Tododeku relationship evolution

Please can we talk about how Todoroki and Midoriya’s relationship evolved during all these chapters? They become so close and have such amazing bond, but do you remember how all this started and how was changing? 

Please be careful it will have many spoilers from manga. And also will be suuuuuper long. >/////////< (tho there will be many pics ;)) so sorry in advance. :D

- The first important event between them was when Todoroki said he sees Midoriya as his rival and want to beat him, even if he thought he is stronger than him… 

- Midoriya was aware of this that Todoroki is stronger than him but recognized all his motifs and respected him as his rival and promised to not disappoint him as rival and go with all his might. 

- What interesting Todoroki even stayed  that he is not here to make friends and all… 

but look how far from there they come, like even on the same day that he said this to Midoriya, he confessed him very deep and hard secrets about his family life…

About his problems with father, his tragic past, truth about mother and all reasons why he is not using his fire powers… And it was really deep scars of Todoroki yet he decide to say this to Midoriya, who for now was just his classmate, someone he still didn’t know too much, yet he trusted him to say all this… Like he felt he is someone who he can trust.

- Midoriya was listening this carefully and really felt much for Todoroki, that much he even opposed Todorki’s father. And it is even more meaningful taking the fact Midoriya was  a little scared of Endeavor. He can be intimidating  but even this didn’t stop Midoriya to try to protect Todoroki. 

- And then we have Todoroki and Midoriya’s battle on school festival which is like turinng point for Todoroki’s life and in their relationship. 

-Midoriya noticed immediately something is off and no matter how big cost it had for him… he wanted to help Todoroki. In a way losing or winning wasn’t that important… What was important: making Todoroki free from demons of his past.

Midoriya really was doing all his best and was so so so so determined and also super observant for Todoroki’s behavior and feelings. 

- What’s the most important he said words that changed for good Todoroki’s thinking and give him new path and also break from past demons….

It was such simple words… Yet such important ones. Todoroki was waiting for them all his life… Words that show him he can be himself. Words that gave him new strength and freedom… “They are your powers…”

It was Midoriya who gave Todoroki power to be finally able to move forward…

- Todoroki was finally able to accept himself and his own powers… and Midoriya was fascinated by this too. 

- In the end it was Todoroki who won and Midoriya who lost this battle but it wasn’t the most important and Todoroki knew this, he was grateful to Midoriya and even said this… 

HE was aware of how important to his evolution was Midoriya and felt that something very important is happening. 

- There was still kind of long road before Todoroki to deal with but it was Midoriya who helped him to start this and become crucial factor for his change. 

- Thanks to Midoriya, Todoroki was brave enough to meet his mother after all these years and after all this pain that was between them.. 

In a way, thanks to Midoriya he really was able to start his life anew… 

- Midoriya wanted to help him no matter what… even if the cost was big…

He wanted to use this festival after all as occasion to become known in world… but as he was painfully aware of this he didn’t do this…

He gave his all to help Todoroki instead, even All Might noticed this..

Midoriya knew how much Todoroki’s suffering so he really did all what he could to free him, from his demons… 

Midoriya has after this crucial battle scars on his hands… which seems so symbolic, shows how much he did to save his friend. He really was in such bad shape after all this fight….

- Midoriya is really a hero

Todoroki’s hero :)

for who he was waiting all his life…

- Even look how this sunshine cutie was supporting Todoroki, just after his own defeat. 

