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Chat Noir’s identity stopped being a secret with the worst possible timing; sort of like his puns. Marinette blinked at the oblivious boy, trotting away from behind an advert pole with his own face on it, and her heart cracked for the second time in as many weeks.

Alya never noticed, not when the first wound from Valentine’s day was still fresh. Marinette had never mentioned her alter-ego, as not only was this Alya, but she had in no way wished the other girl’s wrath onto Adrien. Even if he didn’t like Marinette, and only had a crush on a superhero he didn’t know (after all, half the class did, and that was alright), it was fairly normal for a teenage boy.

And at first, after the second shot at her heart, Marinette had thought it was a good thing. Adrien didn’t just have a simple case of celebrity crush, after all, didn’t he? If he was Chat, that meant he’d spent time with her, and knew her - Ladybug her - and so his crush was a lot more genuine. Tikki had rejoiced at her better mood, and encouraged her to try to speak to Adrien again.

He’d approached her, the day after Valentine’s, because of course he would. He wanted to let her down gently, be the gentleman she knew he was. She hadn’t really allowed it to go well; Alya hadn’t left her side (Alya had been witness to Marinette the Sobbing Mess, so there was no way in hell she was leaving Marinette Alone with Adrien), and Marinette had forestalled anything the boy had wanted to say by admitting she knew he didn’t like her, it was ok, hoping they could stay friends, and then running away. It could have been called a success, except that Marinette had kept running away every time she saw Adrien even try to attempt to look in her direction. To say their friendship was strained at this point was like saying her papa’s eclairs were … good.

So Marinette had been determined that night, as she went to bed, to speak to Adrien the following morning, properly. She’d even smiled a little, and just as they were about to fall asleep, Tikki had dropped - what she probably thought was a good thing - the fact that now, as half the secret was out, it was safer for Marinette to actually share her identity with him, as it was always safer when the black cat and ladybird were on the same page.

Burning hot anxiety and ice-cold dread had seized Marinette in the same instant, her half-closed eyes snapping open. She could hardly breathe, she couldn’t move, and she stared unseeing at the ceiling of her room as tears gathered in her eyes. As she heard Tikki fall asleep beside her, unaware of the havoc she’d just wreaked on Marinette’s mind, Marinette re-lived with mounting dread the moment Adrien had read her signed valentine, then imagined Chat looking at her with the same eyes, saying ‘what? No, Marinette, it’s you?’ with the same disappointed tone, and her heart cracked in a new, unexpectedly devastating way.

People did say tragedies came in threes. She supposed she should have expected it; the same boy broke her heart three times.

The thought of her partner, her best friend and the person Marinette had always, unconsciously, considered a second half of her brain - he just, understood her so well! She didn’t even have to speak sometimes! - being disappointed to find her behind the mask… it was a pain she hadn’t anticipated. It took her unawares, mercilessly culling her heart and leaving her feeling hollow.

Because she already knew what his reaction was going to be. She had seen his reaction, his face dropping as Marinette appeared where Ladybug should have been, at least in his mind. The person who knew her best, who - he said - loved her most, was disappointed in her. Found her … wanting. Lacking. A bit of a let-down, really.  If he didn’t want her, who would?

Tikki must have been shocked, the following morning, to find the joyous, hopeful Marinette who she’d gone to sleep with had transformed into a girl in a worse state than even the one after Valentine’s day. She didn’t cry this time - really, what was there to cry about anymore? - but she silently went about her day, smiling only when appropriate, nodding at people. Marinette sunk into her work with a determination and a silent drive that almost scared the tiny goddess. And when Tikki dared to propose they go speak to Adrien, as they had planned, her charge had, for the first time in their acquaintance, told her summarily to shut up. Marinette had never ordered Tikki. And Tikki, being a slave to anyone holding her Miraculous, could do nothing but obey, retreating into her bag with tears prickling her eyes as she realised, belatedly, that something had gone wrong inside Marinette, and that Tikki hadn’t noticed in time.

And then the Surete came looking.

The Mayor of Paris, they said, may be content to let two dangerously powerful Vigilante roam Paris’ streets and rooftops. The central Government of France - not to mention the European Parliament - had other opinions.

It was frightening how quickly they zeroed in on the 12th Arrondissement. The Mayor had never wanted the Heroes to stop doing their job - it brought Paris notoriety, publicity, and Ladybug fixing everything at the end meant no monetary costs for anyone, so that kept insurance companies happy and gave people peace of mind. He had never ordered a police investigation, therefore, and the Heroes were only children. It hadn’t occurred to them that Paris was covered in security cameras. Some belonged to the police, some belonged to banks, some to random citizens or shop owners, all just trying to protect their properties. The Surete had jurisdiction over them all.

Chat Noir blended into the background more easily. They had traced his retreats to one of the richer areas of Paris, then routinely lost him. Ladybug, however, in her bright red suit, was a lot harder to miss. The school Marinette went to had cameras as well, and a bank just down the street caught her several times. Even if Marinette was cautious enough to take round-about routes home every time, it didn’t change the fact that eventually, she had to go home.  Sabrina had no idea, when she was excitedly reporting the news her dad passed her surrounded by a gaggle of people and enjoying her moment of fame, that she was making Marinette’s stomach drop and her breakfast try to make a second coming every morning.

And then another complication occurred. Chat Noir, quite innocently, had begun visiting Marinette Dupain-Cheng. He’d noticed, he said, that she looked sad and paler than usual when he’d caught sight of her during patrol - Marinette wasn’t sure which patrols he meant, but she knew he patrolled alone sometimes, and perhaps he’d just noticed it at school. So he’d begun dropping by, bringing gifts, trying to cheer her up. It had been flattering at first, had made her hopes rise a little, until the Surete investigation had dropped on them like a bomb.

Marinette had tried to drop hints subtly at first, gently and slowly trying to tell him that it was too foolish and dangerous for him to come to her so often. She didn’t want her kitty to think he wasn’t welcome, or wasn’t loved - dieu was that wrong in so many ways - but he wasn’t taking the hint. Whether he was willfully ignoring them, she wasn’t sure, but it drove home the possibility that their ability to understand one another on the battlefield was magical, and therefore not at all what Marinette had thought it in the first place. It wasn’t a deep interpersonal connection that they shared as two people. Only a side-effect of a magic suit. Slowly, slowly, without even realising it, Adrien began to chip away at all the certainties Marinette had built during her year as Ladybug, making her feel like she had returned to the quiet, shy, lonely girl Chloe bullied constantly before she met Alya and Tikki.

The final blow came when Marinette was putting up new posters one night. Her pictures of Adrien had come down the week after Valentine’s, and her wall had remained pointedly blank since then. One picture of Chat Noir had gone up, the Ladybug side folded so that it faced the wall underneath, and she’d endured his teasing for it with a good face. Today, though, she’d decided she was tired of the blank wall, and was putting up some more pictures - pictures of a better time, she told herself. Her old class, Alya and her in a few selfies. That one time they’d taken an improvised photo session for Juleka last year. Nino and Adrien - though she made sure another photo of Juleka and Rose ‘accidently’ hid the blond’s face.

When Chat Noir coo-cooed through the sky light, and then made himself at her home on her chaise as she finished putting pictures up (the last a large poster related to Fashion Week), she ignored his nagging at first. It had been the same each week, when he dropped by; why was the Ladybug part of that poster hidden? Come on, he and his Lady were a team. He was flattered, but it wasn’t fair that she didn’t unfold the other half of the poster and hung it up properly. How sad Ladybug must be, with her face against the wall like that-

Marinette had snapped, at last. Even when he came all the way to her house to see her, putting them both in danger with the ongoing investigation closing in at an alarming rate, all he could speak about when he was in a girl’s bedroom at night was Ladybug.

‘Ladybug doesn’t exist!’ she hissed. She regretted it a moment later when she saw how Chat’s eyes grew large, and his face fell in dismay at her anger. Marinette reigned it in as best she could. ‘Do you think Ladybug is Ladybug right now? No, she’s probably a random girl, doing her homework somewhere. Or, or getting home. Or starting work - no one knows how old she is!’

Honestly, she was trying not to breathe too hard as several things happened inside her at once. Keeping her anger and hurt in check, keeping her identity secret, being apologetic, trying to keep her anxiety in, and trying also to keep her identity straight. But once she started speaking, she couldn’t stop.

‘I, I mean, no one knows her identity, or who she is - which means the same thing, which means, um, I mean. Or how old she is. Or what’s her name. I mean, you don’t either, right? You, you don’t really know her. She could be anyone.’ She swallowed, knowing by the aghast expression on his face that she had said the wrong thing. ‘I mean,’ she tried, screaming in her head even before the words came out. ‘I could be Ladybug! And you would never know!’

