obey bro

the day the whoopie cushions were given to Heru-wer

I thought it would be fun to make up a story ‘explaining’ Whoopie Cushions day, and this is what I came up with. Think of this as weird dumb fanfiction…with gods.

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Survey 70

Bold what applies; 

I am a girl.

I am a teenager.

I am 18+.

I can drink alcohol legally.

I drink it illegally anyway.

I’ve never taken drugs.

I’ve never smoked.

I watch too much TV.

I have a TV in my room.

I also have my own laptop.

I don’t have a job.

I would like to have a job.

My parents give me money when I ask.

I’m really lazy.

I procrastinate everything.

I read cosmopolitan magazine.

I never read magazines.

I write my own music.

I play guitar.

I hardly ever wear skirts. 

But I think they are pretty.

I almost always wear converse.

I have converse in multiple colors.

I wear vans in multiple colors.

I have a double bed.

I have extra pillows on my bed.

I have stuffed toys on my bed.

I have a boyfriend/girlfriend.

I love them more than anything.

I miss them right now.

I am guilty of putting a boyfriend/girlfriend before friends.

I always obey the hoes before bros/bros before hoes rule.

I’m a virgin.

But I’m not against sex.

I’m just waiting for the right time.

I’ve given oral.

I’ve received oral.

I prefer to just cuddle rather than have sex.

I’ve had a sex dream.

I’ve kissed someone I shouldn’t have in a dream.

I don’t think kissing someone in a dream counts as cheating.

But kissing in real life does.

I’ve never cheated.

I’ve never been cheated on.

I know someone who has cheated.

A perfect date would be a quiet night in on the sofa watching a film.

A perfect date would be outside.

A picnic on the beach till sunset would be amazing.

I’ve never asked anyone out.

I’ve always been asked out in person, never through facebook or anything.

I think it’s nicer in person.

I’m friends with an ex.

I’ve had my heart broken.

I love my parents.

I’m British.

I’m a 90’s kid.

I watched bananas in pajamas.

And saved by the bell.

And I had a crush on Zack.

I drink tea.

I hate coffee.

Fizzy drinks make me hiccup.

I’ve been to Glastonbury.

I’ve been to Reading/Leeds.

I’m going to a festival this summer.

I hate camping.

I don’t own a pair of wellies.

I wear heels more than flats.

I tend to wear boots often.

My toenails are painted.

I only wear make up on special occasions.

I had and went to a prom this year.

I like making daisy chains.

I can bake cakes successfully.

Nah, I even burn toast.

I’ve accidentally set something on fire.

It was a microwave.

I have tan lines right now.

I don’t tan, just burn.

I use fake tan.

I am ashamed of my email address.

I have an iPad.

I have an iTouch.

I have an iPhone.

I can’t swallow tablets easily.

I like the taste of calpol.

I wear slippers.

I wear a watch.

I wear skinny jeans.

I wouldn’t call myself skinny.

I’ve been on a diet.

I like being single.

There is someone I like/fancy.

But they don’t like me back. 

I am too shy to tell them how I feel.

I was single last Valentine’s Day.

I am a boy.

And I feel like this is directed towards girls.

I enjoyed taking this bolding survey.

Nah, I’m just really bored.