- After this fight these two really fast became very close, which is not that surprising seeing how intense and emotional, life-changing moment it was for both of them…

And remember how Todoroki said not long ago he didn’t come here to make friends… see, he changed his opinion very fast hahaha. ;)

He called Midoriya his friend, and knowing how reserved Todorki can be it really means a lot… Especially in what situation he did this. It was not long ago after events of school festival when Midoriya was in danger… And of course Todoroki rushed to his rescue. :D 

It also very significant how he knew Midoriya’s in danger. Thanks to phone message. And haha it gives such cute information they shared their phone numbers and maybe even send each other from time to time some cute messages. ;) . But what is more important it is that Midoriya’s send this message to all his contacts, but it was Todoroki who came to his rescue first, and also it was him who understand what such empty message means. He knows him so much he was able to say he is in pinch and rushed as fats as he could to help him. :D such protective boyfriend. Awww. :D 

- What also prove their great bond is how great partners  and powerful duo they can be. They really understand each other a lot. Being on the same time so different. 

They trust each other so much and also support themselves.

- from funny note Midoriya also became some kind of calming waifu for Todoroki. ;) Look how he tries to calm him down when he gets annoyed by others. ;)  

- They are really such cute friends, Midoriya even always remember to invite Todoroki when he and his other friends go to some funny places. 

- Todoroki became also very observant towards Midoriya…

being able to notice his worries and trying to help him. 

When Midoriya was worried about Kouta, Todorki calmly and with patience listened him and gave long and the best advice he could. He didn’t brush him over, it was important for Midoriya so for him too. 

They talked so long that in a way they really werelike in their own world, that much they forgot to world matters and forgot they should prepare the meal. ;) 

It is very meaningful how patient and caring Todoroki became towards Midoriya. He really has such soft side towards him (which is not surprising after all Midoriya is such cutie pie :D). And it is kind of interesting how clam and soft he became towards him when not long ago he had kind of harsher way of speaking him like he was calling him “brat” and was saying he is “Spouting garbage”.:D Hahaha Todoroki you became such softie. :D awww. :D 

- Like really he has such soft spot towards Midoriya now,… like he worries so much about him

and checking if he is o.k :D 

- The same for Midoriya, he is very attentive for Todoroki and his feelings and very caring. 

Like he always notice if Todoroki suffer when someone will bring up his past demons and will try to calm this. 

- Midoriya with time became also the voice of reason for Todoroki, and always brings him back to his senses. :D He has such amazing healing power towards him, isn’t he? :D 

- As we know Todoroki is super strong and all, and few time he saved Midoriya, but also Midoriya was saving him from others too. :D 

Todoroki knows this perfectly and is very aware of how big impact for his life has always this little sunshine hero boy. :D 

-When Todoroki failed the exam Midoriya was much more concerned about him that about himself, he was sooo worried. 

- And when he heard Todoroki will be able to make this exam again he finally smiled and felt very relived. :D Such carrying sweet boyfriend aw. ;)

Thank you so much for reading! :D

Shikantaza meditation is the main practice of the Soto Zen tradition of Mahayana Buddhism. Shikantaza translates from Japanese to “just sitting.” Essentially, it is a practice of deep mindfulness.  What this means is that the practitioner does not focus on an “object” of any sort, not the breath, not the thoughts or emotions of mind, but just on the posture, and the “emptiness” of the mind. It is the meditation of the mind watching the mind. Instead of focusing on the breath as in Shamata meditation, the practitioner puts the awareness on awareness itself; the rising and falling, the coming and going of thought, the sensations of pain in posture of the body in the lotus positions, the rigidness of the mind, and to Dogen, “not- thinking versus non-thinking.” The goal isn’t to have a completely blacked out mind, but instead to go beyond thinking all together.

To Dogen Zenji, (the founder of Soto Zen in Japan), Shikantaza is the literal practice of Buddhahood, the sitting in enlightenment, the practice of enlightenment. When someone is practicing Shikantaza, one lets go of desires, stress, objects, goals, and method, to be fully present in the moment and in the mind and in the body. This meditation practice is in Dogens words; “casting off of the mind and body.” Remaining simpleminded in the present of what ever comes up in the mind, to return back to the present. Not focusing on thoughts, feelings of sensations as separate bracketed information, but as a greater whole, without judgment or fixating, just simply observing.

