obesity campaign

the entire corporate “anti obesity” campaign is so insidious and what’s worse is the government pretending they care with phony ‘exercise more’! speeches instead of acknowledging what these companies put in food…well they could, but they need that lobbying money.

“But you never tell smokers they’re unhealthy!”

This is an arguement often brought up when we’re talking about obesity.

And I will tell you why that arguement is bullshit.

The whole point in telling obese people they’re unhealthy, is because most of them refuse to acknowledge that. They will scream somthing like “Healthy at all sizes”  and then change the topic by bringing up smokers. 

“But they’re unhealthy too, why don’t you tell them that?”

Because smokers know they’re unhealthy. If you’ve paid attention, you’d notice that on our cigarette packets there are at least two warnings about how smoking kills. They talk about it every grade in school. Every smoker gets told this at least 10 times the first time they start doing it. They;ve been educated long and hard about how dangerous it is. So it’s their responsobility. They know all of this but they continue. Which we have no problem with, because they NEVER blame other people for their mistake.

Got lung cancer? Well shit, my fault for smoking.

On the other hand, obese people will blame doctors for telling them to lose weight or chairs that they brake. Most obese epople never stop and think - is it really society’s fault or mine?

Also, you never see anti-obesity campaigns, while there are thousands of those for smokers.

Point beng, we are trying to educate people for things they may not know is shitting on their health. Smokers know the risks, some obese people don’t.

Which lifestyle you choose, it’s your choice.

Providing Coca-Cola with direct access to our children, and allowing them to seductively teach children that they can balance bad diets and sugar sweetened soda with exercise, is both horrifying and inane.

Dr. Yoni Freedhoff reacts to the news that Coca-Cola’s misleading anti-obesity campaign also targets kids.