had it even been hours? Adam wondered. The clock on the BMW’s dash said it 3:47 pm, but the hazy pink fingers of dawn in the sky told Adam otherwise. Ronan’s hands were tight on the steering wheel, his body frenetic with emotion. His phone was still ringing, but Ronan didn’t seem to hear it. Adam closed his eyes against the sound.

“The fuck is Cheng doing?” Ronan said. His voice was a snarl.

Adam opened his eyes to see the Fisker ahead of them slowing down for a red light.

“Obeying traffic laws?” Adam said.

Ronan grunted.

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How “It: Chapter One” really would have worked in 2017

Pennywise rips from the coffin, startling Richie. The boy with clunky glasses gasps as he lays eyes upon the monster, perched on the casket like some kind of malicious cat-like creature. The clown is adorned in ridiculous, terrifying clothes. He has a hat, white, with a thick and straight brim. Solid lettering, black and encased in a rectangular seal, reads “OBEY”. From his sinister red lips hangs what could only be a shoddily hand-made joint, not even lit.

Around his pale throat hangs a chorded shark tooth necklace, and a muscle shirt four sizes too big drapes across his collarbones. While he’s curled up, Richie can still see the image of Marilyn Monroe, airbrushed with a sugar skull face and mostly nude. His legs are covered by what look like sweatpants, but skinnier, and the crotch hem starts around the knees, unnervingly disproportionate to his scrawny, gangly legs. On his feet, he wears calf socks adorned in multi colored pot leaves, toes poking through what looks like foam and leather sandals with Adidas stripes, velcroed on in a strange fashion.

Richie raises his eyes back up to the monstrosity, who now clutches shitty beer in one hand, and a Walmart brand mini board in the other. A shiver travels down his spine as Pennywise makes eye contact, leaning forward, and whispering in a hellish hiss,

“Yeet yeet, Richie.”

Richie screams, running from the room, begging the others to leave with him.


Bill stands, petrified, “What is it, R-Richie?”

Richie stops, eyes dead, skin pale, lips quivering.


( @theperksofbeingawallflwer I’m sorry)

Say You're Sorry

Okay, so here’s that story I promised about a week ago. It’s not very long but its Trans Dippy and anti bullying so I think I got both my points across. Anyway enjoy or don’t and be nice to each other and junk okay? Okay, good children.


“Is that a burrito?” Wendy’s voice sounded somewhere between disgusted and intrigued as she nudged a little, moldy taco out from under a table with the end of her broom. “Sick, is this whats been stinking up the shack all month?”

“I think so.” Dipper concurred making a face at it from his place behind the register.

Across the room Robbie snorted as he leaned against the wall and did absolutely nothing to help his friend tidy up. “Gross.” After a beat of silence he grinned at Dipper. “Dare you to eat it.”

“What?” The boy squeaked looking as close to disturbed as a twelve year old who’d been living in Gravity Falls could get.

“Oh come on squirt.” The teenager coaxed. “Eat it.”

Dipper rolled his eyes and returned his attention to the case register and its contents. “Robbie i’m not going to eat the moldy taco.”

“Oh come on,” he grins a little wider as he makes his way across the room to lean against the table. “Don’t be such a girl.”

Before Dipper can react with his usual snappy retort Wendy turns around, drops her broom, and punches Robbie in the face. The black haired boy drops like a puppet with its strings cut and gapes up at Wendy, hand covering his nose cheek, which was already beginning to swell. “Wendy, what the heck?”

“Whoa.” Dipper agreed, equally flummoxed by his normally calm friend’s actions.

Wendy, for her part, looked horrified. “Oh my god.” She cried, dropping to her knees beside her dark haired ex, hands hovering around his face. “Robbie I am so sorry, it was a reflex I swear.”

“You have a reflex that makes you punch Robbie in the face?” Dipper asked, eyebrow raising and mouth closing. “Cool.” Wendy shot the brunette a look and he grinned nervously. “Right, shutting up now.” Mollified, Wendy returned her attention to the bruised boy in front of her who had his lips pursed shut, obviously worried about incurring his friends wrath any further.

“Dipper, go get and ice pack.” She sighs grabbing Robbie’s chin in a careful grip and turning it to inspect the damage.

“Yep!” Dipper agrees quickly, eager to obey before the red head gives him another look. The moment he’s gone Wendy’s expression hardens ever so slightly.

“Look, imma let you off with a warning this time because you probably didn’t know and because Dipper didn’t seem to care anyway. But watch what you say okay?”

“What?” Robbie questioned slowly.

