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Dinah’s answer… An indirect? An apology?

“We’re three interviews away from hearing Camila admit that she wrote IHQ about 5H” The thing with the song storyline is that they don’t even need Camila saying that on camera. They could if they’re looking for a huge dose of drama– which it wouldn’t be surprising coming from men in suits tbh– but if they’re goal right now is to keep the whole thing lowkey, the fans do all the job by speculating. Cause ultimately that’s what their team is striving for & sadly they succeed every single time.

To make it brief, they’ve been playing with the IHQ storyline quite a lot (& yes, they’re enjoying it). It started as a relationship then a friendship. About one person, then it “could” be about more than one person. My opinion on who I think IHQ is about, hasn’t changed in the slightest.

Now, addressing Dinah’s little speech…

It’s simple, if they didn’t want us to hear that, it wouldn’t have been on the interview on the first place. It would have been edited & cut out. So let’s consider three options here:

  1. D said it from the bottom of her heart & #they decided to use it last minute.
  2. D had to play along & it was meant to reach the fandom eventually..
  3. D offered to. Maybe they were told to pull a similar move but with a harsher approach or one of the other girls had to do it & DJ volunteered. There are several possible scenarios, we never know.

Personally, I think Dinah was given some orders, hence she had no option. However I do believe there must be some truth in what she said, related to the 2015 days… Anyway, put into perspective & how interesting is that they had Dinah saying this few days after that interview with Camila?

Either Dinah has been keeping up track of baby C & that was her response to her in a very long time– which if you ask me, I would have rather call/text her instead of making it public, esp knowing how dramatic the fandom is– or we insert option “b” here. LIKE SERIOUSLY, THE INTERVIEWS WERE RELEASED TWO DAYS APART !!!!

One point is that Dinah’s answer had nothing to do with the base question but she still brought the subject regardless. This latter is what makes me believe even more that it was bound to be.

To be fair neither of Camila’s & Dinah’s answers mention names. Both are vague allusions & what a “coincidence” is that both connect perfectly, at least enough to have the fans fulfilling the rest of the work by assuming (as always).

“We wouldn’t have seen & heard it if they didn’t want it out. They would’ve buried it if it’s not along with what they want. And given how out of place it is with the question, and how it fits with other narrative stuff, it makes me think that this had a purpose" One friend told me this & I couldn’t agree more.

It penetrated into the fandom successfully. Several interpretations arouse. Let’s take a look at the different perspectives:

  • The C Stan POV- “Dinah just accepted she did something wrong, now she’s asking for forgiveness. She can keep her apology too late. She fake af”
  • The 5H stan POV- “If anything this proves how much of an amazing person is DJ & she doesn’t deserve any of the hate she’s getting. She’s speaking about the group & their dynamic now”
  • The OT5 stan POV- “Why does this feels like D is saying sorry to C. Everything makes sense now. My heart is broken :(”
  • “Dinah was in no way offering an apology. She’s just implying that IF someone out of all them ever mess up, it’s their duty to talk about it & clear the air”.

Overall the OT5 POV tends to be neutral. Generally it falls for whatever they’re trying to sell us but in the end a real ot5 sticks by “we don’t know anything, we can’t judge shit”.

This is why the narrative is mainly BIPARTISAN. Works by feeding OT4s & Camilizers simultaneously & none of the sides will ever clear up anything at all, cause that’s the whole point about it. Keeping fans formulating conclusions about every little thing. This way they turn the smallest aspects into the biggest deal

Maneuvering the narrative’s strings through the interviews is totally so common for the following reasons (esp coming from #them):

These are not done spontaneously. Whether if it’s written or recorded, a script must be approve first. Or the artists practice the same question multiple times with their team. Either way when it comes to be in front of the reporter they know perfectly what to expect & they just compensate the farce with their charisma.

Media training plays its role here. Let’s not forget for the umpteenth time that if the girls are given orders, whether if it’s a last minute arrangement or planned with anticipation, THEY MUST OBEY. They pretty much don’t have an option unless they negotiate with their team.

More importantly it allows them to orchestrate the whole by releasing the interviews whenever they want to. Whether if they’re controlling pivotal points or simple plot twists, an interview can be scheduled & done months before they let it out. They test reactions first via SM & according to where they’re want to lead the fans, they’ll release periodically or drop it like a bomb if they need to. Or if in the end, they decide it’s better not to reveal certain statements they simply won’t put the interview out.