The way Chat Noir burst out laughing did something inside her chest she didn’t quite have a name for. It wasn’t heartbreak, because she was quite familiar with that. It wasn’t pleasant, yet it didn’t make her feel drained and hopeless the way she’d been feeling the last few weeks. Anger was another emotion she was familiar with, but this wasn’t exactly that, either. She did feel energised and ablaze as she did when she was angry, but instead of having a hot head and clouded judgement, she almost felt like this was the opposite. Her head felt clear, free of all the emotions and doubts and encumbering problems that had plagued her.

Several things clicked in her brain at once as she watched Chat, her beloved boy and partner, laugh at the possibility that Marinette was Ladybug. This was the solution; this was the solution to all their problems - all her problems too. She almost felt like she did when she was in battle and things in her surroundings lit up in black and red as she held the Lucky Charm.

‘You’re really sweet, and brave and smart,’ Chat said with the last few chuckles, ‘But Ladybug is something else, Princess.’

Marinette smiled, the first honest smile in weeks. She felt lighter, all of a sudden. As the forming idea in her head took more and more body, she felt better than she had felt in nearly two months.

‘Yeah,’ she replied, a giggle of her own escaping her as the buoyant feelings inside her hiccuped, and only rose further up. ‘Ladybug is someone else.’*

Chat Noir didn’t catch her rephrase as he chuckled on with her. Tikki, hidden within the sheets of Marinette’s bed, watched in horror as her charge’s words registered.


Continues an earlier concept which ended in angst, but I cannot link because I’m not on my laptop and tumblr coders expect me to code for them I googled html coding I haven’t used since my livejournal days. Welp, that website is still better coded than this one. I will edit later with a link at the top. Please have more angst. Another part shall soon follow.

* In French, this phrase would be ‘elle est special’ - Marinette would have changed it to ‘elle est genial’, which CAN mean the same thing, but also tells Tikki that Marinette just had an idea, and seeing her mood, she can guess it’s nothing good. As it is, I’m not happy with the English translation, as it’s too much of a hint. Alas, it is as it is. Alons a la prochien part.

I am also really frustrated with the tumblr app for not taking italics keyboard commands. Dudes. Tablet keyboards are a thing. Dudes.

Angst Concept story line: 1, 2, 3, 4

Into Dust (Phan)

Summary: Dan broke up with Phil, and Phil took it hard. When Dan hears Phil call himself useless during a liveshow, he backtracks and skims over the past events, and both discover what they gave up. 

(Loosely based on ‘Into Dust’ by Mazzy Star)

Genre: Angsty in parts but a fluffy, open-ending

Word Count: 2.2k

Read on ao3

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The Dance: Part One?

(Inspired by @starrycove dance au and this version? Adrien is three years older….)

She was finally here… All those days training, all those nights mourning her feet. It was all worth it; for this moment. The moment she had became a student at Agreste Academy of Dance. This was the place where all of the great dancers went to learn and where Adrien Agreste; son of Gabriel Agreste, the man who created the school; attending as a student.

Marinette have never seen the dancer in action herself; but was excited to work with him. She heard that he was a excellent dancer; that his technique was near perfect. 

“Dear, your barely breathing….” Her mother laughed next to her; holding a duffel bag in her left hand and placing the other on her daughter’s shoulder.

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daggerstiletto - I hope you have a lovely day my darling!  Here’s a little fic for you where Harry tries to help Draco get his patronus :-)

3.8K words, and a little bit of smut at the end.  Picture set by me featuring Marlon Teixeira as Harry and Clark Bockelman as Draco.  I don’t own any of the images.


Too Cool For School

   Harry blinked.  “Are you serious?” he asked, not really wanting to hear the answer.

  Mackleby Jones sighed and rubbed her eyes.  “Potter…” she began tiredly, but Harry waved her off.  

  “I know, I know,” he told his instructor.  

  She was a stout woman with dark skin and a disproportionate amount of patience.  But then, when dealing with hot-headed, wannabe Aurors, Harry guessed that sort of trait was necessary.  “I wouldn’t ask if I wasn’t desperate,” she told him as they strolled together down the Llyffant Pwll Academy hall.  “But we’ve talked about everything you did for the students of Hogwarts, no teacher ever coaxed out as many patronuses as you did.”

  Harry snorted.  “Yeah, but you are aware in seven years that school only ever gave us one decent Defence teacher.”  

  Mackleby sighed.  “And if he were still with us, don’t you think I’d be talking to Remus?”

  Harry slipped his hands into his pockets.  It had been a couple of years since the Battle of Hogwarts, but thinking about everyone he lost that day still stung.  Of course he would prefer it if Remus were still alive, and Tonks, and Fred and any one of his departed friends.  But they weren’t.  And Jones was right; when he was running Dumbledore’s Army he’d seen students achieve things he’d never thought possible, because of him.

  He knew he should be flattered, and he was.  He was only a first year himself, and yet here his professor was, asking him to coach a fellow student.  But it was the particular student in question that gave Harry pause.  He couldn’t ignore ten years of history between them.

  “He’s really not managing it at all?”

  Mackleby shrugged and unwrapped a rhubarb and custard hard boiled sweet from her pocket – her answer when the nicotine cravings got too much.  “Not even a wisp,” she confirmed, offering Harry the packet of sweets.  “If Malfoy can’t produce a functioning patronus by the end of the year I’ll have no choice but to fail him.”  She stopped walking and turned to face Harry.  “I know you boys aren’t close, but he’s worked so hard after…everything.”

  Harry knew that, he really did.  He’d actually swallowed his pride and spoken for Draco and his mother at their trails in the summer after the war.  He knew there had been circumstances out of their control, and he’d seen how hard Malfoy had worked to rebuild his life after Voldemort had tried to wreck it. Harry could identify with that. It didn’t mean he liked the pointy git any better.  

  “You really think he’ll listen to me?” he asked.  Surely Draco’s stubbornness wouldn’t allow him to be trained by The Chosen One, he’d rather die than admit to anyone he had a weakness, let alone Harry.

   But Mackleby smirked.  “I didn’t give him a choice.”

  Which is how Harry ended up stood in one of the Academy’s practice rooms, facing a rather grouchy Draco Malfoy, trying to channel his professor’s patience.  

  Llyffant Pwll was much like Hogwarts in many ways – not as big, but still a reasonable sized castle nestled in the Brecon Beacons of Wales.  It was home to those training for their Auror qualifications, as well as the Healers, Unspeakables and numerous other professions.  The second and third years would Floo out for on the job experience, but the first years spent almost all their time ensconced between these walls, learning from some of the best instructors in the world.

  “Give it up Potter,” Draco grumbled.  “You’re wasting your time.”

  Harry was getting annoyed by his pessimistic mood, no wonder he’d not had any success before now.  “You won’t pass if you don’t get this, so let’s just relax and try again.”

  “Reminding me – again-” Draco bit back. “That failing to achieve a patronus will result in my repeating the year does not help Potter.”  

  Harry swallowed.  “Sorry,” he said, and he meant it.  He shouldn’t let his own frustrations get the better of him.  “Look, you’re technique is pretty solid, I guess we should be focusing more on getting a really sharp memory for you to concentrate on.  You’ll never produce anything until you can tap into a source of something that makes you truly happy.”

  Draco scoffed and dropped his head back.  “Some of our lives aren’t all sunshine and daises Potter,” he told him, wandering around the room with his hands in his blond hair.  He had filled out a bit since school Harry had come to realise, training had bulked him up so he was less scrawny.  It suited him.  The same old miserable attitude however, did not.

  “Oh come on,” Harry said, laughing disparagingly.  “Does it still have to be ‘Potter’?  We’re all adults now.”

  “Yes, Potter,” he replied pointedly.  “It does. We are not bloody mates, we are just stuck here together for a little while.”  At that he checked his watch.  “Look, why don’t we call it a day.  I’ll tell Jones you worked really hard, but that I’m a lost cause. I’ll…make up extra credit on something else or something.”

  “That won’t work,” Harry said firmly.  “If you want to be an Auror, you need a patronus.”  And for some reason Malfoy did want to be an Auror.  Something about making amends Harry guessed?  “So come on, what makes you happy?”

  But Draco was shoving his stuff back into his bag.  “Just leave it,” he growled.

  “It doesn’t have to be much-” Harry started, but Draco shut him down.

  “I said leave it!” he snapped, storming out of the door.

  But Harry wasn’t very good at leaving well alone.  He had a mission now, and he was damned well going to succeed.

  How though? He needed something that warmed Draco’s soul (if he even had one) but he was such a miserable bastard it was hard to know where to start looking.  When it came to Harry’s friends he had so much experience to fall back on, but with Draco all he had was animosity.  He needed some insight, he needed…

  Harry sighed loudly to himself.  He knew exactly what he needed to do.

