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“Is that a chicken?” (Gratsu)

“Will you please stop trying to eat that?!” Gray yelled, grabbing the bag of animal food from Natsu’s hands. “Unless you’re a goat, you wouldn’t even like the taste, so stop being stupid!”

“But I’m hungry!” Natsu argued, tightening his grip on the bag. “And you know I’ll eat anything when I’m hungry!” 

He could actually be a goat with all that whining of his, Gray thought, shaking his head. He looked at Natsu again, giving him a cold stare. 

“This isn’t human food you dumbass!” he shot back, yanking the bag out of Natsu’s hands after catching him off-guard. “I’ll buy you something later, and plus, this food is for the animals!”

“Hmpf,” Natsu grunted, crossing his arms over his chest. 

“Jeez, stop getting upset over it,” Gray sighed, wrapping his arm around Natsu’s shoulders. He pulled him close, and Natsu buried his face into Gray’s neck, still pouting. “I swear, sometimes I feel like you act all moody just to get me to do this to you.”

Natsu smiled, knowing it was true, but he didn’t want Gray to find out so he hid the bottom half of his face in his scarf.

“Not gonna answer, huh?” Gray asked, leaning closer towards Natsu. He pressed his cheek against the fire dragon slayer’s, making his face redden. “If you won’t say anything, I’m gonna keep coming closer and closer~”

Natsu now had his whole face buried into his scarf, trying really hard not to make a sound or let Gray see his face. “G-gray…s-stop!” he hissed. 

The sound of his voice came out very muffled, and although Gray could hear it, he decided to pretend that he didn’t so he could tease his boyfriend further. “Hmm?~ I didn’t hear you there, flame brain.”

“I said stop!” Natsu shouted, blushing. His scarf fell back into place as he turned to face the ice mage. Natsu watched Gray’s smug expression and then burst out laughing. “You look so creepy with that smirk.”

“What was that?!” Gray fired back, turning to face Natsu. He almost smacked him with his forehead because their faces were so close together. “At least my face doesn’t look as stupid as yours!” 

“Nuh-uh, Ice Princess!” Natsu countered, pushing his forehead against Gray’s. 

“Will you two please move?!” a voice from behind them interrupted in an annoyed tone. “You’ve been standing there for ten minutes and the line’s getting super long!”

Gray quickly apologized and grabbed Natsu by the collar, dragging him past the gift shop and into the zoo, the place they had decided to pick for their date.

“It smells like pigs in here,” Natsu said as soon as they entered the barn area. “Gross.”

“That’s because there are pigs,” Gray told him, face palming. “Right beside you.”

Natsu screamed, making the pig squeal and scamper around the field. Gray covered his mouth, trying not to laugh.

“What’s so funny?!” Natsu shouted, flustered. 

“Nothing,” Gray waved off, grabbing Natsu’s hand. “Let’s go over there. To see your people.”

“My people?!” Natsu exclaimed, his face suddenly lighting up. He intertwined his fingers with Gray’s as his eyes began to sparkle. “THERE ARE DRAGONS HERE?!”

“You’ll see,” Gray assured, walking towards a marked building. “Once we get inside, that is.”

Natsu and Gray entered the small animal house, Gray walking in calmly and Natsu hopping with excitement. 

They stopped in front of an exhibit before heading to their destination. 

“Wait. This is gonna be a surprise, so I’m going to have to blindfold you,” Gray said, removing Natsu’s scarf from his neck and tying it around his head so it covered his eyes. “Don’t peek. Hold my hand and I’ll take you there.”

Natsu didn’t even bother questioning or arguing the command, he simply nodded and obeyed. “Sure!”

Gray smiled and walked over towards the exhibit he was looking for. With a playful smirk, he slowly undid the “blindfold” and waited for Natsu’s reaction.

“DRAGO-” Natsu started, lifting his arms in the air. As soon as he saw what was in front of him, he paused. “Wait…these aren’t dragons!”

“But they are your people,” Gray told him, snickering.

“Gray!” Natsu shrieked, punching his shoulder. “THOSE ARE MONKEYS!”