“Dipper’s trans you doofus.” The cashier explained with a roll of her eyes. “I can’t believe you didn’t know, it’s not like he tries to hide it or anything.” Her eyes narrow and her grip tightens. “You didn’t know, did you?”

“No!” The pale teen raises his hands in placation, eyes wide. “I swear I had no idea, please don’t punch me again!”

Wendy snorts in amusement and gentles her fingers on his chin. “Kay, good. Make sure to apologize when he gets back, okay?” She smiles a little sheepishly. “I really am sorry I punched you, it honestly was a reflex.”

“Yeah,” Robbie mumbles, nudging her with his knee, “whatever. It doesn’t really hurt anyway.”

Smile blowing wide, she nudges him back. “You big liar.”

“Got the ice!” Dipper calls as he steps back into the gift shop, brandishing an ice pack. He kneels beside the two teens and offers the pack to Wendy who quickly places it against her friends cheek. “That looks like its going to bruise.” He comments looking a little concerned. “You gonna be okay?”

“Of course I am.” The teen replies arrogantly. “I’m not a weakling like you.”

Dipper rolls his eyes as Wendy snorts. “Oh well excuse me for worrying your majesty.”

“You’re excused.” Robbie allowed, a smirk tugging at his lips. It fell almost immediately, replaced by something edging on hesitance. “And, sorry. For calling you a girl, or whatever.”

Dipper looked surprised by the usually bratty teens apology but after a moment, a smile bloomed across his face. “Don’t worry about it, you were just being a jerk.” He teased. “Like usual.”

“You wanna go short stack?” Robbie taunted around a fierce grin.

“Nah,” Dipper shot back as he stood, “wouldn’t want you to bruise both cheeks. You’d look like a puffer fish.”

Wendy barked out a laugh. “Oh my god you so would! Right now you’re like, half puffer fish or something!”

“Wha-” Robbie flushed. “No I’m not, shut up!”

“Accept your fate as a half creature of the sea Robbie.” Dipper insists as he scrambled up behind the register. “Robbie, the Werepuffer!”

“Were creature of the sea!” Wendy continues dramatically.

Robbie rolls his eyes, fighting back a smile. “You two are so lame.”

“Says the Werepuffer.” Dipper mumbles. Robbie scowls as Wendy and Dipper fall into another round of helpless laughter.

The Time Traveler

A/N: K, so I’ve been watching Family Guy like nearly daily and Stewie has a time machine… and I had toyed with this idea before and decided to do it!
ALSO! Let’s pretend there’s no such thing as language barriers.
- Admin Finn

Diligently, Mark polished the machine.
You stepped closer, marveling at the distorted reflection mirrored in the lustrous metal.

“I’ll go-”

“No-” you countered, “I’ll go.”

Mark sighed to himself, letting the blue rag he held fall limply to the steel table.

“It’s dangerous-” he muttered.

His features were knit together in anguish, his lips pursed.
You strode past him, inputting a date and set of geographic coordinates into the device.

“I’ve come too far,” you began, “I must know if it works.”

Mark placed the contraption upon the concrete of the garage floor.
He grasped your wrist, tugging you into an embrace; he was terrified.

“I’ll be here,” he murmured, lowering his gaze.

You abandoned him, stepping onto the metal contraption.

“Turn on the camera,” you ordered.

Mark obeyed your command, the red light above the lens beaming at you.

“Test of the TTM with my college Mark at Neo-Culture Technologies,” you prompted, gazing into the camera, “I’ll return in approximately 30 minutes,” you added.

Slowly, Mark paced behind the camera.

“I’ll be traveling to-”

“1428, Korea”

“1837, US”

“1952, Korea”

mistress92  asked:

I just wanted to say I loved the mermaid s/o ask! I love mermaid lore! They're one of my fave mythological beings! I like the sweet versions as well as the deadly versions. Can we go further? Say the guys see their s/o get trapped on land by some weirdo planning to kidnap them and profit off them. But before the guys can save her she starts using her 'lure' ability. The kidnapper is all at once in love and gets too close. Then the s/o almost kills him. (but let's him live cuz pacifist) Thoughts?

Original Mermaid Ask



Sans is just relieved that you’re okay. You didn’t kill him so your LV didn’t go up, and that’s alright in his book. It was in the name of self defense and he would’ve been mad if you didn’t use your lure ability. Your voice is a powerful thing, he doesn’t want to get on your bad side. 


