“Once here, I never looked back. I went off to war, came back after three years, graduated in 1949, married a classmate in Fairchild Chapel, took up that career in journalism, and returned 56 years later to live at Kendal on the edge of the campus. That first semester, my money problem was solved by "borrowing” $900 from my aunt, and after the war the GI Bill took care of it for me and millions like me who could never have dreamed of college without it.

Most of those who left with me at the end of that first semester in 1942 returned by 1946. Those who did not are remembered in the little memorial garden beside Finney Chapel. President Wilkins carefully kept a card file on every Oberlin man in service around the world, and at Christmas and on our birthdays there would be a card from him at mailcall on some dismal battlefield. No doubt that is why so many returned when they could have gone elsewhere.“ - Jim Sunshine ‘46 (via Oberlin College & Conservatory)