“Exactly. You act all crazy and you’re loud just like they are,” Gray explained, watching as Natsu got pissed off. 

To his surprise, Natsu didn’t scream out anger. He simply pulled his phone out of his pocket and shoved it into Gray’s hands. “Take a video of this.”

Gray raised an eyebrow, standing there in confusion with Natsu’s phone in his hand. He was about to ask why he needed to take a video, but Natsu cut him off, telling him to just do it. 

Gray sighed and clicked the home button, turning on the phone. He smiled at the wallpaper, which was him and Natsu at the fall festival together. He clicked on the camera app and positioned the phone in front of him, hitting the record button. “Recording.”

“It is I, the almighty Natsu Dragneel,” the fire dragon slayer began in a deep voice. “Today, I have found something I’ve been looking for all my life. With the help of my boyfriend, I have discovered that, yes, my people, do in fact, still exist!” 

Dramatic music played in the background, and Gray looked around, wondering where the hell it was coming from.

Natsu raised his arm and pointed towards the monkeys before striking a pose. “I HAVE FOUND MY PEOPLE! AND I WILL STAND WITH THEM!” The monkeys started screeching in excitement while throwing banana peels around.

One of the monkeys swung over to Natsu and gave him a high-five, causing him to grin. He hopped down from the bench he was standing on and walked back over to Gray, wrapping his arms around his neck. 

Gray stopped the recording, utterly confused and surprised at the same time.

“What’d ya think?~” Natsu asked, hopping onto Gray’s back. 

“Wasn’t expecting that. At all,” he responded, holding the bottom of Natsu’s legs as he carried him on his back.

Natsu laughed, making Gray blush. He shot his arm out from above Gray’s shoulder, pointing forward. “Now as payback for tricking me, you have to carry me all the way out the door to the restaurant. I’m starving.”

“Fine,” Gray agreed, walking towards the exit. “The look on your face when you realized there were no dragons was priceless, by the way.”

“Shut up!” Natsu exclaimed, smacking Gray’s head.

“Don’t make me drop you!” Gray hissed, looking up at Natsu.

“Keep walking, Mr. Grumpy-panties,” Natsu teased, resting his chin on the ice mage’s head. 

“If I didn’t love you so much I would’ve thrown you in the mud,” Gray muttered under his breath. Natsu’s enhanced hearing picked it up though, and it made him smile.

Once they had made it out of the mammal house, they began searching for the restaurant that was listed on the map. After scouting the area for a couple of seconds, they spotted it a few ways west from where they were.

“There it is!” Natsu pointed, drooling. “Come on, Snowflake! I’m hungry!!”

“I know, idiot,” Gray huffed, grabbing Natsu’s arm to make him settle down. “How many times a-”

He stopped when he sensed something coming towards them at full speed. Natsu had noticed too, and they both looked down a few feet away to see a small animal running in their direction, going as fast as its little legs could take it. 

“Is that a chicken?” Natsu asked, squinting. “Why the hell is there a chicken in the mammal area?”

“Not sure…but it looks like it escaped from its cage,” Gray pointed out, watching as it ran right past them. “Where do you think it’s going?”

“Probably to get food, just like we should be doing right now,” Natsu urged, pulling Gray towards the restaurant.

“Wait…it’s heading right towards…” Gray paused, his eyes widening. “The Lion’s Den…!”

Before either of them could react, the chicken slipped under a fence that led straight to the area where the lions were being held. Not even ten seconds had passed when Natsu and Gray heard a roar, chicken clucks, and the sound of flesh being ripped apart. A lion devoured the chicken whole, only leaving a shower of feathers behind. 

Natsu and Gray’s eyes widened as they shuddered. 

Natsu slowly turned towards Gray, sweat dripping from the sides of his face. In a shaky voice, he said:

“Okay, I think I just lost my appetite.”