What can we do about it? Easy. Don’t jump into the obvious assumptions right away instead try to search what do they want to obtain from that particular interview (headlines come as major key to this). Also just enjoy of the funny moments the girls hand us in most of the interviews. They might not be the greatest at handling their media training but if you ask me, that’s one of the special things about them.  They’re messy, goofy most of the times & usually have me cracking up halfway the video. It’s a lot more enjoyable that having to bear with the monotonous answers or in some cases the interviewer’s lack of enthusiasm. Another reason why I can’t wait for them to take that charisma into talk shows.

P.D. A shout out to the MTV interviewer (Meredith) you could tell she was happy & to be right there with them. Interested in what they had to say. Plus she didn’t interrupt & made concise questions.


Feet that turns me on… want to worship, service, sniff and suck those sexy manly feet… want those feet to step on me and force me to worship and service them… it’s better if those feet are stinky and jerk me off with those superior feet and make me moan and cum hard..…. Send me pictures of your sexy male feet tops and I will jerk off to them…..


NSFW prokopinsky

“Say it again.”

Despite the softness of K’s voice, it’s a command, and licking his lips, Proko breathes, “I love you.”

It’s entirely true, K knows, and he shivers, hips pressing deep and grinding hard.

Beneath him, sprawled along the leather sofa, Proko has the fingers of one hand tangled into his own hair, his head tossed to the side, frosty eyes squeezed shut, the opposite hand scrabbling at K’s hip. He looks like a goddamn porn star, and there’s nothing K wants more than to simply devour him whole.

“Look at me.”

Another command.

Proko is too far gone to even hear it.

Hips stilling, just for a moment, K leans in, pressing one hand to Proko’s chest, feeling the beating of the other boy’s heart frantic and desperate against his palm. “Look at me, baby.”

This time, Proko obeys, his pale, pretty eyes fluttering open to meet K’s. Without his sunglasses to shield him from the heat in that look, K burns.

Propping up on one elbow, Proko reaches his free hand out to grasp at K’s nape, pulling him closer and breathing against his plush lips, “I love you.”

A reply is bubbling at the back of K’s throat, and he pulls back, hips rolling hard.

Proko’s voice is a rapidly failing thing, catching in his chest in soft whimpers and wet, needy gasps, and he hitches one thigh around K’s waist, riding his cock against K’s stomach.

One hand at Proko’s hip, holding him down, K’s other hand drifts to Proko’s cock, biting back a low growl when Proko flutters around him at the contact.

The way Proko reaches down to place a hand over K’s, guiding the grip on his own cock feels more intimate than any of their words have, his eyes on K’s, dark and adoring and wanting for far more than just sex.

It’s a strangled whimper and a bitten lip and the press of Proko’s blunt, chewed down nails to scarred knuckles that has K coming hard inside him, shuddering apart with his face hidden against one of Proko’s uneven shoulders, mouthing along golden skin.

“Don’t stop.” It isn’t a command; It’s a plea. Proko is submissive through and through. “K, please, don’t stop.”

Dropping down to one elbow, keeping a tight grip around Proko’s cock, K tangles his other hand into sandy locks, pulling just the way Proko likes, and Proko’s responding moan is a thing of beauty, breathy and soft, his pretty eyes squeezing shut again.

It isn’t enough.

Curling his arms around K’s shoulders, nails digging into soft skin, Proko rolls his hips into K’s grip, tossing his head back against the pillow when K’s fingers tighten in his hair, tugging hard and possessive, pulling his head back to lay claim to his throat, a series of red-black-violet marks laid into his skin for all to see.

Mine.” K’s voice is low and rough, muffled against soft skin.

It’s as close to a proper I love you as Joseph Kavinsky is likely to get, Proko knows.

It isn’t enough.

Pressing his cheek to spiked hair, Proko says again, shivering at his own voice, “I love you, K.”

Though his rough, calloused hand doesn’t stop working Proko’s cock, K does glance up for a moment, his eyes half-lidded and dark as sin, and just the way he kisses is enough: Possessive and needy and wanting and strangely warm, strangely soft.