The history of Shikantaza comes from the Soto School of the Zen Tradition of Mahayana Buddhism. Dogen Zenji, this traditions founder, wrote about Shikantaza in his book called the Shobogenzo. In Mahayana Buddhism, meditation is a key component in actualizing the “right concentration” and “right mindfulness” of the Eight-fold Path.

This form of meditation is extremely useful in overcoming stress and emotional discord in our every day lives. It’s practice is to maintain mindfulness and awareness of all distracting and afflicting emotions and events that enter our lives. Shikantaza and Zazen (Sitting Meditation) is not to remain on the cushion when meditation is finished, but to be a literal practice that we carry over throughout the day. When events take place that bring stress, anxiety, worry, the practitioner returns to the present, being aware without judgment, recognizing the event and letting go. Relaxing, and observing, rather than fixating on what comes. Thoughts and emotions are in this tradition are sides of the same coin, when they pop into the mind and the heart, our natural reaction is to grasp onto them. Shikantaza teaches to instead simply obeserve and let them go. Shunryu Suzuki states that; “Leave your front door and your back door open. Allow your thoughts to come and go. Just don’t serve them tea.”

Meditation in Zen has been shown to help a great deal in many aspects of emotional, and mental health. Meditation works with the left prefrontal cortex of the brain, while reducing activity in the right prefrontal cortex. The left side is connected with positivism, happiness, and feeling calm. This assists with depression, and anxiety. Zen Meditation also works with improving sleep, and connecting more mentally with the body, improving the immune system and sleep cycles. Since the conventional means of purpose for this meditation practice is that of improving happiness, (while the ultimate means is that of enlightenment from the Buddhist perspective) and positivity, the practice of letting go of stress and emotions creates an atmosphere in the mind that is better suited for creating more feelings of calmness and less anxiety and stress in the everyday life of the practitioner.  

Little Easter Egg spotted Jacksepticeye Observer Part 2.

If you didn’t notice during Jack’s playthrough of Observer Part 2, he typed in 'OBEY’ without realisation when he was assessed in the job interview of Helena’s mind. Another easter egg I spotted was at 49:42, the numbers you pass to go into the next room said 666. You are LITERALLY entering hell or her worst nightmare in this case! 

(I did originally write this on a Youtube post, but thought might as share it on Tumblr too. Loving this game so far, but the depiction future is sure spoopy! I definitely see the reminiscence to the Layers of Fear series. The creators upped their game! ) 

iamhblaurie  asked:

US UF UT bros text and ask their s/o what they're doing then s/o says "Devouring the souls of children. Y?" After a moment s/o texts back "jk. What I'm doing instead is standing right behind u." Do the bros turn around and see s/o? Or do they just slowly put their phones away?

US Sans: Noooo, don’t eat the souls of children! They need them to do children things! He doesn’t notice you at all, furiously tapping away at his phone, trying to give you ideas for others things you could do instead. Like tennis. Or eating ice cream. You send the second text. A shiver runs down his spine and he turns around fast with a yelp. “DATEFRIEND DON’T SCARE ME LIKE THAT ! MWOHOHOooooo.” Poor Berry.

US Papyrus: He. Doesn’t sound like a tasty snack to him. He hears shuffling behind him. He may be a pretty observant boy when he has to, but usually he is pretty..dense. He thinks it’s a bird. Or his feet. Its jsut a sound, why should it mean anything. You send the second text. Oh. Uhm…Oh! He turns around with a loopy grin. Got some of those children souls for him, he could go for something to eat right now.

UF Sans: “same.”, ha, you have a weird sense of humour, he likes it. He noticed you behind him too, he lived somewhere where he had to be completly aware of his sorroundings at all times or die, you can’t sneak up on him like that. But nice try. He will turn around before you send your second text, smooching you, grinning at your surprised face.

