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Sins of The Father @Oberst-Landa

Much time had passed, it was almost mind numbing to think of it. Could this really of happened, could it? The air was chilled around him, or maybe that was just the feeling of waking up after being frozen for fifty plus years. His name, he had to remember…Landa, yes that was it he was the son of a Landa. William Aldrich Landa, why his name escaped him was beyond his thoughts. 

“V-Vater,” Aldrich stammered, looking around him, but there was no one there. 

He pressed his hands to his nazi tunic, smoothing his hands over it. The thick wool fabric was the only thing keeping him warm, the leather gloves on his hands were only doing so much to help bare away the cold. Was he still in Germany? This looked like the same building he went in for cryo freezing, similar to his father, and similar to his brothers…but where were his brothers and…where was his mother?

“Mutter?” Aldrich crossed his arms across his chest, looking at all the lifeless faces of the men and women in the cyro chambers. 

His worked, his kept him alive, they were all dead, why was he alive? Still this did not explain where his family was. He needed to find his father, he would know what was going on. Aldrich moved past all the cold, oxygen deprived faces, cringing as he saw them. He found a door, and at the side of the door was a list of procedures. It was in German, Aldrich brushed his hand over the icy surface trying to read the inscription inscribed into the metal. 

Attention all HYDRA operatives, this cryo facially is…’

The rest of it was unreadable from years of rust and layers of uncrackable ice. HYDRA, Aldrich vaguely knew of that, he heard of it. He had found a way to slip through into their facility so he participate in his father’s experiment despite his wishes for him not to, he even managed to get his brothers and mother into it. 

“I f-found you vater!” Aldrich said elatedly to himself. 

He rattled the door open, kicking it in, breaking in its icy hinges. The door gave a resonant groan of protest and so did the metal floors as Aldrich bounded down, looking for any living soul that could direct him to his father. He was bound and determined to find him, it was all he cared about at this moment. Aldrich made his way outside where he saw in the distance a lit compound. He took in a deep breath, he hoped that it was a HYDRA building, anything that would bring him closer to Hans.

Aldrich ran down the street, his long billowing trench coat blowing behind him. He held it closer to him, trying to keep it steady as he ran. Aldrich made it to a door, at the lower bottom corner of the door, the distinct HYDRA symbol could be seen. He released a breath of relief, smirking wildly as he pounded on the door. 

Modern-day AU - Cheryl/Hans (@oberst-landa)

Cheryl watched the building across the street through a pair of binoculars, trying to catch the security code that needed to be entered in order to gain entree into the top-secret facility.  

It had been a few months since whatever power that had thrown her into the past had snatched her back again.  She’d been unhappy since being torn from 1942 Berlin, from her happy life with Hans Landa.  She’d even moved to Berlin the previous month, taking a job as an English teacher, in order to be closer to where they’d been happy.  She’d never doubted that Hans was long dead.  But then…

She’d heard a rumor of German soldiers who had been cryofrozen after the war.  Who had recently been thawed out and were now working for HYDRA.  A friend at SHIELD had provided her with a possible location for HYDRA’s headquarters and now she was here.

Now sure of the combination, she hurried across the street and entered the sequence of numbers.  The door swung open and a soldier stood at attention, eyeing her with distrust.

“I’m here to see Col. Landa,” she said.

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