YOU HAVE GOT TO TEACH HIM THAT! After making sure you’re okay and stuff, Papaya basically BEGS you to give him singing lessons so he could do what you just did. He’d have so much adoring fans and *gasp* might even be able to sing with METTATON! You wonder if you try to teach him, would it affect him if he’s already in love with you? Can’t hurt to try right? Well, someone did get hurt. You. You love your perfect boyfriend to death, but boy, that skeleton cannot sing. RIP your ears. 



IF YOU DON’T KILL THEM, HE’LL KILL THE CREEPER HIMSELF! Red obeys your wish to not kill him, but he can hurt him further right? Red knocks the guy unconscious and leaves him dangling by the cliffside with an army of sharp rocks under them. Hey, they’re still alive technically, it won’t be his fault if the creeper doesn’t have the wits to make it out alive.  


You’re pretty sure your voice somehow affected Fell (it did not) too because he completely falls even more head over heels for you . Like seriously, after that incident, he goes out and buys a ring for you, claiming that you’re too good to let go and that you’re perfect for him. With the combined power of your voice and his strength, you two could take over the world. You and Fell become a very powerful couple and even though you’re both on the surface now and can’t take the Underground throne, let’s just say… you’ve influenced a lot of political decisions. As for the creeper? Lol yeah he dead. 



Black doesn’t understand why you don’t kill the creeper and use them as an example for anyone who wants to mess with you. But he got extremely jealous when you made the creeper fall in love with you, only he gets to do that. Black gets a little insecure because that means you can leave him any second and if you see someone you like more, then you can have them. This makes him clingy and snappy and forbids you to use your voice like that again. 


If you want the creeper alive, Rus will leave him alone, but he will keep a lookout to make sure they don’t come near you again. But Rus loves your lure ability and wants you to use it on him. Neither of you know the affect of it if Rus is already in love with you, but even if it doesn’t work, he’ll get to hear your voice. If it does work, he’ll just fall in love with you more right? Either way, it’s a win/win for him. His favorite nights are when you two are in bed, with you lightly stroking his skull and humming a quiet lullaby that sends him off to sleep. 

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J hope x reader smut, kitten play? Thanks!

So…this is what I’ve got for you. Sorry if it’s not perfect, I’m not versed in kitten play, but…here goes! Hopefully it’s alright lol.

The moment Hoseok walks into your bedroom, leather collar and a black hairband with cat ears attached in his hand, you throat goes dry. He notices your shift in attitude immediately, smirking as he approaches you.

“Get undressed, love,” he commands, stepping back to watch, and you nod. Your clothes are gone at record speed–even as you try not to let your excitement at the situation show–and Hoseok chuckles.

Leaning down, he places the headband snugly over your hair, fingers then swiftly moving to secure the black collar around your neck. Once he’s satisfied, he takes a step back and looks you over, licking his lips at the delectable sight.

“You wanna suck my cock, kitten?”

You nod fervently, watching as Hoseok steps back and loosens the buckle on his pants, swiftly pulling his fly down. Your mouth waters when his cock pops up, his underwear no where to be found.

“C’mon,” he urges you as he sits on the edge of the mattress, fingers reaching forward to tug at your collar as he pulls you closer. You obey, scooting between his legs and taking his cock into your grip, pumping it a few times for good measure before you lean down and take the tip between your lips.

Hoseok let’s loose a guttural moan as the warm cavern of your mouth envelopes his length, hands fisting in the sheets. You hum appreciatively at the sound, fist continuing to tug at the base of his cock as you swirl your tongue around the head, kissing his precum away before you hollow your cheeks and take him in fully.

It’s only a few minutes before Hoseok is tugging you back, his strained pants filling the room and his eyes glazed over with heated lust.

Up,” he commands, voice dark, and you obey wordlessly, lips cherry red and slick with spit. Immediately he manhandles you onto the bed, pulling your hips up as he rolls a condom over his already strained length.

“Ready, kitten?” he questions, and you nod, braced on your forearms as he rocks into you. You gasp at his thickness, forehead falling onto the sheets as he fills you, and immediately Hoseok begins building up his pace.

It’s not long before both of your moans of pleasure echo off the walls of the room, orgasms inching closer every second.

Hobi,” you whine, arching into him, and he grunts in affirmation. A few seconds later you come, orgasm rolling through you in waves as you tighten around him.

Fuck,” he curses when you pulse around him, the feeling dragging him to his own release.

When you both come down from the high, collapsing onto the mattress beside each other, Hoseok loops his arms around your torso and pulls your back into his chest.

“Love you,” he mumbles, pressing a gentle kiss to your shoulder blade, voice suddenly sounding sheepish, and you smile, snuggling into him further.

“Love you too, Hobi.”