UF Papyrus: Ugh, you have the same terrible sense of humour as his brother. Maybe even worser. He still chuckles sligthly, growling at himself angrily. He hear you sneak up behind him. He pretends to send you a text and then suddenly turns around, swooping you up in his arms. “DATEFRIEND, IF YOU WANT TO BE SNEAKY AND SUBTLE LET ME BE YOUR TEACHER, AFTER ALL IT IS ONE OF MY MANY TALENTS!”

UT Sans: Pfff…That’s one way to spend your free time. He hears steps behind him. He ignores them. He is a obeservant guy, he knows somebody is behind him. But why should he care who or why. It’s not like ths place is dangerous, and he is a chill skeleton, not very skittish. You send the second text before that lazybones could even open the onscreen keyeboard. He turns around. Oh, it’s you. You got him good.

UT Papyrus: He is tapping in a hurry the moment he reads your text. Datefriend, please don’t eat anybodys soul! But even if you do, he will still support you until you are back on the right track. It’s a heartwarming speech. He hears sniffing behind him. It moved you to tears. But don’t worry, Papyrus is there to whipe them away. While posing. It’s actually pretty impressive.

Music - Jaehwan Au

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genre: fluff
member: kim jaehwan
word count: 4048 words
requested: yes
side notes: not my best work but i tried

requested by: anon

HALO can i request a jaehwan scenario where you both know how to play guitar and trying to prove who’s better than the other? And also who hits the high notes better? Thanks!

- jaehwan and you were both music majors
- and both
- extremly
- hated
- each other
- and always competed against each other to see whom got a higher mark
- but then you guys would always be tied in the end
- you were in the auditorium
- setting up the guitars and piano
- out of boredem, you picked up the guitar and sat on the black seat beside it
- strumming away, you hummed the tune to 1 + 1 = 0 by suran ft dean (izza good song go support it)
- suddenly a scoff echoed as you look behind you to see jaehwan standing there
- “fuck off,” you said under your breath as you placed the guitar at the side and stood up
- jaehwan chuckled
- “not bad, not bad,” he spoke as he walked around the chair you sat on
- “but im better,” he adds on as he cheekily winks and takes the guitar
- he puts on a whole show as you roll your eyes
- and begin setting up the mic, still humming the tune inside your head softly
- jaehwan, lowkey desperate for attention, begins singing scales as you rolled your eyes once more
- “jaehwan can you shut up for once in a life time?” you said annoyed
- “no,” he replied as he stuck his tounge out
- you ignored him showing off as you only soon left going to your next class
- time skip woooooosh
- going to your locker
- a jock pushed you against someone
- as you soon noticed it was jaehwan
- if it werent for him standing there, you would’ve fell really hard
- “oh look, a music nerd saving another music nerd,” he spoke as you noticed your music sheets being scattered all across the floor
- “fuck off. none of your plays are good so don’t talk shit if you are shit,” jaehwan attacked back as you got back your feet
- “what’d you say?” the jock attacked as he pushed you aside, falling onto the floor as he grabbed jaehwan by the collar
- you winced as you quickly began to retrive your sheet music that takes hours and hours to create
- “you’re just a low life music dweeb whos addicted to their guitar, you both aren’t gonna get nowhere in life,” the jock said as he jolted jaehwan and let him go and walked away
- jaehwan sighed
- “you’re an idiot,” he mocked
- you felt guilty inside as suddenly you felt like the time got slower and seconds felt like minutes
- you got home as you went onto your laptop
- and you slowly ended up on a page
- “cjen ent holding vocal competition. possible scouting for trainees,” you read
- “click here to enter,”
- c l i c k
- you were at the competition as you softly rubbed your shoulders because the ac was a bit too strong
- and as you walked you managed to somehow bump into a face whom you didnt want to see
- kim
- jaehwan
- “oi, loser,” he says
- “oi, strained vocals,” you provoke back
- “ew strained vocals? funny, coming from you,”
- “what are you doing here?” you asked
- “same reason why you’re here,” he says
- he noticed you softly rubbing your arms as your eyes wandered off to obeserve the crystal lights and marble tiles
- jaehwan lightly bites his lower lips as he takes off his plaid sweater and throws it over his shoulders as he looks away from your face slightly blushing
- you looked at him during the process
- “jaehw-”
- “goodluck loser,” he mumbled as he walked away coldly
- you softly smiled to yourself to the poliet gesture
- soon enough the competition began as you admit, some people were extremly good and you were a bit intimitated
- the competition went on like a game show
- two people would go up against each other singing the same song
- whomever steals the spotlight more
- and amazes the crowds with their vocals
- wins all depending on the votes
- somehow, to your suprised, you made it to the final round
- he had a huge smirk across his face
- in the end you both had an even amount of votes
- it was a tie
- you wanted to laugh and as you both stepped off the “stage”
- jaehwan approached you shyly
- he sighed
- “good job kiddo,” he said as he messed up your hair
- “but im still better than you,” he quickly said as he ran off