  A few days later, he found himself standing outside the address Jones was able to dig up for him, staring dubiously at the front door.  He was back in London, up north in Tottenham Hale in front of a dilapidated terraced house wondering if Mackleby had made a mistake.  But suddenly the intercom under his fingers crackled to life, and he lost his chance to back out.

  “Hello?” a voice demanded.

  “Um Pansy?” Harry asked.  He wasn’t sure he’d even had a civil conversation with the woman…or at all for that matter.  

  “Yes?” she said, her voice not losing it’s hard edge.  “Who’s this?”

  Harry swallowed and rubbed his nose for something to stall with.  “It’s uh, it’s Potter actually.  Can I talk to you for a minute?”

  There was a pause, and Harry was certain he was going to get told to fuck off.  But after another beat the speaker static flared up again.  “Come in,” she said simply, and the door clicked open.  

  Harry stared at it a minute, before hastily making his way through in case she changed her mind.  

  Once inside, it was clear the few flats contained within the house were all magical. Harry hadn’t really expected Pansy Parkinson to live in a genuinely Muggle area, and it was somewhat comforting to see the Sneak-A-Scope and moving mirrors in the hallway.  Taking the steps two at a time, he bounded up to the top floor and knocked on the door with the number five emblazoned on it.

  “It’s open,” Pansy’s voice floated through the wood.

  So Harry made his way inside, and discovered a small but extremely artfully decorated one bed flat, whose owner was perched on the living room window sill, a mug of coffee in one hand and a lit cigarette in the other.  “Hello Potter,” she said civilly.  “It’s been a while.”

  Harry cleared his throat.  “It has,” he said neutrally and closed the door behind him.  Pansy took a drag of the cigarette and blew it out the window into the afternoon spring air.  

  “Is there an reason for this honour,” she said, arching a black, pencilled eyebrow. “Or have you just come to gloat?”

  Harry frowned.  “Gloat?”

  She smirked. “No, you’re right,” she said, sweeping her arms out to encompass her small home.  “What could you possibly want to lord over me?”

  There was this thing with Slytherins, Harry had come to appreciate over the years, where they thought he was rich and privileged. Harry toyed with the idea of setting them straight sometimes, like now – of telling them how he grew up in a bloody broom closet, but the truth was he already had one troublesome Slytherin on his hands and he really couldn’t be bothered with a second.  

  “Your flat is lovely,” he said, side-stepping the issue, but Pansy scoffed.

  “Until I’ve proved I’m not a liability and get access to my trust-fund again,” she informed him matter-of-factly.  “It’s the best I can do.  But you didn’t come here to talk about my living arrangements, did you?”

  “No.” She narrowed her eyes at him, so he went on.  “I’m here for some help actually,” he said.  

  “From me?” Pansy asked sceptically.  “Whatever could I possibly help you with?”  

  “Draco Malfoy.”

  At that, her interest finally piqued.  She stubbed out her fag and hopped off the sill.  “Really,” she purred, swanning into the kitchen and depositing her mug in the sink.  “I think we may need a drink for this.  Sit.” She pointed at her round dining table and opened one of her cupboards.  Not feeling he really had a choice, Harry obeyed, letting his bag drop to the floor and lacing his fingers together to stop them twitching.  

  He wasn’t sure why he was so nervous, what did it matter to him if Pansy refused and Draco failed?  But somehow it did matter, so he kept his mouth clamped shut for the moment and his hands gripped tight on the table top.  

  She presented him with two little cut-crystal glasses on slim but sturdy stems, and poured a measure of amber liquid into each for them before sitting down, the bottle placed ominously between them.  “Fire away, what do you want to know?”

  “I’m trying to help him get his patronus,” Harry started, but Pansy distracted him but knocking back her drink in one go.  She leant back smugly in her chair, licking her lips and eyeing up Harry like a cat with the cream in its sights.  So he bucked up and followed her lead, swallowing the liquid down in one, and only managing to splutter a little as the fiery alcohol hit his throat.  

  “Go on,” she said, giving them a refill.  There was a pleasant almond taste seeping through after the initial shock, and Harry found he didn’t mind the idea of more.  

  “He needs it to graduate the year, but he can’t do it, he doesn’t even seem to want to try.”

  Pansy nodded and began sipping the second glass.  “Not changed much then since school,” she conceded.  “He always hated that spell, said it was namby-pamby.”

  It was Harry’s turn to raise an eyebrow.  “I’m guessing that’s actually because he had so much difficulty with it?”

  Pansy winked at him.

  “Right,” Harry huffed.  “Well, I’m glad we established that.  But now it’s my responsibility to make sure he doesn’t fail, so he’s going to have to get over himself.”

  Pansy laughed and her brown eyes danced.  She was still as immaculate as she’d ever been at school, with her acute black bob of hair and ruler straight fringe, pristine makeup and clothes arranged in a fashion Harry didn’t really comprehend other than to know they were ‘in’. But sitting across the table from her, he was starting to get a sense of fun he had never seen before, and he had to say he liked it.  

  “Good boy,” she told him.  “Don’t take any of his shit.”

  “This is where you come in,” Harry pressed on, finishing his glass again and starting to feel his mind floating slightly.  “He needs a happy memory to make the spell work, but he won’t talk about anything like that with me.  So I was wondering if you had any ideas?”

  Pansy ran her thumb across her red lower lip.  “Draco doesn’t really do happy darling,” she said and picked up the bottle once more.  Harry was glad he didn’t have any classes to return to, he had a feeling this was going to get messy.  “He’s more the angsty, melancholy kind.”

  He nudged his glass forward as she held out the bottle.  “Well that doesn’t help him or me,” he said.  “Is there something that makes him less of a twat perhaps?  Favourite food, places to go?  I know he liked Potions at school.”

  “Potions make him calm,” Pansy interjected, lighting up another cigarette.  “I doubt that’ll be enough.”

  “Well is he seeing anyone?” Harry asked.  “Is there a girl he fancies that might light him up a bit?”

  Pansy shrieked with mirth, but it was warm and not scathing like Harry would  have expected.  “Have you seen his hair?” she asked, grinning and taking another gulp of the almond fire.  “No, there’s no girl, never has been.”

  Harry wasn’t sure what to make of that – did she mean styling his hair made him happy? That was a bit odd, and probably not enough to make a patronus anyway.   “There’s got to be something,” he insisted.

  Pansy sighed and stretched out her arms contentedly.  She seemed to be enjoying herself.  “Potter, sweetheart,” she said, batting her thick eyelashes.  “The only time he really ever got…excited…about anything was when, well,” she snorted and sipped her drink again.  “When he was tormenting you.”

  Harry blinked.  “Huh?”

  She tittered and flicked her ash into a bowl she had conjured out of nowhere.  “You know,” she carried on with a wicked glint in her eye.  “Like when he made all those ‘Potter Stinks!’ badges back in fourth year.  He just loved that, it gave him such a kick seeing how wound up you got. Or when you lot would play Quidditch, even if he lost he would rant loudly and I could tell he was relishing it.” She grinned.  “You boys were always chasing each other about the castle, seeing who could piss higher than the other.  It was all so-” she shuddered and dragged on her cigarette. “Thrilling.”

  Harry was aware he was staring at her, so he decided to take another hit of alcohol, because he had a feeling that might help.  “You’re telling me,” he said.  “That the closest Draco ever got to being happy was messing with me?”

  “Yes,” said Pansy simply.

  “That’s fucked up.”

  Pansy giggled until tears sprung at the corner of her eyes.  “Oh don’t I know it poppet,” she said.  

  But something had sparked in Harry’s slightly addled mind, and he raised his thimble of a glass to his drinking companion.  “I think I might be able to work with that,” he told her.

  She chinked her own glass with him and nodded solemnly.  “Oh that, my dear Potter,” she toasted.  “I have no doubt.”


   A few days (and one serious hangover) later, Harry plopped himself down at one of Llyffant Pwll’s library tables, feeling quite proud of himself.  Draco looked slowly up from his textbook, displeasure clear on his features.  “What?”

  “Nothing,” said Harry, pulling out his own books.  “Partner.”

  Draco stilled, quill mid-scratch, eyes focused on a knot in the wood above his parchment.  “What?” he said, a little breathlessly.  

  Harry shrugged.  “We’re partners now.”

  “In what?” Draco demanded.


  That finally made Draco’s head snap up.  “Potter what did you do?”

   “I switched all our classes so we’re working together,” Harry said, enjoying himself a little bit too much.  “You can thank you when you have your patronus.”

  Draco though ground his teeth.  “How does me being lumbered with you get me a patronus exactly?”

  “I,” said Harry magnanimously.  “Am going to stick by your side, and work out what makes you happy.”  Other than, he added mentally, annoying me, which you will be able to do more of, because I will always be around. He was very proud of his plan either way.