Soft doesn’t really suit either of them, but Proko is immensely grateful for it all the same, his hips pressing up into K’s hand as he comes down, shivering hard when K’s tongue laps at the bruised skin of his throat, half an apology.

Again, his voice sex-wrecked and thoroughly indecent, K murmurs, “Mine.”

Pressing his mouth to the corner of K’s lips, feeling warm and spent and fucking glowing, Proko agrees, “Yours.”

On The Last Guardian, and Trico's (mis)behavior

Warning: minor plot/gameplay spoilers

I’ve been seeing Let’s Players CONSISTENTLY use the “it took them 7 years to make this LOL” when Trico does something that is not in the player’s favor. Specifically, when Trico doesn’t follow commands, doesn’t catch you, or knocks you off of ledges. This is entirely the fault of the player. But before I get into that, let’s go over the AI of Trico.

Shadow of the Colossus was when Team Ico first introduced an AI that resembled a trained animal. To this, Ueda made it clear that Agro (your horse) was an AI made to mimic a real animal. I’m sure most of you have experience with telling a dog to do a trick, and they don’t always listen to you. Animals will not always listen. If you get frustrated because Agro or Trico will not listen to you, that’s supposed to contribute to the immersion of the game. Trico being disobedient or unreliable is part of its AI, and was entirely intentional.

Trico does not always follow commands. But you, as the player and its companion, can make it more consistent. Like a real life animal, Trico responds to positive reinforcement. If you pet it after catching you, after fights, after it gets hurt, when you two reunite, when it obeys you, or pretty much whenever you get the chance, it will be more responsive to your location on the map and when you’re in danger. This is a game that will be affected by every little action that you feed to the AI. You can’t just pet it when it’s angry, remove spears when they’re posing an actual hindrance to it’s movement, or feed it only when it’s hungry.

I say from experience, as someone who spent hours pampering Trico my first playthrough and then practically ignored it on my second speedrun: If you pay attention to it only when it’s absolutely necessary, then it will do the same to you. If Trico isn’t doing what you want it to do, that is a result of your playstyle.

It really just boils down to YES, it took them SEVEN YEARS to make this game. It took them seven years to develop and refine an AI that not only follows an algorithm based on the obedience of a real animal, but to also ensure that it responds to love and affection like a real animal, among other things. It wasn’t overlooked, and it’s not a valid issue in the gameplay. It’s part of the puzzle and is probably the game’s most beautiful feature.

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Can you do cute headcanons for Xeno laito, yuuma, shuu and ayato? The cuddling xeno ayato was too cute

Admin Mawile: °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° Happily! 


-Even though it’s not genuine, he can be very pleasant to be around. Laito has no problems with spoiling you and playing along with all kinds of silly ideas, and, although he claims it’s only because you obey him, it’s pretty obvious how the attachment drives up that desire to please. 


-Considering how rough he usually is, seeing him go absolutely limp when close to you is quite the adorable experience. When he actually relaxes, Yuuma is more or less a big, cuddly teddy bear that can’t stand to be a away from you, and the more attached he is, the more often that happens. 


-He very quickly takes you to using as a human body pillow and heating pad. You’re warm and soft and it’s so much better to sleep on top of you than by himself wherever he falls. You’re more or less forced to be his nap buddy whenever he requests it… which is a lot. 


-He loves showing off to you, especially if you praise him for it. The more attention you give him, the more he’ll demand, and once he’s attached to you, your praise is almost vital. He’s more than willing to drag you off to watch him do something cool, and you’d better at least pretend to be impressed. 

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Draco since there are people who think that he was a bad guy but snape was a good guy

I just literally laughed like a maniac.

one dimension reason: wild guess - astronomy tower or mostly the 6th book

my personal thoughts

the thing is, I think it’s because I don’t write much about the lightning era, I have always cringed to a lot of thing about Draco going around in this place. The Draco rant no one asked for is here.