The Best Day

Gruvia week, day 7, prompt:  answer

Slightly over 2500 words of fluffy Gruvia fun ~ rated teen

The light snow coming down had turned into a thick flurry. Juvia wasn’t able to see Gray from a block behind anymore. She hastened her pace and gradually lessened the distance. The flying snow had in turn obscured her for a long time. He’d turned around at the exact time she’d been visible under a street light. Freezing in place hadn’t worked. Gray had called out to her and demanded she give up or join him.

Not knowing what to say, Juvia meekly trudged over to the waiting man. He shook his head and offered her his arm. “I thought you gave up following me.”

“Juvia did, but sometimes Juvia misses…” She bit her lip and spoke softer, “watching Gray-sama go about his business.” Juvia lowered her eyes to the snowy sidewalk.

“Tch.” Gray patted Juvia’s hand, now in the crook of his elbow. “You were doing so good - you’ll have to give me a forfeit now. Mmmm, what do I want?” He began walking down the sidewalk, towing Juvia with him. “I’m heading back to my apartment now, you wanna watch a movie?” Gray turned to face Juvia as he asked, paying no attention to the conditions underfoot. He slipped, pulling Juvia down on top of himself. She shrieked in surprise as he yelped. “Shit!”

“Is Gray-sama okay?” Juvia struggled to pick herself up and help Gray rise to his feet. He acted as a dead weight and sabotaged her efforts.

“I think I’m fine.” The ice mage began laughing, clutching onto Juvia as she wriggled. “I’ll never be able to live slipping on ice down.”

“Juvia will never tell!”

“I know what I want now, though.” Gray grinned up at Juvia, entwining his fingers with hers. “A kiss.”

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The Case Against Reality
By Amanda Gefter

A professor of cognitive science argues that the world is nothing like the one we experience through our senses.

As we go about our daily lives, we tend to assume that our perceptions—sights, sounds, textures, tastes—are an accurate portrayal of the real world. Sure, when we stop and think about it—or when we find ourselves fooled by a perceptual illusion—

we realize with a jolt that what we perceive is never the world directly, but rather our brain’s best guess at what that world is like, 

a kind of internal simulation of an external reality. Still, we bank on the fact that our simulation is a reasonably decent one. If it wasn’t, wouldn’t evolution have weeded us out by now? The true reality might be forever beyond our reach, but surely our senses give us at least an inkling of what it’s really like.

Not so, says Donald D. Hoffman, a professor of cognitive science at the University of California, Irvine.

Getting at questions about the nature of reality, and disentangling the observer from the observed, is an endeavor that straddles the boundaries of neuroscience and fundamental physics. On one side you’ll find researchers scratching their chins raw trying to understand how a three-pound lump of gray matter obeying nothing more than the ordinary laws of physics can give rise to first-person conscious experience. This is the aptly named “hard problem.”

 The central lesson of quantum physics is clear: There are no public objects sitting out there in some preexisting space. “

As useful as it is under ordinary circumstances to say that the world exists ‘out there’ independent of us, that view can no longer be upheld.”

So while neuroscientists struggle to understand how there can be such a thing as a first-person reality, quantum physicists have to grapple with the mystery of how there can be anything but a first-person reality. 

In short, all roads lead back to the observer. 

And that’s where you can find Hoffman—straddling the boundaries, attempting a mathematical model of the observer, trying to get at the reality behind the illusion. Quanta Magazine caught up with him to find out more.

(excerpt - click the link for the complete article)

A/N: I’m a mess, this drabble is a mess. Thanks, Mashima.

title:natural disaster

summary: gruvia. “It’s not your fault.”

fanfiction link: read here

She found him, a river naturally flowing back to her sea.

Shaken to the core and sliced up by the gusts of his past, Gray Fullbuster camouflaged with the devastated landscape. But she recognized him all the same, this patchwork of visible scars and resilience.