To Long, to Need, to Know

Baz was in love with a boy. Simon was very sure of it. It was of course because of his observative detective skills. Not because Baz had dropped a paper that told about his feelings in a bin. And Simon had read it. Well, at least not just. There had been a task in the english lesson that asked every student to write an essay about what they desired the most. Simon had obeserved that Baz had gotten really angry which Simon took as reason to find out what Baz was up to. He hadn’t expected a (actually really well written) poem about Baz’ feelings for a boy he couldn’t have. Simon felt a little bad for reading it and he knew he should leave it at that but thoughts kept racing through his head ever since he knew.

Maybe Baz had done it to confuse him. Maybe it had been his plan that Simon would read it and be intrigued by it. But what kind of weird plan was that?

So this was the reason why Baz had never had a girlfriend. But what boy was Baz in love with? Definitely a straight boy, otherwise there’d be no reason Baz couldn’t have him. Maybe Dev or Niall? It could be anyone in class. Maybe even someone Simon didn’t know.

You should just forget about it. It’s not even important. And none of your business.

Simon’s mind kept reminding him of Baz’ lovelife. It made him mad. He couldn’t concentrate on anything else.

But why? It doesn’t matter who Baz loves. It should be a relief, really. It means he isn’t in love with Agatha or Penny. Now that we’re not together anymore it wouldn’t be that important, but he’s still my enemy. I guess I’ll have to try to find out who it is. But the poem says that he’s been in love for years and he’s kept it a secret for so long. Probably nobody knows except for me. He has no one to talk to. And after all the years I didn’t notice a thing. Baz is horribly good at keeping secrets. It’s actually really sad. Maybe I should offer him an open ear? No, Baz would never want to talk to me about his problems. But was Baz really as sad as he had sounded? Maybe he will just tell me when he knows that I know. I’m going to talk to him, as soon as he comes back from the catacombs. He won’t attack me in our rooms.

When Baz came back into their room he expected Simon to be asleep. He was surprised to find him sitting on his bed. He wanted to ask whether everything was alright, but of course he couldn’t do that. He quickly went into the bathroom to change, hoping Simon would be asleep when he came back. He wasn’t. Baz wanted to ignore him and go to bed, but Simon wouldn’t let him.

‘Do you want to talk?’

'Fuck off, Snow.’

'Do you have a girlfriend?’

Baz froze. Why was Simon asking that? Why would he even wonder? Did he have a suspicion?

'None of your business.’

'But I’ve never seen you with a girl.’

'I don’t have time for this.’

Normally Simon was tired at this time of the night, but now that he got to ask Baz questions he was too exited to be sleepy.

'I read your text. You know, for the exercise in english yesterday.’

'What the fuck are you ta-’

Oh. No. No dammit. If Simon knew he was gay it wouldn’t take him long to figure out who he was in love with. On the other hand – it was Simon he was talking about. But why was he upset, then?