  Draco’s mouth opened and closed, not sure what he wanted to say.  “And our lecturers all agreed to this?”

  “Oh yes,” said Harry happily, flicking to the same page in the textbook Draco was on. “They thought it was a marvellous idea.”

  “We’ll see,” Draco grumbled, but he seemed to realised his battle was lost.  

  And lost it was.  Harry had the upper hand knowing it was a game, so delighted in provoking Draco in as many ways as he could get away with, whether it was asking obviously stupid questions about their assignments or resorting to a good old fashioned prank. To begin with, Draco suffered with silence and dignity, but when Harry woke one day to find all his underwear spelled green and his quill cursed to only write “Potter likes it up the arse” did he finally feel he was getting somewhere.

  “Would you two keep it down?” Ron had called angrily one day over the courtyard as they bellowed each other hoarse on the correct emergency procedure for escaped ghouls, and then Hermione had had to (literally) smack their heads together when their liquorice wand eating competition had gotten out of hand.  

  “Honestly, it’s like being back in school,” she’d bemoaned, and the two of them had given her black, sticky grins.

   Because Harry began to realise, as much as Draco enjoyed ribbing and tormenting him, he liked it just as much back.

  “Come on,” he whined, back in the practice room as he and Draco danced around each other. “You’re much less grumpy these days, there must be something you can try to spark of you patronus!”

  “Don’t push it Potter,” Draco snapped, but it had lost some of the previous weeks’ rancour.  

  “What?” Harry asked innocently.  “Like this?”  

  And he gave Draco just a little prod on the shoulder with his fingertips.  “What are you…?” he started, shaking his head in exasperation.

  Harry did it again, and Draco’s face dropped into a scowl.  “Come on,” said Harry, waggling her eyebrows.  “It’s just a little push!  That’s all you need, I know you know what makes you happy!”  And he gave him a push again.

  “Potter cut it out!” Draco cried reaching over and shoving him with both hands, and that was all the incentive Harry needed to tackle him to the ground.

  They yelped like puppies and Harry maintained his upper hand by diving in to tickle Draco’s ribs.  “Come on Draco!” he crowed between laughing.  “You can do it!  Show me, show me what makes you happy!”

  “Harry get off!” he responded, using his height to bowl them over and try and pin Harry down.  But Harry was fast and lithe and was enjoying it far too much.  “You prat – STOP!”

   Harry just cackled though, mussing up Draco’s hair and grappling his waist between his thighs.  “Not until you show me your patronus!” he declared.  “Take me to your happy place Draco!”

  Suddenly, Draco became still in Harry’s arms, his face serious as he panted and fixed Harry with a searing look.  “Fine,” he rasped.

  It all happened so fast.  He arched up his hips, bringing their chests together as he grabbed Harry’s hair in one hand and his shirt in the other.  Their lips came crashing down onto each other, and before Harry could even process what was happening a strong, slippery tongue was pushing its way through to meet his own, and…oh…

  Harry moaned.  He found his own hands fighting to pull Draco as close to him as possible, yanking at material and skirting over his beautifully soft hair-

  AH! So that’s what Pansy had been talking about.  He felt the laughter rumble through his throat, and Draco just squeezed him tighter.

  He was kissing Draco Malfoy.  He was kissing Draco Malfoy and it felt amazing. All those fights, all that tension, now it all just seemed so right, like it had been leading up to this moment all along.  

  They sprawled on the floor, their bodies undulating together, and Harry could feel Draco’s hardness rubbing up against his own through their trousers.  “Yes,” Harry whispered as he gasped for breath. “Yes.”  

  “Want you,” Draco mumbled as he attacked Harry’s neck, sucking and licking and biting in his fervour.

  “Got me,” Harry assured, before gasping out loud.  Draco’s hand had worked between them and was now firmly rubbing against Harry’s crotch, adding to the pressure already there.  “Take me.”

  Draco barely broke their kissing as he quickly lifted himself up and attacked the zips keeping them apart.  Harry wanted to get involved though, and soon his shirt was off, as was Draco’s, and then there wasn’t much left keeping them apart at all.

  “This is your happy place?” Harry whispered as Draco conjured something slippery with his wand into his hand that he then massaged liberally against his and Harry’s groins.  The sensation was mind-blowing, and Harry struggled to keep his thoughts coherent as slowly they began to grind together.

  “Yes,” Draco mewled, kissing him again.  He wasn’t going to last much longer, but then he got the impression Draco wasn’t either. “Wanted you…so long.”

  “I’m here,” Harry assured him, his finger digging into the flesh of Draco’s arse as his pace got quicker and quicker.  “Right here Draco.”  He yelled out as his orgasm built, seeing stars in front of his eyes.  “I’m going to-”

  “Me too,” Draco grunted.  “Me too, I’m-”

  Harry seized him as their climaxes collided, wailing and gnashing and panting desperately for breath.

  “Fuck,” Harry exhaled, dropping back onto the wooden floorboards, letting Draco slump bonelessly on top.  “Wow. I think…I think I just found my new happy place too.”

  Draco grinned sleepily and fumbled for his wand.  “Expecto Patronum,” he said casually, and a huge burst of silver erupted from the tip.  There before them, in all their naked glory, settled Draco Malfoy’s first ever patronus.

  Harry groaned.  “Of course it’s a bloody dragon,” he said good humouredly, fishing out his own wand from his discarded jeans and whipping up his stag. The two ethereal creatures regarded each other as the stag cautiously approached, before nuzzling its head into the dragon’s flank.  “My one likes it.”

  “Your one loves it,” Draco teased, pulling Harry back in for another, messy hug as the spells faded away.  

  Harry shrugged, hardly able to suppress his smirk.  “I’m not sure,” he said, running his hands over the smooth skin of Draco’s back. “I think we need to do some more research, test our theories.”

  “Is that so?” asked Draco.  Harry nodded. “How’s your schedule for this afternoon, think we could do some more testing now?”

  Harry rolled his eyes and pretended to think.  “Well, I guess, for you…”  He dove back in for another languorous kiss.  “I’m wide open.”

  Draco gave him a look of pure sass.  “Not yet,” he said, glancing purposefully down at their hot, entwined bodies.  “But you will be.”

  And that was how Harry learned that both he and Draco had many happy memories they could make together, and patronuses were never an issue again.


(BTW -  Llyffant Pwll means “Frog Pond” in Welsh lol)

A blessing in disguise ~ chapter 23

Authors note: read at own risk, sexual references are within this chapter, for younger readers, I highly recommend you only read this if you’re okay with sexual references. Just a warning :) xx

A blessing in disguise ~ chapter 23

***the Next night***

I walk along side Harry, going through the airport. Harry is quiet, not talking much, I don’t know why. He has his hand in a bit of a fist, something telling me he isn’t in the best of moods. “Hurry up Hayley” he instructs, making me speed up my pace. Harry pushes his way through a crowd of people, making me push through as well. We get to a large area, a terminal to be exact, but it’s empty. I look at Harry a little confused, “What?” he asks, sitting himself down on one of the chairs. “Why is it empty?” I question looking around, at rows of empty seating. “It’s called a private terminal. Only people with private planes come in here.”
“Uhm you have your own?” I gasp, he shakes his head. “no I don’t have my own plane. It’s the company jet”
“but I’m not part of the company so I shouldn’t be on it.”
“you’re allowed on.”
“oh okay” I drop the subject as I notice Harry tensing a little. I sit down next to him, leaning my arm on the arm rest. “Where are we going?” I question curiously, still completely unaware of where I am going.
“You will see, now stop asking question. All I have gotten tonight is questions from you.” Harry groans, and I just quieten down. We board the plane, and I air quietly before I see two other guys walk on. They look at Harry, giving him a weird look before looking at me. “Hayley?” the taller one asks, and it takes me a moment to realize, “Hi Liam”
“What are you doing here?”
“she’s awaiting the plane to take off obviously” Harry interrupts, giving Liam a look. “Hey Hayley” Niall smiles,
“How are you?”
“great, and you?” I ask,
“I’m good thanks” Niall nods, his eyes beaming excitedly. “Harry how are you?”
“I’m great Niall, thanks for asking” Harry sarcastically replies,
“what’s wrong with you lad?”
“Something clearly is” Liam pipes in, and Harry tilts his head.
“bugger off” he mumbles, I can’t help but look at the boys saddened. Harry doesn’t need to be like this, they haven’t done anything wrong. “Harry what’s wrong?” I softly ask but he completely ignores me, as if I didn’t even say anything. I deeply sigh deciding not to bother him. I lean back on my chair awaiting for the plane to take off. My head slowly falls and leans on Harry’s arm. His arm is propped up on the arm rest. “Comfy?” his voice asks, “yes”
“oh too bad” he sighs before moving, getting up. I groan moving my position. After a few moments he slumps down. “That was mean wasn’t it?”
“a bit”
“Here you can lean on me if you want” he quietly breathes, I lean on his shoulder, closing my eyes and falling asleep.