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Mr. Popular (Nash Grier Imagine) Part 2


“You look sexy” he whispered in my ear putting his hand on my waist. He leaned in closer about to kiss me. I heard whispering out my window and giggling. I ignored it and leaned in as well. Suddenly I heard laughing. I saw Nash laughing and a group of people outside my window laughing as well.  
“I can’t believe she fell for it!” Nash said to his friends, laughing hysterically. Uproar of laughter bursted through my window.
It was all a joke. I was a joke. I felt tears stinging the corners of my eyes. 
“See ya at school loser and don’t forget to finish the project.” Nash said before stepping out my window.
I fell to the ground in tears, humiliation washed over my body. 
The only thing I could think of was to call Sam.
“Hello” Sam said in a sleepy raspy voice.
“S-sam I-I…” I basically cried out.
“Y/n? What’s wrong?! I’ll be at your house in five minutes."  A worried tone lingered in Sam’s voice.
The line ended. I change into one of Sammy’s shirts and some sweatpants. I took off my glasses still crying. I heard a car park in my driveway. It was Sam. I immediately ran downstairs; outside towards Sam. He engulfed me in a hug.
"Y/n what’s wrong?” He put an arm around my shoulder. “Come on lets go inside.”
“Nash humiliated me in front of all of his friends” I covered my face after I said that.
“How?” Sam asked.
I explained to Sam everything that happened. 
“Were gonna make him pay. No one hurts my best friend" 
"W-what?” I asked stuttering.
“Were gonna make that asshole pay!” Sammy shouted at the top of his lungs. 
"First he’s going to finish that project, we will figure out the rest along the way.” Sam paused “and dress hot on Monday" 
A smirk grew on my face. Operation "take Mr. Popular down” was a go. 
"Okay. But I’m kinda nervous tho.” I said.
“Don’t worry about, look I have to go but see ya on Monday. Okay?” Sam said, giving me a quick hug.
“Okay. Thanks Sam.” I said as he walked out the door.
“Remember to look hot!” Sam shouted from the foot of the stairs. 
As Sam closed the front door I thought to myself “what did I get myself into?”
(Skip to Monday)
I was sitting in the middle of my closet floor if thinking of what to wear. Hot? How was I supposed to look hot?
I finally decide on a black skater skirt, a gray obey t-shirt, which I tied at top of my skirt, so it still showed a little tummy, black converse. I put red lipstick on and winged eyeliner. I did my long wavy ombre hair pin straight. 
I sighed as looked in the mirror.

“at least i look decent” I said to myself.
I walked to my front door and sat in the steps waiting for Sam to come. His black SUV parked in the driveway. I stood up and walked over to his car. I opened the door. Sam was staring at me wide eyed his mouth slightly open. 
“What?” I asked smiling as I stepped in the car.
“N-nothing” he said nervously. Well that was weird. 
We got to school. Sam ran to my door and opened it like a gentleman. Something he never did before.
“What was that for?” I asked Sam.
“I don’t know” He rubbed the back of his neck nervously.
We walked into school and everybody starred at me. Sam was walking by my side his arm around my shoulder, he seemed so… possessive.
“Hey guys” Sam said as we reached the Jacks. Sam took his arm off my shoulder.
“Y/n? Is that you?” Gilinsky asked furrowing his eyebrows.
“Yeah” I laughed" “Same old me with the big glasses except I cleaned up a bit.”
“You look nice.” Gilinsky said smirking. Eyeing me up and down. 
I looked over to Sam, his jaw and fist clenched. 
The bell rang and the Jacks left. Leaving me and Sam alone. 
“Are you okay?” I asked Sam confused by his odd behavior.
“Yeah… I-I have to get to class.” Sam said before walking away.
I walked to my locker getting my books. Once done, I headed towards my literature class. Which I had with the one and only Nash Grier. 
"Y/n?” Nash asked confused.
“Yes?” I said sitting down on the desk next to his.
“I-uh nothing, you just look different” My change of style was having an effect on him. 
Class went by, boring me to death. Five minutes before the bell rang I directed my word to Nash.
“Nash you’re going to help me finish this project, I’m not doing it on my own” I said sternly.
“O-okay” he paused “Your house after school?” He asked with a little more confidence.
“Sure” I said with a sarcastic smile. The bell had ringed by then. I turned around and swayed my hips purposely teasing him.