Of course. He probably hated him even more now.

'So what, now you want another room mate? Well, good luck with that.’

It’s not like both of us have tried to get another room mate for years.

'What? No, that’s not-’

'Also just because I like boys it doesn’t mean I like you. You know I don’t. If it makes you feel better, you can just change in the bathroom. Oh wait – you do that already. So whatever the fuck your problem is – keep it away from me.’

Great. That’s just great. Now he’s disgusted and living with him will be even worse. Why did it have to be him? And how does he see me now? It’s pathetic. A plotting gay vampire mage. Just great.

'Who is it?’

'Who’s the boy you’re in love with?’

Suddenly Simon appeared to be angry. Baz didn’t understand why.

'As if I’d tell you!’

'Come on!’

'I’ll tell your parents when you don’t answer me!’

'Why on earth would they believe you?’

'Er… I’ll tell the whole school about it!’

Simon knew he was being a dick. But he couldn’t help it. He needed to know. Something made his heart ache and he couldn’t help it.

Baz was realizing just now that this gave Simon power over him. If only he never had written that stupid paper…

'Fine…’ he growled. 'It’s Martin.’

'No it’s not! You’re lying.’

'No, i’m not. How would you know?’

'I can tell! We’ve lived together for almost eight years.’

No no no. This is all going wrong. Simon can’t know. He can never know. But it would be actually worse having the whole school knowing. And why not? It will gross Simon out, but why would that bother me? If Simon doesn’t tell anyone it doesn’t matter whether he knows. It will be humiliating but okay. And Simon usually keeps his promises. What other choice do I have?

'Promise me you won’t tell anyone.’

'I promise.’

'Remember that you asked for it.’

Simon nodded and Baz looked him deep in the eyes, his gaze showing everything he felt.

'Simon…’ he whispered across the room. 'I’m in love with you.

And Simon knew it to be true. Suddenly Baz felt like crying and he wanted to turn away, but Simon did something that surprised them both: he came over to Baz.

'I’m sorry I wanted to blackmail you.’

He moved closer to him, so that he could see Baz’ dark eyes.

'I’m sorry you feel lonely.’

He tilted his head towards Baz’.

'I’m sorry you thought I didn’t love you back.’

Only in this second he remarked that he did. He did love Baz. So he kissed him.

So that’s why I couldn’t let it go. That’s why I needed to know. The way I need to kiss him now.

Definitions Part II

A/N: Just a sweet little follow up to Definitions. Enjoy!
He woke up and almost forgot where he was and who’s bed he was in.

Liv was face down in her pillow, fast asleep. One of her legs was was entwined with one of his and her left arm was thrown over his chest haphazardly. He smiled slightly, despite the morning sun blinding him and forcing him awake along with the vibrating alarm of his phone.

This was the first time they’d slept in the same bed, overnight, since they defined what they were just three nights ago, and God, it was better than he thought it would be.

Their nightly activities remained in tact (because they had a hell of a time keeping their hands off each other when alone), but it felt weird not getting up and getting dressed or bracing for the walk home so late at night.

Instead of wondering where his pants were or if he should bother with a taxi, he closed his eyes and cuddled with her, listening to her breathing slow as she slipped into a deep, satisfied sleep.

Not to mention, he slept like a freakin’ baby.

Who knew the love of his life sleeping next to him was the cure to his insufferable sleepless nights? He sighed out loud, his big, stupid grin still on his face as she mumbled something and shifted, her face becoming visible. He turned on his side and pulled her closer, kissing her forehead when she settled against his chest.

“I’m already used to this,” she whispered after a few minutes silence, her eyelashes tickling his neck. He hummed his agreement into her hair, his fingers tracing a pattern down her back.

The silence of her room was comfortable; it was a sharp contrast to the silence he faced when she would leave him and he would try to fall asleep in his big, lonely bed without her. He was used to this the moment he woke up.