Harry’s p.o.v

Hayley falls asleep on my shoulder rather quickly, at least she isn’t whining at me, or telling me how much of a dick I am for how I treated Liam and Niall. In my defense I am tried and not in any mood for shit. I just want to land, and go to the resort that we have booked and sleep. Hayley is still unaware of the fact we are going to Greece, I can only imagine what her parents will think. I look out the window, out at the dark sky. My gaze moves and I find myself looking at Hayley. I groan a little frustrated, confused. Why am I getting some enjoyment from watching her peacefully asleep on my arm?


I have barely slept, this whole plane ride I was awake. I nudge Hayley and she tiredly opens her eyes. “We are landing” I inform her, before I turn my head to look out the window. “oh” she sighs rubbing her eyes, before stretching her legs out, “Where are we?” Hayley yawns, her voice soft and tired. I don’t reply, I don’t feel like replying, she will find out when we get out of the airport. “Harry?”
“what?” I snap my head to look at her. Her lips purse before she looks down,
“never mind” Hayley shakes her head, causing me to roll my eyes. She should know by now I don’t like questions, and that I’m not the best person to annoy/talk to when I haven’t slept. The plane comes to a stop, before the pilot comes out of the cockpit and starts talking. “Come on” I Instruct standing up and grabbing a bag. Hayley obeys and stands herself up before her arms lean over to get a bag. I push her hand away and grab it myself. “I’ve got it”
“I can carry it if you want”
“I said I’ve got it” I mumble holding the bag tightly in my hand by the strap. Hayley clears her throat before she puts her hand bag over her shoulder. I make my way to the exit, and step down the stairs, ignoring the boys behind me. Hayley trails behind me slowly, I stop, turning on my heel, “Hayley come on” I groan wanting To get to the hotel as soon as I possibly can. “Where are we?”
“Somewhere, low lets go” I grab her hand, before realizing Liam give me a look. “What?” I ask looking at him,
“You two are official?” he asks a little shocked. “Yes, I know, who would think I would be in a serious relationship” I roll my eyes before pulling at Hayleys hand, forcing her along. We exit through the back exit of the hotel, and all 4 of us pile into one car. Liam in the front, Hayley, Niall and I in the back. “So when we get back maybe we can explore the town or sit by the pool?” Liam suggests looking back at us. I shake my head, I plan on spending my time with Hayley, not them all the time, and I just want to sleep. “No”
“But why?” Niall asks looking at me.
“I want to sleep”
“Come on, explore with us” Liam encourages, Hayleys eyes growing wider as she looks out the window probably realizing where we are. “No, leave me alone” I firmly answer, before they back off me. “You’re grumpy” Niall points out,
“I hasn’t slept, what do you expect?”
“at least he’s not swearing” Hayley pipes in,
“I can start”
“no, just stay quiet” Hayley smiles, again making my eyes roll. We arrive at a hotel, Hayley stumbles out of the car, before getting a bag. I stretch my legs out before I take the bag from her. She doesn’t need to carry bags, she will only hurt herself then I will have to listen to her whine. “I can-”
“no” I cut Hayley off carrying the bags into the lobby. I look at the high maintenance woman behind the desk, before I tell her my information. She hands me a key, before pointing the direction I need to go in. I take the lead. Making my way to our area. We pile into the elevator quietly. I get to the room Hayley and I are sharing. I drop our bags to the ground, before I dive onto the bed. “Can’t we go to the main town?” Hayleys voice asks me,
“you slept on the plane didn’t you?” I mumble,
“well I didn’t so I much rather stay here and sleep. There’s plenty of time to walk around the main town that will fascinate you, and bore me. Let me get some sleep.” I instruct, completely unaware of Hayleys thoughts. I feel the bed dip, I open an eye and see Hayley lying on her back. “You could have gotten two beds.” she comments,
“You’ve already slept in the same bed as me, more than once.”
“I was sick”
“It still happened. Your parents aren’t going to know.”
“it isn’t them I’m worried about” Hayley shakes her head,
“Than what is it?” I ask curious to what is wrong with her staying in the bed. It isn’t like we will do anything. It hasn’t really crossed my mind. Well it has, but it isn’t my intentions to do anything with her. I know she doesn’t want too, and that she’s still a virgin, so she needs to feel ready. Hayley doesn’t reply, making me fall asleep.

I wake up to my stomach growling, I rub my eyes, forcing myself up on my elbows. “Hayley..Hayley wake up” I touch Hayleys shoulder, gently shaking her. Her eyes flutter open, before blinking at me a few times. “lets get dinner” I yawn standing up, and adjusting my top. “I was sleeping” Hayley grumpily comments, before getting herself off the bed. “Well..” I trail off before picking up my wallet. “Are you ready?” I ask Hayley wanting to eat already. “Just let me find my meds” hayley smiles, her eyes glistening. I watch as she bends down and opens her bag, digging in. “How long does it take?” I groan watching her dig through her bag. “I can’t find them”
“Can’t we just go and find them later?” I sigh, my stomach growling.
“No I need to take one before eating.”
“are you in pain?”
“just a little, just give me a minute. Stop being impatient” Hayley snaps at me, clearly annoyed.
“Woah calm down, don’t get all pissed off” I cross my arms, leaning on the wall.
“Well quit being impatient like you have somewhere important to be.” Hayley replies managing to get her hands on what she needed. “Come on” I groan, she shoves them into her small purse before walking out the door. “You’re worse than my sister and mother combined” I mutter, but Hayley doesn’t respond, she just continues to walk. We get downstairs, and pass the guest pool, before I take Hayleys hand, I decide to stay in the hotel tonight. I don’t know how things are outside the hotel. I will explore that tomorrow. We walk into one of the many hotel restaurants. Greeted by staff wearing blue and white, traditional Greek colours. The woman have their hair pinned back neatly in buns, or in pony tails. The men have groomed hair, and are wearing ties. “They look like idiots in a tie” I point out quietly. “Be nice.” she warns me, smiling at the waiter, as we are escorted to a table. Hayley sits down in her chair before I could even think about possibly pulling it out for her. The waiter hands Hayley the menu, before giving her a smile. “May I offer you some wine?” his Greek accent asks, Hayleys eyes seem to light up at the sound, I glare at her, before moving my eyes to the waiter. “No not yet” I answer, watching as Hayley eyes the man. The waiter nods before he walks away. “Are you enjoying checking him out?” I whisper in a pissed off tone, not caring.
“I wasn’t”
“Your eyes look like they are about to pop out” I bite down on my cheek, to stop myself from getting angry and causing a scene. There’s no doubt in my mind that I won’t start something right now.
“Oh gosh, are you serious?” Hayley scoffs,
“Do I look serious?”
“You look and sound like an idiot. Listen to yourself. Why would I check him out?” she defends, but not making the problem any better.
“I don’t f*cken know, all I know is that I know what I saw. I don’t appreciate it.”
“Enjoy your meal” Hayley shakes her head before getting up and walking away from the table. I stand up stopping myself from shouting across the restaurant. I catch up to Hayley, “Hayley.. Hey don’t ignore me” I firmly say grabbing her wrist, and forcing her to turn around. Her eyes look into mine, “Let me go” she hisses, I instantly let her go, knowing very well if I don’t she will get upset. “Hayley you were eyeing him. What do you expect?”
“You’re so jealous”
“no I’m not” I defend but she keeps walking, I follow her, biting down and not saying a word. The silence stays between us until we get to our room.
“Why are you being so stuck up?” I Blurt out,
“Really? You want to start this? For gods sake, I’m not. You’re overreacting”
“oh yeah, I’m over reacting. You cheated on me, but I am overreacting when you eye another guy?” I scoff, trying to stay under control, and not completely lose my mind. I can’t believe she’s trying to deny this. I saw for my own eyes that her eyes grew larger as she looked at the waiter. “I don’t want to deal with this”
“Why did you even come with me? Why did you follow me to LA?” I snap, tugging at my hair, a rush in me, making me want to lash out. I have feelings and they seem to keep getting pushed away with every little thing that happens. I’m sick of it. I’m sick of feeling for a girl and then everything being turned upside down.
“Because I wanted to be with you. But you just want to over react.” Hayley hisses at me, her hands reaching for her bag before she pushes past me and storms out of the room. I let out a groan before I find myself following her. I don’t know why I am following her, or even why I bother with her. All I know is that I am doing things I have never done for a girl. I don’t chase girls. If they leave they leave, clearly my mind and emotions are going crazy. Making me do crazy things. I follow Hayley as she walks around, I watch her for a little, before we find out way to the beach. “Hayley” I call. I hear the sound Of the waves crashing, the whistling of the breeze. The smell of salty air fills my lungs. I take my shoes off quickly, watching as Hayley does the same. The small grains of sand make their way between my toes. The soft cold feeling, sending shivers down my spine. “Hayley” I sigh jogging over to her, she looks up at me,
“I over reacted” I give in, I don’t think I over reacted but I don’t want to continue this with her.
“Say sorry”
“I don’t say sorry” I shake my head, she of all people should know I never apologize. By apologizing it means I would have to be sincere, which will push me under the category of being weak. By saying sorry I am giving in, dropping my guard, losing authority. “Well you should”
“but I don’t” I answer, placing my hand gently under her chin, making her look at me. Our eyes connect, before I lean down, pressing my lips against hers. I pull away gently before she smiles brightly. She takes my hand in hers, our fingers perfectly intertwined. We walk along the beach, before I have a small idea. An idea that is random but feels right. It feels right to express something at this moment. I let go of Hayleys hand before I dig my foot into the sand. I draw an ‘I’ before 'LO’
I turn around and see Hayley standing watching but her gaze is taken away. “Harry, Hayley!” a voice shouts out.