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http://y0ucantskatewithus.tumblr.com/post/91082780229/previous-chapters }

Chapter 4

The next day of school went pretty much the same, except now everyone was used to me being with Nash after school.
But basically nothing changed.
Nash gave me a ride to his house after school, where we “worked on our project,”.
It’s been about four days since we started our list and Nash and I were already back to how we where before. Bubbly and crazy around each other, which was a good thing. He was opening up.

Once Nash parked the car, Hayes and I got out and waited for Nash to unlock the door.

One thing that’s changed a lot since we were younger was Nash’s family was never home.
Neither was mine so I can’t really be talking much.

Nash and I walked up into his room, just like the day prier.

“Okay so for our project what do you want to do?” I asked sitting on his bed.
“Um… Oh! We could do it on-”
Nash and I talked and wrote out outlines for our project for about two hours when we decided we needed a break.

“Get the list!” I said.
Nash walked over to his desk grabbing his notebook then plopped back down on to the bed.
“Let’s see. Yesterday we did cuddling so today is- kissing.” Nash said.
I nodded.
“So- is there anything I should know? Ya know.. Since you’re like my teacher.” Nash said scratching the back of his neck.
“Um- well since it’s regular kissing don’t use tongue. But don’t peck either. The trick is to move your mouth but not swallow the person whole. Ya know what I’m saying? First lets try regular kissing then once you’re good we can try to make out.”
“So where do we start?” Nash asked.
I stood up and grabbed his hand.
He stood in front of me as I wrapped my arms around his head and stood on my tippy toes.
Nash gently put his hands on my waist and leaned down.
I closed the gap between us as I smashed my lips to his.
I felt him tense up, but soon relax.
After a while I pulled away.
“Okay let’s try making out.”
Nash nodded.
I started to lean in before Nash stopped me.
“Wait!- this is gonna sound really dumb but.. How do we do it?” He asked me and I laughed.
“I’ll show you.”
I met my lips with his again this time moving faster into the kiss.
Knowing Nash wouldn’t take lead, I did.
I ran my tongue across the bottom of his lip.
He parted his lips leaving my tongue room to enter.
Once I entered his mouth he hesitantly entered mine.

Our tongues fought for dominance for my my surprise, he won.
As I pulled away breathless I bit his lip taking it with me for a second before letting go.
“Woah!” Nash said smiling at me, also out of breath.
“Yeah- You’re really good at that!” I said and Nash smiled, happy with my reaction.
“Can we do it again?” Nash asked me.
I moved over and sat on his lap.
He smirked and wrapped his arms around my waist before bringing his lips to mine.

I had never seen this side of Nash, and to be honest I loved it.
He seemed so confident and happy.
If I could have anything in the world it would be for him to be happy, because when he is he automatically makes everyone else happy too.

We continue kissing off and on for another thirty minutes until both our lips were swelled.
I climbed off his lap and he quickly grabbed a pillow putting it over his lap.
I gave him a confused look but before I could ask I heard my phone ring.
“Hey Y/N! There’s a party at my place tonight. It’s gonna be awesome. I invited the Fallbrooke boys too! You should come!” Tiffany yelled through the phone.