  1. Let me tell you about pure blood families. Have you met Sirius Black, who was disowned because he did not obey? I’m pretty sure you did. Draco is the heir of a pure blood family as was Sirius. His family is threatened (I’m pretty sure he adored his mother and did whatever he did for her and for himself) if he doesn’t do this one thing the Dark Lord asked him to do. He says “no” or he fails, he dies. Simple as that. What would you have done?
  2. On that matter, he can’t bring himself to kill Dumbledore, can he? He cried in bathrooms, he is scared. He is scared to die and he is scared to kill. That is a hard choice to make whoever it is.
  3. He saves HARRY’S LIFE?? How can you forget that? He knowingly lies to Bellatrix. I always thought that was because he knew the only person that could end the war and kill Voldemort was Harry. His house was infested with Death Eaters and it was a headquarters for Voldemort. I’m sure he wanted his big marble house back to himself and his parents, he just wanted to be spoiled like he used to before this mess happened.
  4. Draco is brought up to think/know that he is superior. What if Draco was not the son of the Malfoys but the son of Andromeda and Ted? He would have been a complete different person because even though we are all our own people, our family has an affect on us whether we like it or not. Draco’s family in his case had a very big influence on him. He was taught by his father (I don’t think Cissy would force it on him, I mean not as much as Lucius would) that he was superior to others. So he was what he was taught.

I do think Draco had his massive faults through out the series don’t get me wrong. The bullying, the constant humiliations about material stuff, calling Hermione a mudblood on a daily basis etc. But I do believe that his personality is not just consistent of the shit he did, when he was 13-14 years old. He shouldn’t be judged solely on that as no one else should be (James?? Sirius??).

However I do not like that post going around on Drarry blogs saying that the film makers should have included the scene where Draco throws his wand to Harry because that wasn’t in the books. I have checked several times and that was just gonna happen in the movies. So I also think that we shouldn’t shape his redemption on things that did not happen in the books even though I do think redemption is possible for him.

So there’s that.

This, is a dial. Shocking, I know, but this dial, is special.
I see I got your attention.
Why it is special you ask?
Well, I’ll tell you. This dial, is a brain dial.
You can see that the arrow is pointing to the middle, so nothing’s happening.
Now, there is a game I’d like to play with you.
Imagine your hand onto a knob.
This, is the knob that controls the dial.
You see? It’s a silly game, but it can still be fun.
Just play along.
Trust me.
After all, you are curious. “Brain Dial”.
Its name is so…fun.
So bobbly.
Now, rotate the knob to the right.
Look at the arrow moving.
it feels soo good.
And, actually, it feels…strange.
You feel much more awake.
You feel much more attentive.
You feel much brighter.
Might I say…you are feeling smarter.
You realize the power of the dial. What it can do.
You realize your potential.
And still, you switch the knob back to his starting position.
And now, you wonder.
What would happen….If you turned the dial left.
It’s not hard. You just turned it right, how bad could it be.
Just a little.
Try it.
Look at the arrow slowly moving left.
Oh my gosh, it feels ten times better than before.
Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh can you feel that?
Can you feel a pink, bobbly cloud covering your eyes?
Playflully stroking your hair back and forth?
And, oh my…can you feel a strange, playful tingle between your legs?
Maybe i’m wrong, but still, I think you want to turn the dial a bit more.
Just a little.
And the arrow turn left.
It goes lower
And lower.
And so does the pink cloud, it now engulfs your body.
Caressing your skin.
Gently massaging your back
and whispering pretty pink thoughts into your ears.
Pretty, pink thoughts.
You start giggling.
The tingle between your legs is growing stronger.
And stronger.
It’s hot in here, or it is just you?
You know, you are starting to think a bit, and maybe this wasn’t a great idea.
But still, thinking is becoming hard.
So much pink around around you.
Pretty, pink thoughts.
Maybe…Maybe we could put the dial all the way down. Just…just for fun.
I mean, it feels good right? And you like to feel good.
Feeling good is a pretty pink thought,and you are realizing that, yes, you love pretty pink thoughts.
And the dial turns.
And faster.
All the way down.
The cloud is engulfing you entirely.
The tingle between your legs is like a volcano erupting.
Touching yourself.
You must do that
You must feel good
You…you must….but, hey, what is this thingy with numbers in front of you?
What? You don’t remember?
Well, why you dont just turn the knob right?
Oh. Yes, how silly of me. You don’t know how to do that.
You just have pretty pink thoughts.
And what are they?
Well, i’m glad to help you.
Touch yourself
Touch yourself
Feel the pink
Breathe the pink
Be the pink
Touch Yourself
Touch yourself

You got that? Very good.

alice-doe i’m not sure this works as a bimbo induction, or as a little “story”. I’ll let you be the judge!