Hayleys p.o.v

My attention turns away from Harry. My hair blowing gently in the wind. “What are you guys doing out here?” Niall smiles holding a beer in his hand. “Nothing, just walking” I reply before turning and looking at Harry. He groans loudly before I see him glide his foot over the sand where he had started to do something. Completely messing up/covering whatever he was writing. “Do you guys want to have a few drinks with us?” Niall questions,
“Aren’t we underage?” I ask,
“No it’s legal” Niall shakes his head,
“Well I can’t drink, I just had my meds.” I pout before plopping down on the sand. Harry sits down next to me, he seems quiet. “I’ll take a drink” Harry pipes up, his voice deep, sounding a little annoyed. “'ere you go” Niall hands Harry a bottle taking it out of Liams hand, “I was going to drink that” Liam comments,
“No you weren’t” Niall replies before Harry pops the cap off the drink. His arm snakes around me, pulling me closer to him. My feet dig into the sand, the feeling of the cool sand between my feet an amazing feeling. The wing blowing my hair gracefully is a calming feeling, what makes this better is that I get to be on this beach next to Harry. “Can I just have a sip?” I softly ask watching as the bottle leaves Harry’s lips. Without a problem the bottle is handed to me. I was expecting Harry to say no, but he doesn’t. He just hands it to me. I take the glass bottle in my hand, I take a small sip before handing the bottle back. Beer isn’t my thing, I’m not much for it. “So did you go into town?” I ask looking at Niall and Liam. Liam shakes his head. “No we stayed in our rooms” he then adds. Harry stays quiet while the boys talk to me, I don’t know what Harry’s problem is, he just isn’t getting into the conversations. “Well boys we are going” Harry clears his throat interrupting the conversation.
“Uhm okay” Liam nods a little confused. Harry stands up before I force myself up. “Bye boys don’t stay out too late” I smile before following Harry. “Why are we leaving?” I question, taking his hand. “I wanted to leave.”
“but why?”
“stop with the questions, you know I can’t stand it” Harry mutters, before I notice him looking out at the water as we walk.
“Why don’t you like being questioned?”
“because I don’t have to answer to anybody. I’m my own person who does my own things. I don’t need to f*cken account to anyone. The sooner people realize that, the better.” Harry snaps. I can’t help but sigh, I dislike how he easily snaps, it’s as if he has no tolerance for anyone or anything.
“I’m not trying to make you mad, but some questions are just general questions.”
“I don’t care, I’m sick of always being questioned for every move I make. Let’s drop it” Harry grumbles kicking the sand with his foot.
“You blow things out of proportion Harry.” I state, not wanting to argue but wanting to get him to see things in a different light.
Harry doesn’t reply, his hand parts away from mine, before space is put between us. “Harry-”
“I don’t want to hear it Hayley.” Harry shakes his head. I go to comment but I stop myself. I sit myself down on the sand watching as Harry continues walking away. “Are you coming?” he turns around shouting to me. “No” I call out, he looks at me before he just walks away. I sit on the sand, watching as the water hits the sand. I sigh deeply, breathing in the salty air, the breeze of the ocean rushing past me. I don’t know why Harry insists in being this way. I’ve done nothing, and questioning him about small thins isn’t a big deal. I stay on the sand for a while, before I get up. I walk to the edge where the water meets the sand. I let the water hit my toes. The water isn’t cold, but it isn’t warm, it’s in the middle. I smile to myself, the feeling of the water and sand between my toes something I enjoy. I wish Harry would enjoy it with me, but he is in a mood. He has been ever since getting on the plane. I do wonder why I came here, or even why he wanted me to come if he was going to be like this. I hate the fact there are mixed signals and emotions. One minute he is in one mood the next another. One minute he wants to be with me, the next he is nowhere to be seen. If he wanted me to come here why would he just leave me on the sand alone? To let my own thoughts echo in my head, and confuse me. I eventually get up and walk along the beach back into the hotel. I wash my feet off by one of the taps, before walking along the pool fence. I walk to the elevator making my way to the room Harry and I are sharing. Maybe we shouldn’t share a room, we should be in separate rooms. I feel maybe we would be moving too fast to be sharing a room. Sure we did when I was sick but that was different. I knock on the door, listening for Harry to open the door. The door opens, Harry looks at me, he steps out of the way to let me in. The door shuts, before he locks it. I look into my bag and grab a pair of pajamas. I go into the bathroom closing the door before changing. I don’t want to change in front of Harry. I don’t feel comfortable doing so. I’m insecure with my body for starters and his eyes will wonder. As all boys do. When I had to change in the hospital, he kept his eyes on mine, respectfully but now I don’t think he will keep his eyes from wondering. My body isn’t much to look at. I step out of the bathroom before picking up my phone. I don’t have much signal, so I place I just go on the hotels wifi. Harry lays down next to me, tilting his head to look at me. He wants to say something, but I don’t know if I want to hear what he has to say. “Have you seen what’s out those doors?” Harry clears his throat, looking at the large glass doors that are blacked out so you can’t see in or out. I shake my head, getting curios to what is out there. “Let’s go see?” Harry suggests, getting off the bed. I shake my head, confused to why his mood changed. Harry doesn’t take the answer. Instead he grabs my hand, pulling me off the bed, he drags me to the doors and open them. In front of me, I see a large area, with our own private pool, and spa. I gasp, amazed at the beautiful sight. Beyond the private pool, we over look the ocean. “Wow” I let out mesmerized by the beautiful view. “Is every room look like?” I ask, Harry shakes his head, “no that’s why there is also a pool downstairs.” he answers, before I feel his arms wrap around me from behind. “Should we go for a dip?” he whispers into me, but I shake my head. I don’t really feel like going in now. My mood was killed when Harry left me on the beach. “Tomorrow night.” he whispers before I feel a kiss to my cheek. Things don’t make sense, I can’t understand. I shrug away from Harry before I walk into the room. “Hayley?” he sighs,
I turn to look at him. “One minute you are mad, the next you’re not. Something’s going on and I don’t like it.” I admit, wanting answers but unable to ask questions. “What do you want from me Hayley? You’re never happy” Harry snaps, I look down before turning away from him. “I’m going to bed, goodnight” I shrug, sliding into the clean sheets of the bed. I snuggle down into the fluffy pillow. Hotel pillows always have a scent to them that I can never distinguish. Harry doesn’t say goodnight, instead he just flops on the bed. He doesn’t get under the covers. He rolls onto his side, turning his back to me. I sigh closing my eyes and drifting to sleep.