Tiffany was a really pretty and nice girl, but in all honesty she was kind of an airhead.
And she wasn’t the classiest gal either.
“Um.. Can I bring a friend?” I asked.
“As many as you want.”
“Okay I’ll think about it.”
“Yay! Okay text ya later. Bye girl.”
I hung up my phone and turned to Nash who still was holding the pillow to his lap.
I pointed at the pillow confused before I finally realized what had happened.
“Ooooooh….” I said as Nash turned bright red.
“So- you and the guys up for your very first highschool party?” I smirked.
“I beg your pardon?” Nash asked confused.
“Just call your friends and have them come over- we have a lot of work to do.”
Once Hamilton Jr. Finally calmed down Matt and Cameron showed up.
Carter couldn’t make it because he had some family thing to do.
I sat the three boys down in Nash’s room before I started talking.
“Today!- will possibly be the best day of your life. Today I, your loving friend, am taking you to your first party.”
Matt and Cams mouths dropped open.
“Y/N I don’t know if you knew this but we aren’t popular. Or good looking or-”
“Shut the fuck up. You guys are seriously hot. All of you. Hotter then half the guys in our school.” The boys all smiled and blushed at my compliment. “Taylor’s on his way over to help too. There’s going to be boys from Fallbrooke there so if anyone asks just say you go to that school and no one will ever know!” I said smiling.
“You’d seriously do this for us Y/N?” Matt asked.
I nodded and he jumped up hugging me. Cam and Nash hugged me once Matt was done.
We heard the door bell ring, and Nash ran down to get it.
“Alright Matt, come here.” He walked into Nash’s bathroom and I directed him to sit on the counter.
He did as that as I pulled out some gel.
“Okay- so I’m going to gel your hair up like little spikes. Other than that all you will need is some new clothes and, boom you’re ready!” I said and Matt smiled.
I helped him gel his hair up and went through it with a comb making sure each hair was sticking up.
Next was Cam.
(A/N if you can’t tell I’m making Cameron younger so he had his long hair)
Cam sat on the counter and I put a little gel in my hand redirecting his hair so all the pieces curved the same way.
Then lastly was Nash.
“Okay let’s see.”
I said taking a look at him.
I took off his glasses and set them on the counter admiring his eyes.
“These are just reading glasses, right?” Nash nodded in response.
“So you can survive the night without them?”
He nodded again.
I began on his hair taking some gel and making sure all the pieces were going in the same direction.
His hair was standing up but tilted a little.
In my opinion Nash looked perfect before I got to him.
When we walked out of the bathroom Tay was helping pick out some clothes he brought for the boys.
I suddenly realized I was still in high-waisted jeans and an old shirt that said “stay gold” on it.
I can’t go to a party like this!
“Hey, Tayyyy.” I said.
“Yeah.” He responded not taking his eyes off of the pile of clothes.
“I’m gonna go change and get ready sooo… Can I borrow your car so I can drive home?”
“You really need to get your own car Y/N/N.” Taylor said sarcastically before tossing his keys to me. Taylor’s family made good money so the boy had about three cars.
“Thanks!” I said running out of the house and to his range rover.
when I got to my house I put on a pair of black short shorts, a white muscle tank that said “YOU DONT KNOW ME” in bold letters, with some white vans.
I applied a little more mascara and some eyeliner before spraying some perfume and walking out the door.
I managed to get back to Nash’s house without wrecking Taylor’s car and once I walked in I saw all the boys sitting on the couch.
They all looked amazing.
Nash was wearing a gray “obey” tank top with some black skinny jeans.
Matt was wearing a white fitted shirt with some tan khakis.
Cam was wearing a black muscle shirt with some basketball shorts.
And lastly Taylor was wearing a black teeshirt with some black skinny jeans and a snap back that said “heat” in white letters.
“You guys look amazing!” I said smiling.
They all said thanks and complimented my outfit.

Once it was 10PM we decided to head out.
We all piled into Taylor’s car and he drove off towards Tiffany’s.

When we got to her house all the boys were in awe.
Tiffany’s whole family was pretty rich so they have a really nice house.
It’s three stories and has beautiful trees surrounding it.

We all got out of the car and I noticed Nash shaking.
I walked over to him and held his hand, seeing that he looked like he needed someone.
“I’m just nervous that’s all.” He said looking down at me.
“It’s okay- it’s all gonna be okay.”

We walked towards the house and knocked on the door.
Tiffany opened it.
“H-hey Y/N, Tay-ylor. Who’s your cute friends?” She said with a slurred speech.
“Um- this is Greg,” I said pointing to Nash,“this is Sam,” I said pointing to Matt, “and this is uh- James!” I finished pointing to Cameron.
“Well hello j-James. Ya gotta last name.” She winked.
“Uhm… BOND!” Cameron shouted.
I immediately mentally face palmed myself.
Cameron or should I say “James” is an idiot.
“Ooh! That sounds firmilar!” Tiffany giggled opening the door for all of us.
“Oh. My. God.” Nash whispered in my ear.
This party was crazy.