“I don’t know why we didn’t do this sooner.”

“Because I’m an idiot,” his chuckle turned into a grunt when she pinched the skin of his ass, bringing back memories.of the night that changed everything between them.

“What was that for?”

“Because, we’re both stupid. Plus, I like your butt.”

“What is up with you and my ass?”

Liv pulled back and propped herself up on one elbow, the sheet barely covering her falling even more, “I can’t appreciate my man’s ass? I see you looking at mine all the time.”

His heart jumped for joy in us chest at her words, and his grin grew even deeper. At this rate, his face was going to hurt if he didn’t stop. Unfortunately, that didn’t seem like a possibility for a while.

“I’m observant. That means, I make sure who and what is in my surroundings. Your ass is in my surroundings most of the time, so there for, it shall be observed.”

She hummed and leaned down to kiss his lips, “As long as it’s my ass your obeserving.”

He sat up as she threw the sheet off her and rolled out of bed, “As if there would be anyone else.”

She smiled over her shoulder and stopped in the doorway to her bathroom, “Come take a shower with me. We have two hours before work and an hour before Noah wakes up and I intend to use my time wisely.”

He was up and out of her bed in less than two seconds, almost tackling her into the bathroom. The sound of her giggling at his reaction was something he was already used to as well.

Come to think of it, he was already used to a lot of things…

I feel like people who think that Harry isn’t observant hasn’t read the books in a while or just want reasons for their headcanons to be canon bc like rereading the books I can find a lot examples of Harry being freaking observant. Like he might not always make the right assumption but like he does a pretty good job at figuring things out. 

Like in SS/PS, Harry does rightly assume that someone was going after the stone and from the information he had he had every right to assume Snape was the one (and really a lot of that was Snape’s own fault) like the time he saw Snape not going to the dungeons when the troll was let in on Halloween and later seeing that his leg was bitten and based on that he thought it was Snape trying to get the stone (and really it did look like that and he was right in the fact that Snape did go see Fluffy just wrong about the reason) 

Little Thief

Chapter 1

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Synopsis: You stole Steve’s wallet, and when he goes and tries to retrieve it from you, you’re gone in a blink of an eye. He tracks you down and finally gets you all to himself, apparently you spent all of his money, which left him in anger. But the only way you could make it up, was to work for him. And maybe the wallet wasn’t the only thing you stole from him.

Word Count: 960

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Warning: Nothing, you’re clear ;3

A/N: So I don’t if I’ve told y’all yet, but everyday I carry a notebook around. And if something interesting happens (or if i am listening to music) I immediately write something down, and whatever gets written down, I apparently write a story out of it. So I may post a lot of fanfics on this blog, but know that He Never Gives Up is my main fanfic. But don’t worry, it doesn’t stress me out, it’s actually really fun for me. Anyways, if you guys see a lot of fanfics, just know that I’m probably going to write a lot. Haha, thanks guys :)

 The restaurant was packed with the sound of rowdy children running around. Crowds of people arguing over the dumbest topics. And than there was you, sitting silently at the table, trying to read. But of course, you couldn’t. There was way to much noise, and there was nothing you could do about it. But an idea came to your mind, you stand up, putting a book mark in your book and closing it. You pick it up and made your way outside, on the way, you had to push and shove through everybody. When you rub against one person, your book falls out of your hands, and lands on the ground. You groan and pick it up, but a pair of hands beat you to it. As you stand up, you glance up at the man who was obeserving the book.

“Is this yours?” He asks, handing it to you.

“Yeah,” You reply, taking the book from him.

“I love that book, it’s one of my favorites.” He smiles.

“Really? Me to!” You exclaim, getting a little bit more comfortable.

“What do you say we sit down for a little and talk about the book?” He smirks.

You agree with him and follow him through the crowd of people, luckily for you, you found the perfect booth for you and him.

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