I wake up to Harry moving around in the bed, I open my eyes, and stretch my legs, and arms out. “You awake?” Harry’s deep raspy voice questions, before I feel the bed dip a little. “I am now” I chuckle lightly, sitting up. “Want breakfast?”
“yes I’m starving, what’s for breakfast?” I smile, pushing the covers off me. The room a bit warm. “There’s a buffet downstairs?”
“mm sounds great, I’ll get get dressed. Is it hot outside?” I smile getting off the bed. “Go outside” Harry instructs shrugging, he leans over and reaches for his phone. I walk to the doors and slide then open. I step out, the sound of the ocean fills my ears, and the warm sun shines down on me. “I think it’s going to get hot” I smile, happy to feel hot weather. “Great no clothes” Harry happily comments, “you’re terrible”
“you were thinking that too” Harry defends,
“no” I shake my head walking into the room. I dig through my bag, and sigh. “I don’t have any clothes.” I comment,
“want to buy some?”
“no I’ll go around without clothes” I sarcastically answer, making Harry smirk.
“Hey I have no objections to that”
“I do” I reply, finding a plain black dress. Harry sits up in the bed, looking at me. “What?” I question opening the door to the large bathroom. “You’re scared to change in front of me” he laughs,
“there’s nothing funny about it. I’m not scared, I just choose not to” I defend,
“Okay, carry on” Harry smiles watching me as I walk into the bathroom. I close the door, locking it as well. I quickly take my pajamas off, sliding my dress over my body. I step out, the dress ending mid thigh. Harry eyes me but I ignore him. He gets up off the bed before picking out his clothes. He pulls his dirty top off before pulling on the exact same looking top. “You have the same top but multiple copies?” I question. “I like the top, don’t judge” he replies. I don’t reply, instead i look into my duffle bag and find a pair of ballet flats to wear. They are plain and a beige colour. “Do you have any moisturizer?” I ask looking at Harry. “No” he shakes his head before pulling on a pair of black jeans. I sigh looking down at my legs, they are a little dry. “Well I need to go change” I stand up, but Harry shakes his head, “there’s a small shop downstairs, I’m sure they have moisturizer and stuff” Harry takes my hand, quickly leading me out of the room. “You didn’t let me wash my face, do my hair, or apply make up” I quickly say, “you look fine to me” he shrugs not caring too much. I roll my eyes before we go downstairs. Harry pulls me into the small store, letting go of my hand. I go to the small part were they has bottle of many things. I see sunscreen, tanning oils, and moisturizer. I pick up the moisturizer, before quickly looking at myself in the small mirror. I quickly comb my hair with my fingers before going to the counter. Harry pays the lady before I could get my card out. “Too late” he shrugs taking the small bag the moisturizer is in. I take it from him, taking the moisturizer out. “Thank you”
“you’re welcome” he answers. We walk out of the store. I quickly sit at one of the chairs and quickly put the cream on my legs. “Reason why you’re watching?” I question,
“You’re legs are f*cken perfect” Harry lets out, and I look at him. He clears his throat. “Sorry, so uh breakfast?” he changes the subject quickly. I roll my eyes standing back up. “Subtle very subtle” I comment, placing the moisturizer bottle in the bag. We walk over to the buffet breakfast. We are seated quickly by a lovely woman, her brown hair is pinned back on a pony tail, with a small part of th side in a plait. The smell of so many different types of food fill my senses, making my stomach growl even more. “Are there any beverages I can get?” the woman asks looking at me. “Uhm I’ll take an Orange juice please” I smile,
“I’ll take a strong coffee, 1 sugar, no cream” Harry orders before looking at me. “I’ll be right back. Help yourself to the foods.” the woman smiles, walking off on her heels. I walk with Harry up to the buffet, taking a plate in my hand. I get some bacon, and eggs, sigh toast lightly buttered, along with some Greek dish I am unaware of the name. I go back to our table, sitting down. Harry comes back, with an omelet, some bacon, and some pastry looking thing. “Looks delicious” I smile, Harry nods in agreement. The woman comes back, placing our drinks on the table. “Of all the things you choose eggs and bacon?”
“you chose an omelet” I shrug. Harry smiles before taking a drink from his coffee, seeming delighted with it. I look up and see Niall walk in, with black Ray-Bands on his head. “Niall” I wave over, his eyes dart in my direction before he walks over. “Hey guys, how’s breakfast”
“Amazing” I exaggerate,
“It really is, you’ve got to try this” Harry adds, pointing to the omelet on his plate. “I will, Liam will be down in a minute.” Niall informs us, “Want to pull up a table And sit with us?” I suggest, “uh I think we would be imposing” Niall comments noticing Harry’s change in looks. “No it’s fine, honestly” I shake my head. “Well if it’s alright with Harry?” Niall says and I give Harry a glare. “It’s fine, I’ll be back” Harry mutters getting up and going over to the buffet. He looks over at me, gesturing for me to go over. “I’ll be right back, they just put out fresh breakfast sausages” I cover up, before making my way over to Harry. “What’s your problem now?” I sigh knowing he’s going to have an issue. “Well I was having breakfast with my girlfriend, but she decided to invite others.” he replies, grabbing a plate. “Oh my, seriously you’re annoyed over that? They are your friends.”
“Yes doesn’t mean I have to have breakfast, lunch and dinner with them. How about we ask them back to our room?” Harry over exaggerates. “Harry, it’s just breakfast.”
“How about if you stop being all pissy we can have a dinner, just the two of us?” I suggest coming to terms with the fact that Harry is a little odd. “Fine” Harry agrees before we walk back to the table. We sit down, just as a table is moved over to ours. Liam joins our breakfast, and we all eat happily. By all, I mean, Liam, Niall and I. Harry wasn’t really talkative he was just eating, seeming annoyed. “What do you guys have planned?” Liam asks looking at Harry. “Probably go into town, do you guys want to come?” he questions, my eyes grow wide. He makes a big deal Bout breakfast, then invites them out to the town. This boys is beyond confusing. “That seems good, I’ll come, are you coming Niall?” Liam asks, his eyes flickering to Niall, who is currently eating one of the pastry things Harry had. We finish up, and pay before walking our separate ways to our rooms. “Harry.. Why did you ask them to town?” I ask as he closes the door.
“If I didn’t I would have gotten a look from you” he replies, in a bit of a mutter. I don’t answer I just grab a few things.


Exploring around the town has been amazing, Greece is a lovely place, I especially love the stone pathways and the white buildings. I’ve bought a lot, mainly clothes. As we are walking back to the hotel, I spot a small store. I tug Harry into it, despite his groans. I look around, spotting a beautiful pair of bikinis. “Do you like them?” I question,
“what the ugly zebra print bikinis?” he asks,
“No you idiot, the ones next to them” I reply, his eyes look back up, a small smile appearing on his face. “No comment.”
“should I get them?” I ask not sure of wether to buy them or not. “If you do, I’ll be drooling” Harry admits without shame. I laugh before deciding on buying them. “So do I get to see you in them?” he asks me,
“Nope” I shake my head. We step out of the store. I have bags on one arm, and Harry holding my free hand. “Niall and Liam are just up ahead looking at the watches” Harry informs me, pulling me towards Liam and Niall. “Harry look at this watch” Niall gets Harry’s attention, “it’s Meh” Harry shrugs not much of a fan of it. We walk closer to the hotel, before Harry’s arm quickly wraps around me, pulling me close. “Ow” I whine, “what?”
“you’re hurting Me” I reply pulling away. “How?”
“Your arm was pushing at my appendix area” I reply, before he puts his arm around me, making sure not to touch my sensitive area. “Why suddenly so close?” I ask a little confused. I see a group of people, before Liam and Niall walk closer to us. “Niall! Liam! Harry!” a few shout, I look at Harry a little confused before I click. I forgot that these 3 boys are part of a band, and not always able to live the 'normal’ life. “Harry, who is the girl?” someone shouts, Harry doesn’t answer we just keep walking. They get closer to us, before Harry brings me closer to him. “Just keep walking” Harry instructs, eyeing Liam. Liam crosses over, and comes to my other side, shielding me from the people getting closer. Niall walks in front of me, before flashes start to go off. If my parents didn’t know I was in Greece they sure do now. I put my head down, hearing many things being shouted. The boys aren’t really phased by any of it. They just keep walking. Me on the other hand, is a fascinated by it all. I never thought the media or whatever they are, are so thirsty for the boys. “Hot damn, Harry is that your girlfriend? She’s hot” a male shouts, a few whistles being thrown out. “She’s fine, the finest so far” Someone else calls. I can’t help but feel a little embarrassed by random men saying this about me. “Are you guys just friends with benefits? She’s mighty fine” Someone else adds. I look up at Harry, his jaw is clenched, his grip around me tenses, he’s getting annoyed. I look back down at my feet before we continue to walk. “It’s okay, calm down” I whisper to Harry as the group follow us, still saying things. Harry’s arm stays around me, not moving or loosening. I smile to myself, feeling that he cares and is a little protective, something I never thought I would see in public, or at all.
We finally get back to the hotel, where no paps or media are allowed. They can only stay on the outskirts of the hotel. We walk up to our room. I throw the bags down on the bed, before I feel Harry’s arms around me. “What’s up?”
“nothing” he replies, but I know he’s thinking about something, I just don’t know what. “I need a drink, it’s hot. Want to come to the bar with me?” Harry asks, unwrapping his arms. “I can’t drink I’m on meds.” I pout,
“come on, you don’t need to have anything” Harry begs, I give in, and we walk down to the bar. I sit up on the stools watching people tan by the pool, and some splash around in the pool. There’s a pool for those who didn’t get a room with a private pool, and spa. Harry is handed a glass with ice, before he drapes an arm around my lower back, he takes a sip, before looking at his phone. “What are we going to do for the evening?” Harry questions,
“Whatever I don’t mind” I shrug.
“Hm dinner?”
“Yes, dinner on the beach?” I smile but Harry shakes his head,
“No” he dislikes the idea.

*** ***

“Dinner was so lovely” I smile as I throw my bag down on the bed.
“Mm it was, want to go for a swim?”
“no I just took my meds, I’ll get drowsy”
“I won’t let you f*cken drown come on” he insist but I shake my head.
“Fine lets just sit by the pool” Harry suggests opening up the doors. I agree kicking my flats off before stepping outside. We sit on the edge of the pool. My feet dip into the water, resting on the first step. Harry does the same thing. “This is a beautiful place.”
“Yeah it is” Harry agrees before his hand takes mine. “You know it’s pretty hot”
“Oh did you want me to leave?” I joke, teasing Harry.
“Oh if you’re so hot we should cool you off” Harry splashes me with a bit of water. I squeal lightly, “Oh no you didn’t”
“I did” Harry smiles before I splash him with water. He fake gasps, “This is an expensive top” he jokes splashing me more.
“This is an expensive dress” I defend before he splashes me until I am soaking wet. “You Harold are terrible”
“who’s Harold?” Harry asks splashing me again, water getting in my mouth, so I begin to cough.
Harry stops splashing, “you alright?”
“Yeah” I giggle splashing him. “It’s on” he laughs, for one what feels like the first time I have heard him laugh from joy. “Now you have no excuse to get in” he geatures towards the sparkling blue water. “I don’t want too” I smirk, before Harry walks into the water with his clothes on. “I already got you wet” he winks at me, and I can’t help but think he is thinking of something dirty by winking. “Come on” he groans before I give in. I slowly step down, before I hold my hand out, Harry takes it, pulling me close to him. “Why are you worried?” he questions, my hand resting on his shoulder. “I just don’t want my meds to kick in too much while I’m in water.”
“I’m right here, I’m a dick but I’m not bad enough to just leave you” Harry replies, before splashing me a little. His top is gripped to his body, his body showing. He leans down and kisses me sweetly before pulling away. He lifts me up a little, my legs wrapping around his torso, before he spins me around, I giggle before he lowers me down, my back now against the water, gently spinning me. He places a hand under my back, pulling me back up. My chest comes close to touching his, our breathing heavy; he kisses my lips quickly, before we stare into each others eyes. He leans his forehead against mine, a moment starting to erupt, a moment that is making my heart flutter and pound against my chest. His lips so close to touching mine again, I want to kiss him again but the moment isn’t about our lips. It’s about a gaze. “Hayley” Harry whispers just for us to hear. “I love you” he whispers; for a moment I am lost, completely lost, even lost for words. I feel a smile on my face before our noses nuzzle together, our lips colliding in sync, working in sweet motion. I slowly pull away, looking back into his eyes, “I love you” I whisper back, I see Harry smile before our lips collid back together. We pull away, before we decide to get out of the water. Harry places a towel around me, before laying down on the lounge chair. He opens his arms wanting me to lay with him. I rest in his arms looking up at the dark, clouded, night sky. Our bodies and clothes soaking wet. Harry pulls the towel around me as part of it falls off me. I cuddle into his wet body, just wanting to be close to him. A feeling I have never felt with anyone else. I feel Harry’s hand rest on my thigh before he sneakily travels his hand up to my hip, gliding his hand to my shoulder and back down to my thigh, sending shivers down my spine. I move and face him, his lips meet mine, his hands starting to travel. He slips the towel off of me, making it fall to the floor, I pull away from Harry’s lips before his lips make their way to my neck, sucking lightly on my skin. A small moan escapes my lips, the sensation feeling amazing. Harry chuckles against my skin before leaving sweet kisses, he moves back up to my lips, wanting access, I grant him access, kissing him back passionately. “Will you let me have you?” Harry mumbles against my lips, I smile into the kiss before mumbling, “yes” gently biting at his lip. I pull away, before his hand touches my stomach, my dress sticking to my body. His hand wonders up before he grasps my butt. I can’t help but chuckle at this. I kiss his sweet tender lips, while his hands travel. I’m a little nervous. This is my first time, but not his. What if I’m not good? What if I am terrible? Am I even ready to give my innocents completely away?
Harry’s hand rubs the inside of my thigh while his lips are working perfectly with mine. I place my hand on his check, putting distance between us, breaking the kiss. “Not out here” I whisper, coming to terms with the fact we are not completely in private. Without a warning Harry gets up, holding me up. My legs wrap around his torso, before our lips are working together again. I hear the door shut, before I’m placed down on the bed. I never expected Harry to be with gentle or slow. I always imagined him to be the kind to push someone hard against a wall, but he’s not, he’s the complete opposite. The fact that he asked to do this, makes me feel he cares. My hand goes to Harry’s top, just as his fingers twirl the end of my wet dress. I take his top off, placing it beside me, not sure on where it is meant to go. Harry chuckles yet again, before his lips go back to my neck. Sucking lightly on my skin, I can’t help but feel on top of the world right now. Him sucking lightly on my skin makes me want to explode. He moves before taking my dress off, leaving me in just my bra and underwear. “Are you sure about this?” he asks me,
“Yes” I breathe getting more nervous. My breathing starting to quicken. “It’s alright” he assures me, noticing my change in breathing. I nod, gulping before he starts to kiss me, taking away my thoughts. My hands find the buckle of his belt and I take it off, throwing it to the floor, before my hands move quickly to unbutton his jeans. “You’re teasing me by going slow” Harry groans, kicking off his jean. “I didn’t mean it” I whisper, leaning up and kissing his lips before it’s my turn to leave sweet kisses down his neck. I suck his skin before he stops me gently. He gently pushes me back down on the bed. His last article of clothing is taken off, before I’m completely exposed. I feel weird, and scared, part of me wants to back out, but part of me wants to continue this so badly. I can’t control it. I secretly want him so bad right now, it’s unbelievable. “ready?” he questions looking at me, before I nod. I take a deep breath feeling sweet kisses on my neck. He pulls away from me, quickly grabbing something from the side table. It takes me a moment to realize what it was. Thank god he thought about using protection because I certainly didn’t. “It might hurt a little” he warns me, getting back in position. I nod before I feel the entry, a small gasp escapes my lips, a slight stinging pain, making my body stiffens, “relax” he instructs taking over my lips. I try my hardest to relax but it doesn’t work. “I love you” he whispers, taking my mind away from the slight stinging pain, which is somewhat a sensation. I feel the movements going in and out, I take a deep breath before he gets faster. “It’s okay Hayley” He assures me, being so sweet. My hands go to his shoulders and I smile lightly before he carefully pushes me up a little, against the pillows. The movements get faster, a few moans escaping my lips, “relax, just relax” Harry instructs, and I do my best to relax my body. “Tell me if it’s too much” he says continuing, our breathing getting heavier, “I’m okay, keep going” I cough, as much as there’s a slight pain; It is masked by the amazing feeling I have never ever experienced before. I can’t describe it, but I know it’s making me feel amazing. “You okay?” Harry asks a little out of breath, and I nod, digging my nails into his shoulders only lightly. “Feels so good” he lets out, taking the words right from my mind. I was just thinking that. “I feel weird” I blurt out by accident. This weird feeling in me arising, I can’t explain it, it’s making me want to explode and let out a few groans. “You’re okay” he smiles, and I trust him. He’s done this before he knows what he is doing, he wouldn’t do anything to put me in danger. I can’t help but shake the feeling I have off, it’s a great one- but I’ve never felt it before. Harry’s pace quickens and he let’s out a soft moan of pleasure, only making the feeling I have start to advance. “H-Harry..I” I try but I can’t find words. He is breathing heavily and brings his lips down to my ear, “just relax baby” he says, “I know what the feeling is”
I start to breathe heavier, “what is it?” he kisses the skin just under my ear which drives me wild. “it will start to build up in your toes and tingle all the way up your body.” he moves inside of me, leaving rougher kisses on my neck; making my head spin. “Then it will eerily and you’ll feel amazing.” he whispers in between breaths. “W-will you?” I breathe, “feel the same?”
He grind as he brings his lips to meet mine. “If you relax we will” he whispers, my body slowly relaxing, a groan escapes, “Shh not so loud” he breathes with a chuckle, “I-I can’t help it” I let out, another moan forcing its way out. “Shh baby” he places his lips onto mine, continuing his fast pace, keeping me quiet. He pulls away, kissing my neck one last time, before I groan again, a little loudly, reaching my climax. He smiles a little out of breath before pulling out, and flopping down next to me.

(I went beyond my comfort zone for this, I deserve a round of an applause.)